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Samsung Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Samsung Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

105 Challenger Road
Ridgefield Park,
New Jersey 07660 USA
Phone Numbers:
Corporate Phone Number: 1-973-601-6000
Fax Number: 1-973-601-6001
Customer Support & Help Phone Number: 1-800-726-7864

  • I bought a Samsung Z fold 4 (2months ago.) with a factory manufactured Samsung cover for it. Now a white line appeared on the hinge onto the right side. spoke to your customer rep. and told me to send it to your Samsung factory in Tx. got an email back to me stating it has no factory warranty and to repair it has to come from my pocket. Now from the UPS store to your factory something happened to the phone your customer rep. David said that I damaged the phone before they have received it. there charging me over 500.00 in repairs. this matter was handled very unprofessional and was very rude. how is it a phone that cost over 1200.00 has no warranty. on top of it all I’ve been a customer of Samsung for over 5 years never had a problem. until now. please help this 53-year-old lady. that is disabled and only lives on a 900.00 a month.

  • I bought a Samsung refrigerator in 2018 and thank God I bought the 10 year warranty because I have had nothing but problems with it since the beginning. I have had the ice maker replaced 4 times in 4 year and now the compressor just went! They tell me the part is out of stock so I need to wait almost 2 weeks for them to come and replace it. All of my food was ruined probably about $200 worth of food and the advise I received from PC Richard was to call the local store and maybe they can give me a loaner fridge.. I asked how I can get it to my house and they said I have to figure that out. No help from Samsung either, what a shame. I am surprised they are still in business. I WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER SAMSUNG APPLIANCE AGAIN !! TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE AND TERRIBLY MADE PRODUCTS!!!

  • John Page, 3-10-2022 Purchase Samsung 75" TV Jan. 12, 2022 as of Jan. 17th 2022 the Lips and Voice are out of Sync. Have had 6 Spectrum Reps to check out all the cabling and boxes everything ok, had 2 set of Besy Buys Geek Squad in to see if they could fix it, Nope. Had Samsung Tech in twice and the last one replaced the mother board, no better. Now they want to send in the third Sansumg Tech to see if he can fix it. They will not stand behind their warranty, 5-year. The TV is only 2 months old and issues.

  • Dear Samsung Executive,
    On September 21 I bought and paid for the vacuum and cleaning station on September 21, 2021. I did not receive the product until September 28, 2021. 30 days later after 7 calls averaging 40 minutes in length. Originally, I called for help with cleaning station but found a way around the problem of the power cord pulling out of the receptacle. I had to hold in one hand and run the cord with the other hand through and s curve. I suggested an improvement by having a cli or clamp to hold the wire into the unit at the bottom. Before I tried to use the vacuum, I laid the wall hanger with wire charger connected on the floor. The vacuum worked for about 10 minutes. I cleaned the dirt catcher cylinder in the cleaning station which was remarkably effective, and it worked some more after I charged it. Hanging the unit on the wall did not charge the battery, so I went back to charging the battery hanging on the wall. I asked for a desk charger sent as the wall charger was not working. Then a person from Tampa came suggested a place called AID TV. Upon googling this place to find out how to get there, Aid Audio & Tv Service Corporation, THESE WERE RESULTS: 3/1/2021
    Worst customer service!!! Rude and not helpful!!! I do not know why Samsung recommended them as a service center!!!
    Do not even bother!!! Worst experience ever!!
    Nasty nasty and nasty, Samsung had me drop off my tv for repair, they refused to first take in my tv. I then had to call Samsung to do there job in getting a ticket number. 2 weeks no call, called them told tv rdy. I got no receipt when I dropped it off. Now they are refusing to give my tv back. Lady even said she was here and she gave me receipt and knows it's me. But still refusing to release my tv. Cops
    Most of the reviews were like that: one star or no stars. So, I called again the next day and canceled that ticket and service pro told me that I could send to service station in NJ and that they did not have to send me a box because I had nothing to pack it in. The service pro had me send a photo of all the parts I was to send. I sent the whole number of parts that included wall hanger and charger with a rectangular cube transformer [box like transformer and wall plug} on October 20. I received the repaired unit with a new battery but with no hanger or wall plug on October 26, 2021. Instead of a desk charger, Samsung Care sent a new wall hanger that I received on October 21, 2021, before I received a text message from Jolanta saying that they would start repairing it on October 22, 2021.
    I received a Samsung TV from Amazon the same day as the vacuum package and I am now on my 4th Samsung phone, S21 and got a good deal on Samsung Galaxy 3 watch. I have owned Samsung tablets, a Samsung laptop which crashed, and I could not recover info as the cost was prohibitive. I also own three Amazon Kindles which I believe are made by Samsung. I paid 17.38 to ship the stick vacuum to Little Ferry and still have no ability to use my vacuum. I admit that I failed to research the product before I purchased it as I was confident of the Samsung quality. After the fact, I searched for stick vacuums and Samsung did make the top ten by buyers guide or Consumer Reports. At this point I would like my money refunded as my experience has been less than satisfactory.
    Guy C Kaldis

  • After 10 months my 75" smart TV went out April 8th 2021. Samsung ordered parts and repair person tried to repair it on April 26th, He could not and I was told Samsung would replace it. Since then I have called more than a dozen times, only to get misinformation, told I needed to provide more information, or I needed to revalidate the information I already provided. On May 20th, I was told that I needed to return my TV and that a truck was scheduled to pick it up. On May 26th and truck picked up my TV and I sent a photo copy of the receipt to Samsung. I called Samsung and was told they received my email with the attached copy and that an e-coupon would be sent to me within 2 business days since I've been waiting so long. I called on June 1st and was told that an e-coupon has to be approved and that it takes 3-5 business days for me to get it. I called on June 4th and was told that there was nothing in the system on my e-coupon, and that my case would be sent to the review section and I should get something within 6-8 business day. It has now been 8 weeks since my TV went out. It appears that Samsung's warranty is NO good and that they intend to string me along until I just go away. I do not know why anyone would buy a Samsung TV or appliance knowing that Samsung does not honor their warranty nor provide quick resolution.

  • I wish I had seen these comments firsy. Yes, I am very dissatisfied with the refrigerator I bought. It will not make enough I've to service three people. We are having to buy bag ice. After talking g multiple times to techs they sent a tech out to service my two week old refrigerator. He said it was working. Before he left I called back to Samsung. I was told they would do nothing to call the store I put it. I called Home Depot. The gentleman there told me he would call you. He agreed that that was not right that I was having to buy bag ice. He call back on a threeway call with a Samsung rep. She told us both I would be refunded my money and that someone would call to arrange pickup. After not receiving receiving a call, I call you back. At that time I was told I was not receiving a refund. Luckily I had not yet pitch at a replacement. It is sad that you can't believe what your reps sah, but even sadder that you do not stand behind you productd. It is no right that I am having to purchase ice even though I have a brand new refrigerator. Needless to say I will never buy ano from you again and will tell her I know not to either. Sad that you do business that wah.

  • I bought a Samsung Galaxy Note August 2019. I did not purchase the warranty because I'm very careful with every phone I own and overlooked the technical aspect. I had no idea if I was on the other side of a factor warranty I would not have any recourse for satisfaction with the Samsung phone. According to the technician I spoke with the charging problem was not just on my phone. It was rare but nit so rare he didn't know about it and it's posted on the internet. Verizon offered to trade the phone in and pay another 500 dollars to solve my problem. Spending another 500 dollars for the new Note 20 that's having similar issue…this would force me to purchase a warranty, which I'm not a big fan of. I think Samsung should make me whole by giving me a phone that functions correcting. This is a manufacture defect and was not any fault of mine. I hope to be a long time loyalty buyer of Samsung in the future but right now I'm at a cross road with this issue. Please help if you can. Loyal Samsung customer.

  • • I recently sent my Samsung Galaxy tablet (Model Number: SM-N950UZVAATT
    Serial Number: R38J80DZ18B) in for repairs on 4 May 2020. Over the last month and a half I have been given incorrect and contradictory information by Samsung customer service. I was first told the tablet needed a new circuit board and I needed to pay $159 for repair (which I paid). Several weeks later, I was told the tablet could not be repaired and that my money would be refunded. My third inquiry resulted I was told it was repaired and would be sent in 7 working days. That was over 20 days ago. Since that time, every time I called I am transferred 3 to 4 times with no explanation or long waits (exceeding 30 minutes).
    I have been a dedicated Samsung consumer and user for over a decade. Your lack of customer service is atrocious and unacceptable. This is first time I have had to use your customer service and it most likely is my last. I still have not received the tablet. I am at a point where I may never purchase another Samsung project or recommend them to my business associates, family or friends. Given the level poor customer service and irresponsibility, I am requesting an immediate refund of the money I paid for the repairs.

  • Samsung has the worst if not non existent customer service. I sent in a tablet to be repaired and I cant even get the right person on the phone after 4 transfer and holding for a hour. I never thought I would buy an Apple product but Samsung has definitely turned me away/

  • Just letting off a little steam about Samsung Electronics and Best Buy.
    I'm usually not the type to complain because generally with warranty issues most companies will back a product. On September 14, 2018 I purchased a new TV from Samsung. It was a great TV until July 6th of this year when the HDMI ports on the TV decided to stop working. Initially I thought it was the Xfinity box. Xfinity actually responded quickly and determined it was the TV and not the box.
    Well these Smart TV's have the ability to be diagnosed from the Samsung home base (wherever that is), so I contacted their customer support, lo and behold they confirmed the diagnosis. Bad mother board and HDMI ports not working. They said they would have a service tech out to fix it. Amazingly not one but two different service companies called me and said ,"Sorry we do not do Samsung warranty work and haven't for the past two years because Samsung keeps charging the service companies for the warranty parts. Apparently Samsung is doing this to their service affiliates around the country.
    So I begin my calls to Samsung support, 14 calls to date since the 3rd week in July and keep being told the same thing and even have emails to confirm that they are going to credit me the cost of the TV (Still under warranty ) but they have not done it yet.
    So I think, well Best Buy must be a stand up company, They'll do right by me since the TV is under warranty. So I drive back to the Best Buy in Leominster where I bought the TV with all my reams of paperwork. and Lo and Be'hold, NADA, they won't even exchange it even though it's less than a year ago that I bought it from them.
    Well anyways, I've fired off an email to the CEO's of Samsung, BestBuy , the person in Samsung that sent me an email in Mid August saying everything was all set and the manager of the Best Buy in Leominster. And also to Channel 5 investigates.
    I'll probably get stuck in the end but not with out expressing my feelings about Samsung and Bestbuy.
    "Caveat Emptor" especially if its from Samsung or Best Buy
    The Massachusetts States Attorney General has also been notified

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