Earth Fare Corporate Office Headquarters

Earth Fare Corporate Office Headquarters
145 Cane Creek Industrial Park Drive Suite 150
Fletcher, NC 28732 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-828-281-4800
Fax Number: 1-828-254-7556
Customer Service Number: 1-828-281-4800

  • Hi
    I am in Ballantyne in south Charlotte NC and we loved Earth Fare,
    Is the kitchen equipment and some display cooler being sold at auction or can we just go into the store and buy it?
    I appreciate your reply.
    Thank you

  • Hi Earth Fare! We moved last year to the Midwest (outside to the St. Louis area) from NC and are about to starve to death…. there are NO groceries here that have a decent organic selection. The locals tried to send us to a place called Fresh Thyme but they (including their store brand) carry a lot of standard stuff. things that are GF but not chemical free, etc… PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE open a location nearby! We miss being able to go to ONE store and get food….

  • Why has EarthFare decided to no longer stock the Amish Butter Roll? This inconsiderate decision forces me to shop in another one of the 5 "health food" stores within 5 miles of me. Please reconsider this decision for the Jacksonville, FL Atlantic Beach Blvd location! At least 4 other customers complained of this decision today while I was shopping for my Amish roll.

  • First of all, I love Earthfare….I travel across town just to purchase my groceries at the Greensboro NC location….I was so disappointed today to find my very favorite item was being discontinued….Amy's Shepherd Pie- I cannot locate this item at any other place in Greensboro…I shop here for this item as well as the Bethlehem Angel Food cake….Love the fresh seafood…..Please do not discontinue Amy's product. I am vegetarian and refuse to eat shepherd pies with beef….Can you tell me how I can locate this item somewhere else…..I would not think it would be wise to order from a company that shipped it….frozen??? Please advise

  • Your store in Cumming, GA is charging 7% tax on food! The Tax rate for food in Georgia is 3%. I checked with the store manager (Greg) and he said he did not know why they charged more than double on food. He said the Corporate Office is the one that determines what they charge for food!

  • Please consider a store location in North Mt. Pleasant, SC or Awendaw
    In 2002 you placed a store in the central location, but it was not supported.
    There is a Whole Foods at one end of Highway l7 – but another 17 miles later,
    we have no high end organic food store. This area is growing rapidly, and may well
    support another effort by your company. Thanks for your time and consideration.

  • I was at the Earth fare in Charleston South Carolina. Went to fix my food and saw a roach on the bar so I didnt get my food again. So I said maybe I'll go back another day. So I tried again went back and over heard a man telling. The cook dont through out the food we can use that again the next day. If the food was out on the bar why would you want to fix old food the next day thats just very nasty. I asked the cashier what the guys name was she didnt want to say. All she would say is that he is the kitchen manager. So I walked over where he was and saw his name tag his name is Dan. Makes me wonder how they could hire a nasty person to run the kitchen.

  • My mom, best friend and I have cut back on shopping your store in Fort WAYNE In as the staff we liked all quit and the staff there now has issues. We tried again today around 2 pm – the three young men working in the deli were making vomiting noises while standing at the counter and laughing. We walked out after telling the manager we cannot buy from your store without worrying what they are doing to your food. I am also am online blogger and am warning everyone to stay away from your store unless they want vomit in their food!!!! You have no consumer hotline to report this – so my only choice is to avoid you like the plague!!! Hope your store closes soon and something that cares about customers comes in its place – how do I get you to wake up or get to someone at your company that cares!!!AAAGGG!!!

  • oh my god I am so happy some one else has complains about the Columbia store and you are so right that store manager oh my god she is the worst she walks around the store like she is god and come on your a store manager ok what is with the dredlocks really that is so last year I will not shop in this store ever again why need to when whole foods is right around the corner and much more friendly then the Columbia store

  • this is the worst company ever they treat their employees like crap worst company every I will never shop here again especially at store 220 Columbia this store needs a whole new crew such ass wholes at this store especially the store manager she is so rude and mean she needs to go back to where ever she came from worst manager ever.

  • I have been shopping at the beach location in Jacksonville Florida from the first day that they open.I went last week and will never go again. The store manger is very NASTY. Her attitude is like a public rest room if people don't wont are like their job they need to leave it. This is a great company but the mangers at the Jacksonville Store needs an Up Grade.

    • The new gm is not any better. The Jacksonville, Fl store has gone down hill. It no defined customer service, no set rules very unapproperiate behavior. So surprised that the health board hasn't closed it. Every time you turn around you see an employee's ass crack or hear foul language. How can they be so unprofessional? What a joke!! It seems like management is just slacking and does not have a clue on how to do their jobs professionally.

  • I recently visited one of your stores in Tallahassee, Florida and was very pleased with your organic products and the prices. I only hope that you'll will one day come to South Florida.

  • Dear Earth Fare:

    When Earth Fare opened in Auburn, AL, I fell in love with the store. I probably spend close to half of my paycheck at Earth Fare every month.

    As time passed, I got to know most of the employees by name. The friendly front-end crew never failed to greet me when I walked through the door. And their greetings seemed genuine, sincere, and enthusiastic — not some expressionless and robotic mantra like the ones employees are forced to greet customers with at other places.

    A couple of weeks ago, I wrote in my newspaper column that “if retail stores depended on me to stay in business, Earth Fare would be the last store standing.” I don’t feel that enthusiastic about Earth Fare this week. Someone’s poor judgment in firing an excellent manager at the Auburn Earth Fare led to another one of the best employees the store had walking out. Without Michelle and Bear, Auburn Earth Fare is not the same. There are still some wonderful employees there, but the feeling of family is gone, and frequent customers can sense the change.

    Until recently, Earth Fare seemed like a community market that represented ethics and good sense – not another cog in the capitalist machine. Recent corporate hijinks, however, are disappointing and disgusting to loyal customers – and word is traveling fast about what happened. Customers are missing two of our favorite faces when we walk through the doors.

    I write this letter because I am sad to see what started out a good thing ruined by short-sighted corporate blunders. Earth Fare should beg Michelle and Bear to come back, and if someone has to be fired, it should be the CEO who approved the poor decision to let them go.


    Dr. C.

  • Dear Sirs,
    I am writing in response to a recent situation at your store in Auburn Alabama. First let me say I have probably been your store's most frequent and probably it's best customer since the Auburn store opened.I go every day and spend about $300.00 a week .I know every one who works there on a first name basis and I am quick compliment them when they do do things exceptionally well but I am also first to point out mistakes when I see them. Last week someone from your headquarters came down and made an incredibly stupid mistake.They fired your front end manager Michelle Milton for a minor infraction which could have easily been cleared up with a brief explaination and a warning to discontinue the practice.Instead you decided to let a person that loved her job ,was loyal to her Earth Fare store and who's honesty was above reproach. Now you hav created a situation where many of your customers are furious and most of your work force is living in fear and simmering with rage. This was just a stupid,stupid mistake on your part that may have looked good from a distance but was plain wrong here. I'm sure any response from you will hide behind the "personal affairs" secrecy policies but I'm here to tell you ,you got a real big problem on your hands that is not going away any time soon.If I were you I would beg Michelle to come back and apologise profusely. Your current store manager is a nice guy but not much of a leader and he showed this by his failure to defend his staff or to head off this this problem in the first place. You need to take care of this now.

    • That's how it is done at Earth Fare. Haven't you heard? Not a reason for a devoted, loyal employee to be fired over and then not even given a valid reason and you are gone! One day it will come full circle and there will no longer be an Earth Fare… is just a matter of time. What goes around, comes around. There are much better places to shop now anyway.

  • I'm not sure anyone reads these comments…as there is no reply or comments on the two above reviews. However, these areas need to be noted…..I visited Earthfare in Turkey Creek on Sunday evening around 6:30 PM. I stopped in (because I was waiting in the same shopping area) to grab a bite to eat from the so called café…..WOW…how gross! First, no one there to assist…when ask…I was told I had to carry my food (in open containers) ALL THE WAY across the front of the store to pay. Really? Then…I had to wait for someone to tell the cashier how to "ring up" my cup of soup. Now, the buffet…simply nasty. NOTHING refilled….mac and cheese was almost empty…burned food on pans and very "gross"…..The bean dish (didn't leave an impression….don't remember name) was crusted over on top. Everything was definitely hot…but YUK….all the buffet area was cluttered with spilled food and very dirty. Then I went to the seating area….very hesitant to call it a dining room. Dirty tables, dishes sitting on tables unoccupied, floor was disgustingly filthy…..AND wow! the bus tubs at the dumping station were terrible. They were OLD, WORN and FILTHY…..My one spoon of bean "stuff", one spoon of mac and cheese (at least 6 hours old) and 1 cup of soup was in excess of 9.00…NO PROBLEM….if it had been a good meal…..Our shopping group was planning a trip to your store for healthy eating shopping. However, after this experience, today we went to another local store. Very nice and Clean. You have such a great idea in this store…However, it is simply put FILTHY! I have seen many farms with much cleaner facilities than this entire area.
    Clean it up, PLEASE!

  • I am another disgruntled senior customer. I am not happy with your new rules about giving the discount only on Mondays. Not the best day, if you want to find full shelves. This is a very short-sighted move.
    I will be thinking twice about shopping there in the near future. Especially now with all the new grocery stores in the Asheville area.

    • go on the better business bureau website and make a complaint. If they are accredited then doing this will make their ratings go down and this surely get there attention.


    • Absolutely true for me as well…and I see no reply and no one has decided to either shift the one day to a more amenable day or give the discount as they used to…and I am writing this in May…so EarthFare could clearly CARE LESS about their customer satisfaction.

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