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FitBit Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

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FitBit Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
Fitbit Inc.
405 Howard Street
San Francisco, CA 94105 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-415-513-1000
Fax Number: 1-415-236-6009
Customer Service Number: 1-877-623-4997

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I have a fitbit I believe charge4. I was literally sitting on my sofa and felt a pop on my wrist. My fitbit broke. I thought it was just the strap. I got the large strap that comes with it to put that on until I could get another strap. That is when I realized it wasn't the strap but the piece the strap attaches to the fitbit itself that broke. My son got me this fitbit as a birthday present just a few MONTHS prior of this year. It was only 4 months later of this year when that piece broke. When I went on fitbit to see about the warranty because I assume like most things it is 1 year. It only allowed for the strap to be replaced. So I contacted customer service & I told them what happened. The guy completely ignored what I was telling him and gave me a number and instructions to get ONLY the strap replaced. So I did what they said but sent the picture of the part that was ACTUALLY broken and not the straps because they weren't broken. Nothing. I sent them another email. Still Nothing. The ONLY thing I have heard from fitbit is an email about their NEW fitbit for $100+ dollars. Why would I buy a new fitbit after having this one only 4 months and it broke and you won't even respond to fix this one? Why would I ever want to buy another fitbit period? The only time I took my fitbit off was to charge it so no it wasn't being abused or thrown around or banged around. I wasn't doing anything to cause it to break like that.

Fitbit customer service is a complete nightmare. I spent three hours last week trying with them trying to get my Versa2 to sync with my new Iphone-12 mini. Today, I was told that the Versa, it just is unable to sync with my phone. What idiots!

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