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  • Bank of America Corporate Office Headquarters

Bank of America Corporate Office Headquarters

How to Contact Bank of America Corporate Office Phone Number and Headquarters HQ

Bank of America Corporate Address:

100 North Tryon Street

Charlotte, NC 28255

Corporate Phone Number: 1-704-386-5681

Corporate Fax Number: 1-704-386-6699

Corporate Email: info@bankofamerica.com

Corporate Stock Symbol: BAC

Bank of America is a banking company with branches throughout the United States. Bank of America offers both residential and commercial banking services.

Bank of America’s Customer Support Number is 1-877-231-9372. The company does encourage users to use their technical support system and help forums on their website.

Bank of America Corporate Office

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  1. Bank of America is horrible. I live in Las Vegas Nevada. There is a branch located on Martin Luther King and Washington. The manager there is giving out information to my step children without my permission. I have called customer service left messages. Sent emails and nothing has been done. He is still going into

  2. I have been a customer of Bank of Am. for 20-25 yrs. I cannot believe the treatment I have received over the past week. As a customer who monthly pays the bill balance IN FULL, I am astonished at the rudeness and lack of professionalism I have encountered.

  3. I received an email my ATM card was maybe breached. Bank of America put a temp. hold on it till I called them (which was great). My card was indeed breached. BOA cancelled my card and would send me a new one. Great…All done.
    NOT From here on it screwed up.
    Two hours later BOA called me and I answered the phone. After "robot" stated the reason for the call they started with automated questions.
    The first question was: Did you have a purchased declined? Well, on my account, it showed a purchase declined. So I said "yes". It then asked if a charge of $>> was mine and I said yes. It asked about another charge and if it was mine. Again I said yes.
    Then the "robot" said : the hold on my account would be lifted and I could use my card again. NOOOOOOO. They released the hold.
    No button to push to get a live person or a question asking me if I really wanted the hold lifted. POOF, it was over.
    I had to call BOA all over again to have the account put back on hold or closed or whatever.
    If BOA had first said: We are calling about account ending in ####. If you have already spoken to BOA and resolved it, just hand up.
    If the first question was: Was a charge that you yourself made declined. Asking the question that way, the answer would have been NO which would have not started the whole mess over again.
    People at BOA that make up the automatic calls know the answers they are looking for therefore they do not realize how it comes across to the Consumers.
    Another thing that would have prevented the mess up would be at the end of the call to ask: Did you want the hold on your ATM card lifted as stated. Knowing I did not want it lifted, that question would have given me a chance to say NO I do not want the hold lifted. It could also have asked if I took care of this already and was a replacement card being sent. I could have said YES to that question and still it would have stopped a mix up.
    BOA needs to rethink their wording and as the customer in 3 different ways are they happy with lifting the hold. If any of the 3 ways is NO then BOA should not do anything and state the ATM card will remain cancelled or say to push number (whatever) for a representative which would have then given the chance to have it taken care of correctly.
    BOA, please think about how the questions come across to people.

  4. I find it absolutely ridiculous that mt credit card information can be stolen and used and that the bank cannot give me the transaction numbers so I can find out who did this.Yes it is great that am not responsible for the charges and you replace the card, however this will continue to occur because the people stealing the information know they will suffer no consequences.Thanks for nothing.

  5. The money has been stolen from my Small Business Checking Account with BOFA. I faxed the form to Claim Department 5 days ago and still have no provisional credit, nor Claim number, neither Case number. Besides, nobody can find my fax.

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