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  • Samsung Corporate Office Headquarters

Samsung Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Samsung Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Samsung Corporate Office Address:
Home Office
105 Challenger Road
Ridgefield Park New Jersey 07660 USA

Samsung Corporate Contacts:
Samsung Corporate Phone Number: 1-973-601-6000
Fax Number: 1-973-601-6001
Customer Support & Help Phone Number: 1-800-726-7864
Samsung Support Website: Samsung USA

Samsung Corporate Office
Samsung Corporate Office Phone Number and Address

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  1. Would like to speak to someone about the commandeering of the Samsung Family Hub refrigerators. I purchased your refrigerator and then you invade my home and prevent me from using it! Unless you “Agree All” to the ridiculous demands we are unable to use the refrigerators.
    I am unable to change the temperature on my refrigerator or freezer or deli drawer, see when the water filter needs to be changed, or turn the ice maker on/off, unless I agree to have my conversations recorded and my personal information distributed to third-party advertisers. This is all in the reams of pages and at the end of each one is only one button you can push “AGREE on ALL”. There is no other option.

    This is Unconstitutional and must be against the law in some capacity. I purchased this refrigerator years ago without these stipulations, to agree to whatever you want just so I can turn my (defective) icemaker back on! Do I really have to take Samsung to court over such an obvious issue?

    Hopefully, someone (NOT customer service; they are useless, as is technical support. No one has any idea what is going on here) in corporate in a position to know what they are doing will contact me before the 4 news stations I’ve sent all this information to does. Yes, all the rhetoric has been screenshot and documented.

  2. Please forward me your corporate legal office contact information to include address for service, email and telephone numbers. I am preparing to contact my legal representative to explore filling a lawsuit against Samsung for selling phones without the ability to charge them. Never has this happened since I started using cell phones in 1995. I will be talking to several of the attorneys within a network I built for my business that consists of 500 trail lawyer firms, as well forwarding my and others complaints to the DOJ for investigation.

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Corporate Office Headquarters