Chase Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Chase Corporate Office Headquarters HQ


270 Park Avenue

New York, NY 10017

Corporate Phone Number: 1-212-270-6000

Corporate Fax Number: 1-212-270-1648

Corporate Email:

Corporate Stock Symbol: JPM

Chase is a famous US bank with branch offices in 23 states. Along with their branch offices, they offer national credit card services. Chase is one of the premier banks in the US and they are part of the JP Morgan Chase & Co. Group of companies.

Chase Bank’s Customer Service Number is 1-800-242-7383. The company does encourage users to use their technical support system and help forums on their website.

chase corporate office headquarters hq

  • chase sucks!!



    I have NOT been able to get online or on my phone

  • This was a terrible experience, the teller I approached was poorly trained by the leadership in the branch and did not know the limits on cashing a check for a non customer, I made it very clear I was not an account holder at this bank. This caused the teller to actually run the check and imprint it as if it were going to be cashed, she then called management and the Branch Manager stopped the transaction due to the fact that it was over the limit for a "non Account holder". The manager then proceeded to stamp the check with a "canceled Endorsement" stamp and let me know in no uncertain terms that she would not be cashing the check. So, they were going to cash the check and then the manager saw me and decided that that wouldn't be happening, maybe she just didn't like the way I looked. Whatever the case was it was clear that she was not going to be any help, I soon discovered that the 800 number was about the same in regards to customer service. I suppose the manager has the last laugh because she indeed did not have to honor the check which I went and deposited in my personal account. Of course I will forever have a story to tell when it comes to someone choosing a financial institution and where I might recommend they go.

  • Chase SUCKS – period. Do NOT use them, their services, cards, ANYTHING and save yourself a LOT of future hassle, headache and heartache.

    It is CRIMINAL what banks do to customers, vendors and merchants.

    RUN, don't walk to your local community bank where they at least should care about you to a certain extent!

  • Not knowing where else to file this complaint, here it is…..
    As long as you continue to advertise with and support that pervert, Jimmy Kimmel, my friends and I will be closing accounts and will never do any banking with Chase again.

  • Chase used to be a pleasure to deal with – I would get a courteous American rep. who was very helpful. NOW, this humongous corporaation
    is sending my money to the Philippines and other offshore partners. I can request an American rep. and now get a know-it-all kid who has no patience with seniors and says there is no one above him to transfer me to. Add stinking late payment double fees and Amazon's greedy service as well, I'm looking at Walmart's Master Card offers. euch!

  • I went to my local branch today on Main st. in Downers Grove,Il. to make a $400 cash deposit,when I arrived at the drive up at 4:30 PM only one drive up lane was open for banking,and cars were lined up around the building.When I did finally get to the window I was informed I must show a picture ID to make a $400 cash deposit,WHY ? it's not required by law,I was not cashing a check,or withdrawing money.This is one of the dumbest banking rules I have ever heard,and the next time it happens my banking days with Chase are over.

    • There are some circumstances where the account owner does not want anonymous deposits as these can compromise other (legal as example) matters.

      It may be part of the governments efforts to address money laundering. $400 bucks is over kill but where do you set the limit.

      As for me I run a cash business and do my best to avoid any undue suspicion. So far so good.

  • My disabled son needs in medical treatment not covered by ObamaCare. A charity collected for him $4864 and mailed check to him. My son went to Chase Bank branch in the middle of August 2017 in Mayfield Heights, Ohio with his friend whom he asked to manage his payments to doctors and testing labs. They both were Chase customers. Bank deposited his money, gave a paper receipt and money should show up next day at the designated account. Money never show up. The branch manager instead closed my son friend's account without this deposit! Explanation – we are checking if the money are laundering! Already 2 months ago the whole information was presented to the bank about source and intention of the charity, but my son hears only that investigation is in the process. Where is consumer protection? With such Banking ordinary people are robbed in day light!

  • Last week on 8/21/17 my account was scheduled to close for being overdrawn 35.00 and no activity for 90 days. I went to the atm, used my card and pin, and deposited 1275.00 At midnight my account was closed. the following day, I went inside the and re-opened the account. I still have the receipt for my deposit. I was told that the money would be accredited to my account within 12 hours. 24 hours later, when I called the bank, I was told that the checks were sent back to the account they were drawn off of. I was told that there is nothing Chase can do for me, it is up to me to have checks re-issued. Since I used atm and deposited money before account was closed, I feel that I have been wronged. Thev only thing I did wrong was to wait so long. I don't feel like any customer should be treated like this. I have contacted a lawyer, and was instructed to contact Chase corporate. that money was ear-marked for outstanding bills plus rent. I do not want this to go legal, but I have to look out for my family.

    Hugh W. Tannahill II
    15917 Villaire
    Clinton Township Mich. 48038

  • Chase apparently has a "national policy" that went into effect in about 2016, that a person who is NOT a signer on an account cannot make a CASH deposit to that account. The reasoning behind this policy is to stop money laundering.

    Therefore, when my daughter (who lives in GA) wanted to deposit CASH into my account to help me pay for a rental car (I live in OH) to visit he on the occasion of her WEDDING, the manager at her local CHASE branch says that, even though my daughter has my DEPOSIT SLIP, they will not accept cash.
    Now, the amount she wants to deposit is LESS than $300! PLEASE, someone explain to me what moron would try to LAUNDER money in $300 increments!!! That is one of the STUPIDEST things I have ever heard!
    Whoever at CHASE decided this policy needs to be fired! I could understand if LARGE cash deposits to someone's account would be denied, in case the people are trying to launder money. But if there is a drug lord out there who wants to launder his MILLIONS $300 at a time, he must be the stupidest human being on the planet!!!

    PLEASE, Chase, will SOMEONE with a brain take a look at this policy, see how DUMB it is, and revise it so that maybe some granny ho wants to send a grandkid money for Christmas or birthday can do so! PLEASE do not be stupid.
    Of course, I can overcome this obstacle. When I get to my daughter's house for her WEDDING, we will just go to the Chase bank and add her to my account as a signer!!!!! So, then I guess we can just launder all the money we want, right? LOL You people are really dumb with this "policy"!!!

  • this so sad chase took my money during Christmas holiday I cant even buy presents for my 12year old son, my disability check went in to a closed account that wasn't even in there name an they kept the money over drawn on that account.first an reissued a check in a different amount that would take 30 days to reissue another check.but two telepohe bankers said 7days as well as a manger an assistant vp said 7days an the person that he talked to on the phone 7dyas. I called back to the bank an now there saying 30days so sad for me an my family during the holidayssss

  • Why did all of idiots do business with a bank, any bank, in the first place? Haven't you ever heard of a credit union. In a bank you are merely a customer, vulnerable to poor service, insults, and actual fraud. In a credit union you are a MEMBER not just a customer. Did any of you vote for the officers of the bank? Negative. In a credit union you get to vote for the officers, President, board of directors, etc. You join by opening a savings account in the minimum amount of $5.00 Then you can open a checking account complete with a debit card. You can link your checking account to your savings account. This means NO overdraft fees if you have to exercise this option. CUs also offer CDS, auto loans, personal loans, mortgages and many other services. The personnel is extremely knowledgeable and will always treat you with the highest amount of respect. You can arrange for direct deposit of your pay check. Automated payment of your bills is available. I have belonged to numerous CUs throughout my life at various locations and have never been disappointed. If you join, make sure its a Federally charted CU. Currently, I belong to the largest CU in the world with over 4 million accounts. Many banks would like to be able to say that. This the Navy Federal Credit Union which operates nearly world wide. Puts any bank to shame. Suffice it to say that banks hate CUs with a passion for obvious reasons. Look around there is at least one CU in or near your town. This is the place where smart people complete their finances. Notice I did not say do their banking. See you at the credit union.

  • Chase disgusts me. I have been banking with them for years without any major issues, until recently I was a victim of fraud. They treated me like I was the criminal and stated that they are terminating their relationship with me and closing my account. I was told by my local branch manager, other supervisors from various departments that when my son's SSI direct deposit hits my account,they automatically put a two day hold on it, and said the local branch manager can call in to have the restriction lifted in order to get my funds. That's not the case. Chase changed their tune today, stating that they do not do anything of the sort and they will wait 7-10 business days to close the account and then release a certified cashiers check via snail mail. I called CORPORATE to see what they can do to rectify the situation and they too changed their tune. My son has Autism, and he has important medical needs that I need to take care of immediately and them intentionally holding up our funds has put us in an extreme dire situation. Chase could care less. This is a disgusting way to treat a long term customer who was a victim of fraud, and while you are living a life of luxury, I am faced on losing everything and you put my son in a VERY compromising position through your heartlessness. What's $733 to you? It's a drop in the bucket for what you're worth. That's my son's money and his needs are great and immediate! I gladly accept that you are terminating your relationship to me, because I do not need to bank with a financial institution who are full of criminals and you victimize the victim because of your policies and procedures which are unethical. $733 is nothing to you, but it's everything to my son and I. My longevity with you guys meant nothing, when someone clearly compromised my good name and now you refuse to release my son's $733 until you're ready?! You reap what you sow, and if you keep continuing in these foul practices to hard working individuals and people who have disabilities and have only a very fixed income to survive off on, you're going to experience a major downfall like never before.

  • So happy that I can put this in writing. I've only just begun. After paying off my entire VISA account – to the tune of over $3,000. – and thinking that I would have a "0" balance, I get a bill for about $29.00 which is 'supposed' to be interest. In the past, I paid off a home equity loan that I had with Chase and been a customer with Chase for many moons now. When I asked for this amount to be waived, I was told they could not do it. So — I closed my account with them. Then, I spoke with a "supposed" supervisor in Chase Customer Service and asked her if she could help. Again, no help and they could not waive the interest. You've lost yet another customer Chase. Now I start writing letters to the BBB. Cannot believe this.

  • Does anyone at this bank know what each department is doing? Do they not all have a computer system that is connected? In 2001,a credit report showed a mortgage and credit card under my name. Went personally to Marysville, Ca branch. It was determined that the accounts were fraudulent and information to be sent to credit reporting agencies. In 2015, the credit card was still there but as a "Charge Off".Letters were sent to all credit agencies AGAIN as well as confirming with Chase Bank Corporate Customer Service, that no such accounts existed. Today, I found out that the credit card still shows on my credit report. Per my 1.5 hours worth of conversations with (3) different Chase Bank Representatives, the credit card account is non-existent. Was told to go to local branch and get letter from the Bank Manager to submit to credit agencies. At branch, an account was located that had been charged off in 2013 with incorrect telephone numbers, addresses and mother's maiden name. The manager called an unknown number and put in touch with a real imbecile named LaSean. He refused to listen to anything I said, told me it could take months to have it investigated (was done already in 2011), that I may still have to pay the $6,027.00 "charged off" amount, refused to provide me with any letter or documentation that would show the card was under investigation and told me to "Have a Nice Day".
    Due to this complete incompetency, I cannot obtain my home loan because the credit report shows the amount still owed (my only black mark against credit)
    !!!!!!!). No one is willing to step up and help…STAY AS FAR AWAY FROM THIS BANK AS POSSIBLE

  • I am not satisfied with Chase bank. I opened at Chase Liquid debt card on Tuesday of Last week. Having a friend help me fund this account, 2 days later. They deposit the money, and say I have the money in the bank for bills, etc. Got the card, and went to activate it and my account was closed down. They said it was an executive decision. Not happy with any banks at this time.

    • Make sure the credit card is actually CLOSED. I have been dealing with Chase Bank since 2011 regarding a credit card I never opened…ruining my credit but they DO NOT care and will not take any responsibility for their mistake. Even had a mortgage account listed under my name and took two years to get rid of that !!! I recommend that anyone who deals with Chase to constantly check their credit scores !!!

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  • 12/1/16 My daughter had to have her teeth removed due to health reasons. I signed for her to have her work done. Yes, it was a CHASE credit card through the dentist. When I couldn"t give the whole balance owed they turned it over to the IRS. I received a letter saying the account had been closed and balance written off. Then They took the balance out of last years taxes and I never have recieived the balance of my tax refund. What now? I was suppose to get a letter from Chase that the bill was paid by the IRS. That never happened either. No one knows anything at Chase or the IRS. What do I do now???

    • Dealing with Chase Bank it like banging your head on a wall !! My credit report had a mortgage and credit card that was delinquent even tho' I never had either with them. Took two years to get the mortgage off and still after 5 years, the fraudulent credit card is still there with no resolve from Chase Bank….I wish you luck with this dishonest and unprofessional company !!!!


  • 55 minutes on the phone with 5 different representatives, including managers and no one can provide me with a fax number or email to provide proof of a payment. Don't waste your time with Chase.

  • I mean no disrespect to the celebrities who have an above average income that places them in approximately the top 20% of affluent humans…. but what about us little people?

    I'm a public servant that has had an account for almost 20 years….when Direct Deposit was new. I've watched a lot of changes over the years as new laws were written to destroy the original an incredible opportunity for the kind of people who don't have either the skills or money to understand money management…. you know, special needs? Don't they bank?

    My situation? My landlord illegally kicked back my rent and is trying to evict me from my Manhattan apartment. He's looking for any excuse between buy outs and intimidation.

    I've been loving being able to send my rent via what originally was supposed to replace paper checking….to handling bills and having the choice of when and how to send checks and to whom…..

    The best part about these checks? They are certified and encumbered. I was told that if I got the check in my hands within 24 hours of my having done a stop payment, I could have the check reactivated.

    I've spent 2 hours on the phone being laterally transferred instead of moved up the ladder of authority vs ability to handle what certainly is a pressing situation.

    The best they could do was offer me a "temporary" credit instead of just giving me my money back.

    I don't need a loan, I don't want that "book keeping" for me when I know that I have that money in your system called limbo.

    The executives are so insulated just as in the health care system. You are outsourcing jobs to the Far East…. you are now based out of TX and think you can apply your state's banking laws upon us in NYS. You have gradually rescinded privaledges and freedoms coupled with fees that at one time didn't exist….and yet dare say we have free accounts.

    So, thank you because you know you have a big hand in the real estate market and that you are the source of knowing how to make money "buy" pressing on the little people who don't have the resources to maintain either a huge amount of money on deposit, have collateral of any kind and or the legal team to properly address the legalize and subversive and fraudulant practices that have a huge impact upon the little people.

    I am beyond upset…… when you can take my money out in a nano-second but say that the reverse takes 3-4 is …….. I want to curse….

    You have my calls hopefully on tape. And you should hope that I don't have mine saved as well……

    You're agent told me almost 24 hours ago that I could have the check reactivated if I asked……. another agent said that as well…..and you have been deliberately letting the clock run out…..


  • Well I have been a customer since 2008 with Chase , I have Checking accounts and savings accounts and Investments account and Today August 13,2015 I called the chase 800 number for my credit card and I am American citizen keep in mind , I get a guy by the name Tom In India call center and he is speaking to me and eating in my ear and chomping in my ear . I was mortified and pissed. He should be fired from is job just because he has no manors . I immediately called chase Corp Head Quarters in New York where I have been a resident for many years.

  • The bad customer service just continues, As I had mentioned above on June 3. I have a court ordered conservatorship over my mother who has severe dementia. So I set up a conservator account to pay her bills. Well like I mentioned above if you have a conservator account Chase will not allow the conservator to pay any bills electronically, but you can write all the paper checks you want, now that is totally asinine to me. But anyway her conservator account was starting to get low on funds so I attempted to transfer funds into her conservator account to help cover her care giver expenses. You will never guess what happened. Yep, one cannot transfer any money into a conservator account using your computer. You have to go into your local branch of the bank and do the transfer in person or you can call your local branch on the phone and request the transfer that way. Again totally asinine.

    They make it really hard for some one who has a court ordered conservatorship to be able to properly care for your loved ones. It is like they do not care if that person under the conservatorship has any bills to pay. The more and more I am learning about Chase bank the more I hate dealing with them and I am sure within the next few months I will be closing that conservator account and a checking account and finding another bank that does not have all these asinine rules. We were told that Chase did not have very good customer service but decided leave everything there because that is where my Mom did all her banking, but I am pretty sure that is going to come to a screeching halt very soon.

  • The worse customer service I have ever had !!!!!! Taking my business to elsewhere.
    If Dean Cooper is the head of customer service he needs to listen to his customers, because clearly that isn't happening.

  • I had my first experience today with Chase Customer Support Service and I have to say the first person I spoke with was a male I believed named Felix. I explained to him that I am the conservator of my mother and I have set up a conservator account in which the bank has a copy of the court ordered conservatorship. I explained to him that I want the ability pay her bills electronically out of this conservator account and am unable to do so. He stated that I needed a debit card before he would help me. I explained to him I am the court ordered conservator and I have the legal right to pay her bills. Now I had spoken with my local bank branch already and they could not see why I could pay her bills. In fact they advised me to contact the customer support. I tried to explained I do not need a debit card. He then stated that he needed my Mother to contact them and place me on her debit card. I then explained to him that my Mother has severe dementia and does not even remember how to write a check or sign her name that is why I have conservatorship over her. He then stated I have no legal right to write any check on the conservator account. I then told him yes I do because I was the one who set up that conservator account and he needed to check his records. He then put me on hold and about 10 minutes later he came back and told me that he had spoken to his supervisor and his supervisor told him to tell me to go to my branch bank. I explained again that I had already done that. That all I am asking is to be able to pay her bills electronically. And he again told me that I have no right to do that. I told him that I have paper checks that state I am her conservator and I can write those checks and pay her bills that way but I cannot pay by electronic check? He stated I have no right to even do that. I was obvious this guy had no clue as to what he was doing and his people skills just flat sucked. So seeing I was getting nowhere with this idiot so I hung up.

    I then called back and another male by the name of Alfredo answered. I explained to him that I had just spoken with another male and I would like to speak with a supervisor. He asked if I could briefly explain why. So I explained it was regarding a conservator account for my mother and the inability to be able to pay her bills electronically through the conservator account and I would like to speak with a supervisor. There was a brief silence then a dial tone this guy apparently hung up on me so I was unable to speak with a supervisor.

    Chase was more than willing to set up this conservator account but that was as far as it went. They apparently do not care that your loved one still has bills that need to be paid because they are not allowing the conservator to pay those bills by electronic check out of it. So if you have one of these accounts be aware Chase Bank is not going to allow you the conservator to pay your loved ones bills by electronic check. They will only allow them to be paid by automatic monthly withdraw or by writing a hard copy check. And like I said earlier if I can write a hard copy check to pay her bills why can I not have the ability to pay electronically.

    I can say after the customer service I received from Chase Bank I will be looking elsewhere and closing this account and setting it up where I can pay her monthly bills electronically. Like so many have said above their customer service SUCKS!!!!

  • My chase credit card is been used unlawfully. I have requested from two different chase employee to close the account. I have requested online to close account. Chase has refused to close account

  • I had a college account with chase and fees should have been waived for FOUR years but only waived for three. also after account closed, a company send a refund to that closed account. Chase confirmed receiving refund (I have reference numbers, transaction ID # and emails) but they said they did not see it anywhere so I was "out of luck" and lost a lot of money. WORST BANK EVER! they don't care about customers. so glad I got a new bank account

  • We chose Chase to refinance our home mortgage since they already had our loan and that was the biggest mistake we ever made. We started the process in mid February and did not close until April 16th. We were given excuse after excuse for the delays or we got no reponse at all from the local branch and the loan processor. We had a cash out and the funds were suppose to be wired to our account on April 21 and they are still not there and the local Chase branch is blaming the delay on the Title Co.! You would think since we have had our loan with Chase for over 15 years the process should have been quick but with the stupid delays on their part (its Spring Break so everyone is on vacation) they are also blamed the Government.

  • The chase bank across from GM Tech center in Michigan along Van Dyke between 12 and 13 mile is the most terrible branch you would ever experience, the manager there was so stupid that she reply to her over 2 decade long customers with such a dumb answer: customer needed Chase bank to rotarized a quit claim deed for her uncle and aunt, the manager could had let her uncle and aunt open a new account since they have such stupid rule that only their customer could enjoy the rotarization service, and those people could have stay with them and become a loyal customer to them, yet Chase branch told them to go for another bank. So now they are losing their 2 decade long customers and also over 150K big lum of savings account. Do I have to teach them how to run a good business?

  • I opened up a checking account in late 2009 for purposes of UNEMPLOYMENT direct deposit, as Chase handles ALL UNEMPLOYMENT funds. In 12/2014 a company debited my account in error and caused me a large amount of fees that they promised to reimburse. Since it took them FOREVER to reimburse me and I couldn't pay, my Chase account remained negative for over one month. Chase gladly took my direct deposits until they CHARGED OFF my account with me owing only $35.00. When I paid this they told me that I couldn't re-open the type of account that I had (this was a NO FEE account with direct deposit) and that I had to open a new account which involved fees. Though CHASE knew that this error by the other company, wasn't my fault and had been reported as FRAUD, they refused to re-open my account that I'd have for FIVE AND ONE HALF YEARS. The "Customer Service Reps" on the phone DO NOT take notes when you advise them to (as your proof) and the reps in the branch, though friendly, are useless. My grand-parents, parents, daughter, and I had/have Chase as a bank, but since they can't help, and my family has been loyal, I'm getting EVERYONE associated with them in my family and EXTENDED family to close their accounts. What Chase needs to realize is that the "customers" that they treat so horibbly, are their "money pot" and without us, they'd have NOTHING! They also need to realize that there are SO MANY other banks, credit unions, and online banking options, that they can't do this to us OR they will CONTINUE TO FAIL!! They need to remeber the BAIL OUT that the CUSTOMERS paid for and be FAIR, GRATEFUL, AND RESPECTFUL TO THE CUSTOMERS THEY HAVE LEFT!!

  • I work for a bank so me deciding to come to chase was being I liked them as a whole UNTIL they allowed someone to do a fraud wire. I filed a claim but as a result of wire fees and what not 152 was charged off and they sent my account to Chex Systems and continue to send nasty letters. I was advised three times that this was an error but NOTHING has been done. I can not believe the level of service I have received. This bank will continue to have law suits and that is the reason why you are closing so many of you atm and locations. you will go down with the rest because you are a FRAUD greedy bank

  • I am totally closing my accounts!!! Because I called the phone number that showed up on my phone which was Chase they had no idea who called me and why so I call the number left on the voicemail and she was rude and didn't want to verfiy who she was but wanted all my banking & personal information when I refused to give it to her because I told her I just spoke with Chase and they said NO ONE from their office contacted me she locked my account!! MY MONEY a customer over 15 years and it was on a Saturday LIVID!! so I am gone, you stay if you want to but you will be sorry later

  • October 28,2014
    Well we can all agree on one thing that Chase is full of S—. Everyone needs to close their accounts out and this should cause them to hurt like they are making their customers hurt.

  • As my Aunt lies dying of terminal cancer, Chase has destroyed whatever emotional stability I had left. I was appointed as her AIF (attorney in fact) but Chase refuses to recognize the Power of Attorney (POA) document drawn up by her attorney.
    It all began when I requested to be added as a signer to her account in order to take care of her "business" after her death, so taking my copy of the POA, her checkbook, and her social security card, along with a check of $7000 to be deposited at Chase from another bank account (which btw accepted all my documents); I proceeded to Chase. I was first told I would need to have the ORIGINAL copy of the POA before we could proceed. 30 minutes later I returned with the original only to be told I would need the death certificate of my other aunt whose name was still on the account. Why they couldnt call my Aunts house to say this additional document was needed was in my opinion was just a delaying tactic…referred in Chase talk as privacy concerns.
    Totally frustrated and pushed beyond my emotional limits I expressed my DISMAY #*%@#$.
    The next day I went to another branch 10 miles away and presented all the requested documents of the first branch plus my dying Aunt's birth certificate and a photo of me with my unconscious Aunt in her final hours. Breaking down as I explained what I was trying to accomplish.
    I was assured this matter could be taken care of…but upon submission to their legal department I was informed that the language in the POA was too general. Yes the statement " The attorney in fact, as fiduciary, shall have all powers of an absolute owner over the assets and liabilities of the principle…." did not include Chase bank accounts. I have assisted my Aunt for the last 10 years with her finances… I have set up her electronic accounts, made airline reservations for her, and automated her bill paying, but because I told Chase that I had her blessing to do so…Chase promptly closed her online access including cancelling a Quick Pay money transfer that was previously approved.
    I have never cheated her of a penny… and have flown 1000 miles to her home on many occasions to help with repairs and chores her place, not to mention flying her to my home to be with me and my wife during the holidays.
    I love and cherish this woman as a mother.
    I have witnessed her care for my deceased aunt who died of ALS, her brother who died of prostate cancer, and her sister who died of heart failure due to old age. She sacrificed 5 years of life to do this in her home with minimal help of hospice.
    Chase has decided that her privacy needs in her dying moments are greater than the needs to properly care for her affairs while she is dying..

  • Your Coral Springs FL VP contracted for an ad in our publication for a full year (full page color). We ran it for 4 months expecting payment. She then cancelled stating that the bank had to pay millions to the government and therefore could not afford to pay us. I know what Chase would do if I owned on a loan and could not afford to pay, so I should be able to do the same. Plus we will notify our 250,000 readers, of whom we recommended Chase Bank, of your unethical values. We honor our veterans and wish Chase would do the same.

  • Now I see that I am not the only one that has a negative experience about Chase and the management staff the company parades. Before I begin to tell the whole world what went wrong between us, I am giving you this opportunity to call credit bureau and reverse the report immediately.

  • Too bad I found this too late,My husband suggested we get Chase bank account,for some reason I said no,nevertheless my husband went to them,now were been having to speak with the whole Philippines call center but no matter has been resolved,my husband posted $580 dlls in his account thru the ATM in Phoenix,once he deposited he waited for his receipt,it never came out,just went ahead and closed the transaction nevertheless gave his account the credit,immediately he walked I to the bank they told hi. They filed a complaint which they never gave him a copy. Or a complaint number,I told him to ask for the manager,manager said the same thing adding that in 12 hours the money was going to be posted regardless of whether they had already investigated the problem or not that it was standard procedure,we waited the 12hr then we called again and again they told us next that ATM was going to be serviced on Monday at 9pm so the money should be there shortly after but still telling us that they were going to give us the credit,I asked what credit the guy which had a big accent just said "well you can use that credit to pay for whatever you want you can use it however you want until this matter is resolved,allucing to the supposedly credit they were going to give us,I asked for exact answer "Whhen will this credit be posted? No answer just yes you can use that credit on whatever you want to buy in an heavy Hindu accent,we waited past 9pm nothing to this day no one has gotten in touch with us nor money or credit has been given just the same thing "Were working on getting this problem resolved. Does anyone know what or who we can call to get this matter resolved? Thank you

  • I am constantly dealing with denied purchases, closed and blocked debit cards, refusals for purchases, and recently learned they have placed a "limit" on the amount I can spend. I lost 12k of Mx. Opals on Christmas day due to the "block" and then today I lost a very special vacation package I have waited on for weeks. I have lost hundreds of dollars in products, trips and investments. Hate these people – they ruined my Christmas, ruined a trip. Couldn't even buy a meal. I filed a complaint with the federal reserve, please do that so we can get complaints heard.

  • anyone recently have their accounts closed by chase for no reason????? 2 days before Christmas they closed my accounts didn't even tell me they did and the best is they refuse to give me a reason – all they say is that they can do it and I have to wait 10 days to get MY MONEY back via a check. GIVE IT UP CHASE YOU WERE COMPRIMISED AND YOU DON'T WANT TO SAY IT OR CHASE IS GOING UNDER!!!!! M

  • well people thanks for not perfect Chase Bank is one of the best things out there they are very helpful courteous they trying to take care of you to the best of their ability you have to remember the people too they have rules regulations that they have to follow and they have bosses if they have to answer to you're always very helpful courteous when I go in there they're only human give them a break they do their best which is show much better Bank of America they suck they are the worst bank ever

  • chase, chase, chase… brought in a Insurance check for a house fire on our home , payable to chase and us(the owners) to pay off our mortgage
    balance of 50k and they LOST our $650,000.00 check, good thing they don't regularly handle money…

  • These scumbags do nothing but lie to and defraud their customers. Once they know your external bank information they overcharge your accounts in excess of authorized payments.. be prepared to pay overdraft fees that they will not reimburse (though they will promise to on the phone). Don't ever make an agreement with them, they will not honor any verbal word (above, as well as changing any fee or interest rate on their credit cards, which I now refuse to carry).


  • Does anyone know how to reach the corporate offices of who the head perrson is?

    Chase is the worst and hopefully someone out there can give me the right answer.

  • Chase customer service is terrible.I was waiting for a check to clear for 6 days and when I called 877-691-8086 for assistance, I was transferred to four different people, all with nasty attitudes and giving false information, stating they could not verify the bank my check was written with, the check seemed suspicious, they couldn't contact anyone from the other bank. Then they wanted to ask me 20 security questions to verify who I was over the phone and once it was completed they each said they could not verify me over the phone, I had to go into my branch so they could verify who I was. Then told me I would have to wait another 7 days for the check to clear. I threatened to file a complaint with their corporate office and demanded my funds be released. I was told again I would have to wait until the 10th of October.After getting off the phone with those idiots,it took me 5 minutes to go into my branch and I waited another 5 minutes to be helped, after the bank employee made a call he was told my funds had been approved, the check was cleared. This was a $9000 check been held for no reason other than I was dealing with idiots. I wish I had read reviews before opening an account with this bank 3 yrs ago. After reading these reviews, I won't waste my time filing a complaint with the bank, it seems their complaints just fall on deaf ears.

  • worst bank /customer service ever. so i go in chase bank to close out my accounts banker pulls out my money leaves my account zero balance he takes my debit card and all my checks shreds them and tells me by tomorrow your accounts will be closed out. its a week later and just founds out my checking and savings account still open and people pulling money out my account and i have no debit card or checks because the banker took them from me assured me my accounts would be closed next business day and now my accounts negative money don't understand. i call customer service he gives me the run around saying i didn't close out my account wtf im so pissed off worst bank ever

  • Oh Jonathan a CHASE Customer Service, who couldn't give out the corporate office number. I JUST FOUND IT THANKS TO THIS SITE!

  • Yes, Chase is a mess. To refinance my house, they first tell a good story but they are very stupid liars. Everything seemed to be going okay until Tiffany Stober from the mortgage department called with the run down on the figures. That is when I found out that the escrow or tax department screwed up on my taxes and I was told that I owed back taxes of $1300. They made the mistake, not me. Fiffany Stober said that the #1300 would go on the new mortgage amount. I said no, that I wanted the escrow on this account waived. She said no. She would not let me even pay the taxes. And then part of the Aug payment from my old loan would also be added on to the new mortgage. I said no, I will just pay that as usual. She said that I couldn't because the old loan has been closed. I asked her how much of the $432 p&i payment would be principal. She said $432. I explained this to her about five times and she still could not get it. Stupid! I asked to speak with her boss, no. On Tuesday, I spent at least 6 hours on the phone trying to fix this mess. The escrow department said that I could pay $685 of the back taxes. The rest they wanted for the taxes do in Jan. They said that I did not have to have an escrow account on the new loan. Anyway, I paid the $685 over the phone to chase. That night, I got an email thanking me for the mortgage payment. What? So, I had to call back and get that straighten out. They had to transfer this 'mortgage' payment back into the escrow account. They said it would take three days to post. Bull! I am suppose to close on Monday. Well, don't waste my time if the numbers are not right. I finally called the corporate offices and talked to Eric Winters who seems to be trying to help with the help of Tom Fink{Who is really great}. Madonna Campbell also was helpful. The rest of the people at Chase are idiots. They do not know how or really want to do their jobs. I pray that today, this will finally be right, because I don't need anymore headaches from idiots. I have never been late with my house payment and many times put more money on the principal of the loan. It is so simple that a caveman could figure this out, but these banks love to come up with all these figures. Well, it is like this. Mortgage amount+interest=payment. Why all the bull?

    • I am dealing with a headache right now in trying to refinance our loan and it is a huge mess. Our loan office does not know how to communicate and we have been trying to get a rate and term for over 6 months now. It is a simple loan, just change the interest rate and the amount of years from 30 to 20. No money out no inspections or work to be done. Just simple paperwork but we can't seem to get this done. I don't understand why it is so difficult this time around. We refinanced 10 years ago and it only took 2 weeks with no problems.

    • Elayne, was your refi a special offer sent by FedEx for eligible Chase customers with a response time of 5 business days?

  • I have been shopping at the Bashas in my neighborhood for over 10 years now. I had to pick up just a few items today 07-31-2012 and noticed that there is a chase bank inside the store. I had 800.00 in cash in my wallet & was in need of a cashiers check so I figured hey why not get my shopping done & cashiers check all in one trip. I do not have an account with Chase Bank. When I approached the teller in this store in Chandler Arizona on Dobson & Chandler Blvd. she looked at me with no smile at all just kind of catatonic it made me very uneasy & nervous. I advised the teller that I had cash & asked how much it would cost me to have a cashiers check created for 776.49? She refused to serve me at all advised that since I had no account with chase that it was not in her interest to help me. I advised her to have a good day & walked off. She did not ask me at any point if I wanted to open an account today. How sad I honestly have to say that I left with the complete decision never to do business with this bank. I own several businesses in the valley & fully intend to tell at least 7-10 of my friends of my experience at Chase bank.

  • We had a Providian cc and then it was sold to Chase and our WAMU accounts became Chase, not by our chase. We have had the credit card for 7 years and and we were NEVER late. My wife had to have back surgery and we had to travel to TX for this. She had a lot of complications and were were there for a month. I had to put my hotel bill on the Chase Card. It got to be more than we could pay off every month. We were up to very clo9se to our limit. I decided to get money from my 401K and pay a lump sum to get the balance down. I sent $3000 to them and guess what Chase did? They lowered our credit limit to exactly what we owed. A few years later we were upside down in our house (like a lot of people) and I was late one month (not thru Chase). I contacted my morgage company and they were very nice, but Chase ran our credit report and noticed we had been late on our house payment, so they raised our interest rate to 26%. I kept calling them and practically begged them to lower the interest rate and was told they review their accounts every 6 months and they would send us a letter. We have been waiting for 3 years and we keep calling and writing and we get a lovely form letter saying the same thing we review our accounts every 6 months. Still we kept making every payment plus some and were never late. Finally I said screw them. I am not going to bust my butt to pay on time. OMG you would have thought I committed a mortal sin. Calling all the time. I sent them a letter we wanted to send them a lump sum of $4500 but we wanted some quarantees that they wouldn't lower our limit again and we would like our interest lowered. It's been 3 weeks now and haven't heard a word. I HATE CHASE. I am so glad they lost 2 billion dollars it shows that they are not as smart as they think they are, but unfortunately it will come back on the customers. I always say "WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND" and I know Chase will get what they deserve. Maybe we should all pull our money out of their banks and not use their CC and see what happens.


  • Chase should be shut down! 3 years trying to fix something and 50 right hands that have no clue what the left hand is doing! ABSOLUTELY NO COMMUNICATION WHATSOEVER !!!! Had to tell my story to 50 different people from beginning to end because no descent person with a conscience would continue working in a wretched hole like that. they took over my nvr mortgage. they are taking over the financial world and they don't give a crap in hell about their customers! I will not only give a bad review to anyone I come in contact with but I will also defer anyone I can from that institution if they are looking for a lender or bank for ANY reason! dislike dislike dislike …………thanks for taking my home and my dignity and my last nerve CHASE! I only have an 8 year old child to raise ,Where? I don't know. Do you? do you care?

  • Ok, Hear this. I was in loan modification. told to ignore contacts other than their department. They forecolsed on me while I was in modification. No notice, no phone call, no mail…no nothing until Century 21 contacted me and told me the house had been sold back to the bank and They were listing the property. That i have to move out by the end of the month…. I recieved no notifications at all. Nothing posted on the property, etc… Way to go Chase. How many other lives are you going to mess up?

  • Chase has got to be the WORST bank in the country! They take double payments, raise interest rates and do not follow up when called. The only reason I am involved with them is a WAMU Mortgage taken over by theives!!!

  • Chase is a nightmare, we need to stop talking and let us do something about this
    Chase has ruined so many lives already. Maybe we can find a way to make them pay.

    • They have truly done this to me and my grandson. His mother passed in 2007 and was an employee with $20,000.00 employee stock and now they informed me it had expired in 2011 without any notice. This money was to be used to further my grandson's education.

  • Candace Wickman,a long time holder of a premier account@ Chase/Portland, OR 97216- made the mistake of writing a large personal check to someone who did not have an account with Chase. Instead of honoring her demand for this check to be cashed, Chase refused to honor her check because the person cashing, did not have an account with Chase. Even worse; claiming 'security' for not reaching her by phone, closed her account without her approval, or notification – leaving her no access to her funds, including her Bank Card!! All this, because she wrote a sum over the bank's limit to someone who did not bank at Chase? Even having the funds to cover this check, and going to the same branch where she banks; Chase refused to honor her check!! Security protection? Who's protection? How can a Chase Premier customer's own 'check become a security problem "issue" – for her? For writing a large sum? Someone not banking with Chase? This same check, despite having been presented at the very branch which holds her account; refused to cash the "pay to the order of.." (check) she wrote. This check intended to be cashed at "her" bank to avoid problems…. Became the problem! This check, not cashed- despite the funds to cover it; shows illegal business practice by not informing the customer the limit on the amount they can write a check to someone not banking with Chase….! Where is the 'warning' label on those Chase checks for those persons banking with Chase? Wrong amount- No warning, or notification, Chase closed access to the account leaving the customer no access to funds because she wrote too large a sum? Her 'premier' account becomes hostage for her 'mistake' for writing a check too large a sum? What gives Chase any authority at all to decide any limit on a customer's wish for their own money? What evil planet do they live on? What criminal law 'act' caused Chase to respond with such flagrant disregard for one of their own valued premier customer's wishes?

    • Yes chase refused me to cash a money order drawn on their bank from my mothers account. I had to open an account then withdraw the money and close it. What a waste of time

  • Chase offered me a balance transfer deal at a low oercentage rate for the life of the loan. Shortly thereafter they told me that either my payments would double if I wanted to maintain that percentage rate or keep mt payments the same but the interest would increase to todays standards. Doubling my payment would take my whole SSI check.So guess which screwing I had to take.
    I now inform everyone I know NOT to deal with these legalized bandits.

  • Ok. My father passed in january. My mother , who cannot e-mail has been stressing about receiving her 1098 form. they have yet to mail it to her. she called three times, and once with me third party. A manager named Lore C said she would overnite it and rectify the situation. as of 3/5, my mother has not received her 1098. Somebody tell me how to contact the attorney general. This is highly unorthodox and illegal. I have never heard of someone getting away with this much as is on the Post page. Horrible, horrible. B.S.

  • Chase has the worst Customer Service EVER of any corporation I have ever dealt with. My sister has Alzheimer's and I have her legally binding Power of Attorney. I needed to get information about a loan she took out with them, but they refused to tell me anything because I couldn't tell them the exact amount of the original loan. How could I possibly know that? My sister's got Alzheimer's for god's sake! She doesn't even remember taking out the loan nor can she find any paperwork on it. When she pays a bill to Chase, she thinks it's a Credit Card Payment! When I tell her it's for a loan, all she does is cry. Don't these people at Chase get how painful that is? She's all I have left, and she's already gone to me. I don't live in the same state and can't travel due to a back injury; but do you think Chase cares? ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! They refused to accept my POA, even though it was drawn up by an Attorney. It is ludicrous and unthinkable that Chase, even with a POA, would not even tell me something as innocuous as the original loan amount; and if you don't know that, they won't even speak to you. They have made a sad and horrible situation even moreso. I went all the way to the top levels, and I got the same exact response: NOTHING! My life is so stressful and sad and difficult, and Chase didn't give a damn, nor were they willing to budge an inch. It's not like I was trying to get some money out of a bank account. For crying out loud, I'm trying to get them paid back the money they loaned to my sister. Now, I'm going to be forced to go to my Attorney at a cost of $350/hr because how else am I supposed to get the information I need. Chase represents the worst of business practices and Customer Service. I hope they FAIL; they are cruel, and hateful; and have caused me needless grief, stress, and depression. I have cried buckets over their heartlessnes and failure to bend even a milimeter to give me the help I so desperately need. You couldn't pay me to do business with Chase; and neither should anyone else! Spread the word, as I intend to do! FOR YOUR OWN HEALTH AND SANITY, GET CHASE OUT OF YOUR LIFE! You will live to regret it if you don't!

    • Don't pay them then, write a letter stating that if you cannot accept this power of attorney, you are creating a inconsible contract that I can legally breach. I am breaching it because it is impossible to perform. Acceptance of this letter constitutes full and complete payment of said loan. With no recourse. If you want to send them a check do pay Chase for what their worth, knock off a couple hundred bucks for pain and suffering and be sure to describe it. Record all calls to them. Call the toll free numbers and do that so it is legal and admissible in court. Good Luck.

    • that is sad ,but chase have been paying out money for my 93 year old aunt luevada wright who died Nov. 6 three weeks ago ,our plan is to sue ,Chase bank, Bank of
      America,and US bank of Illinois,THEY ARE ALL THE SAME.

  • My husband and I were WAMU customers for YEARS in NJ, then moved to Texas, sometime after that Chase bought out Wamu, they said they would "grandfather" our accounts and no fees would be incurred, just as the person above. After sometime, they were charing us $25.00 for each debit card to be "in a rewards" program, then they started charging these outragous fees monthly for whatever they wanted, if you did something wrong. So we decided to go to Bank of America, what a nightmare that was, identity theft since the summer of 2011, in Jan 2012 we left Bank of America and felt we had no choice but to go back to Chase. It has been less than 1 month, they opened 2 accounts for us, and yesterday Feb 15, 2012, they decided to put a restriction on both accounts, they said that Bank of America turned us into Chex Systems (which is a joke of a company itself). They will not release our money until we get Chex Systems cleared off. Why would they open the accounts number one IF we were on Chex Systems, and do they have the legal right to hold your direct deposit paycheck until you clear this problem up? It was Bank of America that did it, they said we had fraud on our savings account in Jan???, The damn acct was closed! Now I have to go thru another nightmare of clearing up this fraud crap, and Chase will not let us have our payroll deposit. They SUCK, they should be shut down, they are crooked theives. I am swearing on my grandmothers grave, that all BIG BANKS are crooks, I will find a local bank to bank with. No wonder the banks are screwed, they do it to themselves, and to the POOR consumers. Screw you Chase, no one listens to you, the worst customer service I have EVER incurred. I hope you burn in hell, ALL OF YOU EMPLOYED WITH THIS BANK!

    • Take them to court, they CANNOT legally hold your direct deposit for longer than x amount of days (up to 14 for new accounts) Contact the FDIC, and Attorney General's Office, also contact the local news.

  • CHASE BANKS ARE THIEVES!!! When Chase bought WAMU, they sent letters to all WAMU customers who had free checking accounts that they would continue to honor those accounts. Less than 1 year after the purchase, they sent former WAMU customers a notice around october 2010 that Chase was going to start charging a $10 per month Service fee if they didnt keep a minmum balance of $1500 or have direct deposit. The reason they want you to keep a minimum of $1500 in YOUR account is so that Chase can COUNT YOUR MONEY AS THIERS as when they say "We have over $5B in assests". I as a former WAMU customer immediately wrote Chase and told them I do (NOT) "AGREE" to ANY service fee. Chase STOLE my money as they said they would begining in Feb 2011 but refunded it after recieveing my letter, Chase refunded my money for only two months then started STEALING it again, and told me in writing they did it because they have a responsibility to their SHAREHOLDERS, and that IS FRAUD AND THEFT OF ASSESTS. Since then they have STOLEN this un agree'd upon fee on different days of the month so I never know WHEN it will be STOLEN. I have sent EVERYTHING IN WRITING online to their message center and made copies as PROOF should they mysteriously get lost. Chase has in this corresspondence now given me at least 4 or 5 different reasons they do this, even one that says THEY can CHANGE the terms of ANY WRITTEN AGREEMENT ANYTIME *THEY* WANT. But I dont have a SIGNED AGREEMENT with Chase. I never SIGNED any agreements of any type with Chase, and I have NEVER *OPENED* ANY account with Chase, and they REFUSE to, send me a Certified, Signed copy of such agreement that they say I *signed* even after sending me their account rules book that clearly states on Page 8 that they must honor previous account agreements. I will be sueing Chase for FRAUD, and THEFT OF ASSETS and other charges as required in the amount of $100M. If some activist corporate paid judge dismisses it, I will demand the reasons in WRITING as to WHY a business can STEAL a Customers money when NO SIGNED WRITTEN AGREEMENT BY *BOTH* PARTIES EXISTS, since I have never OPENED any account with Chase, or signed any agreements, and then will make it a Class Action on behalf of every single former WAMU customer. Just holding a debit card issued by the NEW bank does NOT give the new business to do as it pleases and change the terms of prior written agreements because their attitudes are "What will You do about it". A $100M lawsuit for theft and fraud and the PUBLICITY it will generate will sting. We all know banks give people home loans *mortgages* and then sell them to other banks when no check for the amount of the loan was ever made to the borrower, Then the bank sells your loan *Promise To Pay* contract to another. The bank that buys your mortgage cannot just say 'We have a right to cgange any part of your priviously signed writtenagreement anytime we want', then hold you to those changes you never AGREE'D to. CHASE SUCKS!! And not ONE bank employee can tell you the Corporate Headquaters address's Legal Department to make a complaint. They STEAL YOUR *LABOR" money and dare you with what ya gonna do about it attitudes.

  • Worst customer service EVER! Had all my personal information sent to another email, now someone has all our info, random credit cards being ordered and showing up at my house when no one ordered them, spoke to 12 different reps, 4 managers said they would call back, but .o one ever did, so now Im left with someone else out there using all my info…great customer service, not only that, you get people in other countries handling their calls….never recommend Chase…will close all my accounts with them asap….watch out..they wont help you..

    • That is a lie, chase never sends out ANY information, not even to your own email. it was more than likely someone else.

  • The mortgage escrow dept. didn't pay my taxes for a whole year and now want to increase my payments by 500.00 per month. Where did the escrow money go? No one knows.

  • Worst customer service I have ever seen. Have been working on a loan modification since 2008 and in the mean time Chase will take no payments. They supposedly have no legal department. They can only be contacted by in house email. Was given a phone number that was non working.
    This bank should have never been bailed out. It should have been allowed to fail. Also, they should not be allowed to outsource with American tax money from the bailout. Keep the jobs here. Nor should they be allowed to use bailout money to play the stocks.

  • This is scary, but happening to me. I have been passed along and noone wants to help. They allowed a person to stop a cashiers check for no reason, which is forbidden by law and they are not trying to rectify it. I am in the process of adding them to the civil suit. Lucky me just got selected to fill out a customer service survey

  • Their Mortgage dept. neglected to pay my insurance premium. Have been with chase for at least 4 years and not by choice. Broker went with them. Never late with payments and tried a refinance only to get charged over $2,500 and only went down half a point if that! Took a full year to get lowered. Very frustrating, kept changing people and having to re fax everything over and over again! If I could afford it I would change companies in a heart beat!

    • Oh I understand your frustration! I have been trying to lower my interest rate for over 6 months. It is just a rate and term refinance and we have already had to redo the loan application a second time and now we have an extension on our second loan application. The loan officer that I am dealing with has some serious remembering issues. He thinks he says things he did not say and blames the consumers for his mistakes. I have even had the Bank Manager promise to have a special team work on our loan to find that he was transferred to another bank.

    • Read the newest article on Chase helping a customer that has not made a mortgage payment in TWO YEARS, (Sep 10,2012); however, Chase has come to the rescue, they have refinanced the mortgage at an extremely low interest rate, not just for a couple of years, but a low interest rate for the remainder of the mortgage. YET … in our case we have never missed a payment and have paid extra each month; however, we cannot get refinancing (no cash out, just refi at lower interest rate), because of one reason after another, from debt ratio to the state we live in. BUT …. they'll give refinancing to a customer that hasn't so much as made a payment in 20 months. It appears there is something drastically with this picture.

    • I'm no bank defender. In fact, though friendly, Chase's customer service is worse than inattentive and inept, they promise follow-up that never comes. AWFUL. That said, they don't owe you a reduction of any rate to which you agreed. Plain and simple, you borrowed that money at that rate—including any unknown variable rate. If they are messing the facts of your contract—best of luck!

  • I just saw on the news Chase on behalf of some german bank Deutshe was trying to evict a 104 yr old woman and her 80 something yr old daughter. Wow! Way to go. Why didnt they just kill her while theyre at it. Poor old woman just waits to die and theyre ready to put her on the damn street! Too bad they don't have any living family to sue you all for violating someones civil rights. You all dont care. That's obvious. Im glad the media was involved so everyone can see who you all really are. Why didn't someone approach this poor lady with a reverse mortgage before this happened? no! because no one cares anymore about humans. Just how much money they can get. SHame on you!

  • have continental chase credit card. after statement closes, it takes 7-10 days to transfer to Continental rewards account. In this age of computers, this is unacceptable. Am Ex transfered to continental in 24 hours.







  • I agree with Chase very very poor Customer Service on phone & at the branch too. I think they are there on the job because of cusotmer like us. Why we need to wait for a long at the branch at newark, broad street for a long time when they do nothing pass time.
    It's our money, our funds & we wait for what? They need to improve!

  • Oh My God, If this isn't confirmation….I been talking to about 6 "chase employees and still haven't got this matter solve. The assistant supervisor told me that her error was going to be taken care and someone would call me and yet have anyone called. Yes they are liars! They passes the buck and they do have BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE!!

    • i'm go have a law suit, branch in long beach,ca. i'm calling raciest. Bad reps. supervisers and security treated to spray me with mass. I called the police, they came to scene, gave me a call number for my records. I filled a claim with the corporate office. They will be calling me soon. This happened on 10-31-15. my face book is jinnlynn

  • CHASE has the worst customer service. Even being transfer to the senior specialist. They don't care about their customer. Was told the annual fee will be waved for the first year and then got charged anyways. Very dishonest and liars! BE WARE!

    • yes, chase don't take care of their customers like they should do. they listen to obamacare. They should take care of the customers, like customers is always right. not anymore! They are dishonest!

    • Chase IS HORRIBLE!!!!! They give the most BS excuses, and half the time they don't even know what they are talking about, or what the customer needs…how are they even in business still?

    • Chase is the worst bank I have ever dealt with. I spoke to several different people, including their senior technical staff, and no one could tell me why they had placed a hold on quick pay amounts that were sent to me over a week ago. And that's not the only problem I have had with them since I opened the account 6 months ago. They also BS their way through trying to explain things–hoping something will stick. No one has the right answer. No one.


    • Linda Chase reported me dead and sent a letter to my residence and has refused to give me any further information. I have to continue investigating this because I have been a victim of identity theft and received vicious verbal attacks from ex family members.Please look elsewhere as Chase is not a bank nor credit card I would trust. Mine is a Disney Card and what a way to destroy a wonderful vacation.

    • I don't have to go to CHASE too often, but they are always extremely helpful when I have spoken with someone. I had an issue, in which I needed over a year of past bank statements to resolve, and the manager at my branch kindly printed them ALL out to me!

      I have a credit card and bank account with them. I have never had any problems, their website is user friendly, and so is their mobile phone. I get text alerts as well!

      I am a happy CHASE customer 🙂


    • It depends. Today, I had some issue with my card and they handled it with a friendly smile. I guess it comes down to the individual at the bank you are dealing with. All employees are not the same.

    • I agree, chase is not there for the customer, just for their pay check, I wonder if chase is connected to Sprint, If so that explains it