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  • DHL Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

DHL Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How To Contact DHL Express Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

DHL Corporate Address USA:

1200 South Pine Island Road Ste. 600
Plantation, FL 33324 USA

DHL’s Parent Company Deutsche Post AG
Platz der Deutschen Post
Bonn 53113 Germany

DHL Corporate Phone Telephone Number:


More DHL Phone Numbers and Contact Information

Customer Care and Support Phone Number: 1-800-225-5345
Tech Support: 1-800-527-7298
Jobs: Online Job Listings
Email Help & Chat: Contact Page
Website: DHL.com
Corporate Stock Symbol: DPW.DE
Reviews and Complaints: See Below or Click Comments Link

Company Profile and Bio:

DHL is one of the largest delivery companies in the world. Their competition includes United Parcel Service UPS, United States Postal Service USPS, and Federal Express Fedex.

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CorporateOfficeHeadquarters.com is not associated with DHL Express. This website is for information, reviews, feedback, ratings, and complaint purposes only.

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  1. I have been extorted out of $13900 since Nov 4, 2021. I have no package, they keep saying I have to pay fees to get the product. They agree by email to settle and then the day before delivery email and tell me I owe more. Even 2 different drivers have demanded money to deliver the package and it never is delivered. I have an entire paper trail in emails proving what this company has demanded and not performed on. There is also a shipper in LA involved in this and he got a refund for his part paid, but I was denied a refund even though I ask 3x. NO ethics. NO business values. Cant tell the truth. An entire group of workers who lie. They are good at passing the buck to a "board of directors".

  2. When dealing with DHL Mexico City on a Damage Items We filed a claim. A company Rep by the name of Jose luis Lozano required that we submit a Bank Statement that was not over 60 days in order to process our Insurance claims. Please be aware when shipping items through DHL EXPRESS THEY WILL FORCE YOU TO SUBMIT personal information. when a company has this type of information about you this can be dangerous.

  3. How do you allow employees to drive by and not ring a bell(on gate) in gated property for delivery when a person is disabled. Shame on you today a driver didn't even bother to ring a bell or horn to notify delivery but drove off. Being disabled I have limited mobility. Called customer service(phoenix AZ spoke with agent Belymen Rodriguez and she was not helpful at all. She informed me that drivers cannot make contact with customers. Are you serious??Is this the type of service we can expect going forward from you. Ringing a door bell does not mean you have to get engaged with the customer and if so, get out of the public sector workforce if you can't handle the expectations of the job description. You wonder why AI is replacing humans, this is the reason. Poor management and supervisors overseeing the Staten Island, NY deliveries. SHAME ON YOU…….

  4. here is your 2021 UPDATE, same complaints YEARS later, 2 1/2 months to deliver one page document and REFUSE to address a refund or credit as the DHL carriers in northern states dumped my one page document into the U S PS cause THEY couldn't make the delivery, glad the decision was made for me for two and half months. AND I get to pay for this service, lucky ME

  5. I am hoping this will get to the CEO of DHL. I am Br. Richard Suttle, C.M.F., PH.D. and am currently working in Timor Leste. I had two boxes of my personal belongings sent by my Congregation from Chicago to Kupang, Indonesia. We were never informed of policies in Indonesia. When they reached Bali they were not processed properly by DHL there and after passing the time restrictions the designation was changed from personal property to import goods so customs opened the boxes. They determined it was used goods and Indonesia has a policy of not allowing used goods. After a lot of run around from DHL in Bali and customer service in Jakarta, I had to make a trip to Bali (at my expense) before my packages would be disposed of by customs. I went to customs, had to fill out a lot of paperwork, pay storage fees before my packages would then be released back to DHL for shipment out of Indonesia. I then went back to DHL and after a lot of back and forth and speaking to two supervisors in Jakarta they finally agreed to deliver my boxes to Dili, Timor-Leste with no more expenses from me. Again, they told me nothing about policies in Timor-Leste. The boxes arrived here and are now sitting in the DHL office in Dili where they are refusing to give them to me unless I pay taxes (this is because DHL in Bali labeled them as import goods instead of personal). I told them that I was not paying any more since customer service in Jakarta had agreed that I would have no more expenses. I hope you can do something and get them to release my boxes which were shipped in May and now it is the end of October. I am tired of the run around.

  6. I was in Morocco, bought and paid for two carpets. Tracking indicated rugs went from Rabat to Casablanca to Paris to Leipzig to Cincinnati to Harrisburg. They were then put on delivery truck and were then LOST within 500 yards of my home! Driver NEVER called with delivery date/time, never looked at my house number (clearly visible in two locations).
    Of course i contacted (useless) Customer Service, was told they would check, what address did I use (um, the one where I have lived for 30+ years!),they would check with the driver, would send someone to wrong house and wait for homeowner to appear, etc., etc., etc…
    Was informed that vendors would have to file the claims because "they are the ones who paid for the merchandise". Really??? Then why were several thousand dollars deducted from my account???
    This company, their customer service, telephone service are ALL totally worthless. I am amazed they are still in business.
    Totally disgusted with DHL, will tell everyone I know to NEVER use DHL.

  7. DHL Namibia , worst experience using DHL namibia will never recommend DHL to any one a lot of people are complaining about the same issue as dhl costumes doesn't want to release packages they feel like keeping for them slef my package is 4 week already at dhl customs , feedback is 0 out of 100 every day i call and they say they will come back to me , but i never get a call back or feedback from windhoek namibia's side. this is stealing and very poor customer services i will never use them again rather use FEDEX as i dont have the same problem with them!

  8. I just spent 30 minutes trying to figure out how to ship some stuff from US to Europe…. and I have to tell you, your DHL web site is completely worthless …. I have no words to describe how useless you your service and your web site is… seriously… I don't know who designed your DHL web site, who is maintaining it … but I am speechless …. I use mainly UPS, and sometimes FedEx, I tried to see if I can save some money shipping DHL, but after hopelessly trying to figure out how to ship my stuff through DHL I finally gave up… and I will be going back to UPS … I seriously don't understand how in the name of God are you guys still in business…amazing .,…

    Damir Besic

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