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  • Truist Corporate Office Headquaters HQ

Truist Corporate Office Headquaters HQ

How To Contact Corporate Truist Office Headquarters HQ

Truist Corporate Address:

Truist Financial Corporation
214 North Tryon Street
Charlotte, NC 28202 USA

Truist Phone Numbers and Contact Information

Corporate Phone Telephone Number: 1-336-733-2000
Customer Care and Support Phone Number: 1-844-487-8478
Jobs: Online Job Listing
Email Help & Chat: Contact Page
Website: Truist.com
Corporate Stock Symbol: TFC
Reviews and Complaints: See Below or Click Comments Link

Truist Company Profile and Bio:

Truist Bank was formerly BB&T and Suntrust. Truist is a banking company with over 2,000 branches in the United States.

Truist’s competition includes JPMorgan Chase, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Citigroup, TD Bank, U.S. Bank and PNC.

Is CorporateOfficeHeadquarters.com Associated with Truist?

CorporateOfficeHeadquarters.com is not associated with Truist Bank. This website is for information, reviews, feedback, ratings, and complaint purposes only.

    Suntrust allowed some thief in India to steal just about $1200 from my account. Five different transactions of $200 and then a transaction of $195.When I called them to fix my account, I was told that they would have to open up an investigation and it's a 10-day turnaround time. I asked for a provisional credit while they investigate and was told I'll get one in 2 weeks. In the meantime, I'm getting hit with 6 overdraft fees of $36 a piece, on top of my bills clearing and getting hit with those overdraft fees as well. I had multiple checks go into my account and the bank took them to clear up the negative balance that had nothing to do with me. They took my paycheck and two of my child support checks. Bills still have to be paid and my account is frozen. Every time I call to get assistance I am forwarded to the Philippines where no one speaks good English. This bank TRULY DOESN'T CARE ABOUT THEIR CUSTOMERS.I was already victimized by the thief and now my bank, who was supposed to protect me and my money. They went from merging with BB&T, to now becoming a completely new bank… TRUIST. It's funny that they are currently named SUN-TRUST but you can't trust them to protect you or your money and now TRUIST…THAT'S A HUGE JOKE. RUN PLEASE. DON'T USE THIS BANK.

  • I was told when I called an hour and an half ago that the wait for a representative would be 20 minutes, it has now been 1 hour and 35 minutes. This is absolutely unacceptable. I will be hanging up and going to the Branch Office this week to find out what the penalty is close my cd account early and close my checking account, remove my cash app and square for my business account. I will have to leave my mortgage account with you as I'm not refi-ing. Please confirm receipt of this complaint.

  • I filed a fraud case with SunTrust at Snowden River and rt 100. I have been scammed for $8900.00. My fraud case number is 20210121859. the bank gave me the cash 24 hours after I deposited the check that a job was giving me for supplies for my new job thru Carrer Builder. Isn't it the responsibility of the back to wait at least 10 days till the check clears and they give the customer the cash? The 2 checks have been returned and I owe the bank 8900.00 dollars. why did they not wait the 10 to 12 days before they gave me the cash.

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