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Dyson Corporate Office Headquarters

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Dyson Corporate Office Headquarters
600 W Chicago Avenue
Suite 275
Chicago, IL  60654
Corporate Phone Number: 1-312-469-5950
Customer Service Number: 1-866-693-9766

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What I been posting all over Facebook dyson and their websites
My dyson vacuum ripped my carpet up first my wife was using in bedrooms ripped some up and we were like ok , but now it has ripped up 3feet or more !! And dyson has told me pretty much sorry about your luck! Talked to the customer service department and I have $4,000 worth of damage and they wanted to get me a discount on a new vacuum supervisor was Jennifer I was on the phone and hold for over a hour and a half! Then was on the phone with a guy in the corporate office named Brian at extension 1226 for 35 minutes got disconnected had to try to get him again and he said claims won’t do anything for you I promise you! But I’ll send it over ASAP wait one or two days for them to call u! Well that was Tuesday and it’s friday now! And I call up can’t get him but gives the secretary the message Oh he has to turn into claims still! I called customer service and explained again and said claims will call in one hour! Well that was 3 hours ago! Don’t buy from them they will not honor anything and I even said how would you feel if my product ruined your property ! And they kinda laughed…. this is what happens when companies think they have the market and dollars signs are more important then customers!!
I will seek legal help with this!!

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