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  • Regal Cinemas Corporate Office Headquarters

Regal Cinemas Corporate Office Headquarters

How to Contact Regal Cinemas Corporate Office Headquarters

7132 Regal Lane
Knoxville, TN  37918
Corporate Phone Number: 1-865-922-1123
Corporate Fax Number: 1-865-922-3188
Customer Service Number: 1-877-835-5734


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  1. hi I'm a concern parent as well as ex employee at a regal cinemas my son n daughter has work at Ballston regal cinemas and but their are some things like would like to acknowledge knowing these are not you guys policy. It started when my started working he was loving the job until I heard they don't train you for nothing and just put into the fire. Also he was getting a lot of hours back to back with no breaks it was okay until my daughter got into job same thing no training and she felt like the one of the GM was trying to come on to her. I didn't believe it until things was getting weird my daughter is working late he calling late at nites ask her to come in. So it wasn’t sitting rite so I had came up to regal to experience what was going on and it was a mess one of the managers wasn't smelled like he didn’t take no shower none that day.when I try to have a conversation with him he gave me this nonchalant look with nothing to say and sent me to someone else. The gm I think his name was gene with dreads no costumer service what's so ever talking to his employees any type of way in front of costumers.My daughter didn’t have to tell who it was after we left I felt the energy the employees where magnificent and awesome customers service I would got back just to make they day with a couple of jokes no one should be worked like that with management like that I'm concerned for your employees an future employee. thanks again

  2. Please consider opening the six screen cinema in Uniontown Pa 15401.

    It was an AMC but has been closed for months. There is literally NO theater in this corner of PA and many retired folks who don't have streaming. We need a theater.

  3. I am curious why the CHOSEN Christmas special is not ebing shown in Boone, NC? The demographic is here in this area and I would imagine the show(s) would be a sellout.
    Anyone here needs to drive to Hickory or Johnson City to view the limied engagement show. Why not Boone?

  4. Hello,
    I love the Regal movies theatrer.
    My 2 girlfriends from NJ & I orders 3 tickets (Booking #s WHL 283 D & WXL 3NWP) on June 3rd for Friday June 4th to see Cruella at Brier Creek, Raleigh, NC.
    On the internet it was all most full sold out & we couldn't get 3 seat together & the seats were so very close to the screem that it hurt my neck to look up but we went any how. The theater was Empty exp. for 3 women in very good seats. My girlfriends talked to one of the ladies & ask how did they get good seats. She said her & her friends just came to the Theater just before the 12 PM show & bought tickets & they didn't pay the fees (WE DID).
    So I was so upset.
    My email address is jcrives@mindspring.com.
    Thank you Jeanne

  5. hi may name is lee winrow from Utah and I loved your theater for the first 2 years but to day it was as if the place has stopped caring how it looks the floors are a mess the bathrooms had no tp as we went in to the show and when we came out still did not have tp when we asked for napkins no one could find them the sx theater sides did not work but the manager tried to say that it don't work for all the shows' but you charge me the same price the manager said she needs more employees and they need to make more money you need to come to Utah crossroads theater and retrain the staff how to clean the place the sinks are clogged and I hope you can help them I did like the place at one time and I was not the only one not happy today 12/22/19 thank you

  6. Dear Regal Cinemas,

    I am writing to report an issue with the Dickson City, Pennsylvania location. Today, I attended a 3:45 show with my toddler child. Before the movie began, we attempted to use the women’s restroom; however, the facility was in deplorable condition. Several of the stalls were covered with feces on the floors and all over the toilet seats. Most of the stalls were clogged and unusable and one stall was covered in what appeared to be vomit that was visible all over the floor and on the toilet. The bathroom floor was filthy and I was very uncomfortable wearing sandals as doing so presented a health hazard because I was walking on what appeared to be human waste.

    After viewing the conditions, my toddler became very upset. An elderly woman was also present in the bathroom and she too was visibly upset. To assist the woman and to find a usable toilet for my child, I walked them to the unisex bathroom. The unisex bathroom was usable; however, it was not very clean and there was a very strong smell of urine in the room.

    The purpose of this report is to bring to your attention the conditions at the Dickson City location. I hope that bringing this to your attention will help others so they will not have a similar experience.

    Thank you for giving me the opportunity to voice my concern.


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