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Enterprise Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How To Contact Enterprise Corporate Office Headquarters HQ:

Enterprise Rent A Car Corporate Address:
Main Home Office:
600 Corporate Park Drive
St. Louis, Missouri 63105 USA

Enterprise Corporate Phone Number: 1-314-512-5000

Corporate Fax Number: 1-314-512-4706

Website: Enterprise.com

Email Help & Chat: Contact Page

Jobs: Online Job Listings

Corporate Stock Symbol: n/a Private Company

More Enterprise Rent-A-Car Phone Numbers

Customer Support Phone Number: 1-855-266-9565

Enterprise Roadside Assistance: 1-800-307-6666

Enterprise Plus: 1-866-507-6222

en Español: 1-877-416-0000

Customers with Disabilities: 1-866-225-4284

Business: 1-877-881-5500

Car Sales: 1-888-227-7253

Truck Rental: 1-888-736-8287

Fleet Management: 1-877-233-5338

Exotic Cars: 1-866-4-LUX-CAR

Reviews and Complaints: See Below or Click Comments Link

Enterprise Car Rental’s competition includes Hertz, Avis, Budget, Sixt, Fox Rent-a-Car, Ace Rent-a-Car, and Payless.

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  1. Recently rented a car from Enterprise, due to my personal vehicle needing some work done. The time frame to drop my vehicle off at the body shop was a Monday morning and Enterprise was to pick me up at 9am. I called the previous Friday to ensure the appointment with Enterprise was still standing and that they would be at the location to get me at 9am -This specific time was set up 2 weeks prior because I had no other ride, the location opened at 8- and I had issues with Enterprise previously where they hadn’t picked me up at all, and I had a Dr appt the same day at 10am. On the Friday I called, they at first couldn’t find my appt, and then after a few minutes did find me and assured me they would be there on time.

    Monday I arrived at the body shop to drop my car off at 8:30 and waited. At 9 am, they were nowhere to be found, and remembering my conversation with them that Friday where they couldn’t even find me in the system I started to get worried. 9:02 I called to see if they were still coming, and the person who answered the phone stated the driver JUST left and would meet me in 10 minutes. (I need to mention the distance between the Enterprise location and the body shop is a 3.8 mile drive- which takes roughly 9 minutes with stops and red lights) 9:43 the driver finally showed at the body shop I was at. No apologies, just the comment “We’ve been so busy this morning.” I arrived at the Enterprise location and noticed several other workers there (so I was confused, because it appeared they had the manpower)

    At 10:34 I was finally getting keys in hand and inspecting the outside of the vehicle with a separate Enterprise worker, – I know this specific time, because I sent a pic of some damage of the vehicle to my spouse so it would be time stamped and dated. Signed my ppwk and was on my way (Onviously I had to canceled and reschedule my Dr appt)

    As I was driving down the road, a shiny sticky substance caught my attention on the steering wheel buttons, right where I was touching. At a red light, I briefly looked around the inside of the vehicle to see dirt everywhere. The same substance coming out of the vents, on the console, on the drivers side door and handle, the steering column, and on the dash board. A cigarette burn on the passenger seat, crumbs and dirt everywhere, a snot-like looking substance swiped on several locations of the back seats and the ceiling of the vehicle. There was obvious food droppings in the corners and cracks of the center console and the shifting gear. I still had a 30 minute drive ahead of me to get home, but was disgusted and grossed out by the stickiness I was touching as I was driving. When I got home, I took a closer look inside the vehicle and saw the backseat windows had smeared and fingerprints all over them on the inside! Crumbs, hairs, and snot-like crusties all throughout the back seat. I had a flyer in the car I looked at that explained Enterprise’s “Clean car guarantee” – 17 out of the 20 surfaces in the vehicle mentioned on the flyer that would be “clean” guaranteed were not. Plus, it was mentioned every vehicle would come with 1 Clorox wipe (due to Covid- and Enterprise understanding Covid- and going above and beyond to ensure customers health safety and concerns) which was not in the vehicle and would’vebeen greatly appreciated so my drive home would not have been so uncomfortable.

    I called and reached out to the company, because I was disgusted by the dirtiness, and did not want to be charged upon returning the vehicle in such a nasty state- and the operator stated she noted it in my account. Which I’m apprehensive about, because they’ve already shown on several occasions, there’s ongoing confusion on their part. I emailed Enterprise also, but have not heard back from them, even though after I sent the email, a message popped up stating that they would contact me. I have many pictures to prove my claim, but they don’t seem to interested in seeing them.

    I am extremely disappointed and don’t think I will ever use this company again. A little dirt, I can understand, but this was OBVIOUS and apparent that nobody touched the inside of the vehicle from the last driver. I thoroughly cleaned the inside parts of the vehicle that I would be using while driving- some places I had to really scrub- but I am grossed out to even get in the vehicle to drive it, seeing all the other dirt and questionable substances throughout the inside of the rest of the vehicle.

  2. Reserved my car rental months in advance DeKalb Ill, received call several days prior that car was CLEANED and ready (voicemail on my phone to prove this). Arrived to receive car that had front-end damage which he told my about, then showed a lot of tiny does not count nicks and small dents totally hiding other damage.

    I was taking a video walk around the good thing I did. On way home saw something on the windshield, which turned out to be a small chip in the windshield. During the walk around enterprise, employee said not once but twice windshield looks good, my video says otherwise. In the cleaned car I found dirty Q-tips, and two child play balls one small enough had my great-grandchild found could have choked to death on it. This was the so-called CLEAN car I got.

    Hundreds of miles from home went to clean the windshield but out no cleaning fluid would come out. Stopped and purchased some only to find out the damage on the front end also damaged the compartment that holds the fluid so it just drained back onto the ground under the car. So the clean and ready car had not been checked with fluids topped off otherwise they would have known the previous front end damage had damaged this compartment.

    On the way home after vacation, a bird hit the windshield directly where the chip was and 4 large cracks extended across the windshield.
    Made a call back to the rental office where I was told to call if any problems, turned out to be a don't bother calling me because I don't care. (DeKalb Ill office)

    Stopped at another enterprise in Mississippi unfortunately it being spring break there was nothing available. He was surprised that this car was even rented to me with the damage it had. The gentleman there was very nice and understood my concerns but unable to assist me as all he had left was too small for my family.

    I usually do not get the insurance as I talked with my personal insurance agent and was assured I was covered on everything with rentals, but that little voice in me at the time of rental told me to get coverage. I suppose now they can fix a car on my dime though the cracks I am sure would have never happened had it not been for the chip in the windshield, to BEGIN with, yes I have video and pictures of this nightmare of a car. If this is how enterprise treats repeat customers I hate to think what they do to others that rent from them.

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