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PNC Bank Corporate Office Headquarters

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  1. I called the PNC 800 number yesterday (Tuesday March 29 2022) to get some assistance with banking through my phone. It was giving me trouble about a biologic to sign in; something I had never done. Cassandra in Customer Service answered my call. Long story short, she saved me from aggravation from what was a scammer posing as a potential employer for me. She helped me delete a new account I set up in Wire Messenger in order to have a phone interview and follow some instructions. She also had me delete the application I had put on my phone. I erased all traces of myself and any correspondence on my phone and in email (blocked them as senders) and escaped what may have happened when they wanted my Zelle information with the promise of sending me money that I would use to "purchase" their software for the laptop they were going to "send" to me. She also reassured me that I wasn't stupid, and complimented me that I gave them no login information or bank information other than telling them I was with PNC. Thank you, Cassandra. You are a real credit to PNC bank.

  2. I have banked with PNC for well over 35 years. I have found everyone I have worked with in this organization to be skilled, competent, and friendly. I have had student loans, vehicle loans, credit cards and mortgages over the years. When there were issues, through no fault of the bank, the staff quickly worked to solve the problem, provided resolution as much as they were able and educated me on the next steps. When I have questions I have always found a patient, helpful person at the other end of the phone line. In this day of treachery at every turn I appreciate PNC's diligence in taking steps toward protecting our privacy and our hard earned dollars. Thank you PNC

  3. I have used this banking since "PNC" was "Compass" and even before over twenty years ago when it went by another name. In over twenty years of using this banking facility I was never charged for checking and the money I put into this bank. I have also never ever experienced the nightmare I am experiencing now with PNC and the checking I rely on from this bank. I am frustrated and feal my business is being abused!

  4. l set up PNC Bank and wish to say how happy l am with the services it provides. l wish to say l have credit cards with you and wish for these credit cards to always be safe with me wherever l keep them. l would like my cards and other PNC documents to always be safe with me.
    l have an interest in securities and setting up my own investment company. l have a name for it. l probably would like to put some of the products you offer into this. l am curious to know some of the products you offer.
    l wish to assemble some nice investment products. Queen Maria Palermo, Cecilia Margaret Goin

  5. Tried to call the Customer Service and the Collections Depts this evening at 8:50pm their time but apparently they closed early! Every time I either stated I wanted a rep or entered '0' as the recording suggests, the voice continued to repeat itself. Very upsetting as I rely on what the posted business hours are so I can conduct my business. If your business hours are to 8:50pm then post those hours. Otherwise, you should be open and available to customers until 9pm.

  6. I have read so many comments left by other customers and they all have one thing in common… PNC BANK SUCKS! I closed the account I had with PNC BANK in 2013. I recently went to a different financial organization to open a new account and was denied because PNC BANK shows that I have an overdrawn status with the account that I closed three years ago.
    Its embarrassing and frustrating. Thank God I save the receipt from the branch where I closed the account and it shows .00 balance. CEO William S. Demchak at the corporate office will hear from me. Forget Customer Service and their inadequate personnel assistance.

  7. I have a my mortgage through PNC Mortgage , the first and a home equity line with PNC Bank, the second. In 2011, I was forced to file Chapter 13 because my tenants all stopped paying rent once I moved out of state. In the Chapter 13 agreement the house was given back to the bank as collateral for the debt. It is now 2016 and I have completely finished paying off the Chapter 13 and PNC still have not taken possession of the property. I was advised by my attorney that as long as the house remains in my name I may still negotiate a sale. During this entire time I have tried several attempts at the short sale process however, PNC Bank and PNC Mortgage will not cooperate with each other during the process which always lead to negative results. When you call them for assistance to help the process I am told they are two separate entities and I must complete and submit the same documents to for approval. The problem is the first, will approve the application and the second, will not or vice versa. Both entities will hold onto the documents until they claim the forms are out dated and request all new documents every three months prolonging the process. This experience has absolutely been a nightmare. I am trying to do the right thing by both the first and second lien holders however they are making a bad situation worst. They have not reclaimed possession of the property in 5 years during the Chapter 13 bankruptcy and they keep hindering the process of every short sale agreement brought forth. I just received a letter dated September 19, 2016, denying the short sale again requesting new documents plus additional documents that has never been request before. I feel this is just another attempt at prolonging this process. The bottom line here is PNC Bank and PNC Mortgage are the absolute worst. They can't get things right; they constantly change account representative which causes additional problems, the don't communicate with each other however, they fall under the same financial group umbrella.

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