Yard House Corporate Office Headquarters

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Yard House Corporate Office Headquarters
7700 Irvine Center Drive
Suite 300
Irvine, CA  92618
Corporate Phone Number: 1-800-336-5336
Corporate Fax Number: 1-949-727-0831

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Sunday, July 17 nobody don’t ever go to the Pasadena yard house on Colorado really poor management on Sunday they told us 30 minutes for a party and then came back 30 minutes later and try to tell us 25 more minutes.this place is a joke

Horrile service at the San Antoino Rivercenter location yesterday March 28th. Locations like this forget they need us locals long after any NCAAA tournament and way before the conventions come back in 2022. I asked for a table of three the host said about 15 mintues and took my cell number. I stook right in front of the host stand. Intead of telling me he texted three times and I didn't have my phone in plain sight. But I was in plain sight. When I took three steps to ask about my table he said I texted you three times. What you can't say ma'am your table is ready? Then when I called later that evening, I asked for the MOD, the bar manager came on and when I explained the situation she could have cared less. What happned to good old fashion oh I'm so sorry. I'll take that up to the manager and lie! But she said she was offended by my attitude. Well sweetheart I'm not offended by yours. Horrible horrible customer service.

HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE! My family booked our 43rd family reunion lunch here at the west nyack location. It was pre-planned w a head count.

It took 35min to place our drink order, 1 hour AFTER THAT to place our food order, and then 2 hours AFTER THAT to get our food, and two of our table's order wasn't put in!

We are very disappointed and angry at the lack of attention and service we received.

Surely, there is something you can do to fix this. It's our 43!!!!

Dr. Shanell T. Smith

Just a thought that might help your half yard beer sales. Your half yard is 32 oz. Which equals 2 pints. Why charge a dollar more for the same liquid oz. Just to drink out of a yard glass. What a rip off. It should be a dollar cheaper to give someone an incentive to order your promotional name sake drink. Bad marketing

WE frequent your Oxnard location and my son knowing this gave us a gift card for Christmas. The day after Christmas,we took our gift card and thought we were going to get the same great food and service. WHAT A DISSAPOINMENT. The service was fine; but the bottom side of my Cuba Pork Dip was burnt.. Shady of the cook to try to hide it, by putting burnt side down. My poor sever already was running around like a chicken with her head cut off. We weren't about to make her day worst… That being said we paid our bill tipped our usual 20% just a tip try to have your last line of defense the mangers periodically check what is coming out of your kitchen. I also wouldn't mind talking to you folks more about this location.

Where do I begin. I ate at your Yard House Restaurant at the Palisades Mall in West Nyack NY near where I live and let me tell you how very disappointed I was that it will be a long time before I go back. I think I would rather eat at MacDonalds. It took fifteen minutes to have our order taken and we waited for another thirtyfive minutes to be served and the food was ice cold. I think the only thing you care about is the beer and how many different kinds you serve. I really drink diet soda and your diet coke is the worse soda I ever drank, not a bubble in the glass. I have come to this restaurant before and the diet soda is always a problem but doesn't seem to bother anyone but me I guess. I believe there is no excuse for poor management of a restaurant and maybe some of you from corporate should come down and see how this restaurant is being managed. If you would like to speak to me you can reach me at 845 638 1469 and I would be happy to speak to you.

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