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Take 5 Corporate Office is located in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA. Known for its fast and convenient oil change services, Take 5 Oil Change has become a prominent name in automotive care. Below are comprehensive details about Take 5 Oil Change’s corporate office, including their address, contact numbers, and a brief overview of the company.

How To Contact Take 5 Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Take 5 Corporate Office: Overview

Take 5 Corporate Office

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A Snapshot of Take 5 Oil Change’s History

Founded in 1984, Take 5 Oil Change has expanded rapidly, known for its unique drive-thru oil change service. The company offers quick and hassle-free oil changes and other basic maintenance services without the need for an appointment.

The Automotive Service Industry and Take 5 Oil Change’s Position

In the automotive service industry, Take 5 Oil Change competes with other quick-service oil change brands like Jiffy Lube, Valvoline Instant Oil Change, Mavis, and Midas. Take 5 sets itself apart with its focus on speed, convenience, and customer service, offering a stay-in-your-car oil change experience.

Take 5 Oil Change’s Customer-Centric Approach

Take 5 Oil Change is committed to providing a fast, friendly, and simple service experience for its customers. The company emphasizes efficiency and high-quality service, ensuring that customers receive prompt and professional vehicle care.

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Take 5 Oil Change Complaints, Reviews, and Feedback

We encourage you to share your experiences with Take 5 Oil Change’s services, speed of service, and customer interactions. Your feedback in the comment section is invaluable, providing insights that help others understand Take 5’s operations and dedication to customer satisfaction in the oil change and automotive service industry.

Take 5 Joplin MO Business Hours

January 25, 2024

Not open during business hours!

The Joplin, MO location is supposed to be open 7 AM to 7PM on Mondays. I pulled in at 4:40 PM on Monday, January 22nd. The lights were on, but no one was visible inside. I ran over the hose that triggers the bell and nobody emerged. I drove over the hose a second time with no result. When I gave up to leave, I saw two people in blue uniforms sitting in a pickup truck on tj

he opposite side of the building. They would have seen me waiting for traffic to clear but made no effort to respond.

The next day I made a second trip, I spoke to someone (Justin) who told me that he was a manager. He said he would take care of the problem and call me to let me know the outcome, but never did.


Take 5 - Oil Leak 2017 Jeep Cherokee

January 9, 2024

got an oil change. soon after noticed noticed the car leaking oil. brought the car back to get the oil checked. had 1 quart of oil added. was told that I was burning oil. leaking continued. brought the car back. added 1/2 quart oil. was told possible leaking rear main seal. I have never had an issue with oil leakage. taking the car to a dealership to get this matter resolved. I can’t go anywhere without leaving a puddle of oil. oil puddled up on the engine at the oil filter. will try to get photos.


Take 5 Everything on their "Checklist" Is a Joke.

December 6, 2023

Forget about full service, all they do is swap oil, and then tell you on your receipt that they checked tire pressure, cleaned your windshield, checked wiper blades, filled washer fluid, and checked the transmission (the engine has to be running to check this), coolant and power steering fluid, which is a complete and total LIE.

It’s simply swapping the oil and whacking you for nearly $100 for no services and then they lie to you that they checked all these things. I dropped one tire to 4 pounds below recommended, and it was the same when I got home, they never check tires or anything else, a total lie, not that anyone there even cares. Just try and contact “customer service” they always tell you in a recording there are no agents available. This place is a total scam by the way they do business. They won’t even talk to a customer voicing a concern about the service, or rather, LACK of it. I have no confidence they even changed the filter, $100 for an oil swap.

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