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  • Regions Bank Corporate Office Headquarters

Regions Bank Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Regions Bank Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Regions Financial Corporation
Official Address:
1900 Fifth Avenue North
Birmingham, AL 35203 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-800-743-4667
Fax Number: 1-334-832-8419
Contact Number for Support and Help: 1-800-734-4667
Online Banking Tech Support: 1-800-472-2265

Regions Financial Corporation, headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama, is a banking company that provides retail and commercial banking services. The company was founded in 1971 as the First Alabama Bancshares, Inc. and changed its name to Regions Financial Corporation in 1985. Regions serves customers in 16 states across the Southeast, Midwest, and Texas.

  • They steal your money. They have 33 grand of mine "on hold" for 5 days now and counting. It doesn't take that long to verify funds from BOA and Mercedes Benz. You guys SCREW your customers. If anyone is interested in a class action lawsuit, please shoot me an im.

  • I have been with Regions for over 14 years. The past six months I have experienced the WORST customer service. To try and speak with a person is next to impossible. Hold times on the telephone is 15 to 40 minutes. Once a person answers the phone they are unable to assist and the transfers begin, thus generating another hold.

    So to avoid having to wait on the phone I set up an appointment to meet with a Regions banker to transfer funds. I show up for the appointment and the banker is not there, she was not going to return within the next 40 minutes. Nobody, at the branch could wire money. The person at the branch suggested I drive to another branch for service. Drove to the next branch. Walked into an empty lobby area. One banker working with one customer. Customer leaves, Banker says "Do you need something?" Yes I need to wire some money. Have a seat I will be with you in a moment. I sat outside her office to listen to her call back FIVE customers before she would wait on me.

    There is no excuse for this type of customer service. After reading all of the other complaints I wonder how they continue to stay in business.

    I know that I will be moving my accounts.

  • Your corporate phone number has been disconnected. I would like to speak with the person who makes your marketing decisions.

  • Regions has stolen $36,240 of my money. Someone stole a check that I sent to a vendor and tried to endorse it and deposit it into a Bank of America account. BOA was clever enough to catch it, sent the money back to Regions, but Regions refuses to give it to me. THey keep blaming the branch for a paperwork error. Meanwhile, while the departments battle, I am out $46k+ with no resolution in site. No one will talk to me to resolve the issue. THis is ridiculous.

  • Locked out of using my debit card, went to the bank in Dunnellon, Florida assistant manager could not get through to the Fraud people that locked me out of my account for who knows why, plenty of money in my account, manager know help. Will go to bank and close my account and I am never going to do business with them ever again. People should know why you do not want to do business at Regions, customer service, there is none, if you have a problem no help. My account will be closed tomorrow!

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