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Reach LG Corporate Offices 

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The LG Home Office for the USA is located in New Jersey. For those wishing to reach out to the company, the contact information is provided below:

LG Corporate Office USA – North America – How To Contact

LG Corporate Office USA: 1000 Sylvan Avenue Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey 07632 USA

Corporate Phone Number: 1-201-816-2000

Website: www.lg.com

LG Home Office in South Korea

LG Twin Tower 128
Yeoui-daero Yeongdeungpo-gu
Seoul 07336 South Korea

LG Korea Phone Number: 82 2 3777 1114

Lg Electronics Headquarters Canada

20 Norelco Drive, North York, ON, Canada, M9L 2X6

LG Canada Phone Number: 647-253-6300

LG Headquarters North America Contact Phone Numbers

LG Customer Service Phone Number: 800-243-0000

LG Main Office Tech Support: 850-999-4934

LG Premium Care (for product services and warranty): 855-549-0540

LG Main Office: 201-816-2000

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LG Corporate Office
LG Electronics USA Headquarters Address and Phone Number

Maps and Directions To LG USA Headquarters Location

Where to Buy LG Products in the USA

LG products are can be purchased from major electronics retailers like Best Buy, Target, and Walmart Additionally, online marketplaces such as Amazon

LG’s Competition:

Prominent competitors include Samsung, their South Korean counterpart. Sony, a Japanese company with a significant presence in entertainment and electronics; GE,


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LG Repair Issue

February 9, 2024

LG main office-refrigerator repair! 6 mo old refrigerator. waited 15 days for repair which could not be done. Compressor bad, but apparently doesn’t meet the standard for a replacement. Have called customer service 12 times with no result. Have called corporate headquarters 3 times with no response. I have a husband with cancer and needs medicine refrigerated, so have to keep it at a neighbor’s house. Even though I have an extended warranty, the company I purchased from cannot do anything. LG should be ashamed on how they treat their customers. I doubt any of them would have to wait like this. I am on my last straw. I even sent an email to the president, what a joke! I have never dealt with a company that their customer service cannot reach anyone in corporate, that’s how little anyone cares. I have to give one star, but they deserve no stars. Apparently, the compressors in their products are known for failing, if I knew that when I bought it, I would have bought another company’s refrigerator. Just like their customer service department, I can guarantee no one from corporate will read this complaint.


LG LFXC24796S Refrigerator Stopped Cooling 2 x in 6 1/2 years

January 11, 2024

The refrigerator Stopped Cooling 2x in 6 1/2 years both times $100s of $ of food gone bad. I didn’t know about the Class Action Settlement for this fridge. But it extended the warranty to a full 5-year coverage. But of course, even if I knew about it I was about 2 1/2 months after that. But I would have hoped that they would still cover the service call or at least share the cost with me. Now under 6 1/2 years it’s happening all over again. I did buy an LG washer and dryer that cost over $2000 for the pair at the beginning of 2021. Hope it’s just the refrigerators that are so bad


LG Appliances Should Not Be In Business

January 9, 2024

Where is the option for zero stars? This is the last straw. You need to be sued; I want to make sure the community knows NOT to purchase your products. I’ve never been so upset with a company. I am retired, but as a former business person, I am at a loss for words regarding the way LG treats customers. I have a graduate-level education and am a reasonable person, however, there are limits to my understanding and patience. If someone doesn’t contact me NOW I am going after this with everything I have. I have had a broken refrigerator since November 23rd and made 9 phone calls ( COUNTLESS HOURS) to LG with NO help/results. I have requested compensation for the refrigerator for weeks and I want it now!! NO ONE who makes decisions will call… I just keep getting stuck in a frustrating call center full of people who only “ pass on “ my issue. I also want it out of my house!!!! How can you sell products with NO SERVICE available in areas?! I had no refrigerator over the holidays!!!! You should be ashamed of yourself as a company! YOU KNEW that no one services your refrigerators in my area and SOLD it to me anyway! I have since learned, directly from many repair folks, the MANY REASONS why they don’t service your appliances, which they refer to as complete JUNK!


LG $5,000 Refrigerator That Doesn’t Work

December 6, 2023

Bought an LG refrigerator in 2019, 2023 compressor went out, lost 1,000 in food. LG sent out a repair technician, compressor was replaced April 2022. November 2023, the refrigerator quit working. Lg tells us not under warranty and gives numbers for us to find a repair person. After three days of calling repair techs, all said they don’t work on LG

Because LG doesn’t reimburse them. Found a guy 100 miles away, who says he is an authorized technician. $600 later still doesn’t work. LG is the worst, doesn’t stand behind its lemon products. Filing a complaint with the attorney general in my state.


LG Home Office - My 3 1/2 year old LG dryer broke

November 30, 2023

My 3 1/2 year old dryer drum rollers developed a flat spot. I called the service people in my area recommended by LG. They wanted $400.00 to replace the rollers. I can buy a new dryer for $498.00. The were going to charge me $168.00 for rollers that I can buy for $15.00. Dryers are supposed to last at least ten years. This does not speak well for LG.

Corporate Office Headquarters