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HBO Corporate Office Headquarters

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  1. I just received an email, with your logo all over claiming you want to get a screenplay of one of my books. In fact you want it so bad that you will put me into touch with someone that can adapt it for just $19,575. I assume it's a scam?

  2. The removal of an American classic "Gone With the Wind" from your line up to pacify the "Wokes" has caused me to no longer want to give you any of my money. Hopefuly many more with agree and chose to leave.

  3. I believe that HBO has forgotten that TV/film are visual media, in the same way that radio was a sound medium. A good half of the 5/17 broadcast of Game of Thrones was presented in the dark, revealing only flickering candles and torches. If this show were radio we would primarily hear static. As it is, the cast mumbles and whispers incoherently. A wasted hour.

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Corporate Office Headquarters