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Mozilla Corporate Office Headquarters

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Mozilla Corporate Office Headquarters
Mozilla Foundation
650 Castro St., Ste. 300
Mountain View, CA 94041-2021 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-650-903-0800
Fax Number: 1-650-903-0875
Customer Service Number: 1-650-903-0800

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I do not know what has happened to firefox I notice it going down hill in 2017 and today it gotten completely annoying use. Your support site is annoying to read and even start a chat or ask a question. It wants an account but if you set it up and forgot password. For decades you had the best browser, it seems like your direct is become like the others. there is now no browser that is simple and safe to use. it even makes us use a google account to post comment

Over the years I have switched backwards and forwards from using
'Firefox, to "Goggle", mainly because Firefox no longer used "Flash", which I needed as NBC Sports from "merry England needed that…..However, I will give you 100% + for a faster, more reliable, and feeling safer, praise..Top marks,,,,, I intend to stay with "Firefox now, as I shall now JUST switch over to the dreaded Goggle,ONLY, to watch my "live" matches from England….note….Crystal Palace FC rules……WE are the BEST…..
So thanks everybody….

Thanks for me NOT receiving/ sending e mails because NOW, ALL OF A SUDDEN, Thunderbird is asking for a PASSWORD, I never EVER had a password for 21 yrs,CANT SEND/ RECEIVE e mails for 5 days now.,BUT youre to HIGH CLASS to have a lousy phone number or tech support.CHILDISH, Cant send you a QUESTION ABOUT MY PROBLEM IF I CANT send e mails, Now i have to take comp. to a repair shop to be fixed because of YOUR MISTAKE.

It's November 17, 2017 and new updates for the Firefox web browser have been uploaded. Who is the moron who decided to re-design the interface?
Has it ever occurred to you (and this goes to other developers like iPhone) that there are people with brain injuries and learning disabilities who struggle to re-learn how to use the interface that you've all so nonchalantly redesigned?

You morons have no idea that there is a real, and growing disabled community who dreads "updates" by developers wanting to be cute, or novel. Do humanity a favor, and do some research on the disabled community. The fact is, YOU may one day find yourself with an unplanned concussion – Brain damage and then you will understand the nature of this post.

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