Pf Changs Corporate Office Headquarters

Pf Changs Corporate Office Headquarters
P.F. Chang’s China Bistro
7676 E. Pinnacle Peak Road
Scottsdale, Arizona 85255 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-480-888-3000
Customer Service Number: -866-732-4264

  • Tues, Feb 22nd my husband and I went to have a late lunch at PF Changs in Aurora, CO. We were sat immediately, placed our drink orders, then ordered our meals. I had ordered the honey shrimp on steamed rice (my favorite). When our food arrived, it looked wonderful, sadly it was not wonderful to eat. My honey shrimp was coated with a VERY bitter orange chicken sauce that tasted spoiled. I told the waitress and she brought out two dishes of the honey sauce to put on it. It was NOT honey sauce, but the same spoiled bitter orange chicken sauce. I am very disappointed that the recipe has appeared to have been changed. You have lost my business.

  • It is revealing to me to see all of the negative comments from P.F. Changs around the country. In Sarasota, the PFC restaurant has disappointed us for the second time in a row and we will probably avoid any further dinners there. Our waiter was slow, the egg drop soup had something gray in it that looked like a octopus tentacle, the brown rice was cold and the sweet & sour chicken was lukewarm. I was hoping that our first visit was a fluke and wanted to enjoy this Chinese meal at PFC. I complained using their website to no avail. I guess it's indicative that the problems go straight to the top.

  • On Monday September 4 my friend and I went to PF Chang in Annapolis, MD for lunch. It was about 3:45 and lunch was over at 4:00 pm. We asked to sit outside but there were about 3 tables that needed to be cleared so we were asked to wait about 5 minutes until that was done. We went to the bar and purchased a drink. 5 mins later we returned and was seated. Another couple was seated ahead of us and a group of 3 were already seated. We sat and waited 30 minutes for someone to take our order as we watched 4 waiters walk by us, seat other people, take their orders and bring them water and tableware. By this time lunch time was over. After 30 mins my friend got up to find the manager. the manager was a young lady by the name of Jazmine. She came to our table and simply apologized for the delay and stated that she would talk to the wait staff to see why 4 servers ignored us and asked to take our orders. She seemed indifferent to the fact that we were visibly unhappy. I asked her what if anything she could do to make things right. She told us that she could take care of our drinks and insure that we received the lunch prices. We informed her that we had already paid for our drinks at the bar. We placed our orders. When the food arrived what I found that the lobster dish that I had a while ago was no longer in the shell instead it was fried and battered so I asked that it be returned. My friends order was also not correct so she asked that it not be returned. the manager came back out with the food that we had returned and asked us what exactly was the problem. When we explained the issues, she literally stood in the middle of the restaurant at our table and argued back and forth with jus, clearly annoyed with us, and kept cutting us off and being overly argumentative. She called a server over and told her to assist us from then on. The server placed a new order for us and asked if we'd like another drink, we both said yes. She delivered the drinks and food as ordered and we were pleased. Meanwhile, as all of this was going on, I contacted a customer service Rep with PF Chang (DeJa) and forged a complaint. DeJa was kind, understanding and attentive and immediately emailed me a $55 gift certificate. After our meal the manager (not the server) came out to us as if she wanted to stick it to us one last time, placed the check on the table and told us to have a good day. When we looked over the check we discovered that we both were charged the dinner prices for our meals and also for the second round of drinks. When I questioned the manager, Jazmine, she stated that she did not tell me that she would give us free drinks and as for our meals, we ordered from the dinner menu and she did not tell us that we would receive lunch prices from that menu. We should have ordered from the lunch menu. Clearly, she wanted another argument so I raised my hand to say "no problem". I gave her the gift certificate that DeJa sent me, tipped the waiter and we left. We have been waiting to hear back again from someone as a follow up but as of today (Thursday Sept 7th) nothing. I strongly feel that this manager is not suited to act in such a capacity and I would like to know that she returns to class for Manager and Customer Service 101. I have NEVER been so rudely treated in my life! That was totally a disservice and truly unacceptable behavior on her part. I hope to hear more from someone at PF Chang Corporate regarding that incident.

  • I am a regular who frequented the PF Changs in Aventura. We were regulars of a server Stephanie and when we went to dine we were told she was terminated after having to ask for her multiple times. Stephanie was an incredible server who was always so attentive to our needs and special requests. She was always so positive and made our experience worth the trip to that specific location. The last time we were there we had horrible service. We will no longer be dining at PF Changs.

  • I have received offers of $10 off of $40 twice from PF Changs. My location in Winston-Salem, NC would not accept the coupon on the 2 for 42 meal on the menu. The coupon clearly states that it's good on any thing on the menu but they denied it when I presented it. Please clear this up PF Chamgs! Don't offer something that's not offered!

  • As my boyfriend and I where out at the P.F Chang's in new Orleans by lake side mall and this is the first time my experience was horrible. As we are being seated the hostess "Heather" seats us with another family(3 tables pushed together) only item blocking myself and this other party was the car seat of the child's of the other party. When we looked to see if there was another seat and seen a booth available we asked could we sit there and Heather stated "that booth is reserved" we said OK and she said she feels bad she has to sit me next to another family would I like to sit on the other side? I informed her I was hungry and would just like to eat. She shook her head with an attitude and just walked away. After we sat down we didn't get waited on for around 10 minutes. After over an hour we noticed the table she stated was reserved was still empty. Heather walked passed us and we called her over to the table and asked about the booth and she stated " I told you it was reserved" rolled her eyes and walked away. I then asked my waitress what her name was and she informed me "Heather". My waitress walked away and went to inform the hostess about me asking her name. The conversation was being held in the opening of the kitchen that looks into the tables where the customers sit. Heather looked back rolled her eyes and was throwing hand gestures. She then came back out to the hostess area and looked our way and smiled and rolled her eyes. I called a manager over to the table Keith Yancey and he was amazing and tried to handle everything as he could. He said he was going to go talk to her which he did but as soon as she walked back to the hostess table she looked our way and smiled. Horrible Customer service. I love coming here and hopefully next time we won't have another problem. Working in Customer service with one of the best companies we all know…customer service is the key to a successful business…

  • My question is why the management allowed to bring liquor home, canned cranberry juice aND allowed to drive home drunk on their Butts home. Doesn't your establishment care how this looks on your business? There is a manager at your Goodyear store that does exactly that . Big bottles of Vodka , are taken weekly. He is an alcoholic and has been fired before for that reason.

  • Went to the south park Phillips shopping center location to apply for a job waited on chef Will to let me know when to start and he never called me to come in then I called to check on my start day status he said he don't think I was ready and I asked him ready for what he gave me a lame excuse and had a very nasty attitude. I'm glad I didn't start because I don't have time to deal with his personal business and he will not tell me what or when I'm ready to do anything.

  • I am an employee at the Tucson store. I'm struggling with picking up the rhythm to do my job and its causing me a lot of stress and not to mention hurting my self-esteem. Double whammy. My management team seems cold about the issue and I'm afraid they will just eliminate the problem instead of working on it if you know what I mean.

  • This past Sunday, my family and a few friends went to P.F. Chang's in Birmingham Alabama. We were seated in about 15 minutes and that was acceptable as the restaurant was busy. We ordered and the server brought our drinks. She was very attentive to what we needed. We were sitting right where you could see the serving line. We waited around 40 minutes for our meal and the server apologized the whole time. We watched the serving line and noticed that the serving tray eventually brought to us was the one that was sitting on the serving line for around 20+ minutes. The whole time it was sitting there different people were adding and taking things off of the tray. When they finally brought us our food, my plate was still missing. The server said the "chef" was not satisfied with that dish and was re-cooking it. I mentioned that 4 tables around us had been served and that they had been seated after us. The server did apologize again. So everybody at the table is eating while I sit there with only fried rice. "David" finally shows up with my meal and after a half-hearted sounding apology, gives all kinds of excuses, "my team very rarely makes this kind of mistake", "I know you have seen several smaller tables served before you"…whatever man, just set my plate down. He did ask if everyone had enough fried rice and to let him know if there is anything else. That was it! I do appreciate the apology but I should have gotten a discount or not had to pay for my meal at all. I guess he was waiting for me to say that so that he wouldn't have to discount or comp the meal unless I was angry about the situation. So I guess you don't get customer service unless you get angry. I find out the next morning that my son's meal was cold. This is because it sat on the serving line for 20+ minutes. Had I known this that night, I would have asked for David again and it would not have been as pleasant an exchange. Anyway, you are supposed to leave feeling satisfied after a good meal. I left with the most dissatisfying feeling I have had after eating at a restaurant of this supposed caliber.
    I expected better from a place with this type of reputation. But as I look across this website, I can see that I am not the only one with complaints about management and customer service. I don't think I got a raw deal but I didn't walk away a satisfied customer. I don't think I will be going back to P. F. Chang's. I filled out the survey listed on the receipt with my complaint. I wonder if the culture of poor management at the restaurant is just a mirror image of poor management at the corporate level. We will see!

    • UPDATE: A corporate representative reached out to me and worked with me on the issue. This is a nice gesture but I still don't have a good feeling about the place. Once you create a feeling about something it will not go away easily. That is MY problem however, and I need to get over it and give them another try I suppose.

  • I called in an order to be picked up from the Fashion Valley location in San Diego, CA. I ordered the Mandarin Chicken that was listed for $10.95 on your website menu. I was charged $14.50. The total came to $15.66, and I had a $20 gift card. I asked if I could get the remaining change ($4.34) as cash, but they said they couldn't do that. I can't buy ANYTHING on the menu for that price! I just wanted money for a bus fare home, but instead I walked 4 miles. Any business with integrity should offer cash back on gift cards with a balance under $5. The gift card was already purchased, so what is the big deal?! Not only are you committing a crime by false advertisement, your policies STINK! This restaurant has lost my business, as well as the business of my relatives when they come to San Diego.

  • The Color of Money!
    I made a reservation for Saturday April 23rd at 7 pm. My girl and I arrived promptly to the restaurant at Adventura Miami. To our dissatisfaction, no seat was available. Then we proceeded to the bar where we found two empty high chairs. It took 7 or 8 minutes before we were acknowledged by waiters; female and male. And, they were not even busy. So calmly, we ordered an appetizer and drink. Both drinks and appetizers disappointed us. My girl's drink had so much salt that she asked to exchange for another one. The second one was worse and saltier. Logically, I inferred someone was playing a joke on us. Subsequently, we ordered dinner. After 30 minutes of wait time our disgusted dish arrived. One plate was overloading. The sauce dripped over all over the counter. What an evening at PF Chang! The server Never came to us to approve or disapprove the meals. They did not care. They were too busy chatting amongst themselves. We navigated through our meals uneasily. Finally, the bill came. $74.20! with a grin on my face I surrendered my ATM card. After a good 10 minutes my card and three receipts were returned to me. Then, I wrote a simple review of dissatisfaction on one of the printed receipt. The Color of Money! the note started. Generously, I tipped $ 1.80 for the service We never got. The grand total was $ 76.00. I signed my name on the receipt. By signing my name the receipt became a legal document that cannot be altered by anyone without my consent. Breaking News! Amazingly! Surprisingly, while checking my account Tuesday morning I realized one of the waiters changed my bill from $ 76.00 to $ 75.99. So, they took upon themselves to give me 1 cent back. By doing so, they clearly committed a criminal act. I shall pursue legal action against them and a civil suit against PF Chang.

  • We need a PF Changs in the Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge, Sevierville, TN area!!! With 10 million tourist coming here each year, locals still have to drive 45 minutes to Knoxville to get a decent lettuce wrap(which I love!) Please consider a restaurant here. Most of the major chains are now located here and doing great.

  • First of all. I just want to say I love PF Changs at the Galleria at Tyler in Riverside. The bartenders Tyler, Kurt, and Brittney are the best. I have been coming to the bar for over a year and love the fact that I could watch baseball (especially the Angels).
    But I came in today and was told by the bartender that you no longer pay for the directv package that includes the games on channel 692. I'm very disappointed by this and considering to go else where to watch baseball. Please consider bringing the local baseball back to PF's.

  • Does your company allow such shameful tactics splayed across FB, I have a screenshot of the bill which is being used to shame one of your customers for not tipping, no one knows the reason behind the no tip, but tips are earn, not required as this waitress is trying to belittle non tippers…the waitress' name is Taylar Cordova in one of your Denver, CO stores…..the bill in question was posted/blasted on social media for all to see, in the amount of 183.74. I live in Cherokee, NC, I know our casino policy here is they will be terminated for pulling stunts like that on social media. To me, just shows the greed of the waitress in question with a tinge of selfishness expecting a tip by the way she worded her post……Please educate your workers on the concept of a tip/gratuity,,,,,They are earn with good service, its a BONUS if a person wants to tip, A Bonus, not Expected……We have fired people from the casino restaurants for expecting tips and either going after the customer out the front door or posting their receipts online for all to see and to shame the patron,,,,,if it wasnt for your patrons, you wouldnt have a business or that waitress would have a job, so these actions of the employee in question has put a stain on PF Changs for me, We have one in Asheville NC, I'll doubt I will ever step foot in that place if these are the practices you support. All in all, it just gives your company a bad name, a reputation, and Im sure such a thriving business as this is, I dont think you would want that type of publicity from your workers….Thank you for letting me say my peace, but I found the girls post on FB, and it upset me on how they expected tips, almost like white privileged type thing…

  • We really wanted to try PF Changs in Bridge Street Mall in Huntsville Alabama. We always wanted to a nice peaceful setting in the outdoor area to enjoy one of the first nice sping evenings we have seen….The outdoor area had very few people so we felt sure we could fulfill our wish….so upon trying to get a seat at approximately 7pm we were told that they were reserving the whole outdoor area in case of any large parties that may show up and they couldnt serve us there. We really wanted to eat oudoors so we left to another place where we were served outdoors…..My girlfriend being asian was very let down…and I was also disappionted…….Bobby Pulliam…I have a photo of the outdoor area in case it interested you….thank you.

  • My husband and I came for our anniversary dinner on Feb. 17 around 7 to the Fashion Valley location in San Diego. We have been to another location years ago and decided to come back. Bad idea… I should've known how the service was going to be based off the first 10 minutes in the place. The hostess needs a lot of more training in hospitality. She didn't say hello when we first walked in, she put up her finger to signal one second. That's pretty rude. I used to host before as well, so I know how overwhelming it could be. But it was not busy nor was there a wait so I don't understand why she did that. We were seated, our waiter was probably the best. He came over, greeted us, took our drink orders and appetizers. Let me tell you, they bring that appetizer out so fast, but it's the total opposite with the main dishes. With how long it took, I thought it'd be the best plate of Chinese food I'd ever have. Honestly, it taste like Panda Express. Their honey chicken is served with way too many of the crispy rice sticks! Way too little rice. Just not what I expected. As we walked out, I said good night and thank you to the hostess, they just looked at me like I had something on my face. I take that very offensive when I'm saying thank you and you shrug it off especially when you should be thanking me. I'm very upset and will definitely let corporate know how I was treated.





  • Roseville, Ca PF CHANGS

    My family and I have been going to your restaurant for years, but today was an experience that my mom and I will never forget.

    We had the WORST service tonight by your waitress by the Name of Natalia. The whole time was as if we were being rushed, as if we not welcome there. Every other server that we have encountered at this restaurant has been more than gracious which made us want to come back so many times over the years.

    However tonight, I don't know if Natalia's other tables were more important, but when she was around, she kept on asking over and over and over while I was eating my soup, if I wanted it boxed. I eventually got fed up and gave her my soup so I wouldn't be harassed any longer by her incessant questions about my soup. When she wasn't asking to box up my soup, she was missing in action, as if we were being avoided. When it came time to get the check, she was no where to be found so we had to wave down someone else.

    When Natalia finally came she gave me the to go boxes, and said "here, you can box them up". When I asked for a larger box for the large amount of food I had, she said with a short tone, "I'm sure it will fit. Here is a bag for the rest of your food, but I don't know if your soup will also fit in it." But the last time I checked, the servers graciously box the food up for you, correct? After Natalia came back from charging the card, she hurriedly said in yet another short yet annoyed tone, as if I was bothering her said, "fine, I will box it for you so it won't create much of a mess" and then she left. I had to box up rest.

    We were so upset with the service we received that we forgot our card. When we realized it was not on our person, we immediately called back, because we realized we left it still in the folder which it was placed in when we got it back from Natalia. We called as soon as possible, management was less than helpful but stated they searched Natalia as well as asked her if she saw the card, and of course she said she didn't know where it was, the table was searched, as well as the floor, and the folder the card was in, and the only person who had the folder last after we left was Natalia. So she either stole the card, or threw it away. And due to the lack of help and lack of attempt in searching all possible avenues, we now have to cancel our card. I will post this experience to yelp as well as emailing corporate. Thank you.

  • Kayana Ward

    I am a regular customer and I am usually very pleased with the service that I encounter here. However, this particular day, the service and the food were disappointing. I ordered my food to go and was given a pick up time. When I arrived, I was informed that my order was given to another customer. This held me up because I had to wait for my food to be re-prepared. I wasn't even offered a drink of water to accommodate the additional wait. I came home to enjoy the meal with my family and everything was dry and overcooked. I spent almost $50 on dinner that none of my family was pleased with. I am usually pretty forgiving in these instances but the fact that we couldn't enjoy the meal after the inconvenience is unacceptable. Not only do I feel I wasted my money, but I wasted my time. I had to prepare a meal my family could enjoy which is what I was initially trying to avoid. I understand that things happen and I hope that this feedback will improve the service at this location.

  • the PF Changs in Loveland,Colorado is in need of NEW MANAGEMENT!!!! The current management staff are the worst humans to work for. They are petty and catish like a reality TV show. If you care about your hourly employees, PLEASE LOOK INTO LOVELAND COLORADO LOCATION MANAGEMENT PLEASE AND THANK YOU.

  • I often visit PF Changs at the Chattanooga, TN mall location. I had family members visiting from N.Y. for the Holidays and had a concerns regarding ingredients, due to two children with high allergic disposition to not one or two ingredients, but many. Mr. Frank Farrar, Operating Partner at this location took the time to personally come and create a menu for them. Everyone ate with confidence and now a day later, they show no signs of allergic reactions. I am truly thankful for this "extra" effort he made, which confirmed our belief that at least this establishment is more than worth visiting.

  • On December 8, I chose to celebrate my Birthday with my husband and adult daughter at your restaurant in Stony Point, (Richmond) VA. We has numerous appetizers, and bar drink selections. Everything was going well until my entree arrived. I ordered your new Korean Steak Bulgogi. What was set before me was simply the worst food we have ever been served at a PF Chang. What was supposed to be New York Strip Steak was CLEARLY flank steak!!! The left side of the plate of steak had ENORMOUS HUNKS of FAT!!! My husband a actually thought it was MUSHROOMS!!! The color was gray and the flavor…disgusting. I emailed the restaurant the very next morning. I STILL have not gotten a reply. I could have gone anywhere to celebrate but, chose PF Chang.

  • Gentlemen
    We visit PFC at the Shoppes at Briton Lake, Concord PA. On many occasions we take clients there to celebrate a Real Estate Transaction. Ourselves we go about once a week, and when we have company PF Changs is our go to take away favorite.
    Oddly enough on one occasion in September we hosted a luncheon for a successful real estate deal with several clients, everything was fine, bill paid we left. I realized that I left my prescription sunglasses on the table, only 5 minutes out I called to alert the hostess that I left my sunglasses in their case on the left hand side of the table, she said she would check, came back to the phone and said I did not, I told her that is impossible because one of the guest mentioned to me to pick up my glasses, but upon saying goodbye to all my guest, I left neglected to pick up the case.
    What brings me to this is last month once again we hosted a real estate deal, this time my wife who also had left her sunglasses on the booth seat realized this as we had gotten to our car, I called from the car and was told the table was cleaned and there were no sunglasses.
    I realize that this seems odd to lose two pairs of sunglasses, but I cant help wonder, that the both pairs were expensive designer frames, and easily converted to different lenses, to fit anyone.
    Is it possible that the clean up crew automatically disposes of them or policy dictates finders keepers.
    I refuse to patronize PFChangs, until someone can explain to me the mystery of ghost sunglasses that vanish into thin air.
    I would greatly appreciate your take on this mystery.

  • 09/19/2015 – around 8:45 pm while we are eating I found a plastic inside the cup of the egg drop soup, I called the manager and tell him about the plastic that I found and he only change the soup, there's 3 of us, the server first serve the soup to my wife then to me, but my kid is hungry that's why I gave my soup to him, the 3rd cup of soup that was intended for my son was served to me and that's the one that has the long transparent plastic. If I did not change the soup that supposed to be for my son, there is possibility that the plastic can be eaten by my son.

    PF Chang's is our favorite, we are long time customers of PF Chang's for more than 10 years now, this is the first time that we encounter this, I really don't want to complain because I love your restaurant that is why I did not take a photo of the plastic on the soup. But me and my friends think that you should have a evaluation or check your restaurant in Sherman Oaks Galleria – California

    To prove that my story is accurate, I can send you the copy of my receipt and you can check that the "egg drop soup" is deducted from my bill, the Manger name is Matt E and the server is Kimberly and these 2 does not give good customer service and during the night of 09/19/2015 – the Manager approach 3 Tables – Maybe there are complains also.

  • We just left the PFChangs on Central Expressway in Dallas where we have been going to eat for the last several years as I can get the gluten free spicy chicken which I have had no digestive issues afterwards. So I am more then mildly acquainted with the dish. I have reported on this to the gluten free page and recommended friends. We had met a young man over 9yrs ago at Grapevine PFChangs when he was a waiter there. When he was hired into management we followed him to the Dallas location although he now manages the Grapevine restaurant.
    IF I ever go back to PFChangs it will be to eat under the management of V.C in Grapevine after tonights experience. The food came not hardly a few minutes after we ordered and the gluten free spicy chicken was dark and tasted rancid. This plate had set out in the back with soy poured into it or it was scorched and had been sitting out and warmed. NOT ANYTHING THAT WAS REMOTELY EDIBLE. The manager was disconcerted with explanation of" it is a new cook" …so why would you not check it before bringing it out for me to eat. I am experiencing some issues which I hope is not because the two bites I took was rancid and not gluten free. I am a celiac…not a trend person. We paid for the new dish that was sent which was fine but to explain to me that usually it was taken off but I could take a coupon for an appetizer for the next visit was a bit insulting somehow. Just send out the bill and say nothing as the manager was certainly not concerned….maybe being a senior had something to do with the handling. If she had offered to comp I would have paid for the newly prepped dish anyway or tipped largely in place of the extra effort. The other issue is that telling me it had been a slow day and that might have been part of the problem…..????so does that mean that the chicken had sit under the lamps all day waiting for a customer or what? My husband is afraid that it was not even gluten free but my gut will tell me that by morning no doubt.
    I know that if V.C had been there he would have checked the dish and would have made every effort to see that we would not be turned off by the experience and we would have reciprocated with staying a customer if we could eat the food the next visit.
    Grapevine location but NEVER Central expressway ever again if I eat at Changs at all but no more spicy chicken as I will never forget the nasty taste of that awful dish first brought which left me with a very bad taste in my mouth and stomach nausea. The point is PFChangs is not what it use to be by our experience tonight. SO DISAPPOINTED WITH DINNER EXPERIENCE AND EVENING RUINED.

  • My family and I frequent PF Changs 2 to 4 times a month and typically spend about $75 to $100 dollars. This recent visit left something to be desired. The bowls for the wonton soup all had dried gunk or food around the inside of them. All 5 of them! I had to get up and ask a manager to swap them out. It took him about 10 minutes to get new bowls which tells me he had to go through a lot of dirty ones to find some that were clean. After that, our server (who was outstanding by the way) had to swap out 3 of the appetizer plates because they had some kind of dried sticky residue on them. Then came the dinner plates which 2 out of the 5 were dirty and had to be swapped out. We also had 2 sets of silverware that had residual food or some kind of junk on them. Whoever the manager or the person that I brought this to their attention was, did absolutely nothing about it except say sorry. They didn't offer to do anything to make it right. I feel very privileged to be able to pay upwards of almost a hundred dollars for a meal for my family and have to eat it off of dirty dishes. I'm so glad that whoever it was that I told about the issue said "sorry" to me because that made the whole problem go away and made everything just fine. I am so impressed at how they handled the situation that I am going to start saying "sorry" to my clients when I have a problem. It seems that this team has figured out a secret for customer retention by just saying sorry and the problem magically goes away. It's absolutely genius! I will be using this secret technique from now on as a veteran business owner.

  • Hello my name is. Gilbert Gonzalez I worked at the McAllen location for 8 years yesterday I was wrongfully terminated with no evidence or even an investigation brought to me. Mr Paul Anderson is the company c/o he had come in the day prior and had a talk with one of the employees who got fired also the next day but he did not talk to me or ask me any questions about this case I was just terminated the day after for no reason I am on no camera doing something illegal or wrong and believe this is a misunderstanding of some sort I need help I strongly believe this is wrong and I need to know what to do next about this matter please contact me at (956)534-5761

  • I'm seek contact from Hr. I'm an employee at the Baybrook location in tx. I was wrongfully terminated and am reaching out to u for help. I have 2 kids and need my job, my # is 832-773-1184 hope to hear from someone soon
    Thank you.

  • I've patronized PF Changs for many years but today will be my last. I wasn't feeling well and ask a friend to drive me to this restaurant. Downtown Baltimore. I ordered two meals to go. There was a discrepancy with my prepaid card. They charged my card in two payments of $20.00 each. My card was for $50.00. When I checked my balance, $2.00 was on my card but $8.00 was unaccounted for. They cashier couldn't help me so I asked for a manager. As I was attempting to get clarity on the missing $8.00 and how I would retrieve the money, the manager got very agitated, held my card up in my face and spoke condescending to me. I stated that I was not illiterate, just being clear on this process and he told me that I was sure acting illiterate. He said this several times as to provoke me. He further called me "momma" instead of my name. I asked for a manager and he told me he was the manager. I asked who was his supervisor and he said no one. He had taken my card off the counter so when I asked for it back he wouldn't give it to me. I then asked my friend to call the police. He held on to my card as he then called the police and told me to get out of his store. He also took my receipts and threw them in the trash so I had not record of my purchases. I sat down and waited for the police to arrive because I had no receipts, no card and no food. He place the card on the counter after it was confirmed that the police had arrived. He then attempted to give me his manager's card before the police came. I asked him to give it to my friend to avoid any type of conflict. He taunted me while waiting for the police to arrive. I have never been so humiliated by a manager in all my days.

  • Hola, actualmente soy bartender en pf changs de plaza las Americas en Puerto Rico y considero q si la corporacion de pf changs llega a puerto rico se avergonzaria de lo q esta sucediendo pq pf changs a bajado ventas y no son sus empleados es todo la paga los trainning todo esta mal. Espero puedan leer mi queja y q puedan llegar hasta aca y q se den cuenta por ustedes mismos q esta sucediendo.

  • PF Chang's China Bistro on Bay Area Blvd at Baybrook Mall is outstanding. Tonight, CJ/Charles, our waiter made me and my daughter's Pre-Valentine's Day Dinner very special. He was very attentive and made sure we had everything we needed. My daughter arrived before me and she was seated immediately. He was patient with our ordering and made wonderful suggestions. The food was excellent. Thanks CJ for your service, conversation and kindness. PF Chang is a winner in my book.

  • I was at the Pei Wei Restaurant today in Kingwood Texas and I overheard a lady customer tell the manager (Cody) how ugly he treated his employees. I too felt the same way. I was about to get up and have a little talk with the manager myself. He was SO RUDE and belittling of all his employee in front of all the customers. I wonder if the stupid manager wonders what would happen if all his employees would just quit? What would he do?? I feel like this manager needs to go back to managerial training and start again, since he is doing SO BAD!!! Someone needs to talk to him, and as soon as possible before this great restaurant closes. Concerned customer.

  • Can we please get rid of katrina mateo as a suichef she does not now what shes doing she had me runing back and force tonight for the dishes by myself and kept taking my help away and she has the dishwasher doing her job instead of her doing it herself shes lazy and still very pushy all pf the dishwasher dont like the way there being treated she is rude and has no respect for anyone we are decidong to leave soon yes all of us

  • Hi we are tired of katrina mateo being a su chefs at the burbank p.f changs she is way too bossy and our of controll always pushing employees to work faster and specialy with the dishwasher she wants out ay a certain time and it never happens her attitude is really bad and she always like that she should not be in that position if she cant handle it ans theres a nother reason they only have one dishwasher working nights alone during the week and the dishpit machine is no good they need a new one can you please do something about katrina mateo and the dishwashing machine thank you.

  • Hi I work at the p.f chang in burbank the new Sunday chef katrina is way too pushy with the dishwasher and she doesn't understand that we have a lot to do she wanted Me out done by 1:00am and I started at 6:00pm and they send the other dishwashers home because they don't want to pay overtime which is against the law they said its corporate I des however I think its bull I thing its managements idea and its hard for one dishwasher to finish by him or herself.

  • My name is Freddie sanchez I was recently fired from the pf changes in Albuquerque nm the reson for this firing according to the two chefs that worked that chef alex and chef Jason was that I complained about the job, I was not complaining about the job I loved that job but my complaint was the managerial skills of both these two chefs or rather lack of these skills. There are three dishwashers that work at this restrant the one that works in the morning and the two that come in in the afternoon on the date of my firing there were two dishwashers in the morning and I came in at two whene I walked in the dish room it was like no one had been in there at all I was told by both chefs that thay had to have the morning dishwasher do the prep work for that day since thay were short handed so that left me doing the job for the morning and keep up with the dishes in the afternoon and eveing since I was to close that day I asked both chefs isent this job first to make sure that this dish room is clean for the next shift thay told me just protect your job and clean the dish room.Well come to find out that all these three are friends and that if these chefs hire someone els that it cuts in to there hours .I would really like my job back but again was told by both chefs that this firing could not be appealed. I am asking coprate office to look in to this. also if tha would let the dish machine run it cycal in stead of pushing the dishes through the dish machine thay would come out clean and not have to run the dishes three or four times. Bad management.

  • I just recalled the manager, James of the Mall of GA, Buford, PF Changs. When Mom and I took out at 5pm today in two bags, we were missing one half rice dishes (ordered three main courses), inedible salty disgusting hot and sour soup filled with the little wormy things and virtually nothing else, and NO almonds and ONE cashew in the cashew and almond chicken dish (there were things in there that reminded me of tree nuts that I saved, but they are not almonds or cashews or peanuts or walnuts) and VERY FEW candied walnuts in the shimp dish. The manager, James questioned me a lot but didn't seem to care at all that my dinner was ruined and said he would send me a coupon for the soup, I believe; it was not clear. I believe there is something really wrong in that location and suggest you check it out. I am an Epidemiologist and used to own a restaurant/bar and I have never had a noncaring manager or bad/missing/and doctored food from Changs anywhere in the country before. What in the world is going on there? Maybe I should contact the health department? I saved 4 of the weird nuts that don't taste like almonds and are definitely not cashews. I won't eat weird nuts, salty soup with no good veggies, and main courses without rice, and no one should be expected to. We also asked for extra chow mein noodles and all we were given was one third of a plastic container for two soups. FYI my local Chinese restaurant can do much better. Where is your consistency? Does this portend a new societal norm, treat older people like they are dirt? Thank you for looking into this problem for me. We have been patrons of PF Changs for years.

  • I am a dishwasher at the pf changs in Albuquerque nm and work under sweatshop conditions I work ten to twelve houers a day and since my hier I have not been told or offerd a break during my shift as a matter of fact I have been told that if i do not like my lob to find anthoer one. In the last month ther has been at least ten dishwashers that have worked there and have quit becouse of the work conditions. At present there are four dishwasers that work there one in the morning and 2 during the most busiest time of the day yes we get are butts kicked with no appricition from this companey. I love my job and need it but at the same time I can only work so fast. We the dishwashers are asking for help from pf changs corporate office headquarters. THANK YOU!

  • P.f chang in burbank is still nor being run righr still runing out of foos and chemical stuff ia nor coming in,in time the chef uae faul language once in a while towards employee there no leadership also have employees working sick with food,and managers alwaya telling the diahwasher or other employees to be out by eleventhirty or twelvefifteen which never happens 99.9% of the time

  • 9/14/13 my husband and I went to P.F Changs at NShore Mall in Peabody Mass. We have been there well over 50 times in last 8 years. We always order two Mai Tais and food. This nite when we ordered the drinks they looked and tasted different. They looked more like lemonade —there was no real dark rum that they usually put on top. When I asked for more dark rum I think the waiter put like a droplet of it in glass and said 'here you go' I said 'Hmmm, that still isnt right, could you add a bit more as this drink looks like and tastes like lemonade'…he ignored my request. I then requested a manager…explained my issue…although he seemed less than interested he just said 'I will have them make you another one'…I sat back at bar and a female bartender made me another one and low and behold it was EXACTLY the same as the first one….I inquired AGAIN why there wasnt really any dark rum and she said 'we made it to speck'. I said 'well your speck must have changed as I have been here for more than 50 times and always rec'd same drink, but this nite its diff'…Another bartender came over , Steve, and again he would not add more dark rum…his comment was 'we made it to speck and you seem to be the only customer complaining'…I then asked him for the address for the corporate office..he stated 'oh the web site is on the slip…and you can mention my name as well'…OH MY LORD..this is customer service…HOW RUDE!!! I told him I would be sure to mention his name, STEVE. My husband and I then had to ask for a menu as we hadnt been offered one after 1/2 hour being there, but then we thought, this place sux and the service people (especailly STeve) did not respect us so we left. We went to the P.F Changs in Cambridge Ma. We were greated with smiles from Amy. We asked for 2 mai tais to see if she would make them to "speck' ..NOPE it was not a 'speck' like drink…it was a FABULOUS drink, they way we remembered it. We explained the situation to her and she appologized (why should she appoligize for something she didnt do) for how rude they were at NShore. She then got her manager and we explained the whole story to him…what does he do—he gives us a $50 gift certificate and a card for a free app…Now THATS customer service!!!! I will NEVER set foot in the NShore (mass) PF changs EVER again…I was never treated so badly…As a corporation you should have all your staff watch the video "Give them the Pickle" check it out, you and your staff may learn something about customer service….

    • I had a terrible experience with a manager and he never apologized or offered me anything to make things right. I reported it to corporate 9 days ago and still waiting for a response. It was so bad I had to call the police. The manager was very rude. Look at my post from June 7.