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Refresh Dental Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How to Contact Refresh Dental Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Refresh Dental Corporate Address:

3830 Starr Centre Drive
Canfield, OH 44406 USA

Refresh Dental Phone Numbers and Contact Information:

Email: mydentist@gorefreshdental.com
Corporate Phone Number: 1-330-533-8699
Fax Number: n/a
Customer Support Phone Number: 1-855-953-7374
Website: Refresh Dental

Refresh Dental Company Bio:

Refresh Dental’s main competitors are Aspen Dental, Lovett Dental, Heartland Dental, Great Expressions, Castle Dental, Coast Dental, Western Dental, Town Care Dental, Gentle Dental, and Comfort Dental and Affordable Dentures.

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  1. This entire office staff is incompetent, to say the least. with the exception of Dr. Su and his assistant Vicky they’re awesome but the actual office staff is horrible, Horrible. they can never seem to get the appointment correct and or confirmed. when you call with questions and/or concerns no one gets back to you. AND Don’t get me started on the billing, unless you have the best coverage in the world you’re still going to end up with a follow-up bill time and time again I paid my full balance every time I leave, and yet and still without fail I always get an additional follow up charge. Makes no sense!

  2. The Refresh Dental Office in Southfield, MI have become the WORST. The so called Office Manager Summer is a BIG LIAR and the Dentist is a YOUNG DUMB LIAR as well. The way they treat people they shouldn't even have a job. If you want to file a complaint against Refresh Dental contact the LARA Agency and your State's Dental Association or Dental Board.

  3. I went to the New Castle office for a check up. The doctor said they could do a gingivectomy and my insurance would cover it with a nominal copay which I paid. I have paperwork that says $0 patient responsibility. Now they say the insurance won’t pay and I owe $586 to them. That is so Fraudulent and I have filed a report with the credit bureau, who gives them an F rating by the way. In addition the machine wasn’t working properly that day, it took twice as long than normal and was extremely painful because the Novocain wore off. They kept walking out of the room, blood dripping down my face. They didn’t even give me a napkin or a rinse to help with the healing of the gums. An absolutely horrendous experience. Fraudulent and deceiving. Everyone kept saying our machine is broken. We need a new one, but I was the guinea pig that day. I didn’t go in asking for this. They asked me to get it!!! I would never, ever recommend them.

  4. I have been a patient at this practice for several years and have never been treated so poorly. I had a scheduled routine check-up and learning that was made 6 months ago for myself and my son. I left work early and got my son out of school early to make this appointment. Upon arrival, we were forced to wait nearly 30 minutes past the scheduled appointment time. Before the teeth cleaning started, some tech took my blood pressure with a wrist bracelet. I work for cardiac surgeons and they said that is not an accurate device for measuring blood pressure. Nonetheless, I allowed them to utilize this device and my blood pressure read high. The tech said that she would need to check it manually with the appropriate equipment. The girl could not properly put the blood pressure cuff on and by this point I was getting quite annoyed so obviously it was going to yield a high rate. She left and returned to inform me that the dentist would not allow me to get my teeth cleaned. Needless to say I was not happy about this given the fact, that these are not health professionals that can comment on blood pressure especially when they can't even take it appropriately. In addition, I was given no explanation other than, "your blood pressure is high so we will not clean your teeth." I saw no signage nor did I sign anything stating that service would be refused if bond pressure was too high. The dentist could not even be bothered to come and address any concerns he may have himself and sent the same useless, uneducated tech back to deliver the message. Not only is a dentist much less a tech, qualified to take blood pressure much less make a decision on my healthcare other than my teeth. There was no consideration for what i had to do to get to this appointment. From the dentist down to the office staff was downright rude, unprofessional, and quite frankly unethical. I would NEVER recommend this practice, location, or dental group to my worst enemy!!!

  5. had extensive dental work last October at the Canfiekd Ohio office. Was not happy with level or quality of service. Dentures were ill fitting and was not given a free electronic toothbrush as per the flyer I received.

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