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Haier America Corporate Office Headquarters

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  1. We are doing a kitchen renovation and purchased GE Café appliances – the rebate that was/is associated and in public market place is misleading.
    The customer escalations department is not empowered to assist or correct the situation. GE's repair center has a better customer service mindset but unfortunately cannot assist. It was a true ping pong match and I am the pong ball. After 10k invested in GE appliances, I am extremely concerned about the customer support that comes with these appliances. Nobody can provide a straight answer and provide dead end options e.g. call the rebate center… the rebate center states they are a 3rd party and not GE, so call GE. GE says they were sold to Haier and they are responsible now… Question to myself – Why do I want to be caught up in this when LG and Samsung make decent appliances as well… Last attempt is to speak with Haier directly. The opportunity to keep a loyal customer is walking away.

  2. We purchased a Haier refrigerator several months ago. Within one month the door handles on it were loose & came off. We immediately called customer service who told us they weren't covered under warranty & would no fix it. Sent us new screws & door handle. Within a month they loosened & came off again though we kept trying to tighten them. Called again & they said we would have to buy new parts & fix it ourselves. Very rude about it. How can you sell a defective new refrigerator & not stand by your product. Next step NYS Better Business Bureau & Attorney General Office. Also will advise people on Facebook & other areas of your faulty product & poor customer service.

  3. This isn't personal please don't take it as being personal. I have been coming to Hair Cuttery for over 30 years, it time that you upgrade your places of establishment, with TV, and other accessories. Thanks, from looking for a change.

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Corporate Office Headquarters