Instagram Corporate Office Headquarters

Instagram Corporate Office Headquarters
181 South Park Street Suite 2
San Francisco, California 94107
Corporate Phone Number: 1-415-857-3369
Customer Service Number: 1-415-857-3369

  • pleace recover my old account shafeel 69 and old account open in face book conect but problem know face book open acoount in instagram new account open pleace recover my old accont i begging u(instagram head office pleace(

  • My Instagram has been hacked now for multiple weeks with no solution provided. Insta was a great app but honestly with everything the happened at Facebook and now that Instagram is owned by Facebook they privacy has gone downhill. Don't you think they would've came up with a better help center considering everything that's happened recently. So sad that Instagram is useless…

  • INSTAGRAM refuses to release our account that has been hacked. We contacted them as requested and provided all legal proof and they still refuse. Now the hacker is placing our company profile for sale and in conversations in DM admits to blackmail and hacking; this was also provided but they still refuse to release is back to us.

  • Company account was hacked. They asked for legal proof which was all provided and they refuse to release. Now the hacker is selling the IG and admitted to blackmail and hacking. This was also provided and they still refuse to release the account.

  • you instagram people are very slack concerning your customer guy changed my password for what. this is very slack and i dont know what you guys changed the password to. i started crying when i saw that u changed my password for my saftey.what you guy should have told me to change my password but instead you guys just upps and changed it yourself so disorganized and slack

  • I've recently just been hacked into I had accout my password stolen and I have made numerous of emails to this department and I have received negligence Instagram account use name is artlovebook1 my contact details phone number 07457528816

  • i got logged out of my account a couple of months ago, and i can't get back on it. i tried resetting my password but i don't think i put my number and the email i used i don't remember it.

  • I can't believe with what's going with instagram. I can't receive my followings and they wondering so anything about it.

  • I am wondering if u can take a screenshot of someone's photo and will they know that there photo got screen shoted for example i screen shot a girl I like with they know someone screenshoted one of their photos from 25 weeks ago?

  • I haven't been receiving any Instagram push notifications for the past 3 weeks and i'm very annoyed. All of the settings are set correctly, I also deleted the app and re-installed it multiple times and i'm still not receiving any push notifications…..

  • Has anyone had a problem with losing the exact amount of followers you gain everyday?! Its been happing to me for a month now. Thinking something might be wrong about now! @Beach_Babe_Swim

  • what do I do if someone opened an instagram account in my name/email address without me knowing/authorization

  • I have a laptop and I've been trying to use Instagram I can't get It to work help center dosn't answer my question so I just called this corporate number and It's disconnected.Can I use Instagram on my laptop?

  • Instagram has the worst customer service in the history of the planet. The phone numbers to the so called corporate office does not work and the one that does continuously refers you to "" which is completely useless. The automated service you reach even refers you online help when your account has been hacked, you are unable to delete or access an account. So basically, your information is out there unsecure for anyone to access and apparently instagram does not care. If instagram is actually run my real human beings and on the office chance that someone might happen across this blog (im assuming it is unmanned like everything regarding instagram), delete my account. I would list the account id, but it is probably instagram doing the hacking.

  • We demand that the following Instagram account and Statement be Deleted, (The Instagram Account – yakillinme_smallz)

    Unprofessional, Deformation of Character, Statement made by disgruntle employee, No true statement and yet they get to #hashtag and put Outrageous Statements by a company that paid a great salary, plus tips, plus full paid Medical, Vacation Package, Personal Time Package and YET we are unJustified and un-Fair, all because disguntle employee can!

  • To bad sombody made an instagram account in my name, my pictures, and info And they wont do anything about it or delete it.

  • HEYYYYY HELP ME! bullying going on here user @warrior.amy and she has told people to kill themselves and all. she says she rules the Sonic fandom but HA NO! can you plz block her out of her acc and delete it and her back up acc @warrior.rose

  • Okay this is stupid I've been blocked from tagging my friend in multiple picture like 4 times its a thing we have fun doing but it keeps blocking me it needs to stop.

  • I emailed last week and have not heard back. I have had continued issues with privacy on Instagram. Unfortunately the repeat person I'm having issues with keeps finding me on Instagram and somehow has managed to get into my photos without my permission. I don't know her screen name but she keeps finding mine. I would appreciate any and all information Instagram holds on verifying that my account is and has remained private. I have my timeline I know for certain my account had been set to private including my photo Map, checkins and links to Facebook, yet to no avail she continues to find me.
    Any assistance you can provide in terms of an account privacy report print out would be most helpful. I have validated that all of my privacy settings within my controls have been met. It's beyond upsetting that I keep being harassed by this individual.
    I have searched endlessly for a point of contact on Instagram to be able to assist with my request. Please, I would appreciate any help you can provide so that I may address next steps I need to best handle this situation. I have not deleted my account as of yet so not dismiss or delete any recovery potentials to hidden data that can be validated with my current login and password. I seek some resolution to put an end to this.

    Thank you for your time & assistance.

  • I have been on the search since Tuesday, September 16, 2014 to determine if there is a privacy log report by day, by week or by month, what have you to validate that my instagram profile had remained private for sometime now.

    I have had some recent inquiries made on my profile that were not approved by me & I suspect I have an issue. I'm trying to validate if there is a way to confirm that my user profile has remained private since at the very least May of this year to the present time.

    Any assistance you can provide is most appreciated so that I can determine next steps of action needed.

    I have not been successful with obtaining any information from the support desk where I reported a potential problem or through the insta desk where I came across an email there to pose the same inquiry.

    Who should my inquiry be directed to in anyone in particular. Once again, your assistance is appreciated.

  • i logged out of my account and when i tried to log back in it said my username/password was incorrect so i tried to reset my password because i knew my username was right and when i got the email to reset it it was for an account "@uranidiotlol" so i tried to log into that account with my password and it worked, i found out that the account was activated over a year ago and they were following a bunch of my friends. i deleted the account to see if it would let me back on my instagram with the account gone and now its saying that my email is not recognized.

  • My instagram sent a reset password that I didn't request now I can't log in my Instagram name is @itz.a.kidd if anyone can help let me know

  • The errors have occurred.

    "Sorry, an error has occurred while processing this request."

    "Unknown network error has occurred."

    I am able to view my notifications.

    I cannot view my news feed, upload a picture, like pictures, view my profile, and make changes.

    This has been happening for a few days.

    I have uninsulated, reinstalled, cleared cache and data, also restarted phone multiple times.

    Please help and thank you.

    INSTAGRAM Name is @BellaMarie00_

    Last time I was logged on everything was working fine and all Instagram policies were met

  • Umm yes yesterday I was on instagram and it logged me out and said my instagram was disabled I don't know why

  • This is very depressing and i can`t get into my instagram…. I was looking at my feed and it automattically logged me out, now i can`t get back into my account i`ve tryed diffrent passwords and tryed to reset my password and still wont work somebody please help!!!

  • i tired to delete my old account on my phone, but every time i do it, my account is never deleted. so i made a new account with the same followers. i tried to delete more than once.

  • I've tried contacting you about problems with my account several times. I'm not able to follow people and if I like or comment a photo, a pop up comes and says that I have a link on my profile that is not allowed and to tell you if you made a mistake, i push the button that says "tell us" and i do but nothing has happened. Nothing works, I can't do anything with my account and it's been this way for the past couple of weeks.

  • I am aware that nobody will probably help me…but its worth a try because my instagram account has had many flaws and id rather not have an account than make another one because i have had this current account for a long time and i dont want to throw it all away just to have to make another one because you guys have a flawed social media site. I was just refreshing my feed and it just kept messing up, so i kept refreshing! and it logged off and went to my home page. I tried to log back on and it told me i needed to reset my password in order to "secure my account". Which didnt make sense at all because it told me to click forgot password and i didnt forget it! And i know the problem wasnt with my phone because i tried it on my ipod and laptop also and it did the same thing. so i cant get on my account and i dont appeciate it because right now i am a very unsatisfied customer. Also you guys need a better cutomer service so we can talk to a real human that can help us because right now you have one number and when i called it all i heard was some chick with a really annoying voice and all the stuff she was saying was completely irrelivant and didnt help me at all. I looked at your instagram help center website a million times and about ten other websites that didnt help me worth crap. So anyways, i reset my password like it told me to, and it just made me a new account with a weird username that didnt make sense. but i deleted it because nothing made sense about it. so please help me!

  • I am writing tis message to you which you probably won't read so it is most likely a waste of my time but I am mmessaging you because I have had several issues with Instagram. Every time there is an update to fix one problem another one pops up. The latest problem is that I can't comment on anyone's posts but my own which is extremely irritating because the ability to comment on people's pages is the only way to comment them and let them know what you think about what they have posted. The multitude of problems that I keep having with this app is making me seriously consider leaving Instagram and/or posting a petition for others to sign about having gliches. I am looking for anything that will maybe get your team to look into the various problems that no matter how many times the app is updated keep coming up. Please fix this as soon as possible. I would really like to interact with my followers

  • I cant get on my account. I was on my account on my newsfeed and all the sudden it logged me out and now i cant get on my account. I tried to reset my password with my email but it sends me the wrong account. I need help if someone can please contact me that would be great. 561-891-2271

  • Some person on instagram Lauryn Evans, insta name is LAURYNEVANSX0, is pretending to be my daughter!! We have reported this to you several times, and nothing was done about it!! Can't even speak to anyone at your HQ's, it's just an answering machine! What does it take for you to remove this person?? You are not professional at all!!! We want it removed immediately!! Adrienne Cirillo

  • I was wondering if anybody can help me with my instagram because i tried emailing and I dont even know if it sent . I am having a problem with recording on instagram it is supper blury. My phone camera and video camera . The instagram camera works fine it the video recording thatdoeesnt work

  • It is ridiculous!!!!!! Can not find a working number or email any where. The disabled my account as well for violating terms. I had only maybe 6 pictures of places I was. Really Instagram……at least be reachable to rectify your on stupidity!!!!

  • I have the galaxy 2 and I can not upload videos to instagram. I am very upset because I have a voice and I will like for my followers to hear it. This could possible take away form my time I spend on twitter. Can galaxy 2 please get the update. I just may cry!!!!!

  • I just was curious, if anybody has any info about WINDOWS GETTING THE INSTAGRAM APP…. I live this app and I really think it will enhance the phone… I need this app….

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