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  • Meineke Corporate Office Headquarters

Meineke Corporate Office Headquarters

How to Contact Meineke Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

128 S. Tryon St., Ste. 900
Charlotte, NC 28202 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-704-377-8855
Fax Number: 1-704-377-1490
Customer Service Number: 1-800-447-3070

  • I visited Meineke in Ventura Ca today. I just needed a back left -turn lightbulb replaced. A service adviser tried to fix it but couldn’t and told me to make an appointment. I was about to leave when a mechanic named Zachery came out and said it that it might not be the light. He opened it again and checked it and did something and suddenly the light started working again. I was happy. Then he opened the hood and checked my water and oil. I said, “My windshield water sprayer hasn’t worked in a Long time. Previously I had been told by another mechanic that the bottle needed to be replaced. Zachery used clamps and I don’t know what else and had me keep turning on the sprayer. Suddenly the both sprayers on the hood started shooting water and I was a very happy person. I thanked him and told him I needed a ticket to pay and he said, “No you just have a nice day ma’am.” I forgot to mention my car is 20 years old and Im much older. I think he should be recognized as an excellent hardworking mechanic and also a kind young man. I hope you will commend this young man. They are far and few between. Thank you.
    The address of Meineke is 4519 Telephone Road, Ventura, CA 93003.
    Tel: 805-6501201

  • 26Sep22
    My granddaughter drop her 2014 1.8L Chevy Sonic LS at Meineke shop located at the corner of Lamb and 4320 East Craig Road Las Vegas, NV, 89115 for an oil change on 17Sep2022.
    The shop mechanic called my granddaughter that the oil pan drain plug need to be changed. My granddaughter okayed for the repair. The oil filter and oil change plus the new drain plug change cost her over $159.00 and some change. After my granddaughter got her car back and park at our drive way, we noticed the oil drips coming out of the new ” drain plug ” that the shop mechanic installed.
    After a couple days, the oil drips became strong coming out from the newly installed “oil drain plug “. On 22Sep22 , my granddaughter drop her car back to the shop to correct or repair the ” oil leaks from the oil drain plug “.
    On that same day the mechanic called my granddaughter that the engine oil pan must be replace to make repair, and the shop need to order for new engine oil pan. The shop kept the car for 2 days awaiting for ordered part.
    The repair / replacement — on 23Sep2022– of the ” new the engine oil pan ” part and labor cost another $490.00 total for my granddaughter. My granddaughter works part time and a full time college student. So, her car is her life line.
    Now, where here in this great country of our, a branded franchise shop practice where routine car oil change ended costing a young lady over $500.00.
    IMHO, this Meineke shop in our neighborhood committed a heinous robbery.

  • They charged me over $7500 for a brake job and did some serious damage. They covered up the damage and sent me on my way. I had to stop every 50 miles to add oil. Then they tried to blame me before acknowledging their error. I was put in an extremely dangerous situation which also cost me several lost days and $300 for gear oil.

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