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  • Office Depot Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Office Depot Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How to Contact Office Depot Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

  • Office Depot Corporate Phone Number: 1-561-438-4800
  • Address: 6600 North Military Trail, Boca Raton, FL 33496 USA
  • Website: OfficeDepot.com


Office Depot Company Bio:

Office Depot, Inc. is an American office supply retailing company. The company offers office supplies, furniture, technology products, and copy and print services to customers through its retail stores, online presence, and mobile app. Office Depot’s parent company is ODP Corporation. ODP markets its products under various brand names, including Office Depot, OfficeMax, and Grand&Toy, among others. The company was founded in 1986 and is headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida.

Office Depot Competition:

Office Depot competes with other office supply retailers, such as Staples and Amazon, as well as big-box retailers like Walmart and Target. The company also faces competition from smaller, niche office supply retailers and online-only retailers.

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 Office Depot Headquarters Photos

Office Depot Corporate Office in Boca Raton, Florida
Office Depot’s Corporate Headquarters and Main Offices

Office Depot Main Office

Office Depot Global Headquarters


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  1. Terrible customer service experience. Ordered items and found out through the UPS site that the package was damaged. I was told by UPS that I needed to contact the shipper in order to get my merchandise. Contact your office and instead of just Re shipping the items they told me they would have to credit me then I would have to reorder – very unacceptable as the items were already late and wanted them to reship the next day so I could have them. This did not happen. Canceled the order and waiting for credit as well as waiting for credit on another order that was canceled days earlier I am still waiting for them to credit me back for that credit card that was charged. Will never do business at Office Depot again. Customer Service Reps need to be trained to help the customer.

  2. I will NEVER shop with Office Depot again! Bought a computer from the Tanasbourne Mall store in Beaverton, Oregon, complete with McAfee subscription and tech support subscription a year ago. Didn't work as promised, so returned it within 3 days. Was told all subscriptions associated with the computer and our account would be cancelled. BS! Was billed for BOTH SUBSCRIPTIONS again on my credit card! Had to call to get 1st one refunded last month. Was told ALL subscriptions were again cancelled. BS – just received another bill to the credit card for $129.99 for tech support! Don't know if they cancelled EITHER subscription. I'm so upset that I will NOT shop at ANY of their stores EVER again!

  3. I have had the most unprofessional experience at your Fort Lauderdale Cypress Creek Store 371. I went in the store to have a scan and fax sent to unemployment. The fax I asked for should of been sent as 1 fax of 73 pages. It did not the fax went as 2 separate entities. Since this happened my information was combined with someone else's information. Not acceptable! Next the email I asked was sent undeliverable. I have forwarded all proof with this email. Since this has occurred I have been seeking a refund which your store manager Wallie stated I would get, as well as the phone rep that had helped me. I also have a witness which was with me. We were being helped by an assistant and in the middle of the assistant helping me Wallie told him to go on break and the employee just left me and my witness standing there. No one came over to help us and we were left standing there unattended so we sat down waiting. I even gave the assistant a 5 dollar tip for helping me, this was prior to him just leaving us standing there.Wallie is very unprofessional and doesn't care about the customers at the store. I am seeking a full refund in the amount of 156.17 due to my fax going through as 2 separate entities and the email undeliverable. Please see all proof below. I am a manager that works for merchant services so I am well familiar on how one should treat their customers. Your policy states 100 percent guarantee customer satisfaction and this I am not. I was assured by 2 people from Office Depo that my refund would be processed and it still is not, nor was I happy with the way I was treated. As one who works with customers Wallie was unprofessional by telling his assistant to go on break right in the middle of helping me. I should not have had to go through this experience as one seeking help from your manager or agent assistant.

  4. tried to buy 7 printers that were on sale and instead I received 20 emails stating it was pending and even called customer service and they told me that they would be here on this day and blah blah blah about 4 times the same thing but no printers guess I wont be using you again!

  5. On Wednesday, October 30th 2019, I went to Office Depot to print a three page pdf file. The machine that Office Depot has to print pdfs is a very simple, menu driven device. A five year could operate one, easily. On Monday, I went to the same Office Depot. A very nice man, employee or manager, helped me with the same task. He entered his access code and printed the pages and it all took, from start to finish, about 20 seconds. Maybe less. Today it was a totally different story. I asked for assistance, explaining the last employee had entered his code. I did not say when I was previously there. I was told that Office Depot had changed their policy about four weeks ago. They were not allowed to enter their code to help a customer. This made no sense that a company would make a policy to limit how an employee could help a customer. Multiple employees came over to the machine (as I kept asking for help) and they kept saying they could not help because they were not allowed to enter their access code. And then they would walk away. Not one of them tried to print the pdf manually as a customer would. They just kept giving the same excuse. I was getting very irritated. Visually upset. I knew this was simple to do. Finally, a sales rep told me I needed to get a cash card. (I don't have a debit card) I went to the cashier and got the card with a dollar seventy seven on it. I knew how much it was going to be. I went back to the machine and swiped the cash card. It said the card was an invalid card. Finally, I asked to speak to the manager. She came out, but she never went to the machine. Instead she gave the service counter employee my memory card and the cash card. She instructed the employee to charge me the same amount as I would have been charged on the self service machine. (It's more expensive at the counter.) I was upset, so I wasn't thinking clearly. Now I have had time to cool down. The task at hand was easy, why didn't any employee just do it manually as a customer would? But then I realized something. It has to be a scam. They have to set the machines so they won't work for customers. This explains why the employees kept saying they couldn't help because they were not allowed to enter their access code for customers. It also explains why none of them, including the manager, attempted to print the pages the same way as a customer. In the end, I believe they want the customer to get frustrated and then ask the clerk to do it for them. This way Office Depot can charge more money, and the customer wouldn't care because they would be so frustrated it would seem worth it. Ok. Yes, I put all of this together in my head. But it makes sense out of something that otherwise makes no sense at all. It is so easy, why would they let a customer get so visually frustrated and continue not helping? Because they want you to go to the counter and get over charged for the same service. I have four so-called spy cameras. One is a body cam (wired) that looks like a shirt button. The others look like other items and are wireless. They all connect or transmit to a small DVR that you wear some where on your body. I have decided to use these cameras to record the experience with these machines. I am going to go to all the Office Depots in my county. And make recordings of trying to use this machine. Recording what the swipe machine says after swiping a card. And every other aspect. I am going to record all the employees and the manager(s) and their so-called help for printing the pdf. Maybe it is only this one Office Depot, but I seriously doubt it. Once I have the video proof, I am going to post it on Youtube and every other video website I can find. Of course, I will wait for a while. Let things die down. When no one remembers this post. Look for the video on Youtube! If Office Depot stops the scam, I win. If Office Depot does nothing, I win. And they will likely loose some serious cash when it gets out they scam customers into spending more money.

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