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  • Maytag Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Maytag Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How to Contact Maytag Corporate Office Headquarters HQ:

Whirlpool Corporation
Whirlpool Center 2000 M 63
Benton Harbor, Michigan 49022-2692 USA

Corporate Phone Number: 1-269-923-5000′
Customer Support and Help: 1-800-344-1274
Canada: 1-800-807-6777
Website: Maytag.com

Maytag makes washers, dryers, refrigerators, ranges, and dishwashers. Maytag was started in Iowa they are now part of the Whirlpool Group. Maytag’s corporate office address and phone numbers are listed above:


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  1. I am extremely dissatisfied and quite frankly on the verge of tears. On 1/16/2021 we purchased a Maytag washer and dryer set from Lowe’s. I have all the original receipts also. On 3/3/2021 we had to return the washer because it had already broken. It wouldn’t agitate and it smelled like something was melting/burning. We weren’t able to get a refund but we were offered an exchange for the same product. It’s now Dec 12, 2022 so less than 2 years have gone by and the washer has broken again. Same problem. Not agitating and burning smell. This is not ok. Not only is this a huge liability but this make and model is a lemon product and should not be allowed in stores for purchasing. I plan to file a report with the BBB. We are a family of 5. Our laundry is never ending and now I’ll have to be without a washer for who knows how long. Money is tight all the time but especially during the Holidays.

    Broke again, two days after being “repaired” the third time. Need troubleshooting MANUAL . No one from Maytag can find it. Never spend $1,000 on a Maytag Washer that lasted from Feb 18, 2021 to Sept 1, 2021, six months. Still not working properly.


    Hello Marureen and thank you for the opportunity to respond to your complaint.
    First I would like to address that we do not sell appliances nor ever have.
    We do not deliver appliances and we never have.
    We are a service provider for Whirlpool Corporation and do cover remote areas outside of Grand Junction on a as need basis.
    Parts were on a backorder as is almost everything in supply chains at this point I am sure you have seen reports of that in the news etc.
    The tech was out on Thursday the 21st and repaired the unit and tested before leaving.
    Call was received by us at D3 Appliance 10/25/21 the unit had failed apparently again the first repair was due to WIFI connectivity issues, you might check that by using your use and care guide to make sure the unit is connected to WIFI as this could be the issue.
    I am not sure who DC Alliance or DC Appliance is so I cannot speak for them on this matter.

    Take care,

    Travis Kunau
    President D3/A-OK Appliance Service Inc.

    Better Business Bureau:

    Re: D-3/A-OK Appliance Service Inc, & Maytag. I believe that the owner of D-3/A-OK Appliance Service Inc agrees that 70+ days of waiting for parts and service is excessive. My service was scheduled for Nov 8, but as soon as this complaint was filed and received, D-3/A-OK Appliance Service Inc found a "cancellation" the next day. I asked that they service "On or before Oct, 31, 2021. There may be another problem with the Maytag device may need another part shortly, but the service representative will check on the requirements to repair.

    Maureen Blatt

  3. I spent extra money thinking that I was buying a quality washer because it was a Maytag. It has only lasted me 4 years! Repair guy came today and said it would cost more to fix it than it would to buy a new one! Of course everthing that was wrong with it is not covered under the 10 year limited warranty :(. I called Maytag and the lady I spoke to said there was nothing they could do. I help teach the special needs class at a middle school. While I do love my job it is not a big money maker! A family of 5 needs a good quality washer that will last! Maytag used to be a brand that represented that! Not anymore? You need to step up your game Maytag!

  4. File a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. For one year I fought with Kenmore over a lemon side-by-side refrigerator/freezer – phone calls, 9 service techs in 12 months, 4 replaced parts, all to no avail. When I filed the BBB complaint in their home office city they finally paid attention and I had a new appliance within a couple of weeks.

  5. Very disappointed with this company. Have a dryer that is burning my clothes- a black tar substance forms on the grate and melts into them. I have had FIVE service calls out to fix. I was told each time they were fixing the problem (changed grates, temperature controls, duct work) and it's still melting something into our clothes. I have tried drying on air only and putting in half loads- even stopped using fabric softener. I have taken off days of work and lost several shirts, blankets and towels due to this. I spoke with the safety department today and they told me there was noting more that can do! The technician over the phone even suggested that it was my fault- that I may be putting rubber into the dryer!!! This dryer was purchased in 2015 and we have been having issues since then. Please advise on how to file a complaint- this was a very expensive dryer- Model number MGDB855DCO costing $1300.00 and we have the 5 year protection plan. Jen Dusak Jendusak@comcast.net

  6. As a baby boomer, I do not believe in voicing my opinion on social media. In October 2018, our LG front loading “he” washer failed, so we purchased a Maytag washer and dryer set from a local vendor. We chose this set because it is made in America and throughout the years, we remembered the Maytag commercials about the dependability of the Maytag products. Additionally, the price was affordable. I absolutely DESPISE this washer!
    1.) No matter what setting I put it on, the whites do NOT come out white/clean. This was never an issue with the LG and we use the same products now that we have used for years. We also have a water softener.
    2.) It does not dispense enough water. Period.
    3.) No matter what setting I put it on, a load of bedding sheets ALWAYS spins off balance so it requires constant babysitting.
    My husband and I went back to the local vendor that we purchased this set from and made them aware of our dissatisfaction but because it was past the 30-day return (December 2018, missed it by two weeks) we were essentially told that there is nothing that they could do.
    They suggested a maintenance agreement. I worked in the service industry for nearly 30 years and I know that maintenance contracts on new equipment generate a lot of revenue for the dealer; that is where the money is. New equipment (unless it is a lemon) does not generally fail and require service for the first two or three years. Yes, sometimes there are extenuating circumstances. There are only two people in our household, so it does not get that much usage for it to be a concern.
    I keep hoping that this garbage washer will fail so that I can replace it with something that performs the way that we want and need it to. I will very likely replace it with another LG front loading washer and never buy another Maytag product.
    I do not expect anything from you. I just want you to know how extremely dissatisfied I am with this product. Please forward my letter to Marc Bitzer, CEO of Maytag.

  7. I am very disappointed with the in competent at whirlpool / Maytag . on november23 I purchased a new refrig at home depot with delivery on 12/08. on 11/25 I purchased an ice maker for that refrig also from home depot with delivery by 11/28. well that when the nightmare begins, last night home depot service counter staff spent over 30 minutes with whirlpool, TRYING TO FIND THIS PART at the end all h d could do is give me 8774613376 phone number for maytag . I CALL THIS MORNING SPENDING ALMOST AN HOUR TALKING WITH 8 DIFFERENT PEOPLE NONE WOULD HELP FIND THIS MISSING PART. ALL THEY DID IS SHUFFLE ME TO SOMEOTHER DEPARTMENT WHICH COULDN'T/WOULDN'T HELP I AM GOING TO HOME DEPOT TO CANCEL BOTH ORDERS AND PURCHASE A PRODUCT FROM A MORE RESPONCIVE COMPANY

  8. We have a Maytag Neptune front loader washing machine which works fine, but will have to be thrown in the dumpster because the door boot seal is shot and moldy and they no longer make that part and there is no substitute part available. Guess they don't expect their machines to last long enough to have to be repaired. Will not but Magtag again.

  9. I've read all these bad reviews, and now, I'd like to post something positive. We have a Maytag washer that was purchased by my husband's grandmother, around 1968-69. I, personally have used it for the past 20 years. I've never had a problem, nor been unhappy with it. Unfortunately, it now has started to leak from the bottom. My guess is, the bottom has finally rusted out. After 50 years, I guess it's time to retire it. In 50 years, the only thing that's been replaced is the belt. I'm very sad to have to replace it.

  10. MAYAG SUCKS!!! Don't but it if it is Maytag/Whirlpool. It is all garbage! A total waste of your hard earned dollars! Tell everyone you know to stay away from Maytag/Whirlpool appliances. Wasted money, wasted time in trying to get it fixed, oh, I know why! You can't fix junk!

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