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ADT Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How To Contact ADT Corporate Office Headquarters

1 Town Center Rd.
Boca Raton, FL 33486 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-561-988-3600
Fax Number: 1-561-988-3601
Customer Service Number: 1-888-238-2727

  • ADT is the worse security service on the market been with them for 21 years, home never was protect my home been broken into several time never received an alert or call 9r anything from ADT this company is a joke was talked into upgrading home still gotten broken into no one call me or alert me not anything from ADT now they don't want there equipment back trying to force me to pay for it this wrong their system is easy to hack into all someone has to do is add a trusty device they control your ADT system this sad.

  • ADT is not even the security company people, they are a front for another company that comes in and installs the system. ADT just puts the name up and bills you. Everyone of you who have had it installed did it with a local company that installed their equipment stamped ADT. but ADT does not watch your house. keep your cameras and alarm working. it's the people who installed it.
    lol. wish l read more into adt. adt is a front company. pozzi scheme. they take your money and blame the local company that installed it at your house.
    no customer service on the phone. no service from the people who installed it.


  • I have only been with ADT for 2 months. I have found an URGENT need to have cameras installed (i.e. someone consistently trying to get into my home). Safe Haven installed the system and a new tech, brand new mind you installed my system (nice guy and knowledgable). I was unable to get written instructions for my system. I had to contact the main number on ADT's website to have them mailed to me. I needed cameras put in, called Safe Haven for 3 days. No response. I had to call the main ADT number (from website) to order them. I cannot get into my account online as of this date. I have worked with the Main ADT office since installation to try to fix this issue. No go. I was told the technician will set it up when they install cameras on December 6, 2021, that I ordered Nov. 27, 2021. My appointment was scheduled for December 6, 2021 between 12-4. I received a call at 4:10 telling me my appointment is cancelled and rescheduled for December 18, 2021. UMMMM WHAT???? I have someone actively trying to break into my home. I have been on a so called priority list since Nov. 27, 2021. As of this date, they still have not installed my cameras. Time is of the essence yet they ignore the issue. They cancelled my appointment and do not care. Now, when I mentioned this to the finance office they said I'd have to pay $$$ to cancel. Ummmm noooooo, you are not providing service. They do not have enough technicians yet they keep running specials to get people to sign up. WAKE UP!!! So, if I'm paying them money to install cameras and they can not do it in a timely fashion (or in my case URGENT situation), what would make me think that if the system malfunctioned that they would repair it promptly??? They don't have enough technicians. I should have been moved to the next day and even that would have been bad. This is the first time in my whole life that I've had someone not show up for an appointment. Then to have the odacity to call me after the install time to cancel and then push me back out two more weeks, REALLY??? I told the finance office the very next day after cancellation December 7, 2021, about what occured, they agreed that it was unacceptable, but, here I sit on December 8, 2021 with no cameras installed. I will be making a call to Corporate with a letter being sent about this whole situation and I expect a solution promptly.

  • Horrible, Horrible company. Run away if you can. They will not honor their 6-month customer satisfaction guarantee. I requested a refund less than a week after it was installed. 19 calls and 4 technicians later, my system still isn't working and my "Local Branch" never calls me back.

  • I called to inquire about expanding my services and was contacted by 3 "Sales Reps" all asking for my updated information. 1 of them went so far as to negotiate, through her "supervisor, an agreeable contract. When she sent me the newly agreed upon for my sigiture, it made no reference to the specifics that w agreed upon and was simply a standardized 24 month service contract. That's right, I read all 9 pages of the small print. When I brought that to her attention, she said that my specific requirements WERE there but, when I asked her to show me where she fell back on her oft used, "Let me contact my supervisor. As I told her, I'm too old( and wise) to put my signature to a document that doesn't even mention the items that I was contracting for. It was just to "scammy" for me so I discontinued the conversations. This sales approach is no better than TERRIBLE and, for that reason, I am considering calling in another security service.

  • Fax number does not work because they "have no Fax number"
    No email either

    Only way to send correspondence is bu Post Office !!!!

  • I am a very unhappy customer. I started my service with ADT November 11, 2014. I use this service at my home and office. Upon execution of my contract on
    November 11,2014 It was stated there was a 3 year contract. I did not want to hold myself to 3 years so your Sales rep. came up with a rider for a one year contract for my home and office. So as of 9/1/2018 I should not be under any obligation to ADT by contract. On August 4, 2016 I requested a transfer of my service to another location nearby. Service transfer was provided however the contract changed without my approval or consent. The installer had an unauthorized employee sign what she thought was a service installation slip . Unbeknownst to this employee is was a contract for 3 years. I am the owner of this company and I am the only person authorized to approve anything for Pest Relief.

    When I called I was told I had to speak to an account manager. I spoke with Mike #281794. He was not accommodating at all in fact he was stone cold. I explained I wanted to cancel and he said you can't you're under a 3 year contract. I explained my position but to no avail. He said when you transferred your service you get a new contract. I said that's the key, Transfer! I am transferring the same contract with the same company name and the same auto pay every month from the same bank so how can this be considered a new account. He said you have another year on the contract and you will be charged a cancel fee. I said. NO, I only had a one year contract with you and I want to cancel.The reason I'm cancelling is because I requested a quote for cameras at my office. The monthly price was 70 plus my alarm service. Too Much! So I signed a contract with another company for $55 per month including alarm and cameras. Not including install charge of cameras. Mike would not accept my cancel. I stated I have a home service that I am keeping but now I want to cancel that too. He did not care. He said you can do that your not under contract but not the business. This is official notice that I am cancelling my service with ADT effective immediately located at 1460 SW 3rd Street, Suite B7 Pompano Beach, Fl 33069 . I will gladly accept a call from upper management to resolve this issue. 954.290.6142 but from reading the other reviews I won't hear from anyone. I will turn to over to my family attorney if I don't hear from management.

  • I just got off the phone while ago from a very rude representative at ADT HQ. Instead of listening to me as a long time customer, she tries to overpower me with unfounded assumptions of what’s going on with my alarm system. Worst, after these assumptions, she tries to refers me to technical support. If you don’t know about the technicality of an alarm system and you’re only a call center operator, be that and suggest to transfer me to a tech. Lastly, listen and shut the hell up.

  • Absolutely horrible customer service. They have zero respect for customers time or security. They are supposed to provide peace of mind, but instead provide hellish amount of ending stress trying to get anything done. They do not even know their own equipment and let me site with trouble alarm blaring in my bedroom for 3-4 hours a night in the middle of the night with nobody knowledgeable on how to get it to stop. Eventually, tech team got the trouble alarm to stop so now I have zero ability to know that there is trouble, no ability to assess when their is no signals going to monitoring. Right now I've been left for nearly one week with zero signals going to monitory so I could be sound asleep when someone breaks in and no signal will go to monitoring and I go to sleep ea night without knowing how long my system is entirely down which has been most of 1 week. I live in an isolated area. Save yourself stress. Find another company

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