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  • LG Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

LG Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How To Contact LG Electronics Corporate Office Headquarters USA

1000 Sylvan Avenue

Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey 07632 USA

Corporate Phone Number: 1-201-816-2000

LG Mobile Phones Corporate Office Headquarters USA 

0101 Old Grove Road

San Diego, CA 92131

LG Customer Service Phone Number: 1-800-243-0000 or 1-800-793-8896


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  1. I would NEVER recommend LG products to anyone! LG sent me the wrong replacement water filter for my refrigerator. I sent them back and requested they be replaced with the appropriate part. Four months later, they have refused to correct their error. This has been the absolute nadir of customer service. Their conduct has been shameful, employing the tactics of delay and denial for what could’ve been easily resolved.

  2. I contacted “customer service” about my LDP7708ST dishwasher by phone and was disconnected. He has my information but never called back.
    I was told because the control panel has a small diagonal crack that across the top… the warranty company will not replace it.
    I believe it is the control panel that is causing the issue ( 6E error code) because the repair man said he fixed the error code and half hour after he left the error code came back!
    All I want is my dishwasher to work again. We are 80 years old, can’t handle the stress
    We currently own: SEVEN LG products

    LG Signature laundry suite (3pieces)
    LG Television ( 2)
    LG Dishwasher (1)
    LG FRENCE DOOR… door in door Refrigerator/ freezer (1)

  3. We have an LG refrigerator that is less than 2 years old with a compressor that has gone bad. We have had nothing but a run around with LG customer service. Each time we call we are told someone will call in 3 days. We have called 6 times. Each time the goalposts are moved. No one is coming out, and no one calls. We filed a formal complaint and were promised that this would be satisfied by December 5, and would be escalated to the highest authority … ( what a joke). Each call and a different case number are assigned. They must be trained to do this. Lip service. still no call and spending hours with everyone on the phone. Can’t get a supervisor !!!No resolution !!!!! Don’t buy from LG. I have seen all of these other issues and honestly, I wish I had read them first. What happened to honor your warranty ?!?!? It is all lip service with LG, no one cares. I also called the corporate number and of course, that will go nowhere! I guess we will have to take legal action. Did I mention we have all LG appliances 🙁

  4. I wish I would’ve read these reviews before I purchased an LG Range For $1700 in 2022. Everyone that walks in my house says I smell gas!!! All I could say LG products could bring nightmares to your home and you will be left hanging!!! I purchased an LG range in May 2021 within a month I noticed it was smelling gas and I believed it to be my fifth burner which never worked since I purchased it ( One of the features that convinced me to buy it) So I thought I would get someone out to light the pilot. My mistake I waited three months and my store warranty was over. So I called LG as I was told to do by Home Depot that has been a nightmare! I’ve had 11 different calls or more as well as texts and email to try and get my range from leaking gas and have my fifth burner work, after many attempts by the techs that worked extremely hard ( I must say) only to be tossed around no answers and misled by higher staff. Recently I was told by the Presidential liaison The only way to get a refund was to have my local gas company confirm that my stove was leaking gas and hazardous and it wouldn’t matter that the stove was out of warranty (Not true). My gas company came out and posted a warning sign and a danger sign on my range! After sending the documents over to LG Presidential liaison (as I was told) to show the danger signs that were given by the gas company, I was told to follow the steps to get a refund. After following all the steps and sending documents and photos to LG I was told I was not able to qualify for a refund( no other explanation was given) and no more response. This is after they had me cut out a line through my serial number on the back of the range To show that my stove is a damaged range. So now I am left with a gas leaky stove that leaks gas and I have explained I have a daycare… I was screamed at and threatened to get hung up on by the RA department for stressing my Concerns and frustration with the gas leaking range in my family and Daycare! Now I can’t even get a response from LG Presidential liaison! I would never purchase another LG item in life it has been a complete nightmare! I like so many of you have been out of so much money paying for fast food during the holidays without a safe range and unable to purchase another one at this time…. I was just left hanging by LG Company and lied to time and time again! Sounds like this is just the way they operate, sadly.

  5. To Whom IT May Concern:
    February 18th, 2022
    Our 6 year old LG refrigerator broke down on December 27th (the LG warranty is for 5 years). On the 27th I contacted LG for a repair contractor in our area and they suggested we contact Asurion in Nashville, TN. We contacted Asurion and a Tech came out on Dec. 30th to determine the problem. A new part was ordered and upon arrival another tech came out and said the wrong part was ordered. The correct part was ordered and the next 2 Asurion appointments were cancelled (no one showed up). Someone ordered additional parts but no one from Asurion knows who ordered the parts. At the next appointment (5th) 2 techs arrived and installed all of the new parts and the refrigerator began working correctly. However three days later the unit broke down again (not cooling but it was running). I contacted Asurion requesting a service call. A new tech arrived and after a thorough inspection he said we needed a total re-build. Parts were ordered and the same tech arrived with a helper a week later and installed all of the parts. While installing the new parts the tech tripped our circuit breakers twice, indicating he shorted something out and in doing so he burned out the new circuit panel. A new circuit panel was ordered and installed on the next appointment and it proceeded to burn out. New re-placement parts were ordered (replacing the parts just installed – compressor, evaporation coil and another circuit board) parts were installed and once again the circuit panel burned out. The Asurion Tech said the unit was not repairable and that we would need to purchase a new refrigerator.
    Now 53 days have passed since my original call to Asurion) totaling 12 appointments (4 were cancelled by Asurion) with 8 different technicians ordering and installing new parts (LG shipped the wrong parts twice), LG told the Asurion tech we would not be charged for the parts or labor. The Asurion tech clearly “burned up” my refrigerator with the 2 short circuits tripping the homes circuit breakers.
    During the 53 days with no refrigerator we lost over $300.00 in spoiled food, had to eat numerous meals out, purchased several coolers and bought ice daily at a cost of approximately $2,000.00. Now I am told I have to purchase a new refrigerator. LG refuses to refund the original purchase price of the refrigerator since our unit is out of warranty.
    After this fiasco you can be sure I will never purchase another LG product.

  6. We purchased an LG top-load washer in Oct 2018 for ~$950; in December 2021, the steel shaft connecting the agitator to the drum FRACTURED. This is a 3/8-inch diameter STEEL shaft that should NOT fracture with ANY type of load that a washer would EVER see. Of course, LG said "too bad" as it's out of warranty (despite it being a manufacturing problem) and sent me a list of LG-preferred repair shops. I contacted them – the part has a lead time of 6-8 weeks with no guarantee of delivery…. which is total BS. Needless to say, we purchased a replacement washer (non-LG).

    I emailed their "contact the president" email with the specifics; they responded with a form e-mail, "I’m an LG Customer Advocate following up on information I was given regarding a quality of service…. blah blah blah." In other words, they are just trying to placate people without doing one damn thing.

    Next step is a physical letter to their New Jersey HQ. I have to agree – their "service" is non-existent.

  7. I cannot get anyone to work on my LG refrigerator. Bottom freezer is not working but my french door refrigerator above freezer is working. LG Customer Service has not called me back for days like they said they would….they must still looking for someone to work on it (yeah, right). I WILL NOT BUY LG PRODUCTS AGAIN!!!!!

  8. Please, please, please do not purchase an LG. The customer service in HORRIBLE!!!!! I purchased a refrigerator in 2012. It has stopped working. The compressor is still under warranty. I have called LG's 800# 1-800-243-0000 and have gotten a complete runaround. They even gave me a company to call as one of their authorized service centers. The company called me back and said they do not work on LG's. UGH!!!!! This has truly been a horrible experience. My refrigerator is still out and I have lost everything in it. And still no resolve, still waiting.

  9. I bought a washer and dryer in June 2020. The dryer has not worked since day one, they sent me a new one still not working. I called LG and made an appointment for service, the night before the scheduled appointment LG called and cancelled. Its now November COV-19 is rising I wont be able to go to the laundry. So I wasted money on a dryer that the company wont even repair, swap out for another product. I will now be contacting The Better Business, Consumer Report anyone that will listen and help during these trying times.

  10. It's sad too say that I also have received less than a satisfactory response from LG customer Service. I purchased a LG stove Model# LRG3194ST.FSTELGA, SN# 906MMLA05544 in July 2019. By Dec.19 the blue oven coating started to flake off, at times falling into the food. I started calling LG Customer Service in Jan 2020 and all I have the show for my efforts are (3-CNN#) (1-TCC#) (1-RNN#) (1-DRN#) No phone calls and one email. Still no real action coming from LG. Still no usable oven. The date is 3/16/2020 and still waiting.

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