Pei Wei Corporate Office Headquarters

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Pei Wei Corporate Office Headquarters
P.F. Chang’s China Bistro
7676 E. Pinnacle Peak Road
Scottsdale, Arizona 85255 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-480-888-3000
Customer Service Number: 1-877-782-6356

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Interesting to read the complaints. Not surprised since just about everything in the country has gone down – including the US Post Office. The colleges are turning out graduates many of whom are not educated due to incompetent, biased Professors who were trained during the Vietnam war to avoid military service and spat on the returning veterans wearing uniforms. Jane Fonda should be googled re: Vietnam War.
Pei Wei customers are asked to go online and submit their opinions, and get a free cookie or brownie for doing so. It asks about food quality, etc etc etc. I am sure that the Corporate office reviews the results. Nobody is perfect – including the top restaurants charging big bucks for lousy service and so/so food. If the Pei Wei local restaurant is poorly managed, the manager need to be replaced. Period.

I ate in the Pei Wei in Brentwood Tn yesterday or tried to. The tables and floor were disgusting with food and everything all over dirty! The bar to get oranges and lemons was a mess with nothing there to use. Messy everywhere. Asked them to please clean out table and she half way wiped and never touched the dirty dirty floor . It was very nasty and will never go back. My food was cold too!!!! They didn't seem to care at all.

Im a 4 year veteran employee at Pei Wei in Texas. Im a hard worker and am sent to a nearby location sometimes to help when they are short handed. WhIn my home store can spare me. Anyway the last 2 paychecks I have been shorted hours. All overtime. From the other location neglecting to enter my shift at their store. I have told both managers. For 3 days now. They arent helping me at all. If you call corporate they advise you to tell your manager. Yep did that. They are doing nothing. After my loyal service for so long and after helping another location . there us no excuse for this.

Went to my pei wei place in Naples, Fl at the Shoppes at Vanderbilt.
My husband and I were ordering to take out. There was only one person up front who was new & didn’t know what to do. While waiting 25 minutes for our order, no one ever came to the front to help this poor kid who was left alone to: take orders, answer the phone & pack orders. Needless to say the food and customers piled up with no help in sight. The restaurant only had one table occupied so no excuse there. Where was the manager? You are a so-called service industry. Get more people to run this place properly. It’s a disgrace, but honestly I don’t think anyone in corporate cares as per the many, many bad reviews from all over the country.

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