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  1. 321 Wilshire Blvd. Store was so RUDE, first they gave me a way more expensive lens, then claimed I STOLE money! lol I tried to call to speak with the manager–after one manager was extremely apologetic related to the upselling situation, when I called back a different manager, NICOLE, was downright abusive on the phone she accused me of getting the cheapest lens, then claimed I stole $30, when I was calling to pay the difference or explain why I was uncomfortable coming back to their store. She kept saying my name over and over, claimed I stole and would not listen to the fact that I had been the victim of domestic violence and TOLD the clerk that I wanted the CHEAPEST lens, so instead of giving me what I requested, he gave me a more expensive lens. (Thirty is not that much) But, I tried to upgrade to a progressive and he still told me the only lens was $400 dollars. I went to my car and found a website discussing fraudulent business practice related to upselling at LensCrafters. Times are hard enough, I was calling to either pay the difference or get resolution and NICOLE at SANTA MONICA was so abusive I had to come on here to tell my story. She also gave a different scenario than the first manager I complained to, degrading ME and claiming because the frames were on sale, the cheaper lens was not available–an opposite story of the other manager. Stop, hurting customers. And when you make a mistake, be nice. Now I'm going to google, Yelp and anywhere else I can go to confirm that the Website I found is true.

  2. Even their employees are rude people. Not a single number to call for customer complaints they don't really even have a number for complaints. After seeing all the above comments I now see why…..

  3. I spent $500.00 to buy a two pairs of glasses one with the sun blocking treatment and the other without. I also brought in an old frame to put a pair of new lens. Had then for les than six weeks and the one with the tinting treatment became defective. I went into the Stockton California store and they told me they could not do anything for me since I did not spend another couple of hundred dollars for something that is going to be used for a few years and then changed. LensCrafters are nothing better than thieves who defraud the paying public of their very hard earned money. I will never set foot in any of the stores and recommend that everyone boycott this cheating company. What's worst is to see how many others wage earners who trusted these slime balls and stole their hard earned money. I will never go into this mall again as a protest for being cheated and defrauded.

  4. I purchased new lens for frames last March for $435 which included a protective film I am sure they told me would be good for glare etc. Several months ago I thought I had a smudge on one lens and cleaned them as usual using lens crafter solution and clothes. I didn't think much of it but the smudge grew into several smudges and now is on both lens. I took them into the store today and was told it was the protective film. Apparently the standard warranty is only 30 days which is reasonable to determine if the prescription is accurate but obviously not long enough for defective protective film occurring later. I had not purchased a long term warranty given the little amount I wear the glasses and already spending $435. I was offered a 50% discount on new lenses but told nothing could be done to correct/remove the protective film. I declined to spend yet more money on lens….$600+ total?! This clearly is a defective productive regardless of the time passed.

  5. I purchased frame and lenses at the
    Avon, CT. store and was extremely pleased with associate who fitted the glasses, but from there the service went downhill.I was visiting relatives in CT. but could not receive completed glasses before I went home to Florida so asked if they could ship the completed glasses to the Oaks Mall in Gainesville, FL., the closest store to me, which they agreed to do. I received a text stating glasses were done, so called the CT. number to check to see if they had been shipped. The woman I spoke with on the phone told me they were not in the store – I believe she did not even bother to look, as I found out much later they were indeed there and had never been shipped. I checked for three or four days from then to see if Gainesville had received them. The last person I spoke with was Meagan S., the Assistant Manager of the Gainsville Store. She apologized and said she would call the Avon store and call me back, which she did. Avon had not even shipped them at that time. She asked they be overnighted to Florida store as I had been very patient to that point. They were not. Finally they arrived and she apologized again for Avon, had their GM call me, who also apologized but offered no bonus for the long delay. Meagan at least gave me a supreme cleaning kit for my aggravation. She went over and above what she had to do in order to provide the customer service the Avon Store neglected to provide. I thank her very much and would certainly return to the Gainesville store in the future. She deserves an award for super customer service!!!

  6. It thought it was very difficult to make a comment and and then rather then publish they gave a list of choices and if you pick the wrong one, it wont publish. how uses url for the general public. You should just have to click Next and it sends the comment. Here is appears that the comments are sensored as it says it will be published if approved!!

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