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Where is Bank of America Corporate Office Headquarters HQ 

How to Contact Bank of America Corporate Office Phone Number and Headquarters HQ

Bank of America Corporate Address:

100 North Tryon Street

Charlotte, NC 28255

Corporate Phone Number: 1-704-386-5681

Corporate Fax Number: 1-704-386-6699

Corporate Email: info@bankofamerica.com

Corporate Stock Symbol: BAC

Bank of America is a banking company with branches throughout the United States. Bank of America offers both residential and commercial banking services.

Bank of America’s Customer Support Number is 1-877-231-9372. The company does encourage users to use their technical support system and help forums on their website.

Bank of America Corporate Office

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Dear Bank of America Headquarters - Opening an account was a mistake

Rated 1 out of 5
June 12, 2023

On May 18, 2023, I made the mistake of opening a checking account with Bank of America. When I first visited the Winter Haven, Fla branch I spoke with Michael Drago, officer Financial Center Manager and Guirny Occean, Relationship Banker telling them I was interested in opening a checking account for the specific purpose of dealing in Cryptocurrencies, and both assured me that they understood and I could do that.

So, I opened the account and paid $100. deposit and went on my happy way. The next week I received my debit card and on May 24th I transferred $51,000 from my American Express HYSA account to BofA and went to the branch to wire that amount to Crypto.com. Well from that point on I have had nothing but issues. First, Michael refused to allow me to send the wire…too many red flags he said. Doing his job even though I clearly stated that the money was mine to do with as I pleased, of course, he stated he had the right to refuse to send the wire at any amount. In further discussion, he alluded to my being able to do a transfer on my own from my online account. Well, I tried that several times trying to wire funds to Crypto.com. On May 25th, the $51,000 wouldn’t transfer which was the large amount I accepted. On May 26th $5,000 was transferred complete only after getting a phone call from security with 101 questions. May 31st $10,000 transferred complete after same security. At some point, I tried to transfer profits back to Bank of America and it was rejected which made me wonder what that was about. However, on June 7th I tried to transfer $15,000 more to Crypto.com (the address Crypto.com had sent me after having set up an account with them for buying Bitcoin and transferring it to FX6 trading where I have traded. I got a voice message to call security and after going through several different departments I was flat-out told my account was being closed due to fraud. I of course lost my cool and flat out told each individual there was no fraud. I made those transfer requests on my own with my money. Finally, a supervisor said frankly BofA has the right to cancel any account without giving a reason and your account is in the process of being closed and can not be stopped. Think about how you would react when you are told that the remaining $41,000 is frozen with no ability to transfer back to Amex or withdraw and close the account at the branch that day. Instead, they told me it would go through a process and the date to expect a cashier’s check was Mid-July I think the 17th over a month…unacceptable. Of course, I said it was unacceptable and I wanted my money overnighted to me which of course didn’t happen and today I received a blank letter with my information stating “Please see the important disclosures and information starting on the reverse page.” there nothing on the reverse page or any pages following. What kind of camp run a muck are you people running? Bottom line, glad to say goodbye and will relate my experience with all my friends and anyone asking if I know a good bank to deal with. The account ended in

Corporate Office Headquarters