Vivint Corporate Office Headquarters

Vivint Corporate Office Headquarters

5132 North 300 West

Provo, Utah 84604 USA

Corporate Phone Number: 1-800-216-5232

Fax Number: 1-801-377-4116

Sales: 1-888-567-2527

Customer Service Number: 1-800-216-5232


  • it seems that the Vivint sales people either cannot read or they read and disregard what they read–which doesn't give potential customers confidence i nthe sales person or the company they are representing. Twice yesterday a guy ran the door bell –over the door bell it says no sales, no soliciting, we have what we need…and if not we'll find you. I confronted the sales person on his second time ringing the doorbell. I asked him if he could read, he said yes, so I pointed to the sign directly over the doorbell. Then I said have a nice day….and guess what he's back today when he saw someone outside the house. Persistent yes, cause he wants a commission/sale but I have no confidence he'd be helpful or as persistent to handle customer needs.


  • This company is Thieves. We have 3 seperate accounts with them for our buisness, trying to cancel one of them and being told they want $3000 dollars to buy out their p.o.s useless cameras. What a joke! I can buy a nicer security system from costco for a 3rd of the price. Not to mention after these greedy MF's take all your money for there useless equipment, they dont even hire Americans. All the customer service people are in Mexico and barely speak english. These people are worse than Comcast! Will never recommend to anyone ever!

  • Today 10/29/2021 I have been on the phone for one and half hour with a tech and they could not fix it. I 'm tired and pissed that they where no help, so now I have to pay $49.00 to have a tech come to my house and fix the problem. Well it time to seek another company. I do not understand after reading all these complaints why a company would not do anything for their customers and solve their concerns. Vivint! you had better wake up and get your ship in order or you will be out of business

  • Billing has given me and my family the run around since I decided to trust your services. I have been given false information since I agreed to let this company service my home. I have been talking to billing since the day of installation and the issue has not been resolved. I been told that it doesn't matter who I report this company too "THEY DON'T CARE"!

    Now I have been waiting on my refund of $299.99 since September 11, 2018 and I have not received it yet. I have been told that its been mailed to me and no one can explain why when they have my bank card on file.

    That makes me know I'm getting the run around. This $299.99 should not have been charged to me in the first place. After calling and calling I was sent an E Docu to sign to put the $299.99 on my monthly loan which I did that was the only way I could get my refund and I still have not received it.

    Now yawl have a signed document that yawl added an additional $299.99 to my loan and yawl still have not refunded me. So, I'm charged an additional $299.99 and y 'all already took it out of my bank account which was NOT authorized.

    This company has not created an amazing experience for this customer. You have fallen short and NO ONE has rectified this situation yet. When I call about my refund, I receive the SAME LIE THAT IT HAS BEEN MAILED TO ME FIFTEEN DAYS AGO.


  • I know how yo9u feel. We had apt after apt where they failed to show. You spend hours waiting for them to show up, then they don't. You have waste days waiting for them to show, because we have nothing better to do

  • Apparently Vivint does not recognize the Service Member Civil Relief Act which is Federal Law. I got mobilized for "contingency operations" in the US and we sold our house to move closer to my Active Duty location. Vivint is still trying to have us pay for a service in a house we no longer occupy. They attempted giving us several options which includes still paying them. They are liars and thieves and I would stay away from them! I presented my Active Duty orders and they still will honor them!

  • Well, I had this system installed and was looking forward to a great new company to handle my security. Since then, I have had multiple problems. The panel constantly shows tampered with, the glass breaks do not signal the monitoring service, the panel volume cannot be adjusted, etc. I have been on numerous customer service calls since installation with no relief. When I have asked for someone to come out – I was told phone calls could fix the problem. I have opened and shut my doors and windows more during these calls than in the 4 years I have lived here. No solution. Now I am being told I will be charged a service call because of the length of time since install. Not sure why I should pay for something that never worked! I will cancel my service as soon as I can and be sure to inform everyone I can to beware of this company. Not exactly the story you were looking for and I'm sure like every other letter – I will get NO RESPONSE. Just documenting my story for all others to see.

  • I have been a customer of Vivint since 2009. I was told when I signed up that the service would transfer and when I said what if I do not want to, they said, behind the hand that of course they were not tyrants, chuckle. But last month I moved and still owned the home that held the alarm system. There was a storm at the home vacated and it caused the system to go down for some reason. When I went to that house, as we are only 30 miles apart, I found that the home was not protected for two weeks with a lot of important things still in it and that Vivint had only called THAT home four or five times in a row, according to my caller ID at the house, but that was it, not even leaving a message, which I did pick up during that time. They had allowed the system to be inoperable, my home unprotected, and had made no attempt to call my cell phone, my husbands cell phone or my neighbors, all of which is on file. Nothing done. My home was unprotected. So what was I paying for? When needed they WERE NOT THERE. When I called in to get an explanation, no one could say, only try to sell me a smart home system for my new home. REALLY? I would want them in my new home? When they did not take care of the old one? And to have a system that mattered, it was more than double now. I had called before the outage as part of my move preparation and they also had changed their plans/policy. Now I could not even get the decent plan sold to me then. They were locking me in for five years with a ridiculous price with the promise of lowering the cost at the end of five years, that would pay off the equipment. Really? Hell to the no. So today, I call and try to discontinue service, if you want to call it that. I am told my service cannot be turned off until October. This company has no bottom. Seems that in 2014 I added three years to my service by phone and he would get the recording. I don't care, I hate you. Period. You are lazy thieves. You would not get me to the correct department when I called over and over last month to get an explanation of no service and you are even worse now. I am 3 months away from the deadline. Oh, I will wait and WILL NEVER IN TEN MILLION YEARS USE YOU OR RECOMMEND YOU. YOU WASTED MY TIME, DID NOTHING TO PROVIDE SERVICE WHEN YOU WERE NEEDED. When have YOU broken the contract? If I have done so by not making a payment, when have you done so if not covering my home would not be breaking it? How about that? Sorry, rotten company.

    • We haven't had your issue's, but we sure have had our own set of issues. When we asked them to find recordings of our calls to them (they say every call is recorded), they weren't able to do that for us. How funny that they can pull the recordings of your calls when the shoe is on the other foot

  • Has anyone ever had any success in cancelling their service.
    We had our equipment pulled two days after installation well within the three day period.
    Six months later they are still deducting from our bank account and we have had no service and no equipment.
    Any advice please?

  • I'm reporting them to the State's Attorney Office. These people don't want to accept cancellation. I never went thru with the installation. The equipment was pulled the same day from my home. Add to that there is an additional charge of 19.99 to my account. I promise you they will have hell to pay. These people are are straight thieves.

    • I hope you went ahead with reporting them. Don't they know the 3 day law and the fact that you had the system uninstalled the same day makes this even worse

  • Apparently there was an issue with my solar panel system which was not recording the correct usage for 7 months. I was never notified period. I received a bill for triple the normal amount being winter with no AC usage. After speaking with customer service they informed me a Manager would call me back in two days but never did. When I called them back they told me that there was nothing they could do and that I had to pay it since I am committed to a contract with them. So pretty much to bad sucker. They were very unprofessional. This is no way to run a business. Does the CEO or owners of this Company take the time to read what's going on with their Company? Do they even care? Wow

    • We originally had a 3 year contract, which was over and we were on month to month for a very long time. When we wanted to disconnect from the, they told us that we had a 3o day waiting period per our contract. Really, you idiots we are no longer bound to a contract, but they are still trying to force the 30 days on us and making us pay for it as well. Customer service sure isn't what it used to be and I for one am fed up with it all. Not just Vivint, nobody cares anymore about customer service, Their bottom line is the almighty dollar. Vivint doesn't even care about customer retention, to them, there is always another unsuspecting customer just around the corner

  • I wish I had read all these complaints about this company before I joined. They are the worst I have sent messages to my local news stations about this company. I have complain to the corporate office which I doubt will do any good. My next two steps is to go to the better business bureau and get a lawyer and file a suit. We should all fill a suit and bring them down. I'm a single mother with a special needs child and the way they have been playing with our livelyhoods will not be tolerated.

  • I can't believe we fell for the door to door sales pitch. The salesman said he would pay off our ADT contract to gain our service- all high-tech installs. It wasn't costing us anything out of pocket and it was the same monthly payments as ADT, so we said, why not? We have a personal reference who loved Vivint as well. Now its been almost 6 months we have had Vivint and the salesman is never easy to get a hold of and ADT is going to collections with my account. DO NOT TRUST THEIR SALESMEN. I am shocked at how this company is still in business. I will be filing a complaint with BBB since I have proof (text messages) of what the salesman had promised to pay. I can never get a hold of anyone when I call! Poor customer service, rude salesmen, and no call center is how this company runs.

  • Attention Manager: Greeley/ Ft Collins Location

    I have emailed you regarding my service at my home with no response. So, I attempted to call twice this morning. First , I spoke with a representative in billing. She informed me that there was a department that handles terminating service and that I had to file a claim. This has never once been discussed with me. We have made it clear our intentions to terminate our contract because your service does NOT work properly at my residence/business. I have clearly stated that we own an oilfield storage company with millions of dollars worth of equipment in our yard. We are required to have working security cameras. We do not have that. For whatever reason, this system does not work at my home/ business. It is what it is. Your company is dragging its feet and making this the most miserable experience I've ever had dealing with a company. I expressed my frustration to the representative and when she went to transfer me she's so happened to disconnect me after over a half hour on the phone on hold. I immediately called back and after 8 minutes I just got disconnected again. I need attention to my account immediately. I was just charged another month of service for a system that does not work. I expect a response and for this situation to be addressed. It's very simple this system does not work we need to terminate service and end our contract so we can get proper working equipment to our business. I have followed every protocol you have asked of me. I have made myself available to your techs. I have patiently waited for Vivint to "cross their T's and dot their I's". I have called so many times and each call is frustrating and long. Enough! We don't deserve this! It is no fault of ours. The patience stops here. I need a refund for the month just charged including the months when this mess started . End my contract with no penalties. And come get your equipment. Also, one of your many techs did damage to my home and a claim was filed. A person who was to come see the damage and make an estimate never showed. And we have heard nothing further from that point. Really???? Please take the time to respond to my email. I have no other way of making contact. All attempts have failed. My next step with be filing a claim with BBB so they can further investigate and assist me in this matter. I have all of my paper trail showing I have done everything required by your company. I find it mind boggling that I have to to this length and still cannot get in contact with your company. I cannot find where to file a complaint. That says alot about your services. Contact me!!!!!

  • dear ceo
    I need your help through no fault of my own and neither your company I am just renew my contract and had to move. I call cm service and was to be transfer to hospility and I got none. All I need help with the contract I have met my burden I know it is a contract but my situation has change as well as my address. Can you cut me some cost in the closing of this account. I cannot take it with me and know one want to take over it. I will able to pay half if possible of the remainer please help????????

    Alicia Day
    old address 5860 n marshall st
    phila pa 19120
    new add 2401 benson st
    phila pa 19152


  • I hope the CEO reads this because I saw him on Undercover Boss. I hope he has the guts to contact me. My daughter worked all summer in North Carolina in 100 degree heat selling Vivant to help make money to further her education. She was told that she would receive part of her commission in the summer, but the rest would come in the fall. She was expecting at least 1500 dollars and just yesterday she was told that she would be getting nothing. What a crooked, immoral and downright illegal operation they run. Not to mention you are to pay commission sales people the minimum wage if they do not have any sales that day and you fail to do that. I urge any other salespeople who have been screwed by this crooked company to contact me. So Mr. CEO and what appears to be your phony Mormon faith, let's see if you have the balls to contact me. I will even give you a phone number to contact me. It is 509-576-6549.

    • I bet you were never contacted. I found an email address online, sent the email about our issue's and were never replied to. Calling this miserable company does no good. You can't speak to a manager either. When you ask for one, they say they will transfer, but then the same voice comes on asking how they can help you, claiming to be a supervisor. This company only cars about the almighty dollar

  • We were considering the system and asked several pertinent questions but did not receive an answer. We sent emails to the representative but still did not get an answer. Several days later we received a call for a "manager" who said she could work things out. We started to ask her questions and all of a sudden she hung up. We called the company but no one wishes to speak with us and all we get is a classical run around. We have looked at several companies given the same specs all were similar in price except Vivint said that they would install the equipment but were going to charge us $80 per month for the service and everyone else quoted $24.99 to $49.95 per month. I have just been told by "Bailey" a CS representative that the CS Manager has forbid her from giving out his name and that they do not give out first names. There corporate phone number goes to their CS department.

    • Yep, I called the corporate number and was told to press X for this and X for that, and it was all in the customer service realm of the company. What customer service? They don't provide customer service. They just constantly try to mention things they want you to buy while all you want to do is complain about their lack of customer service skills, their lying and theiving

  • These people installed a system in my rental home. The man living in my rental ordered it. I didn't!! I already had an alarm system in that home. They took my equipment out and installed theirs. The man renting my home died of cancer October last year. These people are actually calling me now threatening me!!!! I have a copy of the contract he signed and a copy of the letter he sent them canceling the service after 60 months. One of their reps actually called me and said they were going to get their "legal team" involved to contact me since I owned the home. REALLY???? I never contacted them, ordered their service or knew anything about this until this man pasted away and I went in my house. I have never seen such unprofessional people in my life! They want to involve legal…go for it! They have harassed me so much, interfered with my life and caused me so much grief I am now going to involve legal!!!!

  • I am on the phone right now trying to get the MESS this company has caused me straightened out. What an ABSOLUTE HORROR this company is! You don't even want to know. What a mistake!

  • Vivint Is a Rip off Business. I had automatic withdrawal to come out of my account to pay my bill each month then all of a sudden they stopped taking the payment out for the next three months. I thought that my Account had expired then after the third month Vivint tried to take all three months at one time but Thank God my Overdraft protection did not cover that much or i would have had a negative and a overdraft Fee. I called them and in formed them of the Mistake they had made and they tried to say they tried to take the funds out but it would not go thru. I told them every other company i owed took there money from the same Account. I even had the Bank print Papers to prove my Account was the same and money was in my Account on the days it was suppose to come out. needless to say they tried to put the blame on me and did nothing to rectify the problem. They even had the Nerve to say it was my responsibility for them to get there money. I told them No it isnt that's why you all had my Account #. Never again once my Contract is UP Vivint is totally Trash.

  • I was threatened by one your sales reps after asking them to leave the property because we are not interested in your services…he continued his sales pitch after being asked to leave for the 3rd time he told me he would cut my throat…see how bad I need the security then….are you kidding me..this is how your sales people act….shame on you.

  • to Anonymous ^^
    I got your back. FB does get your concerns heard. Pisses customers off to, they complain to FB get sick of not getting anywhere when they complain to FB and then the company gets less likes. Been there and have been removed from FB, because i voiced my opinion and was right. Todd needs to maybe concentrate on his company and the customer service that is received rather then his race car!

  • I started out with a great experience. They damaged property in my home and now won't correct the situation. There is a lack of accountability and I am now seeing there true colors after a month and a half of service. Can't get return calls. Customer service reps are clueless. I will be filing a complaint with BBB, sending formal complaint to corporate office and contacting media to enlighten the community about how this security company before contacting an attorney.

  • We had a sales rep come to our door. We had it installed that day, and then the next day decided it wasn't for us. We were really, genuinely, UNHAPPY with it. We didn't like the placement of the doorbell cam, couldn't even get the equipment we wanted and had to choose something else. We called to cancel within 12 hrs of install, but they couldn't get anyone out for another 2 weeks. They came and took it out on June 8, 2016. We got charged at the end of this billing period for it. When we called to talk to someone they told us that because we didn't send in a "written cancellation" in 3 business days in the mail, we were stuck and couldn't get out of the contract. Our only options were to "reinstall", "buy out", or "take over". Yes, it is written in the contract that we had ONLY 3 Business days to get this written piece of paper in. We live in MD. To get it there we would have had to send it certified, which never crossed our minds. So it wouldn't have gotten there in time to begin with. When we were on the phone with customer service they were rude, impolite, and basically told us "our hands are tied and so are yours". I will NEVER recommend this company to anyone, and I'm blasting it all over Facebook. Todd – your statement is a crock of BULLSH*T. If you really cared about your customers you wouldn't manipulate, bully, and basically force them to pay for something they are unhappy with, you would back your equipment 100% and you would provide the utmost in customer service. How can you sleep at night knowing you're robbing hundreds… thousands… maybe even millions… of people of their hard earned money. It's ok, YOUR judgement day will come sir.

    “My dad told me that if I was going to run a company, I had to provide the best service I possibly could for my customers.”

    -Todd Pedersen, CEO

    Maybe it's time to rethink what your dad told you? OR get some Customer Service training….

    • Mr. Pederson, Read what I posted On October 3rd. It's all true. I will be more than happy to email the documents to you. Trust me I have them all!!!

  • Absolutely the worst customer service experience ever. My system was taken over more than 5 months ago by the family that purchased our home. We are still getting billed. The "Moves and Takeovers Dept." is a joke. NEVER AGAIN WILL I RECOMMEND VIVINT!

  • Their customer service is of no help. All the comment here are in fact very true. If you have issues with the system be prepared to wait a long time for them to resolve. Their concern is getting in new revenue. Could care less of current customers because they are already getting your money whether they are providing the service or not. Will definitely spread the word to family, friends and co-workers that this is not a company they want to use.

  • I am having problems as well. Their devices and services suck. The door bell rings on its own. The camera does not record as it should. The motion detectors don't work. The panel mic doesn't work. I played smart! I never gave them my bank account information or credit card because I knew something would be fishy about this company. I am on the phone with them as we speak…..

  • I am a present customer with Vuvint I signed up with representatives when they were in my Neighbourhood trying to get new customers. I only had to pay for installation. I have since renewed my contract. I called wanting to upgrade I was told I had old panel had to get new panel and pau for installation of panel and for each item plus installation of each item. Which came close to total
    Of $1,000. I asked do you have any discount for your loyal customers she said no, she then offered me a $50 discount on my nearly $1,000 upgrade. I questioned her of discounts or sales she did no again. I then asked her how much to terminate my contract because I was not pleased of loyalty to existing customers and did some shopping around and existing customers are offered discounts to existing customers. I inquired on cancellation fee she called its it something else but it totalled $3,000 would be my existing contract cost of I continued paying for the next four years. I will not be referring anyone to Vivint and I will be on social
    Media advising the public because at this point I want out of my contract. They are not loyal to there customers I did not just signed with them and they are doing right by me at all. Feel free to contact if you can help if not please don't bother.

  • Last two comments are from me, Wright. Broken doorbell for 3 weeks…two tech people and Vivint expects me to wait until March and pay for broken equipment. Heck no! 216 Fenimore in Brooklyn NY is my address. I need an appointment to fix my doorbell camera in February! Not March, February! Please help!

  • Doorbell broken for 3 weeks! VIVINT INSIST I WAIT FOR A MONTH TO HAVE A WORKING DOORBELL AND CAMERA. REALLY? Missed guests, missed packages. Paying for a broken doorbell waiting for a tech for 3+ weeks! Terrible!!!

  • I have had nothing but trouble with Vivint Solar, since my solar panels have been installed. They initially gave me the run-around as to why my panels were not able to be turned on over 4 months after they were installed. Vivint blamed PSEG. I called PSEG and spoke to a family friend who holds a very high position in PSEG he told my that vivint did not send over all the paperwork. I had vivint call my friend and after 1 day they called me back and my panels were able to be turned on. What happened the 4 months prior?

    Now The flashing for the solar panels is hanging off the front of my house. It is quite dangerous for the fact that it is directly over my main house entrance. I called over 4 weeks ago about this situation. It has progressively been getting worse. They never called me back like they promised and finally after I called a second time they gave me an appointment for 3 weeks later. Well today was the appointment day and they did not show up. I called them back and they said their technician is out sick. I asked to speak to a supervisor and they will not put on on the phone. I explained that I cannot use my front door anymore and this is extremely dangerous. They did not seem to care and they did not even reschedule an appointment. This was the worst decision using Vivint Solar. I have a friend about to have his installed, but I think he will change his mind after I explain what I have been through.

  • Dear Customer Support at Vivint:

    While I have made very effort over the last week to give your company the benefit of the doubt and to cooperate with you in your attempts to address my valid complaints, it has become clear that we cannot reach a suitable accord. I have spent too many hours on the phone with too many members of your company to bear another attempt. As you will see from reviewing my file, I have cancelled my pending contract, the reasons for which should be well-documented and recorded. Still, I am terribly dismayed at the fact that your company insists that the soonest you can remove your equipment from my property is February 23rd, a full month from today’s date. Yes, I have requested that it be removed by a technician other than Darryl who installed it, but this simple request does not seem to warrant such an extreme delay.

    On my end, your refusal to remove your equipment sooner than one month out is delaying my ability to repair the electrical and wall damage caused by your initial install. Please note that I have an open claim with you regarding this damage. This is an inconvenience to me to say the very least, and a really unfair, spiteful business practice. I have suggested as much in multiple phone conversations and have gotten nowhere. I can’t help but note that when new service was requested, you were able to schedule an appointment within three days, but when a cancellation was requested (through no fault but those of your company), a month out is the best offer you can make.

    I respectfully request that a supervisor at the highest level within the company review this letter as well as the recorded conversations I have had with your company over the last several days. All that I am asking is that you remove your equipment in a much more expedient and reasonable length of time and provide me with written documentation that my contract is null and void, that my refunds are in progress for installation and first month’s monitoring, and that no penalties or fees shall be incurred by me for your company’s failure to properly install my system, and for spontaneously canceling (without notice) the tech appointment that was supposed to rectify these problems.

  • Speaking of a joke!!!!! I can't even get an install date!!!! I have been rescheduled 4 times…. what the hell does this company have going on…. NO ONE wants to help correct this experience, NO ONE wants to forward me to someone that can help. GUESS IM GOING TO AT&T Digital Life…..

  • VIVINT IS A JOKE!!! Security Service doesn't work. A tech has been schedule to come out and fix the system twice. Both times he didn't show. I asked Vivint to cancel my service. They said I would have to pay for the months remaining on my contract. My security service has not worked in two month. UNREAL!! Going back to ADT ASAP!!!

  • Worst customer service department I have ever tried to work with! The company preys on the elderly,signing them up for long term contracts. When you attempt to cancel your parent's long term contract due to having to move from their home into a nursing facility they make it extremely difficult to get out of the contract. I would not recommend this company to anyone! i am filing a complaint with the better business bureau.

  • Vivint hired me to repair a roof their technicians damaged and it has been 3 months and have not been paid. Do not trust this company with your money or credit card info they are not honest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • SORRY COMPANY!! We had a guy walk up to our door today, Sept 2, 2015. We've come to find out that his name is Nicholi here in Long Beach, California as we drove to take his photo, after getting confrmation and authorization from the online phone bank of Vivint.Solar, as he royally pissed us off to refuse to give a business card or his contact info!!

    Our home has clearly a bold lettered sign on our metal screen door, saying, "NO SOLICITING"! Well, somehow, wherever he got our name, he knew it and yelled out our last name through the door! I got up and was very upsent for the DISRESPECT! I then asked what he wanted. He LIED… and said he wanted to do a survey of the electric company's installation a few years back with an electronic unit!! I asked what he wanted to know, where he "babbled" about the rates going up. I let him know as a low income, there would be no way that the company would make it so difficult that everyone would not be able to pay. He tried to tell me that it would very well be possible. NIcholi also said that he could get someone out to check my roof and see if a unit could be installed there. I said, "I thought you were doing a survey on the meter?!" He said, "Yes, but he would get someone to check the roof and survey if a unit could be placed on our roof!" What?! Is this solar panel? He said, "Well, it is a small strip unit." I said, "I told you I didn't want any solar!" He tried to tell me that it was all paid for by the government! I said, "What are you charging?" He said, "Nothing!" How much to take it out if El Nino messed up my roof with this unit on it? Well…. it would be $400 to remove it. I told him, "What happened to the FREE that the government has already paid for it!" I included that it should cover all the cost! He fumbled with an answer. He pulled out the contract to show me that it was all insured by the company of the workmanship and anything that goes wrong. I said, "Yup… the company is insured, not the customer!" I said, this is why, at the end of your contract, it states we as the customer agrees of the "arbitration".
    We cannot sue and we have to wait for the company to "tell" us when it will be fixed, repaired or what they will offer for the repair. I told him, this is why most doctors offices have this on their forms. This young man had the audacity to tell me, "So, you don't go to the doctor?" I said, "You know what MF, I already told you that I was not interested, Nothing is For FREE, and I didn't want solar panels, and now you A-hole, you don't come here to question if I see a doctor, you are here to sell your sh– that I don't want from the getgo! 1, you disrespected my home with yelling into my door. 2. you disrespected with a bold letter sign on my door that says, "No Soliciting", 3. you have the audacity to tell me you cannot guarantee a greater rate than the CARE program 4. You refuse to give me a business card, but I called your corporate office to ask if I could take your photo, which i drove around my neighborhood and took your photo and your little asian pimpled faced associate. This is POOR BUSINESS PRACTICE and

    THIS YOUNG MAN SHOULD BE ASHAMMED TO REPRESENT YOUR COMPANY IN THIS FASHION!! If sales people from this company is like this, I see why there is so many "unhappy" customers asking to fix their units!! I am appalled but can see why he was a Sorry A- MoFo!

    I don't know what Comment as: means, as they are asking for added info like url… so I have posted Anonymous.

  • They came and put system in place of ADT, they did not replace the ADT sensors. I have bee having problems wih sensors loosing connection. I had an appointment Sat 8-11, nobody showed up. I called and they said they were supposed to call me and set new appointment. It is amazing that they screwed up and I have to adjust my schedule for them. How crappy is that?

  • We MOVED and still had to pay over $1,600 to pay off a contract that THEY PUT THE STUFF in our home in GA. We moved to FL and asked to have the service disconnected after we called NUMEROUS TIMES and sent SEVERAL E-MAILS we are STILL GETTING CONTACTED, in various forms, (for alarms to the house, promotional e-mails, updates, etc.). WHY? We do not even own the home anymore. The help center is ANYTHING BUT helpful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I could go on and on with the problems, but it would take way too much of my time.

  • I am having the same problem as most of these customers. My system is not working it is taking them months to come out and fixed it, i am looking for another security company to take over my contract. and taker.

  • My family and I have been with Vivint since the name changed from CPS, and their service was okay until July 11, 2015 when the smoke detector battery went out. My sister called customer service, and they said they disabled the panel from their location and told her to get a new battery. After getting a new battery, I called back to get our smoke detector put back on the panel and the customer service guy I called said he couldn't do it. We had our whole system updated with cameras added in 2014 to our contract, and the service man NEVER updated our smoke detector. He also didn't update the smoke detector when the new smoke detectors for the company became available, so the customer service guy couldn't add the old smoke detector back onto our system.

    My family's main concern is we have a bedridden mother with Dementia who requires care around the clock, and with the smoke detector disconnected from the panel, if a fire breaks out the fire department won't be alerted. We can't carry my mother out and we could possibly perish in the fire and smoke trying to save my mom with no immediate help from the fire department. Customer service, supervisors, and etc. said in so many words that it wasn't as important as an alarm issue. So we have been dealing with the panel blaring every couple of hours since July 11, 2015 with us having to run to the panel to turn it off. They insist that we can't get a service all till Aug, 12th, so we have been sitting ducks in danger for several weeks like our lives don't matter.

    Yesterday on July 24, a service man was working around the corner from my home less than a 10 second drive from my house that could have helped us for a few minutes, but customer service gave me the run around like our lives didn't matter. She stated that our appointment couldn't be changed and they had absolutely no one that could come before AUGUST 12.


  • What you need to do is take them to small claims court for the amount of the remainder of the contract. The company is a joke yet is worth big bucks because they screw everyone they get to sign up with them. To cancel the contract it is very specific. Has to be done in a short time period or it automatically renews for another term you can't get o out of. They are professional rip off artists and can not fix your alarm system because they are busy putting in a new ones. They told me two months and after I complained they dropped it to three weeks. Still UNACCEPTABLE. Filed suit in small claims court. They can send their lawyers and it will cost them quadruple of what my contract is worth to them.

    • YUP…. total ripoff and I dont deal with solar companies! NOTHING IS FREE! When I ripped the sales person to shreds, I told him, "If I had to redo my roof, how do you take it off so this could be done?" He told me it would cost today, $400 to remove and store it! I told him, "You said it was ALL FREE?" He said, "Well, we have to make some money…… "He claimed "all of it was paid for by the government!" I don't know what government he was from, but it wasn't the USA, because there is "always a catch" to FREE!! Their sales people are scanlous and I see their service for HELP and REPAIR are just as horrific! Praying for all of those who already have the service! God Don't Like UGLY!!

  • We signed up for Vivent a week after moving in to our brand new home. They came in sold it to us and had a technician out immediately to install everything. One week later we found out our doorbell wasn't working so we called them to come repair it. They scheduled us out a month. They came out for that service call and was unable to repair it and had to call an electrician in to see what the problem was. The electrician said that the original technician had fried our transformer when installing the doorbell. They fixed it and scheduled Vivent to come out a second time. They show up again, a month later and found out that when they fried our transformer, they also fried the doorbell and the tech didn't have one on his truck. So now here we are, having to RESCHEDULE and we are looking at the 20th of may before they can come again. I find it funny how they were able to install this crap the same day they sold it to me but they cant fix their problems in a timely matter.

  • Alarm went off…we find out it's a low battery. Called for service and were told it would be two months before they could get someone out ! ! ! We are paying them for a service and they are not providing it ! No contact then…..

  • Iand my husband are retired, we bought a just built house with a security system in it, but decieded to go with vivant, the sales person who came to our house did not tell us that the sysstem that was already in the house was hard wired, having never had a security system before i didn't know this would be a problem, so far in the year, that we have had the system we have had numerous problems, we have had technincians out and talked on the phone to numerous customers service reps. who do not have a clue, nobody is on the same page, there is no solid answeres, and when i asked if this issue is not fixed, our option is to pay out of our contract. What Company that wants to stay solvent does that???? Who is running this business anyway and did he/she go to how to rip off off people young and old business university. I am so dissappointed,I will make sure my social media circle knows whats going on and ask that they pass it on. Vivint even told me if all else fails ,I would have to pay for thier extra equipment to fix it, WOW! They have no ethics whatsoever.Shame on you Vivint, Money makes people do bad things .so Sad for your company and the people that work for you, I would never work for your company .

  • I wish I would've done my research before I signed up with Vivint. They are not ran well. Someone need to do a complete overhaul of this company. It could be good, but it is ran so poorly they can't keep customers. I'm out! Glad my contract is up!!!!

  • I have an automatic bill pay set up with vivint. I have been a customer for four years. This last month they took two payments out of my checking which bounced my checking account. After a few days they deposited the extra payment back into my account, however I am still out the $34 the bank charged my account. The sales rep said I had to fax proof of this overcharge and fee from my bank to possibly get a refund. So I did that.. I have made many calls. I have been told it takes 7 days for the fax to reach the right department. It's been 13 days and no one has acknowledged the fax let alone refunded my $34 fee that was caused by their double billing. The customer reps say there is no corporate phone number. This is the second time I have been double billed. I am very unhappy with the" i'm sorry oh well" attitude they are showing and bottom line, just ignoring the problem.

  • I've been going back & forth with this company for the past 24 hrs regarding an authorized charge on my debit card. I spoke to 2 different ppl who both gave different reasons as to why I was charged w/o my consent. I was finally told that I signed up for automatic bill payments. I've never signed up for automatic bill payments & if I did the payments wouldve been deducted on a monthly basis not just this 1 time. No one @ Vivint can seem to come up w a resolution. I've asked to speak w a supervisor on 3 different occasions when I've called in & haven't been allowed to speak with anyone. I have reported this company to the Better Business Bureau for their poor business practices & poor customer service.

  • Vivint Sucks
    They are liars, gives false information and misleading Information.
    Vivint actually closed my account affective 9/11, if anyone would like to receive a copy of the email that I received from Mr Rex at Vivint please contact me and it will be provided. Meanwhile, it will be public in a few months if your patient. I am doing everything in my power to make vivint pay for all the harm they caused me

  • Vivint set up a contract for 39.95 a month and consistently billed me 60.95 a month. I told them I wanted 39.95 in writing and they refused,due to their legal depts advice but promised month to month at 39.95 month. Through all this my system is malfunctioning , 4 trips later not counting a no show from them and my system is still malfunctioning. There was promises of refunds that I waited through 4 weeks and multiple times said the check is in the mail. This company claims to have everything on a recorded line. Yet they have no accountability to what is told to the customer . Only 1 person in around 100 phone calls ever called me back. I got fed up and asked for a call from the highest corporate line available, I was given a call from the same dept I spoke with yesterday. I am not sure if they are frauds or just incompetent but I am pretty sure if it;s not fixed this time they are outta here!

  • I currently have a Vivint system I have called them about 60 plus times due to criminals getting passed my alarm! They have crawled under my house where 2 motion detectors are placed, a sensor on the lid of the crawl space aswell. They have entered my garage and my home several times, police reports galore, still no service tech to date to check the system! This has been I believe a couple of years with no service tech! I just got off the phone with them today and advised them that all their tech support, customer service, and the likes where incompetent! I had to install my own cameras b/c the tech couldn't figure them out I have since got rid of them, please avoid this company as they do not take care of us!

    • they are accessing your home with the installer code . It gives full access to your account keypad everything to do with vivint . i have never been so afraid in my life I only found out the installer code sunday and used it to access my keypanel WOW i could not believe i was living in fear for so long as someone who I belive to be a Vivint employee has been coming in my home even when I am there . He is not stealing he is stalking . the installer code is universal and gives anyone who has it full access to your system they would have to be tech savvy to know what to do once in the keypanel now i know how doors are getting unlocked sensors bypassed. chimes and voice are off in the morning when i wake up and my notifications say someone bypaseed the front door sensor opened at at 4am and so much more has happened in my house at one point he even had access to my gun as I was scared and did not have it locked up. vivint knows about this code and does not tell anyone they have not taken nor denied responsibility . they changed the cell phone transmitter in my system but they knew that would not stop him from still accessing with the installer code. sunday one of thier very bad reps supervisor gave me the installer code now I understand how bypasses deleted video etc has happened as i did have him on video one time but before i could call the police the video was deleted.

  • Was happy with Vivint until today. I got some of their hitech cameras. They suck! The site is glitchy the camers are wifi and unsecure they broadcast to anyone that can pick them up. You only get 500mb of data storage thats right less than a CD a month. So I called today to return them unsatisfided with the performance of them. They became a part of my three year contract with out my consent. They are calling it a verbal contract. Saying its for safety reasons they can not take it off my bill.$11 a month extra to loose a customer FOREVER! What a stupid company policy!!!! My name is Laurence Gurney don't be fooled like me.

  • Stay away from Vivint, very dishonest company.
    I was a customer for four years, some equipment problems, nothing too serious.
    Contract was up Sept 2013 so wife called them in Aug to let them know we would not be renewing. Faxed the cancellation and they refused to cancel. They are still billing us every month and will not cancel the account until we pay the current balance which is now approaching $300.
    In Aug we told them to send the final bill for Sept which was $43 so I could send them a check with paid in full but they wouldn't do it.
    We have gotten over 200 calls from their 2000 or so telemarketers asking " I see your account is in arrears, would you like to pay that today with your credit card sir"
    Its now Jan 1014 and the calls have stopped, but now we are getting statements each month with a new $43 charge.
    This is still ongoing.
    Stay away from these Crooks.
    I am an ex collector, so I know the ropes, but I pity the less informed getting rooked by these Crooks.

  • In August 2013 we had Vivint installed in our home. I am currently undergoing treatment for cancer and other medical problems. Our home is going into foreclosure and when I called to cancel they said that we couldn't cancel. I asked to speak with a supervisor and kept getting told that they were the supervisor. They also told me they UNDERSTOOD MY DIFFICULTIES. When I talked to another person they said the same the same thing. I asked for the corporate office phone number and was told they didn't have it. After getting off the phone I tried to sign back in to our account and couldn't. My password would not work. There is also no account number listed on our account. What kind of company is this? It is a fraud. I will be talking to my attorney. When you lose your home you lose your security. They are a joke.

  • About 15 months ago we called around for home security systems for my mother. She lives next door to us and has Alzheimers, and needed more monitoring during the night to ensure she did not begin to wonder. Their Rep Jason, came out and we ended up getting a system at my mom's and my house. When he was going over the contract and stated it was a 4 year contract, I told him, I could not guarentee 4 years at my moms due to her illness. He reassured me that was fine. If mom passed, or was placed in a home, all we needed to do was cancel her service. The day came then end of May this year and mom was placed in a home. I called Vivint and at first they let me know that I could pay off her contract, or resell it. I said No, Jason advised us prior to signing anything that due to moms condition we would be able to cancel. I was put on hold for 10 minutes. When the young lady came back, she said I needed to write a cancellation letter and obtain a letter from the home and submit for cancellation via email or fax. I received the letter from the home via fax that same day, scanned and emailed and faxed it. I did not receive a confirmation email from them, so I submitted it once again on the 12th of June. The first of July, I received another bill from Vivint, only instead of my mom's name on her account, they put it in my name without my permission or knowledge. I called and spoke with Spencer in their cancellation department and was informed that regardless of what I might have been told, what is in writting is all the proof they need and since I signed the contract (I have POA over my mom's affairs), it is my account and since I am not the one placed in a home, they can not cancel the contract. Really????? I have my own account with them and they know that, and they will not stand behind what their SALES REPRESENTIVES say. I will NOT pay for two accounts. I will NOT be lied to, and have them twist this just so they can keep the account. I have filed a complaint with the BBB, and I will continue to fight this. It is hard enough dealing with my mothers condition and all that goes with it to have some corporation take advantage of her situation for monetary reasons.

  • I didn't even sign up for the any of the services offered by Vivint. I came home from work and the Vivint equipment was installed in my home without my permission and they removed the ADT system that was already installed. Their solution 2 days and 4 managers later was that they will come and get their equipment but they were not going to do anything about my ADT system. So now I have to pay to have the ADT equipment put back in my home. I asked for their corporate office information and was given an address but they stated they didn't know who to address my corporate complaint with. This company takes no responsibility for their employees or the service they provide. The message they play when you're on hold keeps saying they provide peace of mind however all I have experienced with them is inconsistencies and fraudulent activity. I also will be filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau because this company apparently safe guards there complaints and indiscretions from their corporate office or this is how their entire business is conducted.

  • These people are liar's and thieves. They will do and say anything to get you of the phone without regard to your problem or solution. The call center is a joke as they have no ability to solve the problem at hand. They are very good at saying sorry but can't do a bloody thing. They in a word SUCK

  • In October 2011 My husband and I signed up for Vivint home security service and since November of 2011 I have been over charged for the service. In Aug. of 2012 Vivint finally sees the mistake after several phone call and time and send me a check for the amount they have overcharged me. In the same month when the payment came out of my account is was the wrong amount. I have made several more phone calls and lots of time on hold. Here it is Feburary of 2013 and they are not saying, they are not at fault. I have had an attorney look at the contract and Vivint is in breech of there own contact. My next phone call is to have the system removed from my home and have my attorney file a complaint with the better business bureau. This has happened to several people in Gillette, WY. I would not call this quality service and this is one unsatified customer.

    • I cancelled my service November 2015 and it took me until January 2016 to get this cancelled (or so I thought). I received an e-mail from them a few days ago stating that I owe them money. This is just a mess and I wouldn't recommend anyone to use them.

    • The worst experience with a business in my life. I tried to cancel services within 48 hours and now three years later with a paid off balance of equipment we never used I am jumping through hoops to terminate FOREVER as I paid the contract OUT and THEY ARE STILL WANTING SOMETHING ELSE!! Somebody above said THIEVES, that does not even began to describe this atrocity. Literally makes me sick to my stomach.

  • On Dec 17 my vivint security system malfunctioned. This is Dec 26, the promised day of repair service. The technician did not arrive, furthermore the call centre does not have a working phone number for him and cannot tell me when he will arrive. Would you call this quality service or service in a timely manner? No satisfaction here!

    • Iam having the same issues my system has been malfunction It has been down for 6 weeks they have scheduled 4 appointments none have been kept when I call customer service I get transferred over seas I held today for 40 min to no resolve I will tell everybody to stay away from this company they are quick to install but don't come back to repair

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