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BJ’s Brewhouse Corporate Office 

BJ’s Brewhouse’s corporate office is located in Huntington Beach, California. Below are comprehensive details about BJ’s Brewhouse corporate headquarters, including their address, contact numbers, and a brief overview of the company, along with its major and minor competitors in the casual dining and brewery restaurant industry.

How To Contact BJ’s Brewhouse Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

BJ’s Restaurant Corporate Office – Overview

  • BJ’s Restaurant Corporate Address: 7755 Center Avenue, Suite 300, Huntington Beach, CA 92647, USA
  • BJ’s Brewhouse Corporate Phone Number: 1-714-500-2400
  • Website: bjsrestaurants.com

Map and Directions To BJ Brewhouse Corporate Headquarters

A Snapshot of BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse’s History

Founded in 1978, BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse has grown from a small pizza place to a well-known casual dining and brewery chain with locations across the United States. Known for its deep-dish pizza, Pizookie® dessert, and award-winning craft beer, BJ’s offers a diverse menu in a relaxed and family-friendly atmosphere.

The Casual Dining and Brewery Restaurant Industry and BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse’s Position

In the competitive casual dining market, BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse competes with major chains like Applebee’s, Olive Garden, and Chili’s, as well as brewery-centric competitors such as The Cheesecake Factory, Yard House, and Gordon Biersch. BJ’s sets itself apart with its unique combination of craft brewery experience and extensive menu variety, catering to a wide range of dining preferences.

BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse’s Customer-Centric Approach

BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse focuses on providing a high-quality dining experience with a commitment to excellent customer service. The brand emphasizes its diverse menu offerings, specialty craft beers, and a warm, inviting dining environment, making it a popular choice for both casual diners and craft beer enthusiasts.

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BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse Corporate Office Complaints, Reviews, and Feedback

We invite you to share your experiences with BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse’s dining and services. Your feedback in the comments section is invaluable in helping others understand the company’s commitment to providing a quality casual dining experience and customer satisfaction.

Attention BJ's Brewhouse Menu

Rated 3.0 out of 5
July 20, 2023

We have been regular customers at BJ’s in Beavercreek Ohio since it opened. We love it and the people who work there. The restaurant is clean, the servers are friendly and very good at their jobs. This location is always busy, which shows how great it is. My complaint is about the menu change. Why remove tomato basil soup and lentil soup? There are other items that were removed that fit the Dayton Ohio area so well. Please bring them back.

Bonnie Botschner

Attn BJ's Brewhouse Complaint Department

Rated 3.0 out of 5
July 24, 2023

I am writing to express my disappointment with the experience I had at your restaurant. The server was unhelpful and distracted by his nose ring. We were served our drinks without utensils, and our food was thrown on the table. However, Liz, the manager, was understanding and provided excellent customer service. I wanted to bring this to your attention and acknowledge Liz’s exceptional service.


BJ's restaurant in Vacaville - Not a pleasant experience

Rated 2.0 out of 5
August 18, 2023

We met the family at your Vacaville restaurant last night. It was not a pleasant meal (not counting our family visit.) I ordered a salad and “fresh steamed broccoli” as sides for the rib dinner. Got salad and about two bites of my meal were delivered. Way too soon. My food was sitting there getting cold, which was a nonissue since my broccoli was already not even remotely warm. My fresh broccoli look microwaved more than once. It was neither fresh nor steamed or possibly steamed at 10 am and then microwaved for meals. The bases of all the broccoli were brown which means they are old offerings. I was very specific with my server…no butter, oil, or sauce on it. She offered asparagus as a substitute. It too was nuked to death, very dried out, and covered in either butter or oil. I have digestive issues and could not even try the asparagus. The oil or butter makes me ill. I gave up and came home hungry after my $75.00 dinner. My husband had a margarita that he was disappointed in. It was watery and was supposed to be blended and came in a water glass not a bar glass for a cocktail like that. I had a dessert with my meal that I couldn’t eat. Way too greasy. One of those cookie desserts. My niece and brother had rice pilaf and it was not edible. Dried out. Haven’t done much dining out since covid hit and for sure will not go back to your restaurants. Too many other places to choose from and actually get food I have a chance at enjoying. The ribs were good but dinner does not mean just meat! Thank you for listening. This was overall not a pleasant experience. Gave two stars because the salad was tasty and the ribs were pleasant. Being rushed, cold and unappetizing sides and watery drinks were zeroes.

Barbara Foster
Corporate Office Headquarters