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  • Fifth Third Bank Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Fifth Third Bank Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How to Contact Fifth Third Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Fifth Third Bancorp. – 5/3 Fifth Third Bank

Fifth Third Corporate Office Address:

38 Fountain Square Plaza
Cincinnati, Ohio 45263 USA

Fifth Third Contact Phone Numbers and Website:

Website: https://www.53.com
Corporate Phone Number: 1-513-534-5300
Customer Service Number: 1-800-972-3030

Fifth Third Corporate Office
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  1. Hi I was just at your bank to make deposit .8500 Tamiami Trail
    Sarasota FL.34231
    I don't understand why your tellers don't understand when I made a deposit,I ask Alice and Becky, to give me a account balance. They don't seem to understand my request. . I had to go goin to your bank ,as I pulled up Becky came out the door to give me my balance. once before their gentleman who waited on me .He would not deposit my check because their two different ink on my check. which my boss ink pen ran out ink. pluse the number were not wrote on my check. So the teller told me he could not deposited it . I had to get a another check wrote. which I did check number 114. I don't understand why I'm having problems with your tellers. I don't like wasting my time to correct their job. Please hire people that know what their doing. Thank you for this matter.
    Carol Ann Davenport.
    ps. it was 9:30 am when this happened. their was no one here but me .
    Carol Davenport
    May ,20 2023

  2. I Bank at Fifth third office in Greenfield Ohio and have been a preferred customer for years But this Bank has went to hell under the Managment for the last few years and we are looking into other Banks in Greenfield. and I would not advise anyone to use Fifth third bank.

  3. We are moving all of our accounts (checking, savings, debit card, credit card) from Wells Fargo because they fund employees’s procedures we do not agree with. We have an installment loan with 5/3 and have been very pleased with the customer service.

  4. I been having issues with my escrow account and sent a fax today that was 15pages with letters and other documentation to correct an issue caused by 5/3 Bank. This is the fax cover letter. Attached you will find a letter with attachments I have written to Tim Spence your CEO. I am super frustrated with by the letter I received dated 3/2/2023 on what to do with my monthly payment. Not sure why for a bank you cannot get this corrected. I HAVE SPENT WAY TO MUCH TIME ON THE PHONE AND WRITING LETTERS FOR YOU TO CORRECT YOUR MISTAKE. The bottom line is the money you received on 3/1/2023 is for my monthly payment. I sent 53bank two checks so my escrow account would allow me to continue to make a monthly payment that I was paying in 2022 of $xxxx.xx. My second check # 818 was sent with a letter dated 2/13/23 that specifically stated to put the money into my escrow and the person who processed this money did not read or follow the instructions on my letter and the money was put towards the principle (I found this out with my phone call on 2/23/23 to customer service). After receiving your February 16, 2023 I called up on 2/23/23 and spoke to a customer service representative named Diane. I was on the phone wither her for almost an hour as she was communicating with her boss via email (since apparently no one works in an office and you can walk over to your supervisor or someone else with knowledge and get this solve like pre- COVID). The issue she said it was not an easy fix to take the money from the principle and transfer into my escrow. I told her that you are a bank and I am sure this is not the first time this has happened and again it was 53 Banks error and it needed to be fixed. Diane told me she would get back to me if there was a problem with the transferring the money. I never received a call and was hopefully but not 100% confident that this error was corrected. I was right after receiving your 3/2/23 letter. Why did someone not call me back? You have my phone number! I should have been called back, or the least receive an email or letter telling the issue was fixed.
    I tried calling the main office and it told me the operator was not available but did leave a message and let's see if someone calls me back or answers this email.

  5. Currently have a mortgage account with 5/3 bank. I wish it would have never been sold to this bank. The way the mortgage accounts are managed is a joke. You can't pay a few days early and if you don't pay the exact amount, they snail mail a check back to you. By the time you get the check in the mail and re-deposit it, then you are paying late fees. Their customer service hours are horrible. They need hours beyond 8-5 M-F. This is what everyone else in corporate America works. I spent my 30 minute lunch break on hold. I can't afford to take off of work, to resolve an issue that I didn't create. Very sloppy and unorganized with their paperwork.

  6. WOW. I wish I would have read these comments before I set up an account online. I am one of the shortest customers in their history and they DO NOT CARE. All I was trying to do was set up a no fee checking account, which I did, but then I could not log in online. I spent over 2 hours on the phone with customer service and no one could help. I asked for a call back from a management team member and was told that they won't call you. So I closed the account after 16 hours. DO NOT BANK HERE. YOU'LL BE DISAPPOINTED.

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