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  • California Pizza Kitchen Corporate Office Headquarters

California Pizza Kitchen Corporate Office Headquarters

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  1. The Novi, Mich. store is awful. Manager, and 2 servers, Ricardo & Molly.
    Worst ever! I couldn't cut the pizza with a knife so tough. Ricardo brought us very very old honey packets. He said to us, I just clock in and do my job,when we asked him questions.It went on to worst not better, and the manager could care less. They are a reflection of him for sure.

  2. Please contact me regarding your blinds….that are broken and dirty in your lake grove location located in Long Island New York , on my recent visit there for dinner with my family ……the sun was coming through the windows and into our faces ?..so I wanted to close the slats but I couldn't because the wam
    Ns was broken so I asked the waitress to help me and she said oh just turn them by hand …..lmao I did but they were filthy dirty ,not good for a place that serves food and by the way not child safe blinds as well …terrible!then what really makes me send this is a waiter came out and stepped on the booth cushion to close additional blinds with his shoes THATS GROSS! After walking in the kitchen ? I want to speak with someone 516-317-5091

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Corporate Office Headquarters