Meineke Corporate Office Headquarters

Meineke Corporate Office Headquarters
128 S. Tryon St., Ste. 900
Charlotte, NC 28202 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-704-377-8855
Fax Number: 1-704-377-1490
Customer Service Number: 1-800-447-3070

  • They charged me over $7500 for a brake job and did some serious damage. They covered up the damage and sent me on my way. I had to stop every 50 miles to add oil. Then they tried to blame me before acknowledging their error. I was put in an extremely dangerous situation which also cost me several lost days and $300 for gear oil.

  • As the ideal once known as "customer service" continues to erode, I find myself, more and more, taking on the role of roving reporter, providing commentary on the beleaguered treatment of consumers by businesses that should only exist to provide a quality, in-demand product or a service to repeat customers.

    I selected a Meineke location for an oil change. I had a valid coupon from the Meineke website that was specific to the exact Meineke location I chose. I made an appointment and arrived a couple of minutes early. The counter employee greeted me promptly. I showed the counter employee the Meineke coupon. The employee told me he would not honor the coupon. He provided a variety of excuses for why the coupon would not be accepted. The explanations ranged from the recent, unexpected surge in the price of oil, to the store didn't have any conventional motor oil on hand. The employee also offered up the admonition about an individual Mieneke franchise owner having sole discretion to accept or not accept Meieneke coupons. I responded by making the point that if a particular Meineke store is not going to accept a widely advertised website coupon, the coupons should have been removed from store's page on the Meineke website. Additionally, any oversight stemming from misinformation on the Meineke website should never be considered the customer's fault. The counter employee wasn't budging and provided me with the full price on a higher end oil change. I reluctantly accepted the price hike, having taken the time, trouble and expense to drive to this Meineke location. I straightforwardly let the employee know that I would make Meineke corporate know about the website discrepancy so that the online coupons could be deleted or amended. That's when the employee let me know, in no uncertain terms, that if I was going to involve the corporate office that I was free to take my business elsewhere. I should have done so. After the service on my automobile was complete, I called another Meineke shop out of curiosity. I provided the employee that answered the phone at the other Meineke location with the details of the online coupon I had. The employee said he would honor the online offer without question.

    I have called Meineke customer service dozens of times over the past few days attempting to generate a case number and solution to this incident. The phone rings and rings but no Meineke customer service agent ever answers the phone.

  • I asked engine light diagnostic and nothing more. The service center added fuel injection cleaning service, a bunch of unnecessary service. Thinking I am a female and i don’t know about engine. Ripping me off on parts and other services. Could you help look into this service center or show me the signed approval on all these services. I got a bill for $2154.93. Invoice number 34112 at Meineke Car Center #272 3635 SE 82th ave. Portland OR 97266

  • I made an online appointment for an oil change at the #1311 Meineke dealer on 2629 Weston Rd, Weston, FL, 33331 for Monday, June 21 at 8 AM. I received an email confirmation. When I arrived at the dealer, a few minutes before 8 AM, it was closed, despite the fact that their sign indicated that they opened at 7 AM. A few minutes later, two men opened the shop but told me that they do not honor "corporate" reservations. In addition, I was told that they do not honor Meineke points to pay for their services. They did not offer any apology, saying only that they are a franchise dealer.

    How is a Meineke customer to know that a Meineke dealer is not a Meineke dealer? Why does your online system make reservations for a location that will not honor them? How are customers to know which Meineke dealers will honor points?

    I have had good experience at the Meineke #2134 on University Drive in Davie, FL but this experience causes me to reconsider my positive impression of Meineke and its points program.


  • Meineke, at least the one in Charlestown, Indiana has terrible workmanship, customer service and complete lack of accountability. I would never recommend Meineke to my worst enemy as they employ unethical business practices, and do not stand behind their work. This is a very short version of a complaint surrounding a car repair that cost $2,034.07 and that was paid to Meineke and that never resolved the mechanical issues I was experiencing. This complaint involves the Meineke service center at 3723 Charlestown Road, New Albany IN 47150. The manager at this site lacks critical customer service skills and provides incorrect/incomplete estimates and evaluations and then expects the “customer” to bare the costs of such incompetence. There were at least three different repairs performed on my vehicles over the course of a month on my 2010 Chevy Camaro. To provide an overall summary… I gave my business to Meineke because they came back with a considerably lower repair figure than a Coyle Chevrolet’s estimate for the same repair. But, after I gave my business to this Meineke, they came back on two separate occasions stating more parts were needed and the cost would need to increase. The mechanical issue I was experiencing with my car entailed my car’s engine losing power, and its deacceleration at high speeds, coupled with some shaking and instability. My car displayed a “Engine Losing Power” message and gear appeared in the speedometer panel. This auto repair began with Meineke in Charlestown on January 22, 2021. Meineke performed three separate repairs and replaced a fuel pump and its related 3 injectors as well as the other 3 injectors in my car that were unrelated to the fuel pump. The worst part is, I paid $2,034.07 and the mechanical issues with my car were not resolved when I picked it up the third and final time on February 21, 2021. The last time I spoke to the manager at this location, he stated that they do not think the last repair fixed the issue. They think it is likely a “computer issue” and if this was in fact the problem both Coyle Chevrolet and Meineke “misdiagnosed” the problem and Meineke performed the wrong repair. I asked the manager to provide me with a letter stating that to the best of their knowledge the repair they made addressed the issue and that they guaranteed the work. I had no confidence in this repair being completely resolved when I received my car the third time and so I attempted to trade the car in and purchase something else. When incompetence with a car repair shop forces a customer to trade in a vehicle due, this is a serious issue. This does not even consider weeks of stress and inconveniences due to having to borrow vehicles to get to work and perform other essentials. Unfortunately, I filed my Better Business Bureau compliant after I traded in my car and Meineke denied my claim for a credit based upon the warranty not being valid due to the trade in of it. This trade in may go south and if so, I will be filing another Better Business Bureau compliant against Meineke.

  • I had an oil change where they used the wrong oil for my car and ended up having to put out 7,500 for a new motor and another 1,300 for a new catalytic converter. I sent a letter to that stores Meineke manager that was incredibly rude to me before and after giving him the letter. I have since been trying to get a copy of all of my appropriate paper work ever since. Corporate fax number keeps failing and I can’t get anywhere on their customer service line as to who to contact. Not a working fax or even an e-mail!! It’s crazy. Then I call corporate and they refer me, guess where?? To customer service! Next thing I know, not two minutes later I have a message from the Meineke manager who went ballistic on me giving me an email address! 🤦🏻‍♀️ I think it’s time to contact an attorney!

  • I will be taking my vehicle to a mechanic to have this problem fixed if i do not receive a location I can return it to and have this situation fixed the proper way. If i have to take this to a mechanic I will be receiving all paper work of this repair and fees that I will be paying out of my pocket and will be handing those documents to my attorney who will then have them forwarded to your corporate office. I am highly upset and highly disappointed with this entire situation that I had faith in. I will stress again that I have all photo and video evidence of this matter and I also have my phone records on how many times I have tried to get in contact and have this matter resolved. I would like to speak with a supervisor or have the owner of this meineke location reach out to me and if that is not fulfilled I will have to take matters into my own hands and spend my money again to have this resolved. I have not had my vehicle running properly since I brought my truck to your location and can not go anymore with out it. I would like a response as early as possible. Highly Disappointed!
    Thank You. David

  • The damage was done by they poorly executing an install and they needed to replace it where he gave me an attitude and said he was not replace it and hung up on me. He then called me back asking where i was and that he was putting it on a lift to look at it and i needed to get there to show him what was wrong, at this time I was right down the street to get food and said I would be there in 10 minutes. I turned around to head to the shop and he called me right back apologizing and said that he was in the wrong and that the pipe was already replaced and did not hear from his employee about replacing such pipe, he then said the boot needed to be replaced and I should have my truck that day. I received a phone call at 5:15 and he told me they did not have a chance to put the boot on and it would be done in the morning. The next morning (Saturday 5/30/20) he called me at 8:45 and said my vehicle was finally finished I went and looked everything over which to me looked fine and drove it home once again. I got home and noticed it smoking a little where as i thought it was just from being a new exhaust needed to work its way in use. I used my vehicle (sparingly) and noticed that it would smoke only after a few minutes of driving and actually have had random people ask me if I was "ok" due to it smoking and I replied with yes i think its just the new exhaust heating up. I then started to notice droplets of oil here and there after little time of driving and began to think this is not right. I brought my truck to another mechanic to have it looked at and he had found the situation. Not only did Meineke only install one heat shield over my manifold but they installed it over a job they were trying to hide. He took the manifold shield off where it had a puddle of oil sitting in and found the drivers side cylinder head was cracked due to the previous repair and looked like a failed attempt at extracting the exhaust bolt. I now have to have this situation repaired once again due to a failed attempt at installing an exhaust. I have pictures of the bolt that was installed to the manifold that is improperly replaced and I have video evidence of where the oil is leaking from and evidence of this entire situation. I have called customer service several times and given them all my information and point of view of this situation and have not received any sort of compensation or feedback regarding this. I have also been told that my number was not on record when i call which i have provided each time i called stating my situation but my email is. I do not feel comfortable bringing my vehicle to this meineke location ever again due to the managers attitude and the way that i have been treated in this situation. We have had verbal altercations on his end and I feel like i was not treated as a valued customer. I have also asked for the owners phone number to speak to him and the manager flat out told me he was not giving me the owners number.

  • I visited Meineke to have a flowmaster exhaust put on my 2003 Dodge ram. I have never been to Meineke before so i figured i would give them a chance and also my business as i have other things I would like to have done. The manager had told me it would take 2 maybe 3 days to complete if there were no issues taking the previous exhaust off. I called Wednesday for an update on the job and then again on Thursday since I did not hear anything from the manager for a day and a half with any feedback. He told me they were still working on taking off my old exhaust off and I probably wouldn't get it back until Saturday. He then told me they would try for Friday late afternoon. He called me Friday around 3:50 saying it was done, so I went to pick it up and it only had a single exhaust tip coming out of the rear when I talked and paid for dual exhaust. I then told him about it and he said he didn't remember us talking about that and that his head was all over the place because of a personal issue that happened at his home. He looked it up and it was in the computer as dual exhaust and he said it would be done Saturday. I did not have a vehicle since Tuesday and was told it should take 2-3 days. He called me Saturday and said it was finally finished; at this time I had no access to a ride to get up there so I had to tell him he would have to wait. He called me around 1-2 o clock and told me that they were closing early, basically that I needed to get up there to pick it up. I had plans to go to the beach for Memorial day and those plans went out the window with this job. I got home with the truck and everything seemed fine and then I noticed oil in my driveway. I got underneath my truck to inspect everything that was done and the new exhaust pipe that was was installed was touching my driveshaft which was grinding into the new exhaust pipe and which had melted the boot and tore it apart leaving oil all over the driveway and rubber all over the new exhaust that was JUST installed. I took a closer look at everything else and noticed no heat shields were replaced near the motor and only around a single manifold. There is also a heat shield that is just dangling near my CAT that should have been replaced. I paid $2200 for a full exhaust job that was not done on time and was not done properly. I am highly disappointed and will be going back to Meineke tomorrow to get the job fixed properly or have my money returned to me. I should have been informed about the heat shields and should have been made aware that I would not receive my truck back until Saturday.I had also given this manager a $700 deposit on Tuesday and then a $300 deposit on Friday at which the manager threw the money back at me on the counter and tried to accuse me of calling him a thief. At this point I had told him that the boot and pipe needed to be replaced and he had told me that he would put it on a lift and take a look at it. I left my vehicle there once again to be repaired. I did not receive a call for 2 days after this incident. I then drove past the shop and had seen my truck sitting in the parking lot, i then called the manager to see what the progress was and he said they were waiting on the boot for the drive train and would be installing that. I asked if the pipe would be replaced and he said no and would not be replacing it.

  • What specific steps is your company taking to ensure the safety and welfare of your employees who have to get in/out of customer's cars that may be infected with the CoronaVirus? I understand that employees are not allowed to disinfect these cars…so is your company going to modify that procedure or close the doors temporarily?

  • My truck was damaged during a simple oil change in Henderson, Nevada….no adequate response although they made several repairs and attempts. When it was finally temporarily repaired, I found a rag and my secure-battery bolt was broken off. I had to drill it out and replace it. I am going to my second dealer this week in less than a month to try and fix Meineke's damage. They have been no help whatsoever…I am planning legal action. Walter Schmidt 289-251-6514

  • My truck was damaged during a simple oil change in Henderson, Nevada….no adequate response although they made several repairs and attempts. When it was finally temporarily repaired, I found a rag and my secure-battery bolt was broken off. I had to drill it out and replace it. I am going to my second dealer this week to try and fix Meineke's damage. They have been no help whatsoever…I am planning legal action

  • Meineke in renton Washington has had my eldorado for a year! A year! Management beyond a store level has refused to contact me for resolution on this matter! This debacle was caused by shoddy management, uncertified mechanics who have since been fired and a total lack of customer service, unparalleled in my experience! This was a letter recently dropped off…

    To whom it may concern….

    This will be my last attempt at trying to work this out at the store level. I have been dealing with this issue for a couple of years now at minimum and It has become plainly clear that Jesse has reached out and done what he could to no avail! His hands are seemingly tied and his boss is making a fool out of both of us, apparently, hoping I will just go away.

    At this point, my patience has run out. Everyone involved knows the story and though my warranty company may share a small part of the blame, Meineke has risen to a level of poor customer service, reaching a height of which I have personally never seen!

    My car has been sitting at your shop in Renton for a year, waiting on someone to step up on my behalf and it's not going to happen. A high turnover rate of inept employees seems to be part of the problem at hand and apparently, a customer needing his car back is not a priority!

    My last offer to you, of you writing me a $2000.00 check, was a lot more reasonable than the money it's going to cost you going forward and fixing all your screwups. It is certainly cheaper than me hiring an attorney and seeking damages! Understand that, what was once my pride and joy, now sits in a heap at your location and guess what? I can't even get a single call acknowledging my issue, let alone working out a remedy for a problem caused and exacerbated by employees, who I have been told are mysteriously no longer working for the company!

    This is where we are. I'm not putting another dime in the Eldorado! Mismanagement and inept employees caused a riff with my warranty company and also the repair of my vehicle! The way i see it, in order to make this right, your choice is to pay me the money….which like I already mentioned, falls way short of fixing that car…… or go to court. This has been a nightmare and along the way I obviously had to buy another vehicle! You think they will assign an interesting dollar amount to this debacle?
    In closing, just in case you're thinking that I may have fabricated any of this? I have not. Up until now, I have been very patient! But it has become personal because I am being taken advantage of!
    F.Y.I… I have witnesses who went thru this journey with me, ex employees of your company…and paperwork should it come to that. I have had a lot of work done by this shop in the past! And by the way, the caddy will be basically given away once back in my possession! I'm not going through this again!

    Allen G. Black Jr… 805-813-9666

  • I was at the Meineke in Fredricksburg Va at store 1490 on Friday July 26,2019. My boss and I broke down and took her truck to Meineke where we meet a guy named Paris Beach, just wanted to say he was very respectful and very sweet. we highly recommend him for outstanding customer service. Also the guy that fixed her truck named BMS was also very respectful. Both of them did a great job. They both are great workers and just wanted them to be reconized for there outstanding work. By the way we were one hour and 45 mintues away from home. we both live n Charles City Va. WAY TO GO PARIS BEACH AND BMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Do NOT go to Mieneke at 217 Coit Road Plano, TX 75075. They stole my clean engine air filter and put in filthy one. My truck immediately ran loud and had lowest gas mileage ever. Manager was very rude and disrespectful. He hates women. Yelled at me and accused me of being "crazy". Refused to reimburse me $9.17 for new air filter I was forced to buy at Walmart.

  • I was having some major problems with my car. I took it to 3 different places before I was told that Meineke on 30th Ave in Hutchinson, Kansas would be able to at least tell me what was wrong because they could hook it up to a machine that would give them a code that they could decipher. So I took my car to Meineke where I met Dominic. He was extremely helpful and listened to everything I said (without rolling his eyes like I'm an idiot- that happened elsewhere). He took the hand held device out to my car and got what he needed. He brought it back in and said he would be just a moment. When he came back he told me that his boss was going to need to take a closer look at the problem but it was 5:55pm (closing time) and I didn't want them to have to stay late so I asked if they could keep it over night and call me the next day. He said they would. When he called the next day he told me that the problem was one that Meineke wasn't equipped to fixed and said I would need to take it to the dealership. My worst nightmare. I don't have a lot of money and was very worried that I wouldn't be able to afford it. Dominic was very nice and asked if i had a warranty that might help me, but I don't. He took my vin # and checked on line to see if there was a recall for my problem. There was but it wouldn't give him any details and he said it was worth a try but it may not work. Because of what he told me I went on line at home and typed in my vin # and found 4 recalls and sure enough the one he found seemed to cover my car's problem and Ford had extended the warranty to cover it. Because of Dominic's excellent customer service I was able to get my car fixed to better than new condition and paid 0, zero, zilch, nada, nothing! He saved me A LOT of money (that my dealership never mentioned when I called them)that I would have had to spend for a new transmission, clutch and a few other things. Please, please extend my sincere thanks to Mineke and especially Dominic on 30th Street in Hutchinson, Kansas. They have my future business and I've already begun to tell everyone that will listen, what great service I got there when other's in town basically just said, "no" and left me little to no hope.

  • I tried for 3 days to contact them on the 1-800 # after more than 3 hours i have given up. Going to turn the situation over to my attorney. I am going to get a judgement against them… so stupid for stolen bottle opener….

  • Apparently, Meineke has customer service problems from corporate down to the local shops. How I wish I had read these comments before taking my wife's car to one of our local shops last Saturday. The radiator had been leaking, so I took it in. They supposedly repaired it, so I paid them the hefty amount. The next morning, the coolant was all over the garage floor. We towed it back to them. The mechanic said the O-ring was pinched and it hadn't sealed right. (And why couldn't that be examined BEFORE releasing the vehicle back to the customer???) They supposedly resat the radiator, and we were assured everything was fine. This morning, there was fluid, once again, on the garage floor. We're even questioning whether or not they gave us a new or refurbished radiator. This company has a SERIOUS integrity problem that needs to be corrected. I will never use Meineke again, and I will get the word out to my friends also not to do so. To get a car repaired should never be a battle. We're not finished with this one yet. Our radiator WILL be fixed or we will take the Meineke franchise owner to small claims court.

  • I have had the most unacceptable experience with Minekie and although I have a case #, I still have not been contacted in 7 days. They Minekie facility acknowledged that they were responsible for damaging my entire engine following an faulty oil change from an incompetent employee (who I was told had been fired for doing improper oil changes to other vehicles) and kept my car for 8 day while refusing to pay for rental cars. They told me on 2 different occastions, that my car would be ready so I returned the rental car, only to have my vehicle not ready to take after all. I had to get 3 different rental cars (that is 6 freaking trips to the rental car company in 8 days!!!) I have had a case # regarding the reimbursement of the 3 rental cars (total: $282.72) that I was forced to pay for myself instead of the company covering it…after they damaged my entire engine and had to replace it. Now…can't get anyone to even call me about my claim from coorporate. WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER!!!!

  • Meineke in Fenton,Mo broke my windshield on 9/22/2018 my car won’t start had it towed to the Fenton Meineke. It was the battery and cable. They fixed it and 3 days later 9/25/2018 the car was being towed back to Meineke. When I talked with Gary there he said he won’t be able to check thing out because they were closing in a half hour. The next day he called and said I needed a new sensor. Got that fix but on the way home o notomy windshield was cracked on the corner. I called Gary at Fenton, MO Meineke and aske why my windshield was crack. He said they didn’t do it and he speak understand why even had my car there necuit started just fine the night before and that morning. Plus he said they don’t do windshield so how could it get broke. I have called customer service several times and they said corporate would get back to me. No calls from corporate and I still have a cracked windshield Gary is very rude. Will never return to a Meineke’s again

  • Cartersville Meineke has graciously kind enough to replace the skid plate that came off after they changed my oil.

  • To add to the many bad experiences above, I, too, was treated like—I got your car now and you will just to wait until my inexperienced employee finishes your oil change. I was lured to the York, PA location thinking it was a reputable place. I should have checked online first but I didn't. After waiting for 1-/2 hours and. to add to the mayhem, the manager gave me a hard time when I paid for the oil change and. when I told him his work was terrrible and so slow, he charged around the counter and confronted me as I was walking out the front door. He told me not to come back, which I told him I surely would not. He appeared to be ready to hit me and I told go ahead and I will have him locked up and sue the hell out of him. At that time I guess he came to his senses and walked away. Needless to say, I would not recommend anyone use Meineke at 2301 E Market St, York, Pa

  • After spending $2,971.78 on repairs I find out none of the repairs were done properly. I wont go into details cuz its full of misdiagnoses from meineke.

  • Not only are customers getting ripped off. But the employees are as well. They only pay by the book hour. So if you are there for 60 hours but you were only able to work on a few cars and it adds up to 1 hour. Your there for 60 hours and only get paid for 1 hour of your time. Not only that a lot of them like the 1 in joliet illinois off of larkin ave. Does not pay into taxes on the employees. It is paid under the table in cash.

  • Had my car taken to meineke for brake work in Old Saybrook, CT. 3 1/2 months later my rotor froze while driving due to overtightening of a bearing. I was lucky I was not on the highway. Cost me $550 in damage. They refuse to do anything about it since I'm 2 weeks outside their 90 day warranty. I called corporate and they said the issue can only be resolved with the mechanics I used and there was nothing they could do. So calling corporate when you have a problem is useless. Obviously, the mechanics who caused the damaged refused to do anything. I was left powerless. Never again, Meineke.

  • I took my car to meineke in Raleigh N.C on south Saunders because my car was overheating. I was told by R.J the manager that I needed to replace the thermostat and coolant flush. I ask how much will it cost and was told 408.00 I agreed to the job. Then I receive a call about 2 hrs later that the problem is my water pump, and it will cost an additional 80.00 for the water pump plus 195.00 for additional labor. I told the guy why should I pay more money for labor when you were the one who told me, after you diagnose the car I needed thermostat and flush and thats what I agreed too. He said he will not fix it if I do not pay the additional money.I told him I did not have anymore money and went to pick up the car. I paid and took my car home, now I have a car that is not driveable and no way to get to work. After speaking to a friend I was referred to another mechanic guy who came out and look at the car for me, and was told meineke rip me off big time. He called a parts store and was told the thermostat only cost 19.99 and the water pump is 46.00. now I have to pay someone to fix the car for me and because the car is not driveable to his garage I have to have the car towed to his garage, thats additional expense. I have been a loyal customer of this meineke for the last 6yrs with minor stuff like oil change and brakes. I was really surprised to learn that i was taken advantage of and even when the mechanic went to meineke with me to try to have them fix the car I was told I have to pay an additional 275.00 they would not fix the car, Lesson learned but it does not stop here, I dont know about you other people on here but I am taking meineke to small claims court. NEVER TAKE YOUR CAR TO A MEINEKE SHOP BECAUSE THEY RIP PEOPLE OFF. I only wish i knew all this bad review was out there about meineke. and corporate should realize that their franchisees are ripping people off and being deceptive and to look into these complaints especially since its happening all over the country not just one of your shops but several. Shame on you people.

  • I took my car in to meineke in Everett wa. I spent $300+ dollars on new spark plugs and ignition coils to be replaced. Only to have my car stop working again only two weeks later. When I called and asked what could be done I was told that there would more then likely be other charges if I brought the car back! it had been less then TWO weeks so I took my car to another shop and had to pay $600 to have the car fixed correctly only to learn that Meineke had put incorrect after market parts into my VW which actually caused more damage to my car. and to learn they charged me to replace parts they didn't replace! We then called asking for a refund and wanting them to at least cover part of the cost of me having to take the care elsewhere if not the whole cost and was given the run around with no end result. I'll be filing a complaint with the Attorney Generals office and calling small claims court.

  • made an appointment with Meineke of Hagerstown Mk2566 and they quoted a price but when called and stated jog but price was different. was told they were under new management and dont honor price quote and or on line ads. This is false advertising and should be illegal. just ogt email that oil changes at 50% off and shows there address and company number. but they wont honor the ad… WTF DONT USE THIS PLACE OF BUSINESS — RIP OFF'S.

  • Hello,, on Dec 10th after a fender bender that damaged my radiator I visited your Meineke location in Stroudsburg Pennsylvania on my way home a very long vacation. Tom and his staff at Meineke were amazing. They ensured that I was safe to drive back to Canada in a timely manner. My entire family were shaken up by the accident and we just wanted to get home. Tom made it a reality and ensured we were safe to get back home to Canada I just wanted to make sure someone knows that Tom is a fantastic people person and manager. thanks for the great service Tom.

  • I called a few days ago about the free oil change for Veterans to find out if I could bring in my husbands VA card of if he had to be there in person since he is a disabled Veteran and it is VERY difficult to get him out. I was informed that he would have to be there in person which is understandable. Got him out this morning and found out the "free" oil change would cost us $32.13 because our car takes a different kind of oil. Needless to say, not Veteran friendly at all.

  • Went to Meineke in Stockton California on West Lane on November 3rd 2016. When I dropped off my granddaughter around 3:30 I received a message on the message Center skating service vehicle soon so I went to to Meineke in Stockton California on West Lane told them what the message said and that the temperature gauge was fluctuating a little bit, so the technician started looking with his flashlight underneath the hood for about 20 minutes and then he opened up the radiator cap and put his finger in it and he stated that I needed a new engine because I have oil in my radiator. So I asked Brian to come up with a estimate to replace the engine. So I went home and spoke to my son and he spoke to his friend that is a mechanic and he felt that it wasn't the engine that it was the radiator and that I should either replace the radiator or change the coolant. So today November 8th I replace the coolant there was no oil in the radiator at all these guys at Stockton California Meineke are scammers shame on them

  • I did a oil change at Meineke 7352 McLaughlin Rd, Falcon, CO 80831
    They over tightened my drain plug during my previous service with them and when I took my car to a car dealer services to do a maintenance (Honda),the noticed that oil was seeping from drain plug, the treads came out of the oil pan and they washer was very much crushed. they have to install ne washer and drilled thread hole on pan to put oil. I went and talked with the Manager at Meineke and he refused to reimbursed me for the damage they did. For a bolt to be crushed they way it was it ha to put a lot of pressure, the damaged on that specific drain plug and thread in the oil pan, that mechanic who did it did not follow the manual instruction of the torque pressure he needed to used. This I a very deceptive, untrusted and unprofessional business when they know they did something wrong and they don't want to accept their mistake. I am very much irritated by this and will never return in the future, I will spread their bad reputation as long I live.

  • Just received the Meineke Service for Service promo. Love it! Thank you for remembering those who gave so much. Kind regards, Dynabuckle.

  • Well first of all this is the third time i have had to type out my complaint because the website is a crooked as Meineke is. I'm here warn everyone about my experience with the Hickory, North Carolina store number 1358 on rt 321. I went there on 7/8/16 to get my brakes fixed they said i needed a master cylinder which i bought at Advance Automotive. The manager said they can only install parts from there supplier. After spending from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm at the location he put the one i had on the vehicle. And my brakes were no better when i left than they were when i got there. So i went back on 7/15/16 after paying $389.59 on 7/8/16 and found out that there was a spring in the passenger side rear brake drum that didn't belong there. And the tech charged me $185.92 to do something they should have done a week earlier and not put a part i didn't need on my vehicle.{ Master Cylinder } then i went to have my a/c fixed on 7/23/16 and paid out $85.82 and when i left the Manager told me "If it runs out of freon bring it back and i will only charge you for the freon no labor." Well here i sit on 7/25/16 with no a/c in my vehicle again because the Manager didn't make sure the needle on the valve where the freon is put in at was closed and the freon has leaked out. And i spent $85.82 to get that service done i think that this Manager is crooked as h##l and should be fired i spent a total of $661.33 for repairs that didn't need to be done however they did fix my exhaust which should have only cost me $150.00 So beware of the Meineke Manager at this Location He is doing this for job security but he needs to be FIRED. INSTEAD OF BEING A MANAGER.

    • Class action will be a good thing to do, let's do it I have a problem too they don't care oh well mine said have a good day ,,wow..n.c.

  • Dear ABC News
    I hope you can help inform my community of Meineke false adds and the Switch and bate practices I had to deal with. I received the add I have attached to this email last week. So I called the number listed and asked if my Volvo s60 would be eligible for this coupon. After the representative check she inform me that my Vechile is eligible and If I wanted she could schedule an appt for later that day at 1pm. I went to 9199 Arrow Route, # 101 for my appt. Which is listed on the marketing piece I received. The Manager at the Meineke Care Center informs me that he has no appointment for me and they don't honor the coupon I received in the mail. I was at a loss so I called the contact number again explaining my experience. Menieke representative assured me that this was a mistake and would get back to me later that afternoon. Its been 4 days so I called back to follow up what happen. Today I was given the run around, the person I spoke with Jolan? No one who that is… And today they have a long list of reason why I can't use this coupon.

    I have attached the add I was sent and I hope you can help this happen to anyone else.

  • Horrible customer I declined service and I the Meineke at location 555 US 13 Bristol Pa 19007 215-874-0750 refused to do my oil change and tire rotation. I was bullied and spoken to in a loud tone. I have been going to this location for about 10 years and ever stayed loyal as the owners changed. I was hung up on and actually frighten that my car must stay there until I can get a ride to pick it up.

  • I would just like to comment on the crappy workmanship of the Meineke in Boca Raton, Florida # 2534. We were in Florida on vacation and the muffler blew so we drove almost 100 miles to go to a Meineke. They took over 3 hours to replace the muffler and charged us over $400.00. The job they did was so crappy, we had to have it redone once we were back home in PA. The Meineke shop in Ephrata, PA #1184 was excellent, they were prompt, efficient & very friendly. They replaced the muffler quickly and fixed the crappy job that was done in Florida. The owner, manager & the mechanic were all very friendly & helpful. Thumbs up to those guys!!

  • I was just recently at the Meineke in Harrisburg, PA and only went there on a wimb to have a weight put in my tire and to check the alignment. The mechanic comes out 20 minutes later and tells me all the things that need replaced before they can do any of the other stuff. I said I don't think so my cousin is a mechanic and those things were just replaced less than a month ago. He got a major attitude and said so do you want it done or not. I replied I want the things done that I asked you for. He said I can't without doing the other things first. The way he spoke to me set me off first of all so I said pull the car around I am leaving and I am not paying you a dime! So about 15 minutes later they finally pulled my car around. Yesterday I was on my way to work and the front passenger side wheel was making the absolute worst noise so thank God I was able to pull off the highway and take some back roads to get to work. I made an appointment at my usual garage and dropped it off only to find out they never put a lug nut back on my tire and it had moved an entire inch! The mechanic actually told me he was scared to drive it! Also there was nothing wrong with the things they told me needed replaced! WOW is all I can say! My husband was so upset he called them and the guy basically insulted him! I don't even know what to say! I could have been killed or hurt someone else! If your company does not seem to think that is a problem than you are disgusting! I don't know how you can look at yourselves in the mirror! That was the first and last time I will ever step foot in one!

  • I don't know why my comment was deleted. My name is Ann C. and if your corporate office cannot take responsibility for your branches, then customers are doomed. The location in Clayton, NC is managed/owned (not sure) by a guy that will post an argument on my comment on yelp about the way they treated me and that's wrong. No problem, I'm not going back to that place, they do bad services and overcharge people. If you do not know how to do business in America, you shouldn't do it. There are government agencies for consumer protection services.

  • Wow, I came to this website to let the headquarters know about how stupid is the owner of the one in Clayton, NC. The guy ARGUES on YELP with a customer (ME). I swear, this guy have NO respect for customers, he has NO idea how customer services is in AMERICA. What can be expected? His name is DOMINGO COFFARO, his English is poor so is his managerial skills! Never again!!!

  • Got an oil change. Was supposed to get $10 off on a special. Never got the "credit card" for the $10. Called all kinds of numbers. Went back to the branch that did the oil change many times to get their help. No one "was responsible" for this problem. I finally got a $5 check in the mail about 5 months later.
    On a previous oil change I also did not get any "credit card" credit back. I thought I had just not remembered to send the paperwork in, but I found the copies of what I had sent in later. They were not able to "look up" this info. So I have been scammed twice out of two times that I have gone to Meineke. Stay away from these scammers.

  • My son's car stopped running and he was advised it was the fuel pump. We had the car towed to the Gaffney, SC location. I received a call from Philip stating the car's timing was off and it needed a timing belt. He game me an estimate of $911.03 (this is a 2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse). I asked if the car needed a fuel pump, he indicated because the fuel pump was exposed he had to install a new one. He told me the timing belt needed replacement. My son had the car for a little over a week and the check engine light came on……. took it back, a code of 440 was read. Philip brushed it off as the gas cap and told my son the light would just go off. Two days later, as he traveled from SC to MD, he stopped to fill up. Gas began pouring out of the car. A witness asked if he just had a new fuel pump installed….. once in MD we took the car to a local mechanic who found the rubber boot was not seal properly – 1/2 on the edge and 1/2 in the tank. It cost us $125.00 to fix. After calling the Gaffney store and corporate, it seems nothing will be done to remedy this situation…………… fed up, no more Meineke and will def tell friends and family to avoid. I thought corporate cared about their reputation.

  • I visited one of your locations in 51st ave and Glendale in Arizona, hoping to get my breaks done. The manager named Jeff tried to charge me over a thousand dollars to do my brakes. Really Meineki? A thousand dollars? I can start out in another car with that price. I will be calling the BBC and inform them of your Customer service.

  • In August of 2015 I took my Volvo S60R in for a routine oil change. They upsold me on the "BG Engine Performance Restoration" _ told me it was like cleaning the drains in my house and it would make the car run better. One week later, my car was not getting any oil to the engine (Warning light came on to shut off engine). Because I had just taken it in to Meineke for an oil change, their work was suspect and I was fearful to take it back to them. I towed the vehicle to a local, reputable import shop to have it diagnosed.
    Bottom line: It cost me $800 to find out my engine was toast. Meineke overfilled the oil by 3 quarts (even though it says boldly "Do not overfill"),but worse and unimaginable they managed to forget to put an oil filter in the filter housing. What??!! The "BG Performance Restoration" had apparently loosened oil sludge which clogged the oil intake_damaging it. When the Import shop dropped the pan, they found substantial metal shavings, and when they inspected the oil filter housing (and found no filter), they found more metal shavings.
    My amazing vehicle sits in storage while I continue to make car payments. Meineke has refused culpability and I am left with a non-functioning vehicle. I have reached out to their Headquarters in Charlotte, NC, but because the shops are franchises owned privately, they did nothing. I reached out to the franchise district manager, Dave Schrock, and he offered to install a new engine I would purchase. His offer is weak and unacceptable.
    I would expect a comparable engine, not new, for the replacement. My engine had less than 90,000 miles on it and there is no way it was ready to keel over and die. Nonetheless, a replacement engine is at least $5,000; probably more. I teach yoga_ I am not an executive earning six figures a year. There is no way I could afford that! And why should I have to when the car was running like a champ until I took it in to Meineke for an oil change.
    I am having to take them to court as there has been absolutely no response from any of the letters I have written, including to the Corporate Headquarters in North Carolina. I am very discouraged and will never ever recommend Meineke for automotive care. First, they don't know how to properly care for cars, and second, the apparently don't care about their customers.

  • I went to the Meineke in Arlington, TX on Green Oaks and Matlock for oil change and inspection. When I picked my car up I noticed a dent in my hood that was not there. Opened hood only to find that they had broken my hood latch. Carlos the "master mechanic" gave me mass attitude about closing the hood again. Carlos proceeded to wave his hands and lift his leg sticking his tongue out at me and flipping me off, acting like a 8 yr old child. They gave me a false number to corporate 972-240-1601, called it twice and a man named Matt, claiming the accountant, answered the phone – told me that he is the only person there and would pass my info to the higher ups. Well I proceeded to contact the REAL corporate office and am awaiting a return call from them. The manage of the location – David Blaylock – has a really horrible attitude which tells me why Carlos acts the way he does. I will speak to an attorney about this as well.

  • My son took his car to the Meineke #2492, located at 2336 El Camino Real, Santa Clara, CA 95050 on Jan. 22, 2016.

    The technicians at this location claims to have over 10+ years of experience but failed to correctly place the oil cap back on which resulted in draining all of the oil and driving on empty. It's a careless mistake that could have blown the car's engine.

    My 19 year old son took his car in for an oil change with a scheduled appt. His car was previously serviced at this same location. My son's car was turned away from a standard oil change because Meineke claim that there's a sensor near the oil drain plug and they don't want to be responsible for any damages to the sensor. They didn't have this issue with previous visits so why now? Meineke brought the car down from the lift so my son left and went home for the night.

    The next day, gallons of oil was found on our driveway from my son's car. Something was not right. All of the oil has leaked out and there was not a drip left. The car did not have oil leaks prior to the previous days Meineke visit. He had driven it to/from school that day without noticing the oil on the driveway since it was dark when he left the house. The car's engine could have blown due to having zero oil.

    We immediately called the store's manager, Dave and he was already aware of the situation and explained the same they did to my son. They didn't want to be responsible if they broke the sensor while removing the oil drain plug. Obviously, they did something to it to cause the massive leak. He offered to have it looked at and fixed if we bring the car back in. Since the car wasn't holding any oil, we would run the risk of blowing the engine, so we had the car towed in at our expense.

    At the end, they fixed their problem. They didn't put the oil cap on correctly and comped us the oil change which was nice of them. However, it was risking my son's life by driving without any oil, the wasted time of taking the car back into their shop and having to tow the car in.

    It is very strange to me that the review responses from their business manager claim to have techs with 10 + years of experience, yet they are not experience enough to put an oil cap back on.

  • I live in Kennesaw, Ga and i went to Meineke for an oil change about two weeks ago. After finishing my oil change they informed me that my axle broke in the process; however, i went to my usual mechanic two weeks prior to get a full inspection and my axle was fine. They told me it was because it was old and rusty…… well i would have gotten that news when i got my inspection. They broke it now they do not want to own up to it. Now i can no longer drive my car until i come up with $300 to pay to get it fixed. I will NEVER utilize this business again!

  • My daughter took her car to the Glassboro NJ location for an oil change last Saturday. Had my own car in the week before for an oil change, no issues, in and out in half hour or less. When my daughter dropped her car off we ran several errands and got lunch. Got back to the shop and waited out in my car for another 45 minutes before we saw the car come down off of the lift. When my daughter went to pay her bill she was stopped in the parking lot by a younger guy who told her that there would be no charge because they had the car for so long. At that point the aggravation of all of the waiting and causing my daughter to run late for work had been allayed by the free service. HOWEVER, after leaving in separate cars I got a call from my daughter stating that her i-pod and cord that she placed into her CLOSED center console on the way to the shop were now missing. YES, it was stupid and naive of her to leave anything of value in her car when leaving it to be serviced. But this is also a local shop that we have patronized many times in the past, and the console was CLOSED, so someone had to actually be looking through the car for something to take. After the call, I returned to the shop myself so that she could get to work and spoke to the manager (who is never friendly, looks miserable and seems to really hate his job). He stared at me and said that if I thought someone there had taken it, then I was accusing him because he was the one who moved the car in and out of the service bay, and that he didn't have it. He then said that he has security cameras and I was free to look at the tape if I wanted. I did not have an extra 3 hours to look at his tape, and the shop would have closed before I could have reviewed it, so I suggested that he take my number, question his employees, and call me when he "found" it. When I did not hear back from the Miserable Manager by Monday afternoon I called him. He told me that he "reviewed the tape" and didn't see anyone take the i-pod but that the "cameras don't really catch all the angles". My daughter is filing a police report, and while there is probably not much that they can do at this point, at least it will be on file with them in the event that anyone else has the same problem with this shop. We will NEVER go to this or any other Meineke again. After reading all of the unbelievably negative reviews, especially those that are on the corporate website of all places, I am astonished that Meineke can even stay in business.

  • Meinieke sucks DO NOT DO NOT use them under any circumstances. They promise you the world and then when one of their franchises screw up like leave a wrench where it doesn't belong and cause you thousands of dollars worth of repairs and almost your life, they act like you don't exist! My lawyer is getting a call and I will make it my mission to blast you on any and all social media if I don't get satisfaction ASAP!

  • A week later and still NOTHING!! Way to treat your Vets! At this point I am not contacting a lawyer, but Veteran Affairs. Don't say you are about our troops when you used this promation only to "LOOK" like you do! Your organization denied what they promised to Vet's and then refuse to even call back!

  • I made the mistake of getting my oil changed at Meineke. I was quoted $60 and when it was done, it was $100. I was informed that they have lubed my under carriage. My Jeep is a sealed system, and has no zerk fittings. Also you can't get off their email list. I've been trying for 5 months.

  • I was in to your Little Elm TX location about 2-3 months ago for a routine oil change/tire rotation. I was told I also needed new struts and that it would cost $1000. Since I hadn't noticed anything wrong with the car and it was a lot of $, I declined. The associate called me back the next day at work offering a "deal" of $800. Suspicious of how eager they were to do the strut work and take my $, I opted to wait and took the car to my dealership for the next oil change where they confirmed there was absolutely nothing wrong with my struts and no work needed to be done on my car. I would love to know why the Little Elm TX location recommended $1000 worth of work I didn't need. I would also like to know how this associate will be reprimanded and how you will prevent other North Texas customers from being ripped off at this location. Thanks for your prompt attention.


    I scheduled an appointment online for the Hickory, NC location on 11/11/15 for the Veteran's Day Oil Change @ 5pm. I received 2 conformation emails for this appointment. When I showed up for my appointment there was a hand written paper on the inside of the door stating that they were closed for veterans day. I called & left a message for someone to reschedule my appointment. No one bothered. I called them the next day & was told that someone must have forgot to block off the appointments for Veterans Day. I was then told that nothing could be done to make up for this mistake. When I asked for the coporate number I was rudely told, "I'm sure you can find it online". I then asked for the individual's name. He told me his name was Mike. When I asked for his last name he refused to tell me & hung up on me. False advertisement was bad enough but to be rude & refuse to give me a corporate number is completely unforgivable.

  • For Follow Up: I called Customer Service. She was pleasent. However, she offered no resolution. All she did was file a complaint and told me to waith 24-48 hours for corporate to contact me. We will see… I will post the response if I get one.

  • Today was Veterans Day, I'm a veteran that contacted by phone the Killeen .store for an oil chang for myself and 2 other fellow veterans. The guy that answered the phone stated that he was the owner and he told his staff to shut down the free oil changes and he was not taken any more customers. He told me the best thing for me to do is to wait until next year at 6 am and try again. I felt very bad that he didn't at least thank me for my service as a veteran and apologize that he was no longer taking any more veteran customers. There was no time frame to be there. Me and my 2 of my fellow veterans friends could not get our oil change because we didn't get up at 6 am to be at his store. We are veterans that participate in veteran events. So because we participate in events for veterans we were turned down for oil changes.

    Killeen is a military town and I'm sure majority of his business is military. We support him throughout the year but couldn't get support this one day out of the year.

    Please let the owner know that this was not a great way to support the troops.

  • DO NOT GO HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Rude to a Veteran on Veterans Day!!!!!!!!! Meineke offered a Free Basic Oil Change on Veterans Day. I am thinking,“Great this is awesome!”. I really appreciate companies and people who take time to thank our Vet's.

    Boy was I WRONG!!!!!! I should have read all the horrible reviews before leaving my house I would have saved time and gas.

    I knew the shop closed at 6:00pm but could not get there till shortly after 5:00 if traffic was flowing. I get there no greeting, no may I help you, just a blank stare from the guy at the desk. I ask him if I can have the Free Veterans oil change. He told me it is 5:21 and they close at 6:00 and they aren't doing anymore “free oil changes”. If that's all I wanted there's nothing he can do. REALLY????

    I am not one to want something for nothing. I wanted some other work done as well, I simply wanted to see how the oil change went first and then give my business to a business that supports our troops. However, instead of feeling proud of my service and respected I left feeling like some low life. What a punch in the face!

    Meineke Car Care Center
    Store Number 265
    811A W. Higgins Rd, Schaumburg, IL 60195
    Phone:(847) 843-7370

    I see there is the same complaint from another Vet about this store. Although, they were told at they stopped free oil changes 1:30! Did they even do 1??

    I am so utterly DISQUESTED!

    • On Verteran' Day 2015 I went to Meineke in Parkland WA for the Verterans day Free Oil change and waited in long line for sometime until I was informed by an employee their was a 2 hour wait, which I was not able to do, so was given a raincheck by the manager and told to call for an appointment, which I did talking to the manger again on the phone setting the appointment for 9Am on Friday, November 27th, 2015 and I was their at 8:30 AM. I waited and waited and again was told it would be at least one hour waiting time even though I had a appointment made days ago. I would have to make again and then it take take another 45 minutes to change the oil. I questioned why make an appointment if they were going to have me waiting again, also why didn't the call to inform me they were running late. I was told that they were short a tech. and it take 45 for oil n change and inspection. It seemed like they were trying to talk me out of by increasing the wait time. I asked what would I need a inspection for all I wanted was my oil changed. I was not given a clear answer. I am feed up with this run around and must mention was not even told thank for your service. I think this is the rudest treatment of ever for a Vet. Vets don't go their it lacks service, respect, and consideration for something they offer a Vet, and do not come through with any of this~ I was made to feel like bum asking for something free~I will never go to any Meineke again~

  • Your company is a disgrace. Here is my story to go along with all the other complaints today. Shame on you:
    So today is Veterans day and some businesses are offering discounts or promotions for veterans. My husband thought he would accept Meineke's offer of a free oil change. He made an appointment online with their Lumberton, NJ location in advance. Advised them he wanted the Veterans special offer and made his appointment for today at 1pm. He was even given a confirmation number. Then he was sent an email asking him to reschedule. No problem right? Except they couldn't reschedule for today and would not honor the special offer for another day. Not a big deal really, will go to our usual business for the service but left a very bad impression of Meinekes business practices.

  • I am a Vietnam veteran who saw the Meineke commerial offering free oil changes for veterans on Veterans Day. I went online and found a location near me in Lakewood, CA. I booked a 2:30 PM appointment and printed out the coupon for free oil change. Yesterday I got a reminder email fro the appointment. Today I drove to the Meineke at 5267 Paramount Blvd and was told by the Korean at the counter that they were NOT giving any more free oil changes. Screw Meineke it sucks! I am going back to Jiffy Lube.

  • Tried to get the free oil change that Meineke offered to veterans on 11/11/2015. I called the store in Arlington Heights Illinois and they said that they are not taking part in the Vet promotion. Then I went to the Meineke store in Schaumburg Illinois because they stated that they would take part in the promotion. When I arrived at 1:30 in the afternoon they told me they were done with the free vet oil changes. Why advertise? Are you just trying to pretend that you are a vet friendly organization when you don't really care?

  • Advertised free basic oil changes for veterans. I booked an appointment online for 10:30am. When I called to see what I needed to bring with me I was told that I was out of luck and that even though I booked an appointment they would not service my vehicle because they are too busy to even deal with the appointments they had scheduled. I asked if I could schedule for another time and they said no. Fellow vets, stay away from a place that pretends to take care of vets and then screws us when they get a chance. I will be letting every vet I know not to seek services from Meineke. This is the Temple TX location.

  • Syracuse, NY – Bridge St. Location: Rip off, Rip off, Thieves, these guys prey on women. Never take your car there for anything, they will lie and deceive you for your underwear. #Dishonest Scumbags

  • I would like to thank the Manager and his staff at the Meineke in Nc on Forum dr. They did a wonderful job on my car. I had a alternator put on my car two times each time i go out of town i wine up playjng to have my car towed. It has cost me 150.00 dollars out of pockets for towing . Oct 24 my car was towed to the Meineke on Forum Dr in Raleigh NC this will be number three and i was very pissed off but the wonderful staff and Manager made car a prority and found the problem that Sat. morning they called and said your car is ready . The way i felt was this is were God needed me to be and on top pf that the Manager from the store in my home of Hampton VA called to check on the condition of my car thank you Ray for that means a lot. But the guys in Raleigh NC on Forum Dr YOU ROCK. CUSTOMER FOR EVER

  • Meinke in Olathe ripped us off. My wife signed off to have the car seat repaired and when I found out about the price and stopped it. They put the car seat back in without doing any work and still charged be $160. I called corporate and they backed the company.

  • First, I was told that my muffler needed to be replaced… Ramon said it would be $163…So, I made an appointment… When I arrived, I checked in and told "Gonzo{ that my van's engine was idling too fast… A few minutes later, I heard the engine being started… Another couple of minutes later, I heard the engine idling normally… The technician asked me to put the air cleaner back on and I did… He said that there was just a loose wire… I asked about the muffler and he said it didn't need one after all…He started speaking in Spanish to Gonzo… The Manager left just then and told them to charge me $100… I paid them $100 for five minutes work… The technician left for awhile taking it for a test drive, I guess… I left and I drove back to Pueblo… As soon as I exited the freeway the engine idle speed was exactly as it was before… I called this morning and told the Manager what happened… He said he would ask the technician what he thought and would call me back… HE DID NOT… I also want to know how a gas receipt from someone there ended up in the back seat of my van!?

    I do not normally leave negative feedback unless there is a serious issue… But, this time I definitely will!!

  • I had the same problem in South Jersey. I took my sons car there and when we picked up the car it had other issues that was not the problem that we took the car in for. They have no clue what they are doing. If my sons car has any more issues, we will be in court. They are the worst!!

  • Yorba Linda store the worst. Didn't honor nationwide warranty on brake pads. Did not honor free brake inspection. Had to pay $115. So why not pay the $200 since I had to pay $115 anyways. My cat was hostage.

  • Yorba Linda store the worst. Didn't honor nationwide warranty on brake pads. Did not honor free brake inspection. Had to pay $115. So why not pay the $200 since I had to pay $115 anyways. My cat was hostage.

  • DO NOT GO TOP THE Meineke in EPHRATA PA, their rude and lazy!!! I scheduled an appointment in a month advanced, when I got there the worker sitting outside said it doesn't open till 8am and they don't read the books? its a coperate thing? so I called cooperate and they said it was the shop location more or less lying, the shop manage /owner went on to lie about how I scheduled at the wrong place, HE FORGOT THEY SEND OUT AUTOMATIC EMAILS!!!!! discrimination because im a woman, I say yes, because this is the second time it happened. something very important was going on that I missed to keep this appointment but to wind up going home with no inspection done, and too late to go to my function, then for him to lie what a scum bag!!!! its not always the customer being wrong a lot of the time its the franchise owners and operaters


  • it all seemed so nice, clean and open, then i was told if i didnt change the radiator the car would blow up…. hey i just put in a new one…. what about the low price ceramic brakes, and the 150.. discount you promised, you ordered a radiator and then didnt put it in and charged me any e=way…; if i could get a polite call fromthe area manager to insure a proper expalnatnation of the unrequested upgrades and products, and the mudflap that was not secured after the mechanic worked on the car and the charges for radiator service and notes that i declined a radiator after i signed an order and they ordered it … a high schill then a little drop? whats the story. i came in and was polite, and have tried to communicate? is this really happening… richard d….

  • need n area manager where is sean penn? i mean kellar…. call me i came in for brakes now ive got the shakes, a radiator? hey i just put one in! no more charges how about my meineke discounts the car is 20 years old i dont need golden or gold lined brakes… richard

  • I went in for a simple oil change. I left meinake in glendora CA just to break down about 3 miles down the street. My car was making loud noises and eventually stopped and b didn't want to turn on. I called meinake and they sent a tow truck. When they lifted the hood of my car the air filter was just sitting off to the side not even in place then they never put oil I was driving without a drop of oil. I couldn't belive it. They finally put oil and the filter in on my next day off I went back to them because my car was clanking and rattling just for them the want to charge me to fix what they caused. How does that make sense? The owner Gary was there and I asked him for a report of what they did or didn't to to my car. His response to me "if I give you that I might as well shoot myself in the foot" wow what an owner. Now my car is broken thank you meinake. I will be sure to call the better business bureau and who ever else not to mention all and any social media I need to post for people to go anywhere else but there.

  • Just had the carrier bearing on my truck replaced along with the 2 u-joints. Meineke in Falcon, Colorado charged me $590 for this work. I have done some calling and found out the average charge for this type of work is about half that much. Strangely, Meineke originally verbally quoted me about $250 for this work.

    So, the price of the bearing went up because of the type of rear end in my truck and the entire cost of the job more than doubled after the truck was in the shop and the drive train was disassembled and I had no options unless I paid for their work already done, found another mechanic that would take the truck immediately, towed the vehicle over there and extended the use of the rental car I was already paying for. Isn't that convenient?

    Meineke charged $295 for the bearing when the most expensive bearing at the dealer for my truck is $190. That's at the dealer. Everybody knows how much more expensive the dealer parts are. Mechanic shops should be getting discounts for their parts so the guess is that this part cost him a lot less.

    Napa charges $90 for the bearing and the u-joints are about $20-35 each. Then Meineke charged me $40 for shop materials. Do you know how many shop rags can be bought for $40? Nice, huh?

    I looked at the BBB site and they are not BBB accredited. You know why? So folks can post complaints. Please pass this on to everyone you know in the Falcon area.

    I contacted the corporate office with a complaint. The customer service rep said that it is the option of the owner of the franchise to give a refund for unreasonable costs. Guess who decides if the cost is unreasonable? The owner of the franchise – how stupid is that??????

    So, needless to say, I will never go to another Meineke again. If someone wants to contact me, I can be reached at

  • Mechanics at fayetteville, NC Raeford rd location should have urinalysis for the benefit of the company…..IM JUST SAYIN

  • This will be my last comment on here. I got my car back from the new mechanic on Friday morning after having to walk over 3 miles to get there. It cost me another $350, but this time it was worth it. They had replaced the ECU, and they said my car was good to go. There are those dreaded words again that I got so often from Daniel at Meineke. I was scared to even get in my car at this point, but I drove my car back to where I'm staying here in Vegas, and it drove good. This was Friday morning. Later that morning I took it for a long, hard drive up into the hills, and out in the desert to see if it would stall,but it didn't. Then again that night I took it out on Las Vegas Blvd out east of town, and got it up to 60 mph going up hill to put a load on the engine. That is when it usually stalled, but it purred like a kitten. I drove it out of town for about 20 miles, and stopped at a Love's gas station and let it idle for a few minutes, then turned it off for another couple of minutes. Then I started it up, and it started without issue. I then proceeded to drive it back to the place I'm staying at 70 mph. Again it purred like a kitten. I did the exact same thing yesterday, Saturday 7/4/15, and purred like a kitten and didn't stall. I'm going to put it through the tests again today but at a different location because when I go back to Iowa I'll be taking the 40 east, and will have to go up through the mountains to a high altitude so I need to make sure it won't stall while climbing the roads. So far it looks like these other mechanics know their stuff. Why then couldn't the mechanics at Meineke figure it out using their instruments? The ECU runs everything, and if that goes bad, there will be interruptions in the electrical circuits. Meineke charged me $556, and said it was fixed, and good to go, but after taking it back several more times, they then tell me it's the VATS security system that Ford installed. Ford tested it, and said it was fine. So I'm leaving a voicemail with the person at Corporate who called me to let them know, and demand a full refund because it wasnt the ignition switch, ignition relay or the key lock, and it wasn't the VATS system, but instead the ECU. If I don't get a full refund then I'm gong to seek out a lawyer, and also notify the Better Business Bureau for this was a blaitant act of fraud if you ask me.

  • Well everyone,
    I finally got my car back today, and the new key lock works great, but they were going to give me my car back with the bottom panel to my steering column laying on the floor, and the steering tilt level still off which they couldn't find. I'm so disappointed in this company now. 2 years ago I took my car into the same location for a new clutch. What should have been a simple fix turned into a nightmare. They had my car for a whole week, and tried to give it back with the wrong clutch installed. It went all the way to the floor before it even disengaged. I was so upset with them so they put another one in. It took them 3 different clutches before they'd listen to me. I told them to get a new one from Ford because I have a ford mustang. The owner finally got upset with the mechanics, and made them get the right one. I have high blood pressure, and on medication, and have a bad back, but causing me all this stress is unbelievable. They charged me way TOO much just for a simple ignition switch, and key lock. $556 is insane if you ask me. I checked online and found that both units together cost around $65. They charged me $122 to rebuild my key lock, but it turned out bad, and then put a new one ion for free that only cost $49, and didn't refund the difference. I know how to work on cars, but to replace the ignition switch is a little difficult as I don't have the correct tools for that so I was forced to take it to the mechanic. They ended up charging me around $345 in labor just to put in a simple item. I feel that I should get a refund for at least half of what I was charged. That is unforgivable if you ask me. Ripping people off just to make a buck. I'm telling all my friends, and family never to go back to Meineke. I would have gotten better service if I had it towed to the Ford mechanics. I need my car every day to run errands for my health, and have been without it now for 3 days for what could have been fixed in a couple hours.

  • I have been going to Meineke for years in Iowa, but I now live in Las Vegas, NV. I had to take my car in yesterday, June 24th because my car died out in the desert. They ended up telling me that it was my ignition switch, and also a bad relay module. They said my lock was bad and needed replacing or repair. i told them to go ahead an rebuild the lock, but let me use the same key. So when I went to test my ignition, I couldn't get the key to turn at all. I had to force it several times to turn on. The mechanic even tried several times to get it to work. He told me that it might just need to break in. I didn't like that answer, but I also asked if they did the oil change I had requested. They completely forgot to do the oil change, and said to bring my car back tomorrow, and they'd do it for free. I asked if they'd replace my key lock with a new one since my old key wasn't working right, he said yes, but I'd have to bring my car back tomorrow, June 26th because they didn't want to leave my car outside overnight. I said ok, but had trouble getting the key to work. Once I did, I proceeded to drive home when it died in the middle of the road blocking traffic. It cranked over, but didn't start. I had to wait for some people to offer to help push it off the road. After waiting fro about an hour for it to cool off thinking that might help, I checked under the hood, and found that they never tightened the battery cables down which caused my car to stall. After paying out $556 I would think that my car would be returned in proper working condition, and not have anymore troubles, wrong! I'm so upset, and angry with this company that I think they should be put out of business. We take our vehicles in to them to fix problems, but get our vehicles back in the same or worse condition. The location I took my car to is located at
    842 N Nellis
    Las Vegas, NV
    (702) 531-0946

    I'm going to take my car back tomorrow to have the key lock replaced for free, and get my oil change for free. I don't think I should have to pay out more after paying them $556. For that price I could have fixed it myself, and did my own oil change and still save a ton of money. I expect to get proper service for that price, and done right the first time, and not have to take my car back, and be without it again for another full day or 2.

  • I have been VERY DISSATISFIED with the service when dealing with specifically Dave West the "owner".

    Lived in Washington, and when finding out I was moving to San Diego, I stopped by a Meineke to get an oil change due to the mileage. Also did some other maintenance, changed belts, fluids, some basic work. The person who worked in the Washington Meineke sold me a promotional coupon that was 5 oil changes for the price of 3. Seemed like a good deal so I purchased it.

    Living in San Diego at this time, I go into the San Diego Meineke and want to use the coupon. One coupon it did say that these oil changes could only be used at that Meineke! The San Diego office called over and spoke with the regional manager in charge of the Meineke's in the the area and did the right thing and credited the San Diego office to do the oil change since they were in the wrong doing… So why is this review a bad one for the San Diego office?…

    Due to work, I move a lot, and when moving to San Diego, what throws a wrench in the whole thing, is that I knew I was moving to New York just a few month later.

    Living in New York now, I call over and they remember my situation clearly! Now dealing with the "owner" Dave West and have now been trying to get this problem solved for just about a month now. I'M CALLING EVERYDAY UNTIL WE HAVE A RESOLUTION FOR THIS PROBLEM and have called 6 days in a row so far.

    When first speaking with Dave West, I stressed the importance of getting this done the more sooner than later because I was coming up to my recommended mileage in about 600 miles. I am now over 1,000 miles from when it says I should change the oil. I am very dissatisfied and WILL NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH A MEINEKE because of the experience DAVE WEST gave me it this SAN DIEGO location.

    I was told I wouldn't get any help if I were to post something online so, Im going to copy and paste this review on different websites everyday until this problem gets solved.


    • Good luck on getting anyone to reply or even call you back. If you look back over all these complaints you'll see that none were answered. I'm Sandy Scott, and look at my 3 complaints just in the last 3 days. I seriously don't think that Corporate really cares about what their employees are doing or how they treat customers. All i've gotten have been headaches, and lies from everyone. I truly don't want to see this happen, but it might have to take someone getting seriously injured before Corporate does anything. In my eyes, they only care about making money, and not giving great service. How they can stay in business with all these complaints is beyond me!



  • Never ever, ever. Ever go to the meineke in Newport News, VA …no wonder they offered 50% off break job because they're work ain't hitt on $#!+…4 weeks later & I'm just finding out from 3 other shops who never knew the story…that they didn't lubricate the sway bar on my car that they claimed they put on for free because the inspector missed it the first round if inspection & they didn't want me to feel like I was being taken advantage of..OK..all that is swell but they didn't grease it which cause it to go bad in 4 weeks..I believe it was in purpose because somebody else had to pay for missing it the first time. On top of that…before I found out about the sway bar was bad & right after they did my brake job…when I left them on that Friday afternoon.. Going home I lost brakes..almost smashed somebody in the back.. I had to get my car towed back to them Saturday morning ( i was suppose to have been in the roasd out of town that morning) using MY roadside assistance..the caliber bolt came out on the driver side likely because they failed to tighten it up…they are a hot mess & wouldn't ever use their sorry service!

  • I went to Meineke in Brooklyn park, MN, I had a coolant leak. The manager tried to charge me 88.99 for anti freeze which cost aprox. $18.00 per gallon, he told me it was his cost. I asked him to use water, as he couldn't not fix the leak. When I left the shop, my leak was never repaired but he charged me 107.00 for labor!!! All the mechanic did was put .50 worth of permatex on the leak, my engine over heated and now I need a new motor.
    Be warned meineke scammer!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I took my vehicle to St.Matthews location in Louisville, Ky. I have a 2010 Chevy Ave with about 80,000 miles or so. Initially we had our vehicle towed to this location for overheating. We explained the vehicle had been running hot the previous day, the next morning it would not start. Meineke says they will look at it and give us a call. The next day we got a call that our vehicle was fixes and ready to be picked up. Upon arrival we were told the spark plugs had been changed and the engine coil. So we Assumed the overheating was due to one of those issues. We paid nearly $ 700 for the fix. To our surprise when we got back in our vehicle the check engine light was still on which we were charged 80 for that, and the light was still on. When we asked about it we were told that it should go off in a couple days, if not to call back. A week and a half later to out horror the car was overheating again and the check engine light was still on. We called Meineke and was rudely told the goal is to get the car running!! Yes that is the goal but also to have the issue fixed that we bought the car in for. Now we have a blown head gasket which is nearly 1500 or more or replace the motor!!!! I spoke with Jerry the operations manager who was zero help, and let us know the technicians didn't even check our vehicle for overheating!!!! Which is what we had the car towed to them for!!!!!Meineke is certainly responsible for the damage to the vehicle since they didn't fix it properly the first time!!!

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  • I have never experienced such disrespect and horrible service and workmanship.
    $!,791 dollars and change and the next day the car broke down.
    Within 2 weeks the car broke down again. I took it to a reputable garage and they said it broke down because they did not put a bolt on. Unbelievable. The owner was rude head office was rude the last woman I spoke with actually laughed at me ,

  • fishkill, NY… they told me that my daughters car needed a $1000.00 Catalytic converter and after 2 weeks, countless, useless, conversations, a 2nd tow, a 2nd opinion, the car was simply out of gas. It was the first thing I asked them to check..and while they were lying to me about the needed parts, they were offering to buy the "junked" car for $200.00.. according to my lawyer that equals grand larceny!! hmmmm

  • I live I Columbia South Carolina, Went to a Meineke Store on Hardscrabble Rd.Got great Service, Cause I asked for it to be done right, Didn't feel like a victim, like most of these post I been reading.If your car is tore up prior.Get resdy to pay.You asked them to help you, most people wait to long to get the problems fix, then they want a miracle. You have dead space before you pay, it's called an estimated guess on how much the repairs are going to be.nicknamed Estimate. 67 percent of people don't like what they are driving, so they pray a miracle is gonna happened when you pull up to a shop in a p.o.s.(just saying grow up America).

  • Disability Discrimination – Most of you that posted, I applaud you for saying what happened at your respective Meineke Franchise locations. I have a different problem that concerns Meineke and for that matter most of the people who responded to what happened at their respective Meinekes stores. When I say Reasonable Accommodation the only legal response that anybody that is in the USA at the moment I say it to them in any place of business on the phone or in person can say back to me is "What is your Reasonable Accommodation?"

    When they do not respond with that question to the statement of Reasonable Accommodation, they violate TITLE 111 of the Americans With Disabilities Act and violate my Federally protected USA Disability status and Discriminate against my disability which is more than just a civil act in this country, it can be charged as a Criminal Act.

    What I am writing now is not to just say I am miffed it is for Meineke to take it as an Omen since I have my own blog, which is below:

    and what I am composing about Meineke and their story and how it relates to Disability Discrimination and will be on my blog in a couple of days.

  • I never take my truck back to them location Garrison Blvd Gastonia front end line up and still feel the same young guys in their not knowing what they are doing..stay away from that location

  • I just want to let you know ..your Bridgewater NJ store located on finder me Ave .just literally robbed me of $144.95 .I went on Sat Aug.9.2014 to have my A/C vacuumed and recharged .they said they could squeeze me in before closing at 4 pm. After the leak test that only took about 10 min. They said no leaks good for charge .1.85 pounds of coolant..After around 12 hours air started blowing hot again .today Tuesday Aug 11 was the first chance I could get there to see what happen .they tested for the correct time frame showed leak .I asked them why it was not discovered on sat. The owner kept telling me not his problem. I asked for some consideration. Again he said not his problem. So no air .out 144.95 .and never will I go to another mienke .and I own a fleet of vech.

  • meineke on 1175 Whalley Ave
    New Haven, CT.
    Needed 4 wheel aliment, they recommended to replace $1500 worth of parts first. I removed supposedly bad part and asked them to tell me what is wrong with it. They couldn't tell…

  • The meineke in Pear land Texas is becoming a major rip off!! Had truck towed there because it would not start and after 4 weeks and a $1000.00 dollars we are now towing it away because he says he fixed it but it won't start and stay started!!! And all the lies about it will be done this day and that day now its 4 weeks later and no good!!
    Ticked and out a lot of money for absolutely nothing!!!!!!!! They need to give back all labor costs cause they did nothing!!!

  • Meineke at 913 Georgia, Amarillo, TX
    Went in today for the $20 oil change and I asked them to check my air filter in my Nissan Versa. while my family and I were out having breakfast I received a call from the manager telling me there were no air filters in Amarillo for my car, but that he could order me one for $52. If you are not familiar with Amarillo, there are numerous auto parts stores of various chains and a Nissan dealership. Anyone around the auto repair business should know it is virtually impossible not to find an air filter in town. On my way to pick up my car I stopped at Advanced Auto parts to check on a filter. They did not have one in stock but promptly got on the phone and called two other competitors and found 3 other stores with my air filter in stock and at about half the cost quoted by Meineke. They found an O'Reillys on Amarillo Blvd. I went there and picked it up for $23 and change. The reason I mention O'Reillys is there is an O'Reilys parts store directly across from Meineke where my car was. I went back to Meineke's with my air filter and asked the manager to step outside and did not want to embarrass him in front of his customers. I will not lie. I was extremely hard on him, and his excuse was that his computer told him there were no air filters in Amarillo, and as i pressed him for a better explanation he said he was not going to make 3 or 4 calls to find me an air filter. I would encourage you to avoid Meineke. This is the second location that has been less than honest with me.

  • I took my car to the meineke in medford not to long ago, 6-08-14, and I told them the water jug cap needed to be replaced. Instead of replacing the water cap they replace a radiator cap. They also messed up my hood so that I couldn't pop my hood anymore. The cable that runs from the popping mechanism in the car to the hood latch under the roof was disconnected and meineke didn't tell us. My car started running hot gping through California and we had to stop on the side of the road in cali and try to pop the hood only to realize it no longer works. I went to pep boys (who were the most professional and amazing people ever) and pay to have them fix my hood. They just had to reattach the cable. They noticed then the water cap was not replaced and fixed it for us. Meineke is a horrible company that tries to pray off people who don't know much about cars.

  • Meineke in humble. Is. Not the place to go I was charged $550 to install headers an the worker cut off my EGR line I don't know why they did that the headers came with the EGR ports, I guess it doesn't matter to them when it comes to money

  • Meineke in humble. Is. Not the place to go I was charged $550 to install headers an the worker cut off my EGR line I don't know why they did that the headers came with the EGR ports, I guess it doesn't matter to them when it comes to money

  • Meineke Car Care Center #292
    4000 Atlanta Road
    Smyrna, GA 30080-1137

    I was quoted one price and later told a higher price once the work was completed. As an intimidation tactic force me to pay, an employee by the name of Raymond says to me that he got away with murder and grewup in the thug-life in New Orleans. I will never go to any Meineke again. I am filing a complaint with their corporate office in hopes that something will be done about this guy.

  • hello,
    the Meineke Car Care Center #847 in Aurora CO, IS A THIEF.. he overcharged us for a catalytic converter that other Meineke's, Midas shops quoted for a 1/3 of what he charged. He is keeping our car ransom until our bill is paid in full… DONT GO TO THAT SHOP.. TOTAL RIP OFF… Bob is the guy