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  • Geek Squad Corporate Office Headquarters

Geek Squad Corporate Office Headquarters

How to Contact Geek SquadCorporate Office Headquarters

Best Buy Co., Inc.
7601 Penn Avenue South
Richfield, MN 55423 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-612-291-1000
Fax Number: 1-612-292-4001
Customer Service Number: 1-800-433-5778


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  1. Stay away from Geek Squad. Their service is a joke. Brought in an iphone for repair. The botched it up and said that the phone can't be repaired and needs to be replaced. The replacement costs $550. They charged my credit card and now a week later, still no phone and they have no idea where the replacement phone is at or when it is coming in. Asking agents at the counter to look into it and they just stand there and shrug their shoulders. Total incompetence.

  2. i recently received a text from your geek squad tech in california at phone number 802.404.9043they told me they were renewing my contract . when i called back they told me that i ha tyo fill our a cancellation form on line that they needed me to let them into my computer. i have never had a contract with the geek squad i believe this is a scam because they could not just take the cancellation ofver the phone they did not even ask my name or could they give me any information as to what card they were taking about please check into this and write me back . they wanted 399dollars that is a lot of money for what ever service they offered. thank you helen barnett wilson75helen@gmail.com

  3. Geek squad is a joke. I bought two identical laptops from a store "other than best buy" but still pay for the home protection plan with geek squad. Each laptop has had issues being brought in several times. In under a year the first one was deemed "Unfixable" so I wrote it off as just bad luck. The next one was also sent in several times and is also now labled as "Unfixable. After a lengthy battle with the best buy store manager, we turned the laptop on and it was working normally. I'm no expert but if the motherboard is toast, then the thing will not work at all. I think these so called experts really have no clue what they are doing or talking about. I'm out over a thousand bucks now and there is nothing they will do. DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS PROGRAM

  4. On top of being very unhappy with my ASUS laptop that is less than one year old, I am livid with the Geek Squad repair staff as well as very irritated with the verbiage on the customer agreement form when an item is sent off. My less than one year old ASUS laptop had to be sent off in March of 2018. The mother board was replaced. On this occasion, the data from the old hard drive was reloaded onto the new motherboard. The same laptop had to be sent off again in October 2018. AGAIN the mother board had to be replaced. This time NONE of the data was restored/reloaded onto the new hard drive. I called Geek Squad in Columbia, SC. I was told that I signed the form that stated that I did not want to have my data backed up. The customer service rep said that the agreement is so long that the representative who took in my machine would not have explained this to me. I NEVER would have signed that waiver knowingly.
    Ridiculous Form.

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Corporate Office Headquarters