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Reach LensCrafters Corporate Office 

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LensCrafters, headquartered in Mason, Ohio, is a prominent optical retail chain known for its wide selection of prescription eyewear, sunglasses, and contact lenses. With a focus on personalized eye care services and high-quality products, LensCrafters caters to customers seeking professional optical services. This post provides comprehensive details about LensCrafters, highlighting their corporate address, contact information, and an overview of the company’s services and position in the optical retail industry.

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LensCrafters Headquarters: An Overview

LensCrafters Corporate Office

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LensCrafters’ Role in the Optical Retail Industry

LensCrafters is a leader in the optical retail industry, offering a comprehensive range of vision care solutions. Renowned for their in-store eye exams, a wide array of eyewear options, and advanced lens technology, LensCrafters provides an integrated approach to eye health and fashion eyewear. The brand’s commitment to quality service and customer satisfaction has made it a top choice for eyewear consumers.

The Competitive Landscape of Optical Retail and LensCrafters’ Position

In the competitive optical retail market, LensCrafters faces challenges from national chains like Visionworks, Pearle Vision, Amazon, Walmart, and Warby Parker, as well as regional optical stores and independent optometrists. Additionally, online eyewear retailers like Zenni Optical and EyeBuyDirect also pose competition with their virtual try-on and direct-to-consumer models. Despite these challenges, LensCrafters maintains its strong market position through its comprehensive eye care services, wide range of products, and a focus on innovative eye care technology.

LensCrafters Corporate Office Complaints, Reviews, and Feedback

We encourage you to share your experiences with LensCrafters’ eyewear products, eye exams, customer service, and overall satisfaction with their services. Your feedback in the comments section is invaluable, providing insights that help others understand LensCrafters’ operations and commitment to customer service in the optical retail sector. Whether you have compliments, complaints, or suggestions, your perspectives are important in evaluating the company’s performance and service quality.

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LensCrafters Terrible Products

December 13, 2022

Terrible products of Micheal Kors. Bought one in March, the handles came off within a month. Chose another one Michael Kors as well, again the handles came off just a few days after one month. Manager, Jason at First Colony Sugar Land TX, refused to take care of it, whereas at the beginning when the first one broke, I asked him if it happens again and he stated that we will resolve it at that time. When it happened the second time, he refused to help and you were on your own. The store and its management are a big time trap. They falsify the information just to sell you in the beginning.


LensCrafters Charge

December 13, 2022

I had an appointment with Lenscrafters at 10 AM Monday morning the young lady stated there would be a $39 dollar charge. I stated to her I came to Lenscrafters because there was no charge. She stated it was a co-pay to the Doctor. I told her I don’t have the money to pay it so I let. I went next door to look at some frames and see how much they were, told the lady the out-of-pocket cost for the frames I could not afford. I went home and the young lady from Lenscrafters called me at home and stated they were not going to charge me because I had Dieteries and I need my eyes tested. so come back. I went back to Lenscrafters did the test. Today I got a bill for $39 dollars. I want to know what was going on?

Robert Mitchum Johnson

LensCrafters Lakeland FL

December 13, 2022

Lakeland, Fl – Hwy 98. Terrible experience. After an appointment with an optometrist at LensCrafters, went next door to purchase a progressive lens for frames purchased at Bascom Palmer. Within 30–days went back for an adjustment because the glasses kept sliding. Explained to the manager that the vision wasn’t right and that I had to keep adjusting my head. The manager reviewed my records and immediately knew the problem. LensCrafters put an old prescription in new glasses instead of a new prescription. INCOMPETENT: sales associate, optician, lab personnel, etc.

Manager stated error was due to the customer having 2-profiles. Interesting – even though I gave the sales associate/optician my new prescription written 5-minutes ago by LENSCRAFTERS optometrist somehow LensCrafters PUT THE WRONG PRESCRIPTION IN with some uneducated excuse “Customer has two profiles”.

If I had not come back for an adjustment their mistake at my expense would have gone “unseen”. WHERE ARE THE CHECKS AND BALANCES, QUALITY CONTROL??? How many other unknowingly LensCrafters victims are suffering with their eyesight due to LensCrafters negligent practices?

I asked Lenscrafters to take out their progressive lens and give me my money back. The store manager instead offered to replace my $500 progressive lens with a Varilux Progressive lens. My last prescription, in 2018/2019 with LensCrafters, was Varilux progressive lens. I said okay. Informed by the manager that it would take a week to get the lens in. I didn’t hear back from LensCrafters so I called the store. Manager said the lens had been in. I naturally asked why didn’t store contact me. Manager said they sent me a text message. Turns out the lens had been in for several days. I explained to manager how important vision is, given the mixup was on their end that a phone call would have been nice, especially knowing that I’m traveling from another city and coming in on Saturday/Sunday is better because I wouldn’t have to take off from work. Informed by store manager they would call after 2-weeks.

Deplorable CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! ARROGANT & DISRESPECTFUL MANAGEMENT! My recommendation: Do not purchase lens from LENSCRAFTERS. Consider less expensive, same quality stores such as COSTCO: Coscto Varilux progressive brand $150, LensCrafters $700🥺

Ms. Jones
Corporate Office Headquarters