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EA Games Corporate Office Headquarters

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How to Contact EA Games Corporate Office Headquarters Phone Number & Address

Electronic Arts Inc.
209 Redwood Shores Parkway
Redwood City, CA 94065 USA
Phone Numbers
Corporate Phone Number: 1-650-628-1500
Fax Number: n/a
Customer Support and Help: 1-866-543-5435 is not associated with EA Games or EA Sports. This website is for informational and review purposes only.

26 replies on “EA Games Corporate Office Headquarters”

I cn not instal my game and can not get n account assigned. so I can not send service question or get help on line. Your service system is poor but I am trying different venues to get assist so I can set up and and play my game or take it back.
I entered attempts in cust svc I will try svc no tomorrow.

How do we get in touch with someone besides the customer relations line or supervisors or whatever is called at EA. This started as a gaming issue that has turned into the worst customer service I have experienced. I am in the business of customer service. I realize its hard to find great people. That's why I have given EA multiple times on same issues talking to different customer service supervisors, reps , managers or whatever position only to be given a different story from each with same results of issues not resolved, but marking issues resolved on the website of EA sports under CASES. I have been disconnected purposely after requesting information that your team will not share , and I know they can share when I ask for a name because other shave done that. I have wasted more than 12 hours dealing with a very simple issue that is still not resolved. I would like a reply back to my email address with a number to speak to someone other than the people overseas that can not resolve issues.

When "Customer Service" tells you that they cannot provide you with a telephone number for EA, an email address for EA, nor a mailing address for EA SOMETHING IS SERIOUSLY WRONG! I spent almost 2 hours just trying to speak with a live human being only to get hung up on when I asked for a supervisor.

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