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Frigidaire Corporate Office in the United States is headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina. Below are comprehensive details about Frigidaire, including their address, contact numbers, and a brief overview of the company.

How To Contact Frigidaire Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Frigidaire Corporate Office: Overview

Frigidaire Corporate Office

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A Snapshot of Frigidaire’s History

Frigidaire, a subsidiary of Electrolux, is a well-known American brand in the home appliance industry. Founded in 1918, Frigidaire has a long history of innovation in household appliances, especially refrigerators, and has expanded its product line to include a range of kitchen and laundry appliances.

The Home Appliance Industry and Frigidaire’s Position

In the home appliance market, Frigidaire competes with other major brands like Whirlpool, LG Appliances, Maytag and Samsung. Known for its reliable and high-quality products, Frigidaire has established itself as a trusted name in homes across America, offering appliances that combine functionality with style.

Frigidaire’s Commitment to Quality and Innovation

Frigidaire is committed to innovation and quality in its product offerings. The brand focuses on developing appliances that meet the evolving needs of consumers, ensuring durability, energy efficiency, and modern designs in its range of products.

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Frigidaire Corporate Office Complaints, Reviews, and Feedback

We encourage you to share your experiences with Frigidaire’s appliances, product quality, and customer service. Your feedback helps others understand Frigidaire’s operations and commitment to providing high-quality home appliances.

Frigidaire Recent Refrigerator Purchase Very Unhappy Customer

April 17, 2024

Recent Refrigerator Purchase Very Unhappy Customer! We recently purchased a Gallery refrigerator for our kitchen remodel. Within 2 weeks of using it and for no reason the display panel lit up with all the lights and the entire thing is frozen !! We tried unplugging it and ended up calling for a repair technician…we were told the technician will not arrive until 4/24 at the soonest….this is unacceptable as we can no longer get water or ice or control the refrigerator.

We would like this escalated ASAP and expect a response quickly or will raise this higher to get a better resolution! Please advise:

1) What actions you will take to get this resolved right away

2) What will be done to compensate us for this situation…a refund is expected as obviously we purchased a lemon!! We will never buy an appliance from Frigidaire nor recommend any of your products to friends/family.

Laura Briggs

Frigidaire old A/C unit is still working from the 1970s

December 13, 2022

Recently had a chance to revisit my 85 y/o Godmother. Noticed the entire house was remaining cool on a hot summer day, with only a single wall unit. As an experienced handyman, I was shocked to see a vintage Frigidaire unit blasting out cold air. I asked how often she had the unit serviced. Her words: “I moved here in 1973 (came with the house), and never had anything done… Absolutely nothing, except to turn it on whenever I need cold air.” I pushed for a different response based on my knowledge of a/c systems with no luck. She is a retired restaurant owner who maintains records for everything. Verdict: She’s never serviced the unit, and it’s still doing the job. I know she’s gearing for a more energy-efficient upgrade, so I’m confident she’ll appreciate that I’ll likely be going with another Frigidaire (a mini-split system) to keep the love affair going.

John Colombero

Frigidaire Gallery Zero Stars

January 26, 2024


We have a Frigidaire Gallery refrigerator that is leaking and has destroyed our hardwood floor. Frigidaire has been unwilling to get anyone to help. They have twice set up service calls and the company (supposedly) contacted has not shown up or called. They provided us with a FALSE order number. Customer service reps do not listen and, in fact, are likely not in the United States (based upon language challenges).

ZERO STARS should be an option for an overall rating.

Frigidaire is a HORRIBLE company with inferior products and inferior-to-nonexistent customer service. I recommend no one purchase Frigidaire items of any kind.


Frigidaire Is Straight Up Junk

January 12, 2024

The dishwasher was designed by a complete Moron. It doesn’t clean well, it doesn’t dry the dishes, and the sprayer attached to the top drawer bottom retains water and dumps it out on the bottom drawer of dishes and soaks them when the cycle is over and the top drawer is pulled out. I have included a picture of the model and serial number. Don’t waste your money on this crap.

Buy anything else

Frigidaire Failure to Honor Warranty For The Upright Freezer

January 4, 2024

I have had multiple calls disconnected or transfered to ‘holding hell’ to ultimately be disconnected. The upright freezer is only 9 months old, has stopped working and they denied the serial number on the machine telling me I fabricated the number, denied the serial number provided by Amazon based upon my Amazon receipt, and continue to refuse to provide warranty service. The customer service representative was rude, overtly hostile and refused to transfer me to a supervisor.

Christine S
Corporate Office Headquarters