Fiat USA Corporate Office Headquarters

Fiat USA Corporate Office Headquarters
1000 Chrysler Drive
Auburn Hills, MI 48326
Corporate Phone Number: 1-248-576-5741
Customer Service Number USA: 1-888-242-6342
Fax Number: 1-248-512-1762
Fiat Italy
Via Nizza, 250
TORINO, 10126 Italy
Corporate Phone Number: +39-011-0061111
Fax Number: +39-011-6862915

  • I purchased a 2018 Ram 2500. In 67,000 miles, it repeatedly stalls out, the DEF tank and lines had to be replaced and the transmission fell out of it. Is it any concern of Fiat’s? They are the current owning company of the junk brand Ram. I have purchased 7 Dodge Ram trucks before. I have been a loyal Ram truck owner since I was 18. Fiat can keep their junk. It is reprehensible customer service and service in general that takes away from brand loyalty. Ram is junk just like the rest of the automotive industry. It’s time we put these major corporations on notice.

  • Love the car but not the dealership
    j gregory oneal, 08/07/2020
    Classica 2dr Convertible (1.4L 4cyl Turbo 6M)
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    2018 124 Classica. Bought new August 2018. Car is awesome and totally satisfied with everything it offers. Chose the Spider over the Miata MX5 entirely because of its retro body style (owned an Alfa in the 80's). Someone tapped the rear end and had to take the car to Fiat (Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep, Ram) and Mazda dealer for body work. When called to pick up the vehicle the repair work looked great (just a bumper cover and spoiler replacement) but key fobs no longer worked. Dealer 'reprogrammed' (he claimed) but still did not work. 5 or 6 visits (including 2+ weeks in a dealer provided rental) the shop still has not rectified the problem. They really can't figure out just what they have done to it. Every time I have taken it in it comes back NOT repaired and w/ more problems (interior light/trunk light/avg MPG no longer works after visit before last). I think the body shop left something unplugged but service is claiming some radio frequency hub. Not satisfied at all w/ dealer. Had to file GA Lemon Law hoping this will encourage somebody to rectify the problem. I JUST WANT MY CAR back and in working order. I'd buy another……my car is NOT a lemon – just the clowns working on it are a bit inept. 6 weeks into all this, btw. Now more than 9 weeks into this mess as of 8/26/2020. I have been contacted by FCA Group, Level II, but no word on when repairs will be made. All this crap started at a dealership in Macon, GA who doesn't rally seem to care about customer service. 5 bad reviews on the Better Business Bureau site and there will soon be six. Patience has worn thin.

  • I purchased a 2013 Grand Cherokee Laredo used. I believe the Jeep dealearship in Northfield NJ is horrible. I paid them a substantial amount of money and treated terribly. Would you buy another Jeep or Chrysler model if you were treated so terribly? This is my last one. I am telling all my customers to think twice before buying a Fiat Chrysler product.

  • We have a 2012 Fiat POP that we purchased 18 months ago from CarMax with 11,839 miles on it. Last November, with 14,700 miles on the car, we got an engine light on. We learn it needs a new engine. What brand makes cars with engines that last less than 15,000 miles?
    Don't buy a Fiat. Choose another brand.

  • I have had many problems with my Fiat 500 but the worst is the vehicle not shifting properly.
    Took it to my dealer they told me it was the spark plugs. Had them replaced and the shifting was still the same. Took it in again and they kept it for three days and told me it was fixed. Not so, Vehicle worse this morning. Does not shift right, and CD player doesn't work right. I would never recommend anyone to buy a fiat. Worst Car Award!

  • Fiat of Albuquerque seems to be joining the rest of these dealerships with giving Fiat a bad name. I have had nothing but issues with this car, it keeps stalling but every time I take it in they can't figure out what is going on. They also won't fix my radio. It's a 2016!

  • Fiat of Manhattan is giving Fiat a bad name. Purchased 2016 Fiat 500X. They agreed to pay mileage and last month's payment on trade in vehicle. Sales person accepted payoff figure for the mileage but that figure did not include the last month's payment. Fiat refuses to pay it and I'm stuck paying it.

  • Dear Fiat. I purchased a 2015 Fiat 500C Pop in October 2016 from Fiat of Providence RI. I had a 15 hyundai sonata that I traded in. I was upside down on it so they rolled in the difference into the fiat loan. I have had nothing but issues with my Fiat, 6 times in service since I purchased it. I still havent gotten my second key that comes with the car. A new catalytic converter has had to be put into to. I got totally screwed on this vehicle through Fiat of Providence RI. The people are awful, liars and cheats. I have to take it in next week because a piece of molding is falling off on the car. I also have had to have dings repaired on it because it was used as a demo car which they did not tell me this. It was also not the car I originally agreed to buy. They sold the one I wanted to someone else. So when I went to sign the sales papers they were like we sold it to someone else this morning but we have another car for you but its a convertible. I didnt want a convertible but I went with it. You shoud be ashamed of this dealership selling your product. They are giving Fiat a bad name

  • Champion Alfa Romeo FIAT in Downey California has had my vehicle for 25 days without any sign of completion. I am being taken advantage of. This dealership has never given e accurate information on my vehicle and every time I call they had some new story about what is wrong with my car. I have contacted FIAT customer service multiple times and even they cannot get a straight answer out of this dealership. My car was sitting at their dealership for 15 days. How could a company allow this kind of incompetence to continue?!

    • I purchased it 2015 Fiat brand new very very few miles from a dealer in Las Vegas. I had my tires rotated once before. Today June Six 2018, my tires on my car was three years old when I pu six 2018, mount tires on my car was three years old when I purchased it. Why would any up right car dealer are cooperation allow three year old tires to be placed on a brand new car don’t make sense to me now my car is three years old but my tires are now six years old . I took my car back to the place I purchased it, And I talk to the dealer and also talk to the service manager I asked damn is it a common practice to put three old tires on your brand new cars they told me no. I asked can you explain why the tires on my car which is a 2015 have three years old tires on it at the time of purchase. They look surprise ! 2012 tires on it they did not believe me so they checked for themselves and they found out that I was telling the truth. I told a dealer that this make my tires in 2018 on my 2015 six years old on a three year old car that don’t seem right to me, he could not explain how did happen. I asked what are you gonna do about it do I have to walk out in the parking lot and look at every new car out there to see if they are tires is as old as mine,or would you care to check. He recommended that I call corporate gave me a number for corporate that was not corporate’s number deceitful maybe stall tactics could be but the number was for their customer care , stayed on the phone with customer care for almost 2 hours . Customer care told me I should call The tire manufactory to find out how the ties got all my car be in debt owed. They went on to tell me that they warrantee is 12 months or 12,000 miles the ties with 36 months old when I purchased The car. It’s automatically Cancel out the warranty because the tires was at 36 months old at the time of purchase. Customer care could not explain it , so I asked why would you tell me about a warranty that was already outdated on day I Purchased the car. Of course they could not explain so after going round and round with customers care they suggest that I go to the next level and have a specialist look into it. I said OK let’s have a specialist look into it gave them all the information they needed to contact me. And I also asked for corporate‘s number at first I was told we don’t have corporate‘s number, I said be careful you do not have corporate number and you also do not have any reason why six your old tires are on a three year old vehicle. And he said let me check and he gave me a number I still don’t know if it’s corporate number because when I got around to calling it they was not excepting any calls at that time. How convenient for everyone to seize this post make sure you do not do business with the a. How convenient everyone is sees this post make sure you do not do business with fiat, And you may take a hard look at Chrysler and jeep they all rest of the same tree shady , and if you have to purchase from one of those make sure you check your tires for the date .

  • I cannot express my disappointment after what I consider a fraudulent lease transaction from Alfa Romeo & Fiat or North Miami Fl, very different from my first experience from the same dealer 3 years prior. After intense non stop calls from the dealer to offer me a new lease, I decided to go since my lease was expiring in a couple of months. I was greeted immediately by a shark sales person who was very pushy from the beginning and made me feel a little uncomfortable, but I decided to go ahead and look at the cars, we talked briefly about my lease and I told him that it will expire in January 2017, after a few hours of negotiation with the sales manager (Marcos)and the sales rep (Jasiel) since I was clear from the very beginning of my top limit for car payments. After some tense moments I accepted a deal and the sales person (Jasiel) asked me if I had made any payments to my current lease, and I said yes, he told me not to make more car payments and by the time we were ready to sign the papers he said that they will issue a check to cover the last payment of my car lease I though it was estrange but each dealer I guess works differently. After all this and not mention whatsoever of the old lease or any outstanding payments, I proceeded to sign all the papers, they congratulate me for my new car and I left. A few days later I proceeded to call Chrysler (the company that has my loan)and the lady told me that not only I still own 3 more car payments but a wear and tear fee of $1,397.50. How did this happen? how come the dealer never told me that I was going to end up with 2 car payments for the next 3 months and to be aware and prepare for a wear and tear fee? The omitted information to me and never explained any of these details knowing that I was really worry about having any high car payments that I cannot afford and now I have to pay 2 cars, when I went to the dealer yesterday to complain, the sales manager Marcos was so insensitive and distant, and basically told me that I should know about that, that it was not his responsibility about letting me know about any outstanding balance or any inspections to the car, and he couldn't even show me the papers they keep from the transaction because they were under lock and the accountant wasn't there. This is absolutely disgusting and not professional at all, these people should not be working there and I shouldn't be going through this, I don't think I will ever buy or lease a Fiat again.

  • To Bob Broderdorf: Got up today all excited to see a Fiat Spider 124 at the NH Auto show. Been checking out the car the last two months and read article in the Nov 13, 16 NH Sunday News on page H6 even showed FIAT display in bldg. 1. Drove an hour to get there. Saw Mazda, MB, Volvo, Jag, Buick convertibles and more. Great chance to see and compare these platforms. Much to my didmay..NO..Spider. Ask the Chrysler sale guy why he says they put Fiat in as a joke No S*%#. What a sale FAIL. Checked out same dealers website has at least 2 on the lot. A Nix

  • Purchased my 2010 Dodge Ram in August 2011 from a dealer in Virginia. Since the purchase I have been pleased with the performance of the vehicle and the way it takes the road. My complaint is the fact I was just in for an inspection and come to find out that the right exhaust manifold gasket and all hardware had to be replaced due to corrosion and that the bolts hold the exhaust in place may need to be bored out if they break while replacing the gasket. The minimum job repair is $500+ and could cost well over $1500. This is not covered by the extended warranty. Why???? This seem to be a manufacturers responsibility. Needless to say there is no one at Fiat willing to give me straight answers except it is on the owner to repair wear and tear. Really, wear and tear after 5years of ownership. Give me a break

  • I purchased my Fiat in 2012 from the Studio in San Diego, CA. Over the past 4 years I have been extremely pleased and proud of my little Fiat….so much so, I told the wife as soon as the Fiat 124 Spider came out I was going to purchase one! However, over the past year, my San Diego Studio has closed their doors, and I've had to look for service elsewhere. Unfortunately, it seems most of the Studio's have now partnered up with Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep for service. Does it make a difference…Of course it does. Now, instead of taking my Fiat in for service at a Fiat place…I have to stand in line with Chrysler's, Dodge's & Jeep's which takes a LOT of my time. I called one Fiat place for an appointment for an oil change and the best they could offer was almost a 2 week wait. I phoned another dealership and was told no waiting was required as they had an "Express Lane" which opened at 8:30. Arriving at 8:20 I found I had to go to Chrysler which was across the street from the Fiat showroom and wait in line which stretched down the street and around the corner. 2.5 hours later I finally arrived at the entrance to the "Express Line" and the Gentleman told me he'd have me out of there in 30 minutes. 1.5 hours later my "Express Oil Change" was finished. BTW….I asked the sales folks if they knew when the Spider 124 would be arriving in the U.S. Was told I'd have to check across the street with Fiat. Drove over after my oil change….first off the dealership lot looked like overflow parking for Chrysler, Dodge & Jeep….however, around the side there were some Fiat's parked. Walked to the front of the building and the door was locked. Walked around to the side of the building and a Gent with a Fiat shirt was exiting the building. Asked if I needed help….I asked about the 124 and his response. Oh…I only wash the cars….you'll have to go across the street to Chrysler and they might be able to help you if someone from Fiat is working today. (It was a Saturday) Well…..I fixed my problem…..drove next door to Mini Cooper and traded my Fiat for a new Cooper S Convertible. Arrivederci Fiat…..Great Car…..Crummy Service!!!! It was fun while it lasted!!!

  • Leased a Fiat, Lease Up, dealer left town, and can only buy from the dealer per Florida Law. Other Fiat dealer said they would sell it to me but they do not have the title. Ally financial no help. Will notify Fiat Corporate, local Sheriff, AG, FDLE and anyone else I can think of, and keep it until someone shows up with title

  • I have a 2013 500 Sport. I am absolutely crazy about this little car. It is perfect in every way, and the most fun car I've ever owned, plus I average 42 mpg. I like Fiat so much that I want to help build sales.
    My idea is for Fiat to start building and selling a small pick up truck, with the same front end but a small
    bed in the rear instead of rear seats and a hatch. No companies make "small" pickup trucks any more. If Fiat would run with this idea, they would sell them faster than they could make them. Keep
    things simple and priced about the same as a Pop model. I hope someone in charge hears my idea, I want Fiat to be a HUGE success in the US. I would not trade my Sport for a new Caddy, and that's the truth. It is built like a rock and oozes quality and style. I bought my Sport from Sweeney Fiat in Florence, Ky, and it is the best dealership that I've ever done business with. Driving was somewhat boring until I got my Sport, but now it is exciting again, thanks to Fiat.

  • We were going to buy a car from Fiat of Edmond in Oklahoma and decided to take it back before the 30 days, they said that they would mail us back our Deposit and it has been over 2 weeks now and they are giving me a hard time at the dealership. Salesmen suck!

  • I purchased 2012 fiat 500 lounge in may of 2012 in tacoma wa. Since then i had the red leather seats i paid extra for turn colors because of dark jeans. The dealer tried to clean it didnt work. After that i jad a side molding peace break off , last year this tine my wife got in the car to go to work closed the drivers door and the back window blew out for no reason. Last sunday went out to go on a trip my fiat woild not start i thought maybe a bad starter, my car has been at the dealership for 1 week not fixed yet. I would not recommend this car to friends or family the worst customer service, fiat need to make it right and take this car back and allow me to get another one. Fiat usa has not stood behind this product, mine has 39,000 miles not even two years old yet.

  • On December 10th 2013, I hit a deer doing 60 mph. My Fiat sustained $4330.00 worth of damage to front of car. My problem is that the air bags did not deploy. I dont understand why. My body hit the steering wheel which the next day I was hospitalized. Has this been a problem with the 2012 Fiats?

  • I purchased a 500l and had numerous problems with it not starting. After 5 trips the dealer took it back as the problem could not be resolved. So, I bought another one, and now its having the same problem. Can't believe I am the only Fiat owner dealing with this problem. Help.

  • We were at Alderwood mall Saturday. Michael and another "gentelman" were presenting the Fiat for Rairdon's Fiat of Kirkland there. We were VERY interested in buying one of the Fiats. We had done our homework and were interested. The Car at the mall really caught our eye. They quoted us $16,650, than told us the mags were extra. When I questioned this the, and I apologize for saying this, JACKASS assisting Michael than became very rude, aggressive and told us, "what is the problem, it is only a number, it dosn't mean anything" went on and slammed all the doors on the car. I felt that he would have felt fine fighting me. Humm. We walked. Also I had been warned, about three months earlier to expect that your dealership was, to be delicate, not nice. I wish I had remembered that before this experience. I was adveized to go elseware, and I will.

  • I purchased a Fiat 500 from the Austin, Texas dealership on 7/30/2012. I used a PT Cruiser as a trade in and they took possession of the PT Cruiser on 7/30/2012. Yesterday I received a bill from the Texas Toll Road Authority indicated that the PT Cruiser went through two toll gates on 7/31/2012. The bill was for $2.95. Today I spoke to the sales manager, Mr. Jason Easely who said that this happens all the time and that I should provide the toll authority with a copy of the contract. First, I'm not sure why I should have to do this since the PT Cruiser should not been driven on my old plates. Second, the toll authorities want the money since the vehicle was driven on their system. I like my new Fiat, but your service after the sales really sucks.

    • AMEN TO THAT!….They do not stand behind what they sell. All four of my hubcaps have come off, (PLASTIC CLIPS HOLDING THEM ON BREAK INTO) and I have lost them. The dealer, Cavender Fiat replaced one, then blew me off on the others. I have written MARCIONNE himself…This is BS…..

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