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  • Payless Car Rental Corporate Office Headquarters

Payless Car Rental Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Payless Car Rental Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

2350-N 34th Street North Suite 140
St. Petersburg, Florida 33713
Corporate Phone Number: 1-727-321-6352
Fax Number: 1-727-323-3529
Customer Support Phone Number: 1-800-729-5377
Website: Payless Car Rental

Payless Car Rental’s competition includes Sixt, Hertz, Avis, Budget, Fox Rent-a-Car, Ace Rent-a-Car, Enterprise Car Rental, and Rent-a-Wreck.

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  1. By the looks of replies to these comments Payless could careless of their customer service. Here is is another issue with Payless (or should I say careless). We rented a Chrysler 300 toward the end of Sept. Nice car but it was having issues 4 days into a week rental. Contacted customer service regarding the problem with the car. 2 days later received an email that I could return the car to the nearest Payless agency. Well it was an hour away & we weren't going to use the car on our last day of rental. we started our return trip to the Orlando airport & 30 minutes into the trip back it quit running on I-95. I was able to get it off the expressway on the exit ramp 289 Palm Coast. Contacted roadside assistance & after over 30 minutes on hold advised them of what happened & they said they contacted their towing company. Roadside assistance advised us that their towing company would text us the wait time for a tow. When er got the text it said 120 minutes. Ok, I'm going to wait in 90 degree Florida heat for 2 hours. I contacted the towing company and advised them that we needed to get to Orlando to catch our flight. The towing company said "Oh Orlando?, we won't make it for another 6 hours. In the meantime the county Sheriff showed up, and I advised him of what was going on. He said the car cannot be left on the exit ramp for 5-6 hours so he called a tow. The towing company arrived within 30 min. Back to roadside assistance to find out what they wanted us to do as their car isn't running & we needed to get to the airport to catch our flight. They advised us that we were too far away for them to come & get us and to find our own way back. What??? They advised us to call Uber & leave the car there. By this time we were late for our flight so I had try to get a later flight. After we arrived at the airport, we went straight to the Payless counter & the agent took all the information to where the car was etc. After not hearing from Payless I contacted roadside assistance to see if they retrieved the car. I was advised that they have not & it would be maybe 2 weeks before they could get it. That's how long it took them to retrieve the car. I was on the phone & emailing trying to get refunded for my expenses, towing their car off the exit ramp, the Uber ride, and the flight change, all totaling $465.00. Customerless Service advised me that they refund the Uber ride & that's it. That wasn't acceptable, so kept contacting customerless service. I decided to check my credit card charges & found Payless charged me for the impound & tow of their vehicle back to Orlando totaling another $2100.00. Well that's not happening, I'm in contact with my credit card company & attorney if it isn't resolved to my satisfaction. Everything is still in process.

  2. WHAT A STUPID NAME FOR A RENTAL COMPANY. Why not change your name to RIP OFF RENTALS. I rented a Payless car in February for one week.My name is Cheryl Friemuth..Visa number xx40035.
    Ticket number 2023E81C
    The rental number was U315152795
    The confirmation number is 132068US3
    Tfhe CORRECT AMOUNT was to be $415.00 for 7 days.
    When I got my Visa bill, the total charge was $704.00. THIS AMOUNT IS NOT CORRECT.
    PLEASE REMBERCE THE $289.52 which was the Rental Agreement. I will NEVER rent another vehicle from BUDGET RENTAL AGAIN. VERY VERY POOR
    SERVICE…………..PLEASE EXPLAIN HOW IN THE WORLD THE $415.00 WITH TAXES TURNED IN TO $704 FOR MY 7 DAY VISIT. I am not going to pay Visa for YOUR error. I will
    be eagerly awaiting my refund. I am prepared to seek the assistance of an attorney

  3. I will NEVER rent from this horrible company. I was quoted 216 on line for car and taxes. It CLEARLY states Total Due at Rental Counter: $216. That was fine. 129.44 for the car (7 days) and 85.14 for taxes and fees. That was fine. I get to the counter and it's 308.00 PLUS another security deposit of $250. I'm being billed TWICE for taxes and fees and a $250 that was never stated in the contract. NO WHERE does it say $250 deposit. I don't care if that's standard protocol, It was NEVER stated in my contract and the $250 was to help pay to get me into my apartment. They have trackers on the vehicles so it's not like I could steal the car. I have more than required car insurance. I've called the AA contact # for Avis, Budget, and Payless. They give me another number to call because they don't service Payless. I called them 5 times to get to a different department each time. All people I talked with stated the booking number on my e-mail was not the number they needed even though that is what the number is called. Then I called American airlines x4 (who I booked the reservations through) and basically said to contact Payless. I called AA flight reservations thinking it was through a joint booking with AA and Payless. Nope. Invalid number on the email. I've called the San Diego Payless only to leave a message x2. I've called Payless national number. Referred me back to the SD office. Called the Payless Customer Service main number DIRECTLY LISTED ON THE CORPORATE SITE AND IT WAS DISCONNECTED! This is insane and will probably return the car and take the bus or train or something! I need this MONEY. They're not billing me what I was quoted. They're double billing for taxes and fees. They're billing me a deposit that was NOT quoted in the contract. PAYLESS: CONTACT ME IF YOU WANT TO RECTIFY THIS ISSUE. IF YOU DO, I WILL GLADLY WRITE A REVIEW STATING YOU DID SO! IF NOT, I WILL CONTINUE TO POST REGULARLY ANY REVIEW PLACE I CAN AS TO HOW NOT TO DO BUSINESS WITH YOUR RIPOFF "COMPANY". CCOLLINS1058@YAHOO.COM

    RUN FAR AWAY FROM THIS PLACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Payless rental car left my pup and I stuck in the Mojave desert after a flat tire. They then insisted on me putting the spare tire on which I did. They also told me to drive to the nearest change out facility which was three hours south or 2 hours north through the desert on a spare tire that didnt fit the car properly. Yeah I couldn't do that because the spare wouldn't have made it. Remind you I'm in the desert with my dog and like one bottle of water. Yes it was 120 degrees and absolutely dangerous. After driving to the nearest town of Baker and replacing their tire with my own funds. (This place was only 38 miles away) then I proceeded on my journey only after being set back 7 hours. Well this forced me to rent the car and extra day and pay for a hotel for the night. So in total the rental was 275 dollars but after all of this I paid 275+220+100+40. When I returned the car the manager had told me she cant reimburse me for anything. This was the worst experience I've ever had renting a car. Please feel free to contact me to resolve this issue at any time. I will not stop inquiring until I get fully reimbursed. Contact info -crumlichmatt@gmail.com

  5. Oh my gosh! The same thing happened to me. They charged me for insurance and roadside service, which I had declined. I have emailed and called repetitively and its always the same, no answer! I do think that a class action should be brought against them. I am contacting my attorney to see what can be started. If you are interested, please email me at heavenlygraham@yahoo.com

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