Mozilla Corporate Office Headquarters

Mozilla Corporate Office Headquarters
Mozilla Foundation
650 Castro St., Ste. 300
Mountain View, CA 94041-2021 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-650-903-0800
Fax Number: 1-650-903-0875
Customer Service Number: 1-650-903-0800

  • I do not know what has happened to firefox I notice it going down hill in 2017 and today it gotten completely annoying use. Your support site is annoying to read and even start a chat or ask a question. It wants an account but if you set it up and forgot password. For decades you had the best browser, it seems like your direct is become like the others. there is now no browser that is simple and safe to use. it even makes us use a google account to post comment

  • Over the years I have switched backwards and forwards from using
    'Firefox, to "Goggle", mainly because Firefox no longer used "Flash", which I needed as NBC Sports from "merry England needed that…..However, I will give you 100% + for a faster, more reliable, and feeling safer, praise..Top marks,,,,, I intend to stay with "Firefox now, as I shall now JUST switch over to the dreaded Goggle,ONLY, to watch my "live" matches from England….note….Crystal Palace FC rules……WE are the BEST…..
    So thanks everybody….

  • Thanks for me NOT receiving/ sending e mails because NOW, ALL OF A SUDDEN, Thunderbird is asking for a PASSWORD, I never EVER had a password for 21 yrs,CANT SEND/ RECEIVE e mails for 5 days now.,BUT youre to HIGH CLASS to have a lousy phone number or tech support.CHILDISH, Cant send you a QUESTION ABOUT MY PROBLEM IF I CANT send e mails, Now i have to take comp. to a repair shop to be fixed because of YOUR MISTAKE.

  • It's November 17, 2017 and new updates for the Firefox web browser have been uploaded. Who is the moron who decided to re-design the interface?
    Has it ever occurred to you (and this goes to other developers like iPhone) that there are people with brain injuries and learning disabilities who struggle to re-learn how to use the interface that you've all so nonchalantly redesigned?

    You morons have no idea that there is a real, and growing disabled community who dreads "updates" by developers wanting to be cute, or novel. Do humanity a favor, and do some research on the disabled community. The fact is, YOU may one day find yourself with an unplanned concussion – Brain damage and then you will understand the nature of this post.

  • Everyone needs to boycott and uninstall Mozilla. What started as a great alternative to the corporate greed info sellers actually turned into the same kind of monster as Google. You're not fooling anyone Mozzie. Keep thinking you have the right to determine what is 'real' and what is 'fake' news or info – you'll go down. The pendulum always swings BACK towards FREEDOM!

  • Goodbye Mozilla! Your Pol Pot tactics are disgusting. YOU do not control the TRUTH. YOU do not have the right to decide what is 'REAL' and what is 'FAKE' news. I hope you fall hard in the coming years because you are EVIL to the core, just like Google, just like Fauxbook, just like YT. Backlash can be a bhyich, and it's coming for ya'.

  • Firefox has recently blocked my accessing two websites that I have enjoyed for a long time. I get a message that they are not safe sites. However, my Norton security does not consider them unsafe and I am able to access them via a different browser. It is not American to block free speech or differing spiritual concepts.

  • I downloaded the latest Firefox browser, but it came with so much spam, I was appalled. It created "pop ups" and numerous intrusions. Is there a way to just get Firefox all by it self?

  • Firefox is depndent on Adobe Flash. Yet, Mozilla does nothing about the problem. How is it they boast such a great product that they cant fix? Why can't Adobe and Mozilla make a deal and fix the problem. Fire fox 39 will hardly run on adobe with error messages about plugins…. I have never seen such a position both companies are taking. Firefox, needs a different platform. Funny how Google Chrome has a buit in flash player and yet Mozilla sits back with inexperienced foreign staff. I say stop using fierfox and boycot. Then maybe they will develop a browser that works.

  • I recently upgraded to the newest Browser of Firefox. When I finished I saw several sites I had visited… I don't want that. It is exactly what Google tried to do and the main reason I left the Google platform, along with all the other metadata they were archiving on me. I don't feel secure with all my browsing history out there for the public and want to know how I can go about placing a simple web browser screen on my homepage… otherwise I'll be forced to look elsewhere.

  • I am not happy with firefox, I just downloaded and installed Adobe Flash player 16×32 for my computer. I keep getting a message that its out of date, but according Adobe that is the latest version of it. WHEN IS MOZILLA GOING TO Get their heads out of their asses and fix the problem. Can you say UNINSTALL?

  • I had to uninstall firefox because it will not load and now it tells me it can't find my data. I can not figure out what the mozilla help info is saying to do. I don't have time to figure it out. Plus I had the same issue with yahoo and still do. With my old firefox before this one updated it was google. Firefox used to the the absolute best. Now I am so disappointed. I am a lay person with this type of thing. Need help.


  • Love SeaMonkey Browser and have used it for years however SeaMonkey 2.29.1 "does not"
    maintain browser tabs when I "QUIT" SeaMonkey. It will be absolutely wonderful if Mozilla can
    resolve this issue when Mozilla updates it's future updated version. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK 🙂

  • What's wrong with mozilla firefox and nightly, Second time they stopped working? Google Chrome and safari seem to work

  • I am very disappointed in your company for forcing out your founder for taking the same position that even the President took at the time of the donation to a cause which was passed by the voters. If he's not back heading the company within the next month I will switch all my computers to another browser. I love Firefox and have used it for years, but freedom of speech must be defended.

  • I am disappointed that numerous contibutors/employees threatened to leave Mozilla because Mr. Eich holds personal opinions that don't match theirs. It appears that "outing" someone who holds views different than yours is acceptable. Interesting. It used to be such a terrible thing to experience, but now it's ok as long as you are doing it to someone else, and not on the receiving end this time? I wonder how far we would need to go back to find something in every other persons history that we could condemn them about? Is this really the way an "advanced" group of people should operate? It seems to me that the hate and intolerance is coming from those who claim to be the victims. More could be said, but to what point?

  • Because of the dismissal of your CEO, Brandon Eich, I will never use Mozilla again. It will be removed from my computers at home and work. His recent support of traditional marriage has nothing to do with his employment, at least it should not in the United States. The dismissal reflects seriously flawed corporate culture. The culture is obviously not all inclusive. Mozilla should not be in the business of social engineering.

  • Because of Mozilla's intolerance of their “former” CEO, I am stopping my use of Firefox unless/until Mozilla offers a very public apology to Mr. Eich and publicly offers him his position back. Any group that has such heavy-handed intolerance to people’s personal beliefs has no place in my life or on my computer.

    So, whadda ya say Mozilla? Are you going to do the right thing??

  • All Mozilla products have been removed from my computers. I have a libertarian view on social issues but a constitutional position regarding free speech. That said, you have the right to freedom of association. But, so do I.

  • Is Mozilla an anti-Christian organization who fired founder/CEO Brendan Eich for his faith-based beliefs? Our family & friends would like to know before we leave the Mozilla services.

  • I am so happy to hear that many in your corporation support traditional marriage and Chick-fil-A. THANK YOU!!!!!

  • In two versions of Firefox I tried the Find function in Edit doesn't work. Why? May it works only in specific versions of Firefox? Please, explain and restore this very important function needed because Google toolbar with highlight is not compatible with Firefox.

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