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  • Citizens Bank Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Citizens Bank Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How To Contact Citizens Bank Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Citizens Financial Group, Inc.
Official Address:

One Citizens Plaza

Providence, RI 02903 USA
Email: n/a
Corporate Phone Number: 1-401-456-7000
Fax Number: n/a
Customer Service Number: 1-800-922-9999

  • Not impressed, LA Fitness. Within a hour of asking this on Facebook, it was hidden by the page administrator.

    You didn't even answer my question???
    I would like to know LA Fitness's corporate policy on parking at facilities. I'm a member in Miami Florida and the club I normally go to, which is about 2-3 miles from home, recently stopped validating for parking at the shopping center they are in. I have a multi-club membership. Some members get validated for parking without being charged an additional monthly fee (on top of already high membership fees). These member are "grandfathered in." I would simply like to pay the same amount as other members for using my gym and not have to pay an additional $60 per year for parking.

    (The next closest LA Fitness to me, on Bird Road, has had RAW SEWAGE leaking all over the parking garage, a TERRIBLE smell, and out of service POOL and Jacuzzi for one month. The leaking feces and urine all over the garage has been fixed, but the pool and jacuzzi are still out, 1 and a half months later.)

  • I've used choice rewards program for several years but Jan of 2016 I've decided never again I stayed at a comfort Inn in Portland on Wasco on the 21St thru the 24th I got 2 rooms I will say I thought that this site was a wonderful site when customers was at hand I was able to trust 5500 in their safe because there wasn't one in the rooms but when I was checking into another hotel I was shocked to see that comfort inn stole 300 off my credit card and when I went straight back even let my back customer rep speak to who I thought was just a rep for the hotel site n she was told the same that their was unauthorized charges totaling 300. To then be told come back around 300 n when I did I learned that she was the main person of the site n that they returned a charge that was over charged. It is now a month later n I have not gotten anything n when call the site the owner/manager is extremely roughed n disrespectful the same way she was when I spoke to her that day n she didn't let me know who she was when I asked for the owner or district manager. So now I guess I will be bringing criminal charges up on comfort INN

  • holiday inn should say holiday disaster, this place called the holiday inn express is no express at all located webster texas on texas avenue. We went there on feb 13 2016 and upon our arrival no one was at the front desk to check us in. we waited at least 30 min. before someone can to assist us. the young man syed finally came ofter being outside on the cell phone came in shaking because of this and on top of that we informed him that this was unacceptable and unprofessional. well with that being said we finally checked in they said that they had given us a free complimentary breakfast because of all of the long waite. but that was a lie. on the sunday morning the time we checked out a young lady crystal check us out and we informed her that we were pay cash and not to charge the card and it was understood that she wasn't however when i paid by cash 341.00 and later found out that we were charged for the breakfast also. i check my card and was charged 150.00 til this day we have called to speak with a supervisor she meaning crystal said she was and the general manager could only be reached by email and that she was very busy. we asked for the corporate office and she gave us a number to logistics who is over all holiday inn. in all of my vacationing it has been holiday inn stays. never again
    not even a call yet. so to anyone i know never use a place who dont care about their customers

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