FitBit Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

FitBit Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
Fitbit Inc.
405 Howard Street
San Francisco, CA 94105 USA
Email: Use Help Link on Website
Corporate Phone Number: 1-415-513-1000
Fax Number: 1-415-236-6009
Customer Service Number: 1-877-623-4997

  • I have a fitbit I believe charge4. I was literally sitting on my sofa and felt a pop on my wrist. My fitbit broke. I thought it was just the strap. I got the large strap that comes with it to put that on until I could get another strap. That is when I realized it wasn't the strap but the piece the strap attaches to the fitbit itself that broke. My son got me this fitbit as a birthday present just a few MONTHS prior of this year. It was only 4 months later of this year when that piece broke. When I went on fitbit to see about the warranty because I assume like most things it is 1 year. It only allowed for the strap to be replaced. So I contacted customer service & I told them what happened. The guy completely ignored what I was telling him and gave me a number and instructions to get ONLY the strap replaced. So I did what they said but sent the picture of the part that was ACTUALLY broken and not the straps because they weren't broken. Nothing. I sent them another email. Still Nothing. The ONLY thing I have heard from fitbit is an email about their NEW fitbit for $100+ dollars. Why would I buy a new fitbit after having this one only 4 months and it broke and you won't even respond to fix this one? Why would I ever want to buy another fitbit period? The only time I took my fitbit off was to charge it so no it wasn't being abused or thrown around or banged around. I wasn't doing anything to cause it to break like that.

  • Fitbit customer service is a complete nightmare. I spent three hours last week trying with them trying to get my Versa2 to sync with my new Iphone-12 mini. Today, I was told that the Versa, it just is unable to sync with my phone. What idiots!

  • worst customer service I have ever had!! I bought a Blaze few months ago and it has never give me my notifications. I keep calling and calling since I got it and I hear the same thing. We need to do updates and it might take time. How much time do they need?? I spent good They have their money for the product know so really don't care if it works. They are just waiting fo the warranty to expire so they don't have to do anything about it.

  • I have had fitbit for a few years and decided to up grade to the new versa. I ordered it from the fitbit web site and it said it was available and would be delivered the next day. I waited at home for two days and it never came. I called customer service and was told when my order got processed it was then out of stock and would take over 3 weeks to get it. I recieved no email or text letting me know what was going on. So basically i wasted 2 days of sitting at home. This is unacceptable! I cancelled my order and i dont know if i want another fitbit if this is how they do business. I am extremely upset about this.

  • This is the worst product I have ever purchased. I hope someone kicks the CEO in the face. This product should be advertised as disposable or defective. Impossible to reach anyone at corporate. I will blow up their phone until I get a live person. I feel robbed of my $159 for my blaze. I will make sure everyone knows not to purchase anything from this company and will let everyone know the name of the CEO.

  • My wife went through two Fitbit Charge trackers where the bands fell apart. Our daughter-in-law, went through three Fitbit trackers where their bands fell apart. It was always a struggle for the customer representative or supervisor to offer more than the 25% rebate on a replacement tracker. Now, on to me. On my second Surge; same problem = bands fall off after about 12-13 months of careful, following all suggested cleaning/care instructions of the manufacturer. Finally, fixed the band myself with a healthy dose of super glue (why can't they build them that well?). Situation copacetic? No, now a red light has appeared on the face (right center) of the tracker and it eats up the battery at an alarming rate. I contacted the customer service blog and got no where trying to follow their instructions. Called customer service and for an hour, followed the customer representative's guidance on how to update and re-sync the Surge. Success, updating and re-syncing…but red light still shining and battery-eating on. "Sorry sir, that is all we are trained to do," replied the customer rep. Really? Thirteen months of use, can't fix a problem, 25% rebate offer on a new product. Really? How does Fitbit survive with this kind of product, service, replacement procedure? I would hope to be contacted by a company representative, but this process is eating up my personal battery at an alarming rate.

  • My Fitbit Charge HR broke after 6 months, they replaced it last June. The second one has fallen apart, and they say all they can do is give me a 25% discount on a new one. However the original Charge HR, is no longer being made. Wonder why? So I went on line, picked out the Charge 2 that I liked and they told me I can't have the full 25% discount because the item is on sale. There customer service center is not located in the US and they claim there is nothing they can do. I would like for someone from the corporate office to please contact me and help resolve this issue.

  • FITBIT FLEX 2 advertises a clip on their box in two locations for the flex 2 but none exists. false advertising, FTC will be advised. no response from Fitbit at their home location. So stupid.

  • i have been trying to get fitbit to replace my hr that has been nonworking since 12/22 and no one will call be back. everytime i call in no one has a clue. this is so frustrating. i have gone through 3 hr that have stopped working in the last 8 months and the last one only last 3 weeks.

  • I am on my third one – I just got off the phone with customer service. They at first told me that my warranty was already expired and advised them that I had not had the second one for a year. they advised me that the warranty is only for the first one and expires after a year. I laughed and said I don't think so and asked for a supervisor. I spoke with the supervisor and explained the situation and he advised that my warranty was expired. I voiced my displeasure and advised him I will go to the top with this and at that time he offered me 255 off a another one. I laughed and said why in the world would I buy another one when you have this type of customer and service and warranty. The supervisor then agreed to send me a new one.
    Ugh!! Now searching to find an email and/or a number to corporate

  • My husband and I bought each other a fitbit blaze for christmas. He is replacing a fitbit flex he has had for years, this is my first go around with a fitbit. Super excited until it came time to set up accounts. His flex was set up under an email that we both shared. Since then he has acquired another email and so we registered his blaze under his new email. No problem. Then it came time to register mine… I have been in contact with customer support since the 8th of Jan trying to remove his old info off the origional email so that i can register my fitbit since each time i try to register MY new blaze it gives me an error code stating the account is already in use and therefore i cannot use this email. I have been told the email is frozen and is all I have to do is authorize for the account to be deleted and after the authorization i will be good to go in approximately 24 hrs. For some reason this process is not working. I have received 16 emails in regards to my problem and made at least that many phone calls to customer service. Each time I am told to go through the same process and then wait 24 – 48 hrs for any response. I am beyond frustrated @ this point as I have owned my fitbit product for almost 1 month now and still unable to use it. I even had one rep tell me he will personally own up to this problem and promised to see it through to the end. He sent me an email and instructed me to reply to it if the troubleshooting he provide did not work. Well guess what it didn't and when I emailed him he mysteriously dissapeared as I never received another response. So back on the phone again with another rep that again wants me to go through the same method as before and wait another 24-48 hrs for an email. This is beyond ridiculous for your customer service department and any type of support from what may be future lifetime fitbit supporters. I am looking on line for a competitors replacement tracker as soon as i am done writing this as I am at the end of my patience rope.

  • I love my fitbit. We have many fitbit users in my family. However, the clips and bands just do not last. Back on 11/26/16 I started a series of correspondences with fitbit customer support. This was the worst experience I have ever had with any customer support from any company. Nothing they told me happened. I was promised a new tracker and clip as soon as my broken clip was in the mail. Tracking info put the package at fitbit 12/6/16. After e-mails and a phone call, I received just a clip 1/7/17, a whole month later. In my case, customer support gave Fitbit a black eye and provided a customer failure experience.

  • Glad to find this info. Battery on mine quit charging after lass than 6 months. Wanted physical address so THEY can be responsible for safely disposing/recycling. No more Fitbit products for me!

  • Not at all happy with the company. I purchased my Fitbit back in 6/2015 and by November 2015 started experiencing battery issues. Fitbit did replace my device and now a year later, the same issue with a malfunctioning battery. Talked with customer service today and asked to have a replacement battery sent but was told no. Spoke with the supervisor and was told the same thing. I was offered a 25% discount to purchase a new one. I’m not interested in purchasing a new one. I just want a product that will last more than a year. It’s their poor workmanship and they should replace it. I would love for someone from HQ to reach out to me. Thank you.

  • I have to say, the worst support ever, and the quality of the product is really bad design. I just called support and I have a fitbit with the band separating from the computer element. I bought the watch a little over a year ago. The only support solution given from Jake in Asia is to a 25% discount to purchase a new watch. I was willing to pay for the repair for the band, however no option for repair. Why would I buy another watch to get this kind of service. Let the buyer beware, the scam is on. If your watch needs repair and your over a year you will be forced to buy another watch from fitbit. really bad support for a technology company in San Francisco. Try to fix your corporate phone number as well, you have a phone number for your corporate office that goes to another person, maybe invest in America for support.

  • My Fitbit charge falls off from day 1! Brookstone replaced once and same thing. The Fitbit call center in Central America is NO HELP. I use rubber bands to help keep it on, but the latest is the side buttons fell off. So now it is not useable. I feel this product should last more than 13 months. Fit bit expects it only last for 12 months. They offer me 25% off a new one but why would I want to buy this brand again? Nobody in the corporate offices answer their phone. And their customer service is beyond bad. stay away from this product. search elsewhere. There are plenty of better options. My mistake was I bought four of these to give as gifts big mistake. I keep reading that fitbit replaces other peoples fitbits but why did they not replace mine?

    • Well Fitbit restored my faith! I took Stevens advice and went right too supervisor and they are sending a new one out. This process took a long time. But Alex at Fitbit was really helpful!! Thanks Fitbit!!!

  • I have 2 fitbits that the bands just fall apart, all I get from customer service is….we will give you a discount on your next purchase. Why would we purchase a defective product again, how dump do they think we are………..

    • Fitbit has replaced all of my failed Charge…So far I have 7 failures due to battery problems and 1 band just fell apart…I don't know their cost but I suspect it's minimal. Ask to speak to a supervisor for a free replacement.

  • Got a Fitbit that was defective right out of the box. It wouldn't hold a charge for more than about 10 hours. Called Fitbit and they agreed to replace it. Said it would go out last Thursday or Friday at the latest. Got the Fedex tracking # on Thursday and when I checked the Fedex site on Friday it said they got the info online on Thursday night which was right in line with it shipping on Friday, or so you would think. But wrong. They held the package until Sunday at almost midnight before they delivered it to Fedex which meant it wouldn't go out till Monday. Not the end of the world but a three day delay which was totally unnecessary. The phone support is in Guatemala and the online chat is in the Philippines. When you call the corporate office in San Francisco, they make you leave a message. You cannot get a live person. So maybe they will call me back, but who knows. It is nice that they have the replacement plan, but they need to handle getting out the replacement more efficiently. The feeling I get from all the off shore folks is that they really don't care about the customers.

  • I started with a fitbit surge and set up trouble called support then worked on it a couple other times no go so the sent me another surge no go then I ask for a charging usb and still no go so they sent me a third surge still no go so I sent them all back to you ,and have not heard anything at all from anybody.they was shipped 4/20/2016. and I have not heard a word at all not even a refund at all. I am not a happy person .I don't throw money away it is hard to come buy please let me know what is happening real soon please . Mr. West

  • I got my FitBit Charge HR as a Mother's Day gift and the dang thing has been trouble ever since. I have an issue that when you email Customer Service they have at least 2 days to get back to you. Are you kidding me!

    My first issue is that I am a knitter. I love to knit and knit all the time when I am not busy. The Charge HR records every knit stitch as a step. No matter that I am sitting in my easy chair and not walking.

    Then today it would not sync at all so I had to call Customer Service and for some reason had to reinstall the app. Are you kidding me!

    As far as I'm concerned this thing is a piece of garbage and I will be returning it to Amazon where it was purchased and telling them what a piece of garbage it is.

  • SO impressed with the customer service that fitbit has. Working for a retailer where providing customer service is out #1 priority, fitbit's is OUTSTANDING. A piece of my fitbit broke, two days later I received an e-mail asking for my info and now they are sending me a new one! Good service always goes un-noticed, clearly it shows because all of the comments above are negative, so I definitely wanted to let someone know!

  • I have gotten not 1 not 2 but 3 Fitbit charge replacements and all of them have stop working within 4 months. Two of them didn't last a month. I asked for a different kind of Fitbit because there is obviously something wrong with the charges they sale. So I was told no but they would give me a 25% off discount on a newer model. Mind you my Fitbit is still under warranty. Then when I asked to speak with a supervisor, I was put on hold for 52 minutes. And here is the icing on the cake, he answered and said "I can t hear you. I can't hear you. Unfortunately I'm gonna have to hang up and help another customer". And no I did not have him on mute, he probably figured that I would be pretty piss being on hold for almost an hour. Warning do not buy a Fitbit!!! You will regret it!!!

  • I received Fitbit Zip as a gift. Loved it but have some issues. The battery drains so quickly, like every 25 days! Major issue I have is that for me it is easier to put this device in my pant pocket. (one of the Fitbit rep has suggested that). After itchy sensation and irritation Now I have BIG BROWN skin spot in that area. I am sharing this with my friends. Hopefully, FITBIT will improve the quality of this device. Any explanation?

  • I purchased my FitBit Charge HR four months ago. It started having problems about two months ago. I contacted Customer Service to exchange my product and they were absolutely no help. I have been extremely displeased with this entire process and it has been a complete waste of time. I would NOT recommend a FitBit to anyone and I highly recommend they change their policies and customer service protocols.

  • by the looks of the other comments this is not going to matter much but just to let others know the new Alta is a piece of crap!!! It will not hold a charge longer than a few hours, can't be set up as a 2nd device (probably because it will not hold a charge long enough). Going back for a refund!

  • New Charge wouldn't set up: 1. Tried every online tip. 2. one hour w/phone support – no go 3. sent back device, received new one. 4. Same problem – would not set-up 5. again on phone w/fitbit (1/2 hour) to no avail. 6. Waited for follow-up – nothing 7. Contacted support by email and…I get a generic reply to my 12 bullet points in which I politely outlined everything that had happened to this point. Unbelievably, I am simply referred to a basic synching page and a troubleshooting link. How can this happen? Do you want me not only to buy a competitor's model but also pass along to everyone I know about my experience? Wow…

  • I waited 20 minutes on Fitbit's phone HOLD until an off-shore tech answered. I told the tech: My Charge HR won't sync with my iPhone even after following Fitbit's posted sync advice three times. Fitbit's online help community advised deleting and re-adding the Charge HR to my Fitbit account, which only made matters worse, as the Charge HR CANNOT BE ADDED to my Fitbit account, stuck on the iPhone Fitbit app window "You're all set! Finishing Up… [continuous spinning wheel]". The tech went through the set-up steps and incredulously advised me to "restart my iPhone". I informed him that if I restart my phone I WILL LOSE the call connection. The tech reassured me that he will call me back in 3 minutes. After 50 minutes and counting, no call back. I have no need to call back after such poor tech support but will notify Corporate, the Better Business Bureau, and the authorities.

    • Same problem here!!! Got my daughter a Charge HR for Christmas. Will not sync..cannot get any help from customer service. Keep on trying but about to the end of my rope!! Will be contacting corporate as well, if that doesn't get a response I will be contacting the Better Business Bureau and will definitely NOT recommend a FitBit to anyone!! Pretty expensive to pay that much money for 3 weeks of wear!!!

  • I loved, loved my Fitbit until it fell apart. I was offered the Charge as a replacement. Nice, except it too2 months, 2 emails and 2 phone calls to get it, and then it wouldn't hold a charge. Sent it back, then got an email asking for the same info I sent. I STILL haven't got my replacement. I'm hesitant to recommend Fitbit because the way "customer service" is set up. There's "support" and some other intity and they don't seem to share info. Come on guys! You're smart people; you should be able to set up a support system that works.

  • I have tried to reach anyone..someone at Fitbit Corp Hdqrts..No response ever..Customer service is not able to do more than offer a replacement device…I have 7 Fitbit devices..4 Charge and 3 Charge HR…All have failed batteries..The device suddenly stops charging and goes blank…I would appreciate some sort of response and maybe a good reason..Customer service tells me that it either a software or hardware issue??? A good idea that doesn't quite go all the way..I have 2 friends that I track with..both have the same issue…

    • Did you ever get a reply or a solution for your problem? I ask because I have the same issue. Fitbit refuses to replace my charge or charge hr with a different product. They claim that there is no policy in place to upgrade or downgrade from one line of products.

  • Have had 2 fitbit hr for less than 3 months
    Neither work !
    One is 10 days passed return policy so I guess we lose out on that one
    Thankfully have the 2 Yr warranty on the other but I don't think the 3rd one is gonna be any better
    Fitbits are a bust I believe
    Waist of money in my opinion
    Expensive for a rubber bracelet!

  • I have a 2011 kia soul and the HORN Does not work all the time.




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