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  • KinderCare Corporate Office Headquarters

KinderCare Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact KinderCare Corporate Office Headquarters

650 NE Holladay Street
Portland, Oregon, 97232 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-800-633-1488
Local Phone Number: 1-503-872-1300
Customer Service Number: 1-888-525-2780
Sales and Enrollment: 1-888-523-6765

  • If I could give the Kindercare in North Billerica zero Stars I would! I worked for this Center in the beginning of my Early Child career. I reported instances in cases of abuse without knowing what a mandated reporter was and my director Lorene G. did nothing about it! That director was also investigated for fraud and audited because she was offering her assistant director Erin M. half tuition rates when her both her children were full-time at the center. A teacher who had recently left the center reported the issue and the allegations were unfounded because she altered and reprinted out all of the rosters with and had all the teachers sign off on them for her, so she got away with it. I started as a toddler teacher working with a girl known as Krissy. She slashed the kid in the face with a fork for grabbing another child's fork! I was horrified! When I reported the incident she was simply sent home and back the next day! Our director wrote an incident report saying another child scratched that child that was abused! How is this okay? After that incident, I was bullied by that girl and her friends and again nothing was done about it, so I asked for a transfer and after a few years I could see right through management and left the company completely! NEVER SEND A CHILD TO KINDERCARE ESPECIALLY THIS ONE!!! ALL ABOUT ENROLLMENTS, MONEY, NOT ABOUT THE CHILDREN, TREATS EMPLOYEES HORRIBLY!!!

    Also, the Kindercare in Westford Massachusetts is Very unorganized! The director Jean is very fake and flighty! Most of the staff does not have a set schedule and they will not know the schedule until they get a text the night before whereas other centers will give it to you a week in advance. While I was working in a classroom, I had asked for a substitute for a child with an allergy and the director came in with another food that the child was allergic to! Are you even kidding me?! Get your act together! You should be all about the children and not about the money, getting enrollments, and filling up the building! Horrible turnover rate with teachers! Very unprofessional as far as the teachers go for the most part! The male preschool teacher reeks of cigarettes along with his girlfriend that also works there. He runs his bristly face all over the children's faces leaving them red and raw and doesn't see a problem with that. I will say that Miss Nikki in the kindergarten room is great! Also, Miss Trincace is great as well! I still would not send any child to any KinderCare! You get what you pay for.

  • KInderCare in Westfield, Indiana have been switching children every day in and out classrooms, even putting infants in the toddler's rooms. These children don't have a sense of belonging anywhere, no consistency, different teachers, different environments. When corporate announces a visit, the managers are running around the building switching children again and putting them in the proper classroom. The children are always crying and all this is affecting the children well being and development. Something have to be done and soon for the sake of the children. Parents have ask why is my child being change from class to class but I think these parents are afraid of mention the problem to administration.

  • KinderCare at 11626 des monies memorial drive Seattle, WA is a terrible place to work at the kids do not come first at this facility at ALL. the director does not care about her employees she has favorites and talks about everyone including the children and there parents. Also when u take a day off u come in the next day and she has a attitude she is a drunk and u can smell the liquor on her at times also they have rats and the droppings are on the children's mats and floor oh and in there pantry were the food is and the health department will be contacted her boss Cathy and her licensor know about this and continue to let this go one and the employees keep quiet so they wont lose there job. the director has had out burst with her employees infront of the children leavin them scared and looking. Also if u think ur kids r learning u r wrong theres never any materials to work with at ALL which sometimes causes the employees to go out and buy materials for their class there are pictures of the rat droppings on the childrens beds n will be seto the health department whatever u do DO NOT take ur kids to these daycares I have notices all of the directors are very close friends and similar things go on at there centers as well never apply to these childcare centers because you will not be appreciated the director at this site is named Terria Caldwell if I have to go to the news for all of this I will

  • As an employee of 8 months with KinderCare,you must understand how much it pains me to write this letter today.However,I feel that I can’tremain silent no longer.I wish to file a grievance against my Center Director, Ms. Ashley Krueger with regards to my suspension on Friday,August 18,2017 due to workplace rumors. Ms.Krueger has been harassing me for quite some time now. I honestly believe that she is bullying me . The rumor that was told to me during our conversation that took place in Ms.Krueger's office was and I quote,''Co-workers are saying that you are being rough with kids with behaviorial problems.'' I questioned her about this rumor.Why wasn't I called into your office before now? Where is the written documentation?Where is the evidence? Where is your Professional Ethics,why are you suspending me on hearsay?

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