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Pf Changs Corporate Office Headquarters

How to Contact Pf Changs Corporate Office Headquarters

P.F. Chang’s China Bistro
7676 E. Pinnacle Peak Road
Scottsdale, Arizona 85255 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-480-888-3000
Customer Service Number: -866-732-4264


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  1. Hi. I am a rewards member and was checking your menu to order a Family Meal tomorrow night. perhaps you can imagine my surprise when a) you no longer have Family Meals to go but it is now listed as Graduation Meal. and b) for the family meal for two has increased to $50 about a $24 increase for the same product. I called the Chandler location and they also were shocked about the price increase. I am retired and on a fixed income and finally we found a good restaurant that we could splurge on about once a month. We told our friends about it also. Can you give an explanation for such a huge increase other than the usual "supply chain and staffing issues" ? Certainly doesn't give us a warm and fuzzy feeling to recommend. P F Change going forward.

  2. Tues, Feb 22nd my husband and I went to have a late lunch at PF Changs in Aurora, CO. We were sat immediately, placed our drink orders, then ordered our meals. I had ordered the honey shrimp on steamed rice (my favorite). When our food arrived, it looked wonderful, sadly it was not wonderful to eat. My honey shrimp was coated with a VERY bitter orange chicken sauce that tasted spoiled. I told the waitress and she brought out two dishes of the honey sauce to put on it. It was NOT honey sauce, but the same spoiled bitter orange chicken sauce. I am very disappointed that the recipe has appeared to have been changed. You have lost my business.

  3. It is revealing to me to see all of the negative comments from P.F. Changs around the country. In Sarasota, the PFC restaurant has disappointed us for the second time in a row and we will probably avoid any further dinners there. Our waiter was slow, the egg drop soup had something gray in it that looked like a octopus tentacle, the brown rice was cold and the sweet & sour chicken was lukewarm. I was hoping that our first visit was a fluke and wanted to enjoy this Chinese meal at PFC. I complained using their website to no avail. I guess it's indicative that the problems go straight to the top.

  4. On Monday September 4 my friend and I went to PF Chang in Annapolis, MD for lunch. It was about 3:45 and lunch was over at 4:00 pm. We asked to sit outside but there were about 3 tables that needed to be cleared so we were asked to wait about 5 minutes until that was done. We went to the bar and purchased a drink. 5 mins later we returned and was seated. Another couple was seated ahead of us and a group of 3 were already seated. We sat and waited 30 minutes for someone to take our order as we watched 4 waiters walk by us, seat other people, take their orders and bring them water and tableware. By this time lunch time was over. After 30 mins my friend got up to find the manager. the manager was a young lady by the name of Jazmine. She came to our table and simply apologized for the delay and stated that she would talk to the wait staff to see why 4 servers ignored us and asked to take our orders. She seemed indifferent to the fact that we were visibly unhappy. I asked her what if anything she could do to make things right. She told us that she could take care of our drinks and insure that we received the lunch prices. We informed her that we had already paid for our drinks at the bar. We placed our orders. When the food arrived what I found that the lobster dish that I had a while ago was no longer in the shell instead it was fried and battered so I asked that it be returned. My friends order was also not correct so she asked that it not be returned. the manager came back out with the food that we had returned and asked us what exactly was the problem. When we explained the issues, she literally stood in the middle of the restaurant at our table and argued back and forth with jus, clearly annoyed with us, and kept cutting us off and being overly argumentative. She called a server over and told her to assist us from then on. The server placed a new order for us and asked if we'd like another drink, we both said yes. She delivered the drinks and food as ordered and we were pleased. Meanwhile, as all of this was going on, I contacted a customer service Rep with PF Chang (DeJa) and forged a complaint. DeJa was kind, understanding and attentive and immediately emailed me a $55 gift certificate. After our meal the manager (not the server) came out to us as if she wanted to stick it to us one last time, placed the check on the table and told us to have a good day. When we looked over the check we discovered that we both were charged the dinner prices for our meals and also for the second round of drinks. When I questioned the manager, Jazmine, she stated that she did not tell me that she would give us free drinks and as for our meals, we ordered from the dinner menu and she did not tell us that we would receive lunch prices from that menu. We should have ordered from the lunch menu. Clearly, she wanted another argument so I raised my hand to say "no problem". I gave her the gift certificate that DeJa sent me, tipped the waiter and we left. We have been waiting to hear back again from someone as a follow up but as of today (Thursday Sept 7th) nothing. I strongly feel that this manager is not suited to act in such a capacity and I would like to know that she returns to class for Manager and Customer Service 101. I have NEVER been so rudely treated in my life! That was totally a disservice and truly unacceptable behavior on her part. I hope to hear more from someone at PF Chang Corporate regarding that incident.

  5. I am a regular who frequented the PF Changs in Aventura. We were regulars of a server Stephanie and when we went to dine we were told she was terminated after having to ask for her multiple times. Stephanie was an incredible server who was always so attentive to our needs and special requests. She was always so positive and made our experience worth the trip to that specific location. The last time we were there we had horrible service. We will no longer be dining at PF Changs.

  6. I have received offers of $10 off of $40 twice from PF Changs. My location in Winston-Salem, NC would not accept the coupon on the 2 for 42 meal on the menu. The coupon clearly states that it's good on any thing on the menu but they denied it when I presented it. Please clear this up PF Chamgs! Don't offer something that's not offered!

  7. As my boyfriend and I where out at the P.F Chang's in new Orleans by lake side mall and this is the first time my experience was horrible. As we are being seated the hostess "Heather" seats us with another family(3 tables pushed together) only item blocking myself and this other party was the car seat of the child's of the other party. When we looked to see if there was another seat and seen a booth available we asked could we sit there and Heather stated "that booth is reserved" we said OK and she said she feels bad she has to sit me next to another family would I like to sit on the other side? I informed her I was hungry and would just like to eat. She shook her head with an attitude and just walked away. After we sat down we didn't get waited on for around 10 minutes. After over an hour we noticed the table she stated was reserved was still empty. Heather walked passed us and we called her over to the table and asked about the booth and she stated " I told you it was reserved" rolled her eyes and walked away. I then asked my waitress what her name was and she informed me "Heather". My waitress walked away and went to inform the hostess about me asking her name. The conversation was being held in the opening of the kitchen that looks into the tables where the customers sit. Heather looked back rolled her eyes and was throwing hand gestures. She then came back out to the hostess area and looked our way and smiled and rolled her eyes. I called a manager over to the table Keith Yancey and he was amazing and tried to handle everything as he could. He said he was going to go talk to her which he did but as soon as she walked back to the hostess table she looked our way and smiled. Horrible Customer service. I love coming here and hopefully next time we won't have another problem. Working in Customer service with one of the best companies we all know…customer service is the key to a successful business…

  8. My question is why the management allowed to bring liquor home, canned cranberry juice aND allowed to drive home drunk on their Butts home. Doesn't your establishment care how this looks on your business? There is a manager at your Goodyear store that does exactly that . Big bottles of Vodka , are taken weekly. He is an alcoholic and has been fired before for that reason.

  9. Went to the south park Phillips shopping center location to apply for a job waited on chef Will to let me know when to start and he never called me to come in then I called to check on my start day status he said he don't think I was ready and I asked him ready for what he gave me a lame excuse and had a very nasty attitude. I'm glad I didn't start because I don't have time to deal with his personal business and he will not tell me what or when I'm ready to do anything.

  10. I am an employee at the Tucson store. I'm struggling with picking up the rhythm to do my job and its causing me a lot of stress and not to mention hurting my self-esteem. Double whammy. My management team seems cold about the issue and I'm afraid they will just eliminate the problem instead of working on it if you know what I mean.

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