Fox Rent A Car Corporate Office Headquarters

Fox Rent A Car Corporate Office Headquarters
5500 W. Century Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90045 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-310-641-3838
Fax Number: n/a
Customer Service Number: 1-800-225-4369 ext. 9
Reservations: 1-800-225-4369 Ext.1

  • I am sending the OFF SELL LETTER, also the unfortunate experience that I recieved which I was not pleased with the reservation on the vehicle. Having to arrive with kids and worried about not getting a vehicle was tough as a mother you wouldn't like to have kids worrying about that. I had selected an SUV and ending up with a mini van. Traveling to a busy state and not being able to connect a smart phone to GPS system on the car audio was a headache. Having to arrive on a vacation is an awful way to start it and also having to pay more than planned to on a vehicle at that time was very devastating even if money was going to be reimbursed. I would have appreciated more if I was told in advance that they did not have my vehicle and would had more options in mind and not settle for a van. Thank you I hope the reimbursement does not take months before I receive it.

  • We have been loyal Customers of Fox for a few years now. I don’t think there is enough room on this survey to explain what happen the evening of October 2nd. But I will do my best to condense. I arrived at your location at 2115. I observed two agents working the counter. They were assisting other customers I was next in line and the only one in line. As soon as the lady finished helping one customer. She went behind a door into another office and proceeded to stand there, never saying a word to me. Then the gentleman went to help the people he was assisting. So now I am standing in a deserted office, until I started videoing the area to send to FOX. Then this other lady came around the door and said can I help you? I said yes I'm here to pick up a 15px van I reserved. She then asked me if I have one at home. I do have one. She then wanted to see my insurance on it!! I was getting upset at this time. I said Ma'am I have never been asked for proof of insurance at any rental company. So I would like to cancel my reservation and I'll call Avis or Dollar. She said well you can sign a waiver, Which I already knew. She then told me all the tolls in Florida have to use a sun pass.. WRONG again. My family lives there and I travel to Florida once a month to visit my mom. So I had to argue with her again to not sell me the sun pass. I even told her I take 528 to 417 to I 4 and there is pay booths with people in there that take cash. I finally get my paperwork to retrieve my Van. It is now 2130 over 15 min to do this. I go outside to wait for the gentleman to bring the van, no one for 5 min. There is a lot of your workers sitting around but no one came to see what I needed. Finally a guy comes over and said do you want a 15px van? I answered Yes… He said ok he will be right back. I’m really starting to get upset. He comes back 5 min later and said we have to clean it so it will be about 30 to 35 min!!! I lost it!! I went inside and told the gentleman at the counter I and not staying here any longer. He asked what was wrong I told him what I was told. He said one second and went outside. He came back in and told me the van will be ready shortly. It is 2145 now. It’s very hot and humid so I go inside to wait. The van pulls up and the guy driving got our and went on his way. I do my normal walk around and the outside was perfect. I open the slide door the first thing I notice was the seat belt latch was broken no cover on it. Then I look at the seats! They were a mess. Stains all over. The next rows of seats still have pieces of Vomit in a pile! I took photos of all of this. I went back inside and talked to the first lady who tried to "rip me off” on the contract her name was ROYA. She said what would you like to do. I told her I am not renting this van I'll take a car. She proceeded to offer me 25% off the rental price of the van for the rental of a 7px van. I was tired and hot and wanted to go home at this time. So I told her I will write to FOX. I will be making sure the word gets out anyway possible. I think the location in the Orlando airport needs to have undercover boss visit them. Your company lost a loyal customer.

  • Worst rental car company ever. Complete bait and switch. I reserved a car. Called to tell them my flight was late. They said no problem, reservation was good for 24 hours. Got to desk at 3 am and was told by "attendant" that my reservation was only good for 3 hours and that I had not called them. Tried to upgrade me to bigger car at $80 more per day. Very rude and unprofessional attendant at Denver location. Never again will I use Fox.

  • I don't even know where to begin to express my extreme dissatisfaction and anger in dealing with this company. I have tried calling for days to reschedule my rental car because I had to change my flight. I had made a prepaid reservation 3 weeks ago. I have tried to call rather than modify my rental online because the last time I showed up at the airport to pick up my car they did not give me the full size vehicle that would fit my dog crate but instead a sports car. I don't want to be in for a surprise this time around, causing all kinds of delays running back and forth between the rental desk and the parking garage. No matter WHICH phone number I call, I sit in a queue of 20+ calls, waiting hours, only to get this message: "The party you have called is not available. Message exceeded." This is INSANE!!! There is no phone number you can call to reach a real person! These are all the numbers I tried and every single one of them does not result in a live person answering the phone. 800-225-4369, 408-709-2950 San Jose Fox Rental, 323-593-7485 new reservations, 323-593-7486 existing reservations, 323-593-7487 extended reservations. This is INSANE!! The company needs to hire more staff. OBVIOUSLY. Now I risk losing my entire payment all on account of this loser company not staffing properly. It's totally unacceptable.

    • I had a very similar experience. They are the worst and I believe purposely bait and switch and hide their phone numbers. Very rude and liars at best.

  • Anyone who would like to join me in a class action suit against Fox Rent A Car for criminal charging and fraudulent practices check back here for contact information.

  • Fox Rental car are thieves I am the Ceo of a corporation and they run their company like i would if i wanted to piss off every customer i have …I am perplexed at best . No reason to steal from people like this . VERRY VERY DISSATISFIED

  • My story is not unlike most the stories you see listed here. I was a loyal customer for 20 years and gave them a lot of my business, as I travel a lot for both business and pleasure. Unfortunately, I too got fu*cked by fox in Dec 2015 and I have never rented from then again. The few dollars savings over their competitors will be offset with poor customer service, delays, hidden charges, bait and switch, broken promises, unanswered phones, unreturned phone calls, added and additional costs, theft by employees, trying to stick previous vehicle damage on you, etc. etc. Bottomline: Don't rent from fox, in the end it will cost more and it will be a very unpleasant experience.

  • To be honest. I have always rented from Fox. I never had a problem until my last rental in September 2016. I reserved a car and prepaid on line. When I went to pick up the car, I was charged for everything again. When I discovered the error, I have been contacting Fox, trying to get my money back! Well, I have not gotten any help!! Please, please, don "t go to fox again. I know I want. They would rather loose a customer over a little bit of money….Ripped Off Customer

  • I will never rent a car from Fox ever again. I rented a car in Las Vegas on August 6 and returned it on August 10. At the time I rented the car I used my debt card, Fox took a $150.00 deposit today as of August 19 and I've yet to see a dime of my deposit return. When I turned in the car, they said my money will be credited to my account within 3 to 5 days it has been 8 working days. I called Fox today and inquired about my deposit I was told because I used a debit card it takes up to 14 days WHY? In this age of computers it should not take this long to get my money back into my account. Come Monday if my money is not back in my account, I will file a claim against Fox with my bank. Fox got their payment for the rental, the car was returned and I still do not have my deposit back. RENTERS FOR FOX RENTAL CAR BEWARE.

  • Fox Over Charged my credit card $20.00 and Customer Service and Billing Department have all FAILED to correct their error. Rent at your own risk.

  • I rented a Ford Fusion at LAX, made two rights and onto the 405 Fwy. As soon as I got up to speed, Crash, Bang and Screeching from under the car. I pulled over expecting to find a motorcycle under the car but it was just the metal belly pan covering the engine or transmission. It was digging into the ground. I limped back only to get what was left, a smokers car with ashes covering everything. I was late for a function and took off with the car. I saw a PepBoys and bought cleaning supplies and washed the interior just so I could stay in the car! The employee at Fox told me she would never rent a car there. I got what I paid for, S..T!


    I rented a car from your RSW location. I have had nothing except issues regarding this car rental.

    In addition to all of the rental issues I have now received a toll bill from the State of FL.

    The lady @ the rental counter in RSW advised me ALL TOLLS WERE COVERED IN MY RENTAL.

    This is very disappointing to continue to have issues with your company.

    I was hung up on by Sarah @ 855-571-8413 when discussing this matter. I have been on hold @ your RSW location for over 10 minutes now.

    I have been lied to, by the lady @ the counter who rented the vehicle to me over & over again.

    Your company is beginning to feel like a complete scam. I would appreciate an expedited resolution to this toll cost of $49.49. I will not be responsible for cost incurred when I was told by your agent ALL TOLLS ARE INCLUDED IN THE RENTAL.

  • What the Miami branch does to its international customers is boarder line criminal. My wife and met her brother and his family at the Miami airport then accompanied them to the car rental office. First the sales rep wanted to charge an additional driver fee because their Brazilian driver licenses did not have the same last name. We wanted to show him their passports which did have the same last names, but his reply was I saw these first so I have to go by these. He made a big seen about how he would try and get his manager to override the fee. Disappeared for 10 minutes then said his manger would override the fee. Next came the insurance. My brother-in-law has coverage through his credit card company for rental cars. The sales rep said that was fine but in the State of Florida you are required to have liability insurance so you have to take the RLI which will be an additional $12.51 per day, almost doubling the 3 week rate on his reservation. I then stepped in and told the guy he does not need to take the insurance. His answer was since he is from another country he has to take the coverage. He then told us without it he could not rent us the car. We had to leave the facility call the corporate office which in-turn told us the sales rep was trying to make a commission and he was not correct. He had to send us the policy on my phone so we could go back in and get his car. I found out later that the last time they were here two years ago, I didn't go to meet them at the airport, the same thing happened doubling his reservation price for the same reason. So you can see this has been going on for quite some time. I can't even imagine how many people from other countries who have a language barrier and didn't know better took something they didn't want and or needed because the sales reps lied to them. For you Lawyers out there think of how much false revenue this company has taken form unsuspecting people. My advice is to never use FOX Rental Car.

  • After reading most of the comments by renters regarding the experiences they had at Fox, its not surprising what I have recently experienced with two of their managers. Without going into the details, this is by far one of the worst operated companies in America. "TERRIBLE" is a mild word to describe how bad this company is. First and for most, despite how grave your experience or problem has been with Fox, there is never anyone you can directly contact to express your complaints or objections to. The only thing that is known about their Corporate Office, is that it is supposedly located in Los Angeles. It is impossible to speak with anyone in person despite what problems you are encountering or have encountered. Fox is a faceless company with sometimes low rental rates so people are attracted to renting cars from them. However, you certainly pay the price and inconvenience in other ways. This is just a bad! bad! bad! company with very poorly trained and I suspect very, very, under paid employees. I can go on and on about the issues and negative experiences I had with this company in Florida. However, I guess they are thriving this way so why change anything or deal with customers adversities? It's only a matter of time when people begin to cease renting from Fox despite what rates they offer. I have decided to spend a few dollars more with other companies for better and more professional services. It's been worth it in the long run. No stress, no problems.

  • This organization has truly taken the word disappointment to a new level. I’ll try to keep it as simple as possible…
    1. Vehicle reserved was not available to due to overbooking. Giving us the upgrading option at our expense. “All due to the busy holiday season.”
    2. The staff at the pickup desk expected me to sign a no damage disclaimer without inspecting the car. We know THAT didn’t happen…. Car had chips, dents and even a missing antenna.
    3. Vehicle had BAD TIRES! Forcing me to take half of a vacation day and sit at a Firestone in order to keep my family safe. As per Firestone: “I can’t believe the rental company let this car out with those tires in this snowy weather.”
    4. I emailed customer Service and was advised that any complaints must be addressed with the billing department by calling 855-571-8413 or email.
    5. I’ve emailed them 4 times and haven’t received any replies. Unfortunately I have a hearing condition that makes a phone conversation impossible. You would think that’s why they have email capabilities, no?
    Needless to say this experience has been horrific. They don’t seem to care and pride in taking advantage of people.

  • Horrible, horrible, horrible service. They subcontracted us without our knowledge to their affiliate in Playa del Carmen, where we were ripped off, and then would do nothing to help us. They said it was up to us to navigate the Mexican billing system. Customer service will take HOURS to pick up the phone and then will become rude. I am a tour director and urge everyone to avoid this company at all costs.

  • Love your Las Vegas location. Your staff is friendly, your rates are great and we always get an upgrade. I've been renting weekly for about a month now and recommend you to everyone I know.

  • I always liked Fox Rent a Car until a recent incident such that I will NEVER use them again!: I got a parking ticket (it happens) lost the ticket but knew a courtesy notice would go to registered owner (Fox) I got a notice with a stamped envelope from Fox that said pay this you got a ticket. So I did. I did not realize nor did it indicate this was a charge for getting a ticket ontop of the ticket charge. I am not sure what they did with the courtesy notice other than give my ADDRESS to the traffic clerk. AT this time I get a ticket 3 TIMES what it was!!!!!!!!
    1. A charge on top of pay ticket and not even give me courtesy notice dumb! You did nothing.
    2. Why not give me the notice instead of give my address to the traffic Clerk takes the same amount of time! Wht are you charging for!!!!!!!You did NOTHING with the ticket so $40.00
    turned into $135.00 You people are HORRIBLE! Never again a I rather pay more money to rent than deal with this!

  • This operation has a scam going. They bill me $53.00 for $8.00 in toll fees and admit there is no way to pay for the tolls as you pass (Denver). So be prepaired to pay up weeks later for tolls they apply with $15 per toll "administrative fees).

  • Though we reserved they had no cars for us last Xmas in Tampa. We had to pay for a taxi to Orlando and then find a car there with another provider. I'm still chasing them to get reimbursed. Yes 9 months later and they haven't paid up.

  • Visited the Orlando airport office at 2am had a booking already,insurance paid for in advanced,agent tried to rip me off,because it as in the morning and there as no where else to go,TERRIBLE!!! Don't honor no ones reservations through Htwire,Orbitz or any other,ask you for your SS# to do a credit back ground check,when your credit is good,in order to raise and hike the prices 4 times the amount than what was booked online a month ago. Their service agents is rude and dishonest.DONT RENT A CAR FROM THIS COMPANY!! YOU WILL BE OUT FOXED!! Hope someone reports them to the Consumer affairs of Florida!!

  • Please "NEVER" use this rental company. While planning our LA vacation we reserve a mid size sub in advance. We experience ALL the previously noted issues PLUS getting a Kia without gas, not washed, failed to add additional driver as requested, getting such answers as "I don't know ma am", and still haven't been able to get through customer service in reference to the deposit. This location was a total mess you could literally leave the place with a vehicle without being noticed.

  • We found ourselves at the rental office in Ontario. We were promptly told that “unfortunately we are overbooked and the car you wanted is no longer available.” (No big problem. This has happened before when we’ve rented cars.) Here’s where the problem comes in. We were told we could either have a smaller car (at a 10%) discount OR we could upgrade to a Toyota Highlander (at “only" $30 per day more). My husband told the person working the counter (who was quite nice) that we thought the car would be too small and preferred the larger vehicle, but that given we had confirmed a larger car, felt Fox should honor that agreement and upgrade at no charge to us (We have have numerous time of renting a car that ended up being unavailable and in EVERY instance were upgraded at no extra cost). The counter person replied that “we just can’t do that. You were only paying $18 for your rental. We can’t give you that car for $18.” Though we were frustrated, we felt we had no options. We went to the smaller car and had my mom sit in it. She described the car as being “really hard and uncomfortable.” There was no way we were going to have an 82 year old sitting in a back seat for 12 days that was “hard and uncomfortable.” While we were sitting in the car trying to decide what we were going to do, the counter person came out to us and said “I found a Camry at another rental car company and they have the Camry for less than you’d be paying through us. I can call and set up the rental for you and you can just go over there and rent the car from them.” That sounded like a fantastic idea. I then asked how they were going to manage the financial part of it with us having pre-paid. He responded, “You prepaid? You should never prepay for a rental car online.” (Seriously?) “because you prepaid there’s nothing I can do… you shouldn’t have prepaid.” (Again, seriously?) Counter person said, “Let me talk to my manager.” When he came back he said his manager had approved for us to have a Santa Fe they had in the back for "only $10 a day more" than the full size car we thought we were getting. We still didn’t feel we should be paying more than the original agreement since Fox was the one without the car we had reserved. My husband went in to talk to the manager. No go. She wouldn’t budge. We were stuck and ended up taking the Santa Fe. After driving the Santa Fe for a few hours, my husband had back trouble and was concerned about driving the car for 12 days. We, again, thought through our options. Since we were going in the direction of Vegas, we thought we might be able to change out the Santa Fe for the full size car in Vegas. My husband called Fox Rent a Car’s customer service number. After spending an inordinate amount of time on hold, talking to a customer service rep who said she couldn't guarantee a full size car in Vegas, ending up back in the queue, and spending even MORE time on hold, it was abundantly clear Fox Rent a Car has no idea how to manage the customer.

    At this point, we will never rent another car from Fox Rent a Car (and we fairly often rent cars), we will tell everybody we know to stay away from Fox Rent a Car, and we will write complaints as we are able on Yelp, etc. We may even be contacting the better business bureau….

    It’s astonishing to me that we could have been VERY VERY satisfied customers if Fox Rent a Car had simply put us in the Highlander at the cost of our original rental agreement at what amounted to $30 a day (what they offered US to upgrade) for a total of $360. A lot of money for us, not so much for a large company that just lost much more that in future business. I guess that’s what sets good companies apart from poor companies. Moral of the Story- DO NOT RENT FROM THIS COMPANY! I am 52 years old and have NEVER taken the time to write a complaint. Renter Beware!

    • It's what most people come to expect from Fox. They are "clueless" that you can make money and still give consumers the best service possible. Not Happening With Fox Rent A Car. SHAME!!!!

  • I dropped a car off at the LA location Saturday (6/13) and within an hour called them to say I had left a pair of new sunglasses in the front console. One person picked up and abruptly put me on hold for the next 30 minutes. I have not been able to get one person on the phone since then (calling multiple times a day at different extensions for the LA office and corporate number). My emails with one rep and customer service/reservations cc'd have gone unanswered and it seems as though I'm being deliberately ignored. I have a simple request and do not wish to be difficult. They, however, are choosing not to do their own jobs and dishonoring the company policy. I would like my belongings returned, otherwise that is direct thievery.

  • DO NOT RENT FROM THEM. My husband and I rented a car from Seattle Airport, first the counter person was not only just rude, but you could tell her hated his job. We drove to Olympia, WA which is an hour away. As we drove the car, we noticed that it wasn't driving right and it would shake and would move forward quickly. I called that evening and said that we needed another car brought out to us, and the fellow was downright rude and threatening. He said that we would need to take it to the Firestone dealer for them to look at it, and if they sent out a tow truck they would charge us for it if they felt there was nothing wrong with the car. I told him I didn't want to spend my vacation time dealing with a bad car. I did take it to Firestone and they in turn said they would not deal with it. I finally called back and they did send out another car, but the ordeal was such, I would never rent a car from them again. BEWARE, it's not worth the hassle or bad attitude.

  • This company totally misleads people. They are not near the Orlando airport as they claim, have extremely high gas prices if you don't fill up (always fill up), you can't reach anybody on the phone and they really try to oversell you even when you don't have time for their pitch.

  • most of the time they have been ok,the lot guys at the san diego location seem to have major attitude(do not respond when saying hello to them 1st,ignoring u when u ask them questions…etc ) this is not the first time this has happen,i may still rent from fox but not frm the one n san diego,and i will let others know of the unprofessional experience

    I had a mid-sized car rented for 22-Nov-2014 with a 10:30pm pick up.
    There was maintenance issue with the plane on the first leg of my trip and I was stuck in Phoenix, AZ.
    This meant that i would not be able to pick up the car at the time scheduled.
    I would not get to San Jose airport till about noon 23-Nov-2014.
    I called the customer service number.
    I spoke with Suha.
    I called to change / adjust the pickup time to 23-Nov-2014 at Noon.
    The person I spoke with would not help me change the pick up time.
    I was told that I had to cancel the reservation and make a new one.
    I informed her (Suha) that this was unacceptable that I cancel an create a new reservation as they had the information right in front her and all it takes is a simple change in the pick up time.
    I am program developer (with Oracle USA) and know how easy this is to do.
    I then asked to speak with her supervisor and she informed me that she did not have a supervisor.
    I then asked to speak with here manager and she told that she did not have a manager.
    The more I asked questions the more rude she got with me.
    I informed her that I know she has a supervisor/manager and they sign and approve her timecard so that she can get paid.
    I informed her that I would be writing to complain about her attitude and the way I have treated on this call and her response was I am not afraid.
    At this point she hung up on me.
    When I got to the Hotel that the Airline put up in I logged into my company system and cancelled the reservations.
    Then I had to make another reservations using my company system.
    However, since I was treated in such a rude and unprofessional manner by your customer service department (Suha) I booked the new car with Hertz at a greater cost to me but with satisfaction that I was not giving Fox Rental my business.

  • this is absolutely the worst rental company by far. Do not ever rent a car from these people they not only overcharged you they will take 10 minutes or more to answer your call they do not care at all about customer service this is all a hustle game. They mistakenly charged me $695 for a 4 day rental in Orlando the first car they gave me got a flat tire after I spoke to the representative about the tire pressure light being on she said I didn't know what I was talking about but apparently I did I got a flat tire five minutes later and it took 2 hours to get it towed back and for me to get a new car then their mistake was charging me for all these extra charges that you do not need and now I have to wait 3 to 5 business days for them to fix their mistake. I am a state employee and Illinois I will be contacting the Attorney General Office in the state of Florida and the BBB.

  • I am VERY DISSATISFIED with my experience with Fox-Rent-A-Car. First of all, ythey forced me to purchase "renter liability" insurance even though my Platinum Master card provides Full Insurance coverage on the car rentals.

    Second, when I called FOX customer service to extension my agreement in advance of 12 hours from my due back time. They still charged me $15 as "late fee" even though i had called them 12 hours in advance of rental due back date and time.

    I filed the complain with corporate office to refund me $15 as well as "renters liability insurance" of $38.00 (which they forced me to purchase at the time of rent). Received no reply.

    I will not rent any cars from Fox ever again.

  • Fox Rent A Car is by far the worse rental car company in a America. They are only interested in Baiting and Switching you. They do not honor their own policy agreement posted on their website.

  • My wife had a weeklong training course in Olympia, Washington last summer. We decided to rent a car in Oakland for two full weeks, to drop of in Seattle/Tacoma to fly home. We spent first week exploring the Pacific coast highway all the way up and around the Olympic peninsula, returning back for her training in Olympia the second week. We chose Fox, although had no experience with them, because they were only company that did not charge a big drop-off charge for not returning car to the renting location.

    Oakland rental desk had everything ready to sign up for and seemed very professional. They then directed us outside the building and around the corner to see another employee to deliver our car. (Chevrolet Malibu reserved six weeks in advance.) The surly lady at the desk at pickup location said they were OUT of cars, and we should sit down to wait next to two other couples ahead of us to await returning cars! A Dodge Challenger was sitting under the cover next to this building, so I asked about it. She said I could have it, but would have to rewrite the contract for a substantial upgrade charge. (The major rental companies have NEVER charged me an upgrade if they couldn't provide the auto I reserved.) About an hour later the folks ahead of us finally got something to drive and a very used Ford Focus came in. Since this would be a downgrade from the car on our contract, I asked for a reduced charge, and the wicked witch thought I was joking. We gave in and took the Focus. Our goal was Mendocino by dark, and it was getting doubtful.

    I noticed a miss in the engine a couple of times as we drove through Sausalito but didn't think much about it. BIG MISTAKE! About half way to Mendocino the car engine went to idle, and there we were on a two lane Highway 1 with no shoulders, tight blind curves, in a car slowing to a stop. I tried putting it in Park and switching the engine off, turned key to Start, and sure enough it came back to life and we sped off before anyone came flying around that blind curve.

    This happened three more times before we arrived in Mendocino. Checked into motel, and looked for Fox rental location in phone book there. Nearest location was back in Oakland. Called their toll free line, and after about ten minutes it answered, and I was transferred to another number, again with a long wait. Finally talked to a nice person who said she would call me back with instructions. Sure enough she DID, and said they would deliver another car to us at the motel about 7 AM the next morning and pick up the Focus. By now we were skeptical, but went to bed and sure enough a wrecker showed up at 6:30 AM, delivered a nice Hundai Excel, and hauled the Focus away.

    Although smaller that the car we had reserved, the Hundai served well for the next two weeks.

    (I later learned from a mechanic that the Focus went to idle when the cylinder was missing to prevent the catylic converter from melting from the unburned gasoline passing through the engine because of the cylinder not firing.)

    No problem turning the Hyundai in at Seattle except for the busload of people that arrived just in front of us being served by only two counter persons. Fortunately by then we knew enough about Fox to allow PLENTY of time to return the car.

    I MIGHT give Fox another chance in the future, but I seriously doubt it….

  • We broke down last Sunday (2/16/14) within three minutes of renting. It took Fox FOUR HOURS to help us and we were five miles from the agency. We have been trying to reach customer service and management since then. Will you be calling us back any time soon?

  • Over half hour wait in Miami for the arrival shuttle. Dumped in the middle of nowhere on my departure out of Fort Lauderdale. Driver said we are on our own to find our departing terminal. If you want a third world car rental experience this is it.

  • rented a car in fort lauderdale the manager was very rude they did not have change when i wanted to pay for my car with cash i had to go out and get change and i video tape how rude the manager was and he kept walking away from the desk saying i wont help you if you dont have the exact change.

  • The worst experience we ever had renting a car. We booked through Expedia as it was our anniversary for flight, accommodations, and car rental to Las Vegas which we paid for all in advance. BEWARE…. At Fox Rental, you must take two shuttles away from the airport AND it took us over an hour to get our car! We were lead to believe that we needed to purchase an added insurance of either BASIC, SILVER or GOLD as well as ROAD SIDE ASSISTANCE/LOSS DAMAGE WAIVER!! This was over and above what we had already paid Expedia for the car rental, another $150.00 plus!!! As we were already held an hour going over these costs, we signed Fox's Rental agreement. WE WERE NOT HAPPY BUT DID NOT WANT TO RUIN OUR VACATION, so we just left the matter till we got home. So when we returned home we spoke with Expedia twice but to no avail. The first time was over an hour and the second time was over two and a half hours and all we got was "SORRY, WE APOLOGIZE" and we received no compensation whatsoever. So then we tried calling Fox Rentals and the phone was never answered and yes we had the right number. The phone just rang and rang and rang! So much for the complaints department. It really was a shame because after all was said and done we didn't even get the car we were supposed to get. My husband and l are 6' and 6'5" and are rental vehicle was not what we had agreed upon with Expedia. We were hard pressed to get into our vehicle with our luggage and my husbands wheelchair! Moral of the story, save yourself the aggravation…..DON'T BOOK WITH FOX, YOU WILL BE VERY SORRY, WE WERE….

  • Had the same experience with the Tampa location as well. Reserved a premium car and when we got there the car wasn't there and was upgraded to a luxury vehicle (Ford Taurus). Asked if there was another premium vehicle available since that's what we had reserved. The lady helping us was nice enough to ask around and came back with a no answer and asked if we wanted to pay extra for another vehicle we said no. We were stuck with the Taurus and it was a nice car so I was okay about taking it. I purchased pre-paid fuel as well, since it was a couple of cents cheaper. On the way back to the rental car agency to drop off the car, I noticed that the fuel gauge was marking at 18 miles to empty which I needed about 26 miles according to my GPS to get to the agency. We stopped to put $5 of gas which should've been more than enough to make it back. As soon as I get out of the convenient store parking lot and onto the street I noticed that the gauge didn't change at all. Stuck in traffic for a bit, I hesitantly decided to go back and felt the need to put another $6 into the vehicle since there were no more stores available for miles to come. AGAIN the gauge didn't move at all. At that point, I was already mad because I had already put in $11 when I probably should've only put about $3 because all I need was less than a gallon to get there. I started driving to the agency and the gauge went all the way down to 8 miles left to empty. I was freaking out the whole way back and thought we would get stranded on the expressway and miss our flight, which was the last flight that day. All of a sudden the gauge went up to 69 miles when I was already 3/4 of the way. SERIOUSLY!!! I get to the agency and I told one of the employees outside that the gauge wasn't marking right and asked if I could speak to the manager and he went inside and told him that I wanted to speak to him. As soon as I get in, I told him that the gauge wasn't marking right. He asked what car it was and I pointed to the car. That's all I had a chance to say because he immediately ran out the door and he didn't even give me a chance to explain. He came in and started telling me that if I seriously wanted a refund for $3 from the pre-paid fuel I had already purchased and hadn't used. What is he talking about! He got defensive, was rude and didn't even give me a chance to let me explain on what had happened. At that point my boyfriend said that we should just go and not even talk to him anymore "on top of the fact that I only got to say about 3 words to him". I was very shocked of how ignorant he was. When he stopped all I said was "you know what, don't worry about it". That manager had lost it, I knew that there was no point in talking to him anymore. He sounded so dumb. It wasn't even worth talking to him because he wouldn't let me explain at all. I had probably only used about 8-9 miles on top of the 18 miles it already had. Really!!! As a manager myself for a law office the first thing I do is ask what the problem is, in order to help out. I don't immediately assume that I know everything especially when I don't even know what the problem is and on top of that, I don't even let the customer explain. I have never encountered a problem with any other car rental agency in the past years. NEVER GOING BACK AGAIN!! Its shocks me that the company has a manager with such bad customer service skills, even the lady at the counter would've done a better job. If you're going to assign managers, then they should act like it.

  • The WORST EVER!!!!! I will NEVER rent from them again. They did not have the premium car that I reserved so I was given a free upgrade to a luxury car (Ford Taurus). This car had its flaws on the outside that we pointed out, no problem because overall it looked nice. When my family and I got inside the vehicle the first thing I noticed is that the beige colored seats in the car which are severely stained. This was noticed in the dark with very dim lighting along with the back seat that seemed to be separating from its base. I brought this to the attention of the "so called" manager and of course, they had no other vehicle available so I was told that I can check back later to see if a larger vehicle came in. Not happy about this, since I live about 25 miles away, but agreed to do this. Called the local number, which leads to a customer service line and after holding for about 2-3 minutes I was apparently hung up on so I called back. I spoke to MeMe who seemed to try to help me to only leave me hanging after a 20-25 minute call. I was told that they got in touch with the Tampa manager and that he will be call me back in about 5 minutes. Needless to say, I never received this call!!!! I have a feeling that I will be stuck with this vehicle with the severely stained seats. Not knowing what caused these stains, I am afraid for my young daughter to even sit on these seats.

  • These people are terrible. They overcharge, do not answer the phone when you call, and try to give you junk cars. Do NOT use them!

  • 11/12 PLEASE DO NOT rent from them! They tried to give me a Hyundai with a dent in it that was rusted. The 2nd car I got was a Corolla that was filthy and smelled. The customer service rep told me to call back after the rental and when I did the next rep hung up on me. I am going to file a complaint with them as far as customer service and also notify the BBB. Terrible company!

  • I rented in ft lauderdale, staff was supermean, everything is about money over there. They have these big scary dread head guys working and hustling telling me give them 80 and I can get the car I actually rented, wtf. Managers are super mean. I complained but they made it seem like it was a misunderstanding on the paper work that clearly said I had a premium rental. How can u charge me inside then hustle me again outside


    When we first arrived at the rental place to pick up our reservation, it took over an hour to get a car because we were being helped by a trainee with no manager or trainer willing to help her. She had told us off the bat that she didn't know what she was doing! (Great! Should have taken that as our first sign.) We wanted to use a debit card that she mis-charged twice and then tell us after the fact that we couldn't have a second driver! So, we had to put a different credit card on file so we can have 2 drivers.

    It's almost a month later and I am STILL trying to get my deposit back. I've called several times just to have the run around and have customer service representatives (Cynthia & Nelly) tell me to call my bank and confirm (but they couldn't give me a confirmation batch number to give my bank), say that they would have a manager email me (but never did), and then to finally tell me it was credited to the SECOND DRIVERS credit card!! WTF?! And so I asked if they even looked to see which was the right card to reimburse and all she said was "Oh, the computer doesn't tell us who's card is who's" and I have to have the second driver confirm with them before they can do anything about THEIR mistake! Oh, and if you ask for their manager, all they do is put you right back to the main menu on their automated system for them to re-answer and pretend they never spoke to you before.

    So yes, I have to wait a few weeks for the second driver to come back from her honeymoon so I can get a deposit reimbursed!

    Beyond Frustrated and Livid!

  • Rented a car in Denver, after standing in line for over a hour, along with other customers, went to get the car, and it wasn't there, waited another 15 mins as they washed it. Customer after me, was given a car with a tag that would expired the next day, and told to bring it back the next day.
    Returning the car was another adventure, gave myself plenty of time,was told the two rental vans were circling the airport, when actually, it was packed outside, with the lights off.
    Last time I would ever rent there, renter beware……….

  • I rented a car for a family trip the Colorado river this past weekened of May 3-5, 2013. I booked a car on-line for a car at $11 bucks a day and next thing you know they pushing a car that is larger and telling me that i won't be charged for satilite radio. Now the car is up to $24.00 bucks a day plus insurance. So I retured the car to the ontario airport site. Packed inside, people fighting over a scratch, so-on, so this young man said he can process me outside. So I follow him and with a hand handle device go to it. Prints me out a reciept and off i went. Three days later Fox is calling me say the car is three days late and the going to report it stolen…… W.T.F…So call customer service they can't help… They tell me i have to go back the Fox in Ontario to clear it up….. Thats not customer service!!!! I will tell everyone I know not to rent from these A-holes.. Still no apology! just told me it was a computer glitch…

    • just wondering if you ever came to a resolution with Fox. We rented with them last week in Colorado and they pulled 1700.00 out of our account…1700.00. We called and they told us that we never returned the car which we absolutely did. Any advice. were you successful? Any help would be greatly appreciated

  • They are a "BAIT and SWITCH" type of company. Reserve a particular kind of car at a good price, but they present you with a car that is totally unusable so that you must upgrade and then they inflate the price 4 times beyond what you expect. They know you're on vacation with no other alternative and they know they have you. What they don't seem to care about is whether you return for future business which I will never do again. They have no credibility nor do they extend any customer service. Don't be drawn in by their low ball offer. It's deceiving and costly.

  • Don't ever trust or rent cars from them. They gave me a car with a deflated tire and I returned before it was flat. Now they keep calling me to charge me for flat repair fee.

  • This company is the worst.. I had a confirmed reservation and was left at the Tampa airport at 12:30 am when I called to find out where the shuttle bus was and was told there were no cars available, no shuttle was coming and there was nothing the LA office could do because they wouldn't answer their phone in Tampa. Also was told to call customer service in the AM.Customer service leaves you on hold for 20 minutes, (called twice) and hangs up when you say you have a complaint! Some company!! They also don't answer their surveys when they are bad… BBB was notified as well.
    Do not rent a car from Fox, AWFUL!!!

    • Yes I have to agree with that 100 percent, the rep at the counter was completely ignoring me while she flirted with my boyfriend across the counter. When I pulled out my AAA card she just waved her hand in my face and had me initial here and here blah blah blah and the I looked at my online bank statement and found I was charged for their coverage which I never wanted in the first place. I have never seen such a thing in my entire life very unprofessional.

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