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Enterprise Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How To Contact Enterprise Corporate Office Headquarters HQ:

Official Address:
600 Corporate Park Drive
St. Louis, Missouri 63105 USA

Corporate Phone Number: 1-314-512-5000

Corporate Fax Number: 1-314-512-4706

Website: Enterprise.com

Email Help & Chat: Contact Page

Jobs: Online Job Listings

Corporate Stock Symbol: n/a Private Company

More Enterprise Rent-A-Car Phone Numbers

Customer Support Phone Number: 1-855-266-9565

Roadside Assistance: 1-800-307-6666

Enterprise Plus: 1-866-507-6222

en Español: 1-877-416-0000

Customers with Disabilities: 1-866-225-4284

Business: 1-877-881-5500

Car Sales: 1-888-227-7253

Truck Rental: 1-888-736-8287

Fleet Management: 1-877-233-5338

Exotic Cars: 1-866-4-LUX-CAR

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  • Professional con-artists at work. Lied to me. Charged me twice when this was an insurance rental. I'm 75 years old and they left me in the office and told me they didn't have any cars and yet the insurance agent ordered a car and had a purchase order.
    I will do my absolute best to let EVERYONE know what they did to me.

  • On Friday May 21 2021, a friend and me, set out on an impromptu vacation. She called the branch at 1210 N Eufaula Ave. Eufaula, Al. 36027. Friday morning she spoke with a man who insured her that there were cars available, and that she should come in at 1pm to pick one up.We are a bit early and we notice a sign on the door "Out for Lunch". There is a white male sitting inside. Although she went to the door to look inside he did not move from his seat. 20 minutes had past, and there are other cars and a truck. A white woman gets out of the truck reads the sign. The man inside comes to the door. They talk for a few moments and then go inside of the facility. the lady returns to her truck and leaves. 10 minutes later the door opens and my friends is right there. The same white male then tells my friend and the rest of the people that they no longer have any cars. She had a reservation set and a car was promised. needless to say we ended up driving the personal car on the trip and missed two reservations. one for dinner and the other for parasailing. We lost money because of the time spent waiting and searching for another branch with cars to rent. Despite that the conduct of the male was deplorable. He had ample opportunity to tell my friend as well as the small crowd that formed, that although he was on lunch there are no cars, and that they may have better luck at another rental facility. Not only the person who gave false information and the male in the store were very unforgiving and lacked empathy of the time and effort spent in the hot sun waiting for the lunch break to be over, only to be told at that time their services were very limited. I really do not care who they were. I care about the funky service they displayed. I am suggesting that something be done about the way they run that facility. I suggest that they take a class, remedial or not. Another suggestion is that they are fired and persons who have what the company use to stand for are hired to be a company representative with empathy and professionalism. I am sure this is not what you want to be displayed about your company or this branch. Fix it. or that branch will close down due to lack of patronage. We will find or even request another rental company to open up shop to be the loyal customers we have been to Enterprise.

  • Enterprise advertises that they pick you up and take you home. I have been a loyal customer of Enterprise for more than seven years. On November 14th, I requested a ride home, but the Manager at the Bayshore location in Port Saint Lucie, FL denied me a ride. However, two weeks prior he had a driver drive me home. Enterprise has been giving me rides home. I do not know why the manager decided to deny and discriminate against me. I reported the situation to their corporate office. I was told that someone would reach out to me between 7-10 days. It is 16 days later, no one has reached out to me. I placed a follow-up phone call to corporate office, but the customer service representatives are not trained to be pro-active. It is obvious that they are trained to apologize and to offer to escalate the complaint. Every time you call the customer service representative will repeat the lines, "I'm sorry, I understand, I can escalate the complaint." This is the extend of their training. I sent the Chief Executive Officer, Chrissy Taylor, but she did not bother to even have someone from her staff to contact me.

    When you request the divisional or regional manager's name and email address, one is told that they do not keep that information. Imagine?!

    They are so ready to take the customer's money, advertise and promote promises that they cannot keep. It is false advertising!

    The manager told me that he could not have someone give me a ride home because he was down to one driver. They have always had only one driver because Enterprise is to cheap to hire an additional driver. The sad thing about the manager's excuse is that I know the driver. The driver was in the office sitting at a desk. I was the only customer there, so that driver was not away picking up other customers.

  • My name is Louis Smith 58 year old white male and I made a Res for June 9th for three days to be picked up at 1 PM this Friday. I waited 4 hot hours outside and they still did not give me the car I rented. They did not even give me a good reason why they didn't rent to me. I was NOT on the DO NOT RENT LIST!!! Can someone in the Corp Office Please Give me a call Monday at 303 870 6553.

  • A couple of days ago we returned from a month-long trip from New Port Richey FL to Cooperstown NY. On the way north the right front tire began to leak, requiring us to stop every three of four hours to look for a working tire pump to restore pressure. When we reached Binghamton NY we went to Enterprise on Jensen Road to ask for a replacement car–they refused but arranged for us to go to Mr. Tire nearby. Rather than replacing the tire, they put in a plug which worked, but my NY relative said it is against the law for a tire company to do that. With our car loaded to return to Florida we contacted the New Port Richey officer saying we had great concerns about driving on I-95 at high speed with a heavily loaded car. They arranged for us to drive to Oneonta NY to replace the car. The Enterprise office in Oneonta is an abomination–good people working in a mudhole of a parking lot, in cramped spaces shared with a garage. If that was my first contact with Enterprise I'd never have rented from you. Our new car got us safely home. I suggest you look into the behavior of your Binghamton/Vestal office and the conditions at your Oneonta office. New Port Richey is the gold standard.

  • WARNING; Always read reviews before renting a car from Enterprise rent-a-car. I never knew they had so many angry customers. Seems they have taken advantage of customers to get insurance money. Unfortunately, we became victims too. Upon inspecting our rental, at pickup, from Roosevelt Ave., York, PA., we would have never noticed the 3 tiny dings on the roof. They were nearly invisible. We were totally shocked when, upon return, they filed a damage report for 3 "tiny dings" on roof from hail. We never had hail on our trip. They charged our insurance company $553.66. I never expected that treatment from Enterprise until I read the reviews from many others. Be informed.

  • By the way I never signed the rental agreement because your employees pressured me into accepting a Dodge Minivan with a "DAMAGED" ignition key even though they had 3 days(!) to procure the vehicle specified in the reservation agreement Number 1734231643 . I had to call a Yellow Cab Taxi to take me home. The cost was $18,50 (I have the taxi drivers receipt) I'd reserved Robert H Pilpel

    Confirmation number 173423231643

  • Looks like I may have to be hospitalized thanks to your employees at their location at Blountstown and Tennessee in Tallahassee. I'm retaining the law firm of Morgan & Morgan to represent me. Robert H Pilpel
    confirmation number — 1734231643
    IN THE DETAILS SECTION OF THE CONFIRMATION NOTICE IT SAYS "vehicle class COMPACT Nissan Versa or similar automatic" I'm also in touch with my insurance company USAA and The Florida State Rental Cars offices

  • The staff at your Tallahassee location at Blounstown and Tennessee not only refused to give me the compact car I had requested, and not only did they give me a defective fob and ignition key but left their office BEFORE its 6:00 closing time so I had to call for a taxi. All this was extremely stressful, it brought on an angina attack. I'm 75 years old and was Honorably Discharged from the Air Force in the grade of Major. The attitude of the employees at your Blountstown and Tennessee office was — to put it charitably — dismissive when I objected to their refusal to give me the compact car I'd reserved, saying in effect "Take it or leave it"!

  • First, I would like to commend the employees in the Saginaw, Michigan office for being professional and courteous during the entire rental process. When I had an issue with getting the lift gate correctly stowed, they immediately took care of it and worked as a team to come up with a solution. Good job.

    I have a bigger concern that can be address only by the corporate office. I doubt if it will but it needs to be known. I rented the Navistar International 4300 series box truck. Your website stated that you don’t need a CDL to rent or drive the truck. That is not the case. I took the truck from Michigan to New Mexico and brought it back to Michigan. I moved myself. That experience was a nightmare I was stopped by law enforcement in every state and in a couple of states more than once. They asked for my CDL. They told me that particular type and series of truck is classified as commercial. I explained what I was doing and they were nice enough to let me go, but not after having to weigh-in and have the truck safety inspected. This caused me delays in my timeline to make sure I could get the truck back in time. I did request an extra day when I reserved and rented the truck just in case I had delays. The Oklahoma State Trooper was really nice and put my license number and truck plate information in their system so I wouldn’t stopped again going through Oklahoma. It was told each time, in every state, if I was driving a Penske truck they wouldn’t have stopped me.

    The truck performance was very poor. I am comparing this new Enterprise truck to a much older model Penske truck I rented in 2005. The Enterprise truck had difficulty climbing just the rolling hills you have on the highway. When it came to steep hills I couldn’t get the truck speed over 35 MPH. Sad. There were several times while driving on normal roads with a normal grade Penske truck passed me, even when I was empty. Driving the truck when it was empty was extremely difficult to do. It was difficult to control and it bounced so bad I had to drive under 50 MPH to keep in my lane, and keep it from bouncing. I come close several times to hitting another vehicle and or guard rail. I did have one law enforcement office stop me for a safety check to make sure I was OK. He saw how poorly the truck was performing. He also let me go, and warned me about keeping the truck in my lane. My back hurt so much when I got out of the truck that I really did want to drive it anymore. Every driver on the highway, on both sides of the highway, saw how me bouncing and I am sure it left a lasting impression with them not to rent any Enterprise vehicle. Great advertising.

    The lift gate hoses were almost worn through during use because whomever installed them didn’t allow for proper clearance needed to keep them from rubbing on the support brackets. I had to stop using it and this added fours hours to my unload time. Using the ramp is hazardous when carrying heavy loads. The reason I went with Enterprise was because of the lift gate. I was hoping it would save time and my back. In order for to sparingly use it for the very heavy tool boxes that I had to load and unload, I had to reach my arm in between the lift gate and tailgate. This is unsafe and may have injured me. This was a lawsuit waiting to happen. I had to do it to keep from blowing a hydraulic hose and damaging the truck. Calling for any repairs would have delayed me and cost me more money. I showed the Branch Manager when I returned and she is going to have the dealership inspect the lift and replace the hoses. I had to wrap them with several layers of electrical tape to provide some protection so they would blow while driving the truck back to Michigan.

    I will never rent any vehicle from Enterprise and I will be sure to share my experience with every one I know and the many more.

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