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UPS Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

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United Parcel Service

UPS Corporate Office Address:

55 Glenlake Parkway, NE
Atlanta, Georgia 30328 USA

UPS Corporate Phone Number:


More Phone Numbers and Contact Information:

Corporate Fax Number: 1-404-828-7666
Email and Chat: Contact Page
Stock Symbol: UPS
Customer Support Phone Number: 1-800-742-587
Website: UPS.com

Company Profile and Bio:

UPS is famous for shipping parcels worldwide. UPS is the largest package shipper in the world. UPS’s main competitor is FedEx, DHL, Amazon and the US Postal Service USPS.

UPS’s toll-free phone number is 1-800-742-5877. The company does encourage users to use its technical support system and help forums on its website.

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CorporateOfficeHeadquarters.com is not associated with UPS. This website is for information, reviews, feedback, ratings, and complaint purposes only.

UPS Corporate Offices

  • It has taken me three days and countless calls to UPS's 800 number to have two boxes picked up that were delivered to the incorrect address six days ago. Due to a system default an order was misdirected. In calling the 800# I encountered foreign speaking representatives who failed to relay the proper instructions and misdirected the request, Drivers who left notices without ringing the doorbell, and Supervisors who were rude, dishonest and disrespectful. This all led to a very stressful situation for the myself and the eighty year old person who had hip replacement surgery and almost tripped over the two large parcels left in her home for a week in error. Costco is the client with the UPS account. Both corporate offices will receive will a scathing letter from me identifying personnel and outlining the poor service given by UPS. Shippers beware before using this service you might want to try an alternative.

  • 2021 nothing changed ups service is still the worse out of all of them.driver said customer not home and wife and I were both home.never came down my street as wife tracked him.called hub and she said nothing she could do and driver was gone.sat delivery not in my area but they they do it most of the time.can't pick it up its on the belt???now need to wait 3 days more for next attempt. Its happened more than once the driver has decided not to deliver our packages until it was best for him/ her.I have tried to fix this issue next will be the bbb and legal.No issues but ups and their cover ups.No more ups were using others and you have lost at least 2 businesses.

  • This is still happening in 2021, UPS in ENGLAND (Tamworth) is total garbage. They held onto our package now for almost 2 weeks, leave us on hold for hours & constantly lie to us about the delivery date of the package (it has been rescheduled over 10x & they lie that the package is “on the way” or “coming tomorrow”). This is the worst delivery service and should be boycotted. Supervisors have hung up on us & the last agent , when asked to speak a bit louder literally said “NO, I won’t speak louder” his name is Xavier. A supervisor refused to forward the call to their superior, she said “I won’t , have a nice day” and hung up, they also refused to give the name of the disrespectful supervisor that hung up on us. EXTREMELY UNPROFESSIONAL & very useless in my humble opinion.

  • Dont bother with insurance its a rip- off They wont pay your claim anyway !! On my 3rd excuse from them. Im telling you, if it ain't one thing its another. First its non approved packing material, then its well box has wrong rating. Sent pictures – proved everything was to their website specs,now its just denied claim. please call in and complain , wait on hold for God to answer then after being finally disgusted hang up getting no-where. Next stop , attorney general, better business bur., insurance commishion ,in states where package sent from and destination to. Maybe some hungry attorney might consider taking on a class action suit against them. Im sure they would have plenty of clients. I am not up for cancel culture but never again with UPS. Cannot afford to suffer the los of another $ 1800 dollar guitar.

  • I use to never have a problem with UPS now within last 6 months. UPS put "attempted delivery” on a package? 2 cars in driveway and garage door up no ringing of the bell or anything. Don’t know why they just didn’t put on the porch. Never got that package, had to reorder. Now they are throwing my packages out by the mailbox. I have no fence or animals out. Why aren’t they bringing it to the porch? Trying to get it resolved now with local UPS. 4 packages now.

  • UPS SUCKS.had a UPS driver leave a ups pick up notice on my door today with out even ringing the door bell. I WAS HOME.lazy,inconsiderate. now forcing me to travel apx 15 miles roundtrip to pickup the package.

  • UPS put "attempted delivery" on a package when the instructions clearly state LEAVE IT ON THE PORCH. BS Brown was never even on this road. I was actually outside, out front at the date stamp on the phony "attempted delivery". I was outside because it was dark and I opened the gate for him so he wouldn't have to fumble with it. He lied entirely about the attempted delivery. Then he lied to his supervisor about the reason why. "Because the day before, one of the dogs tried to bite him." Well that was the day before. And the rest of the story was: The dogs were PUT UP during the delivery window, and for some time after. But HOURS LATER, I had to let them go pee! He was SO LATE, I was sure he wasn't coming and had gone and CLOSED THE GATE. It was very dark out. Dogs can't kenneled all night because the UPS guy might show up. So what does this guy do? Doesn't toot his horn or anything, comes quietly out of the dark. The dog that was with me is DEAF. I was startled by this guy, didn't hear the truck, all his lights were off and yes, my dog was going to protect me. But that was the DAY BEFORE and is NOT an excuse for failing to deliver a package the next day. I try to meet the truck out at the gate so they don't even have to come up to the porch. The regular driver toots his horn so I know he is out there, and I meet him if I can or make sure the dogs are up if I can't get up there fast enough. But this other guy is a dishonest weenie. Lied to me, lied about the package and lied to his supervisor. I will write to corporate.


  • I work for UPS in UK. In the 6 months I have worked for them I have witness the lorries being used as toilets and rubbish bins, invoices left laying around which should not happen because of GDPR, lone employees left to work in warehouse without extra pay/bonus regardless of illegal working conditions, loaders throwing parcels on to lorries causing damage and leaving them for the receiving warehouse to deal with, knackered equipment being repeatedly repaired instead of replaced, cover from OPS companies to work in warehouse at 50-75% more per hour than UPS employees.
    Its no wonder UPS parcels are the worst in UK, even Yodel are better!!!!!!

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