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Reach Out To UPS Corporate Office – Review and Complaints 

UPS corporate office is located in Georgia. More information for UPS is listed below including their address, phone number, customer reviews, and complaints.

How to Contact UPS Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

United Parcel Service

UPS Headquarters Address:

55 Glenlake Parkway, NE Atlanta, Georgia 30328 USA

UPS Corporate Phone Number:


More Phone Numbers and Contact Information:

UPS Main Office Fax Number: 1-404-828-7666
UPS Email and Chat: Contact Page
Stock Symbol: UPS
UPS Customer Support Phone Number: 1-800-742-5877
Website: UPS.com

Company Profile and Bio:

UPS is famous for shipping parcels worldwide. UPS is the largest package shipper in the world. UPS’s main competitor is FedEx, DHL, Amazon and the US Postal Service USPS.

UPS’s toll-free phone number is 1-800-742-5877. The company does encourage users to use its technical support system and help forums on its website.

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UPS Corporate Office HQ


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UPS United Parcel Service Corporate Headquarters Complaints, Reviews, and 0 Star Reviews to 5 Star Reviews

See the comment and review section below to read or write complaints, reviews, or praise your experience with UPS’s corporate office and customer service

Attn. UPS Home office - Shame on your for my lost package - Laptop!

Rated 1.0 out of 5
August 29, 2023

SHAME ON UPS for losing MY lap top and slapping me in the face by only paying me 100 for it! it was scanned from the Tidewater store but yet “no one” can find it, Whoever ever has it, enjoy it SICKENING how we have to pay for protection.

Christine Jolicoeur

UPS Headquarters and Corporate Office - Worst service, worst company.

Rated 1.0 out of 5
August 26, 2023

UPS informed me that a package that I MUST sign for would be here between eight AM and 12:15 PM. Didn’t show up. I wasted most of a day off, waiting for a package that never came. Now their website says they will notify me of a new delivery date as soon as possible. Their local facility is maybe a mile from me. They closed it to the public last year. I know my package is sitting there, but I can’t do anything to access it, and I may have to waste another day off waiting for them.

Lee Einer

Attn UPS Over Priced

Rated 3.0 out of 5
April 6, 2023

I was in the mobile Alabama the other day in the Tillman Corners area and had to find an UPS store to send something back to my cousin that was in my car it was her medicine. I went into this store and asked to send it Two days or overnight. They came back and told me it would cost $153.00 for a 2 lb box. I told her she was out of her mind I walked out of the store and found a post office that charged me $17.00 for 2-day service. You need to do something about the price gouging.

E burdick

UPS HQ - I hope someone in corporate reads my complaint about UPS

Rated 1.0 out of 5
June 9, 2023

I do hope someone in corporate reads this! I buy a lot and I mean a lot; I have never had problems with UPS but last 3 deliveries in a row in one week they have been dropping them at the wrong address. In my area, we have 10 buildings each building has a different address, and naturally same apt #’s then, the person dropping my packages is not looking at the address, or the building # on the label they are stopping at the first building at the entrance. Being Lazy!!! I track my packages, and I see the picture they took of their drop off, My door is a glass door their pictures show a wood door NOT MY DOOR!!!! I’m 75 years old and can hardly walk, I do not drive you are making me walk blocks to get my stuff!!! the person who was ups is dropping my Items He told me next time he will return. I don’t need this frustration or aggravation at my age. Resolve this problem ASAP! Need a response today!

Grace Guerra

UPS Corporate Offices - Suggestions for UPS if you care about customers

Rated 1.0 out of 5
April 6, 2023

Strong Suggestions: If UPS truly is a company that cares at all about customers: If you are going to say a package will be delivered on/by a certain date/time…. stick to it! If for whatever reason something happens, and you can’t….. call the customer and let them know! Train representatives to call any customer/company back when they are disconnected on phone calls. (I lost count of disconnects after 5 or 6. I wish I had noted each number and person we spoke to.) The experience we have just had with UPS goes beyond unprofessional, it causes unnecessary stress, frustration, and anger, and ruins one’s day/night…. maybe not be a big deal for a big company, but it was the people of the big company that caused this. Put yourself in the shoes of the customer. The sending company immediately got on the phone with UPS to help us figure out what was going on. They too were disconnected and were not able to get answers. I do know that it was escalated by this company to TForce. It is very possible that what we have gone through tonight is going to cause this company over $6,000 in sales as we are considering canceling our order. It was a time-sensitive delivery and has already cost us money out of pocket because of UPS’s negligence. If this happens, this multi-million-dollar international business may choose to do its business elsewhere. UPS is not the only shipping company. We are a small business… I know we mean nothing in the scheme of things, but there will be someone, somewhere that steps up and does the right thing.

Scott B
Corporate Office Headquarters