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Fedex Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How to Contact Fedex Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Federal Express


3875 Airways, Module H3 Dept 4634

Memphis, Tennessee 38116 USA

Fedex Corporate Phone Number: 1-800-463-3339

Customer Service Number: 1-800-463-3339

Website: https://www.fedex.com/

FedEx today is best known for its air delivery service, FedEx Express, which was one of the first major shipping companies to offer overnight delivery. Their customer service department is located in Provo Utah. The address and phone number are listed below:

Fedex Mailing Address

PO BOX 1935

Provo, UT 84603-9926

Fedex Company Profile and Bio:

Fedex is famous for shipping parcels worldwide. Fedex is one of the largest package shippers in the world. Fedex’s main competitor is UPS, DHL, Amazon and the US Postal Service USPS.

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  • I must enter the ranks of the disgruntled… once again FEDEX has failed to move a package 90 miles in a 36 hour period… I am guessing it was being delivered in a back pack on the back of a FEDEX employee walking backwards on one foot… The worse part was that it required a signature so I took the day off work to be there and now have to loose a second days work because of their incompetence… It isn't the first time and I will limit my use or expectations to reduce further incidents… Just find it increasingly difficult to understand how it takes 36+ hours to move something 90 miles…

  • I wish to bring your attention to local irresponsible Fedex management and driver who constantly ignores to bring packages inside of the Package Room and leaves them in Foyer. I made multiple complaints over the phone to Fedex Customer Service and asked Driver's Supervisor from local office to contact me, but nobody contacted and driver still ignore to bring package inside of Package Room.

    One day I caught the driver and explained him where he should leave packages, but he doesn't care. He is not even in Fedex uniform, so maybe people doesn't recognize him as a delivery personnel and scared to open the entrance door and package room as they always do to other shipping companies personnel who are in uniform.

    Only your Fedex driver drop all of packages in the Foyer. Not UPS, not USPS or Amazon delivery personnel doing that.

    So since I have no contact from local Fedex location and driver keeps ignoring doing his job properly, I have no other choice as to ask your help to resolve this issue.

    The driver must use intercom to enter the Lobby and then use again second intercom to open the package room. Each intercom has a sign with codes of the Units, so it is not so hard to reach any tenant, who will be able to open the entrance door and package room door immediately once he was reached by Fedex driver through intercom.

    Please help us to have our packages in safe place – Package Room.

    The address of the Building:

    1502 West 1st Street
    Brooklyn,NY 11204

  • I need help from someone, your company at México City is a completly mess, 2 envoyces without deliver since december 2019, I allready call and report (report numbers 01077469323, 0107459201), at the tracking page are still pending to deliver.

    I´m losing $4,500 usd.


  • I've tried to get to speak with a real person but you have an extremely good phone dodge. So…I'll try here to let everyone know how good you are (not) at delivery.

    I have a 2' x 3' plastic delivery box beside my door.
    On it I have put a large sign that reads: DELIVERY with two arrows pointing down to the box on which it sits.

    I understand why a complete moron would lay my package on the box behind the sign. But I have yet to figure why a complete moron would lay the package on the box behind the sign IN THE RAIN.

    As a result, I will not purchase anything, ever, without specifying delivery by someone…anyone else but FupFedEx.

  • Well, here we go again, I have refused a package twice now and the same package continues to arrive the next day. So, I'm having the FedEx driver arrested for trespassing. #786685224014

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