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Midas Corporate Office Headquarters
Midas, Inc.
1300 Arlington Heights Road
Itasca, IL 60143 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-630-438-3000
Fax Number: 1-630-438-3015
Email: Online Only
Customer Service Number: 1-800-621-8545

  • I have a 2011 Titan with 77,000 miles. My driver's door quit working and Nissan couldn't get me in for a month. So I was going from Tulsa to Oklahoma city for repairs and wanted oil change before trip. This would have been 4/20/21 I told them my situation and they said they could fix my door lock and save me the trip.
    When I got there, I told them to NOT shut the door because of the problem. First gentleman walked out and shut the door. Had to call pop- a- lock to open truck. Then Midas did the work. Cost me $564.36 service and door. But there were times if I got out with Truck running, I could not get back in that door. Then they told me it was the handle and that would be another $159.00. I said OK. They did that with no success. Ended up they had to get door actuator from Nissan which solved problem. Did not charge me for handle. Seemed justified. My truck has skid plates so for 2 weeks after their servicing I did not see oil leak. Ended up O ring failed between filter mount and block but oil still full. To much oil caused failure? Will never know. So paid for that repair and new oil $440.08 5/26/21.
    At that visit, I asked if I bought tires off the internet could they mount on my custom wheels. "NO PROBLEM". Well .. PROBLEM. The Wheels dish faced in instead of ou. Otherwise they would be completely ruined. The wheel machine they used punched holes they call "SNAKEBITES" in my black powder coating. I did not notice until I had to get under my truck and clean the old adhesive they left on my wheels from the old weights. I always clean the inside of my wheels RUINED. STEVE,the regional manager in my area couldn't care less. Paid $220.07 for mount, balance, alignment on 7/5/21. My wheels alone cost $900.00. Steve said he would give me back $107.96 But WOULD NOT REPLACE MY WHEELS OR REFUND ALL MONIES SPENT ALONG WITH ZEROING OUT MY NEW MIDAS CARD. I chose MIDAS because I could drop off and walk home and walk back. Seemed convenient and they seemed sincere. Have NEVER even seen $107.96 REFUND like Steve from New Jersey told me would happen. Maybe a man's word means nothing at MIDAS. USALLY OKLAHOMANS STAND BY THEIR WORDS AND MAKE A CUSTOMER WHOLE WHEN THEY MAKE A MISTAKE. MAYBE MIDAS SHOULD GET OUT OF OKLAHOMA. GODSPEED!

  • My daughter brought her car into the Midas location in Hyannis, MA. She had been in recently for an oil change and learned from a mechanic who did her registration that her oil was leaking. My husband called John who said to bring it in, and they'd take a look at it. As it turned out, the mechanic who did her oil change forgot to put the cap back on, and it all leaked out (he was about to be fired we learned). John not only replaced the engine for her but also repaired at no expense, a couple of issues that were needed to pass inspection. John is a real stand-up guy! He automatically took care of this of this for her, and for once, we did not have to argue our case with anyone-how often does that happen when a business makes an error? We are so thankful for John and his team and totally appreciate all that they do!

  • He told my father that he would personally inspect the car himself and diagnose the problem. My father was told by Thomas (the speedway Midas manager) that the DM did not look at the car because he was busy all morning on calls but they had replaced the thermostat. About 4 days later my car starts overheating again. I bring it back to the Midas on Speedway that did my thermostat. My dad gets a call on Monday from Thomas and they tell him that the head gasket is blown. I pay for it to get towed to my house and try figuring out a solution with the district manager but he was only willing to do the labor for free and has since then has been nonresponsive. I end up paying for another tow to a different mechanic for another opinion. He confirms my head gasket is blown. So, I came in for an oil change and now have a car that I can't even drive and a $900 financing bill that I owe for the bad repairs. I have endured 3 tows not to mention my time lost disputing the work. The subpar work that was performed by Midas is a direct cause of my car overheating which resulted in the blown head gasket. Midas has not admitted to their liability but offered to do the labor for free if I purchased the parts. This is a direct cause of their poor workmanship which resulted in my car being ruined. After taking my car back to Midas 5 times, I would never have them do internal engine repairs when they could not perform the proper diagnosis and replacement of a water pump.

  • 10/31/20 I took my vehicle to the Midas Muffler & Brake located at 7220 East 22nd Street for an oil change and I left the car to be serviced. I was called later by the shop Manager (Matt) and was told that I needed some additional work as they had performed a free safety inspection. It was noted on the inspection sheet that the thermostat housing was seeping and possibly the water pump could be leaking along with some suspension parts that needed replacement. The technician recommended a pressure system check to verify the leak. I did not have the finances for this extra cost at this time. Matt explained to me about the financing program (Easy Pay) which I took an application with me and completed it at home the same day. I was approved for $900 so I called Matt the same day and let him know that I wanted to do the work as I was approved for financing. I returned on Monday, Nov, 3rd to have the services performed. The vehicle was suppose to be completed the same day but I was told that a fuse was blown and that the part would not be in until the next day. I picked up the vehicle on 11/4/20 around Noon. Early the next morning I noticed green fluid underneath my car. I called my Dad to ask him what it could be. I also told him about the services I had done the day before. He told me to call the shop and explain to them what I had encountered. Matt told me to bring the car in as soon as possible. I took the car in that morning and was told later that afternoon that I needed a thermostat and possibly the housing unit because of leaks. I called my dad again who spoke to Matt. Since my father has managed a major corporate automotive shop for 15 years, he asked Matt why they didn’t replace the thermostat when they did the water pump as a preventative maintenance item. Matt told him that I could go to Autozone and purchase the thermostat and they would install it for free. I returned to Midas with the thermostat only to learn that it didn’t come with a gasket. I called my father again who spoke with Matt and told him specifically to install their own thermostat and the housing if needed based on their diagnosis. He wanted the car fixed. I picked up the vehicle right before they closed and drove home the same day. About 2 weeks later my car starts overheating while I’m driving with my boyfriend. I immediately pull into a QT gas station and call my father who told me and my boyfriend what to do. The next day I bring it back in and after 5 hours I call the manager Matt and he told me that they had been running the car all morning and it had barely started overheating but he believes its the thermostat. I'm not trusting them with my car anymore at this point since my father told Matt specifically to replace the thermostat and housing if needed. I called my dad again who at this point was not happy that they never replaced the thermostat or the housing as he was advised by Matt. They only replaced the water outlet housing gasket and thermostat gasket. He asked Matt for the district manager’s contact information and to his surprise was told that that information cannot be given to customers. He would have to contact the district manager and give him the message. The district manager arranges for me to take the car to another Midas on Speedway.

  • I took my 2007 Kia to Midas on Northwest Hwy in Dallas. I just had a slight miss in the engine. After they ripped me off for a large amount of money my car will barley run.i did business with a Midas shop across town fo 10 years and never did I feel taken advantage of.It goes to show you that all shops aren't the same. Never will I go to another Midas for anything.

  • I went to Midas in Dayton, Ohio (N. Dixie Drive) for a brake job. Before going there, I received a quote over the phone for $327, but when I arrived they found that I needed brakes back & front. They charged me $733.41.included in this charge is an overcharge for labor. They charged me for front brake labor $75, back brakes $75 and $57 for both front brake rotors and other $57 for both back brake rotors. What's worst, my brakes are dragging and sounds horrible! These guys really know how to rip-off people! I am very disappointed!

  • This is to serve as a courtesy warning to possible patrons of the Butler Midas located at 101 Evans City Road, Butler, PA. The on-site manager for this station is Robert Y. (last name omitted) and the District Manager that oversees this station is Trenton K. (last name omitted). I scheduled and took my vehicle to this service center for a state safety inspection and oil change. I dropped my vehicle off at 12:30 for the scheduled appointment. I was under the impression that everything was proceeding fine with the inspection and oil service until I received a phone call from Robert at 4:30 (end of the work day and 4 hours after I had dropped the vehicle off). He stated that Trenton had come into the station and noticed my vehicle in the queue for service. Robert stated that Trenton declared to him that he had paid out a repair claim on my vehicle for damage that was caused during a previous service appointment a month or so prior. This accounting is accurate. The Butler station caused damage to my vehicle on a previous appointment, which they paid to have repaired. It’s of value to mention at this point that I have used Midas for 13+ years with great service throughout, with exception for the isolated instance of damage. I was not going to hold one bad experience against them, as any shop or mechanic can have a bad day. I pursued forward with that thought and returned for the corresponding service appointment in question. Returning back to the end-of-the-day phone call, Robert stated that they would not be performing my state inspection. The reasoning that was given is that for the visual inspection requirement portion of the state inspection, they needed to remove components that Trenton had informed them they had to repair from damage from the previous appointment and that they were not going to be held liable for possible damage a second time. Immediately, this sounded like a rouse to retaliate for the repair claim. My thought was, “perform the task correctly and no damage should occur, correct?” From the tone of the conversation with Robert, I quickly ascertained that any continued discussion for getting that service completed was not going to be productive. I moved forward and asked about the oil change. I was told that because of the previous repair claim, they would not put my vehicle on one of their conventional post lifts. Robert stated that they would need to put my vehicle on their “drive-on” lift to perform the oil service. It was stated that this lift was currently in use and would be in use overnight to the affect that they would not be performing my oil service either. I was then told to arrange to pick up my vehicle before they closed. I promptly arrived down at the service station no more than 30 minutes later and immediately noticed that there was no vehicle on their “drive-on” lift. I captured a photo to preserve that fact. So here’s the summary. I had a scheduled appointment to have a state inspection and oil service performed. They had my vehicle for 4+ hours and failed to perform either service. It is my perception that this purposeful service refusal was a juvenile attempt to retaliate on the previous repair claim that they incurred. I feel that it was highly unprofessional and my objective is to warn prospective customers of the past actions of these two managers. Despite this experience, I will continue to use Midas. I will however, never take my vehicle back to the Butler Midas as long as these two managers are in the wheel-house.

    As a side note, I was told by both managers that any complaint I would make would simply be forward back to them and quickly discard in the trash. That is why I am populating this complaint through any and all mediums within the Midas corporate structure to ensure that word of their actions makes it outside of their jurisdiction of control.

  • Who would ask their workers to go to work in a state of emergency when the roads are unsafe? But the most greedy money hungry evil corporation I have ever come across. Who in the world would take their car to Midas in a snow storm. How could someone with any heartbeat ask a human being to be on the roads when it is so unsafe but an evil money hungry demon from hell. The worst part is, their corporate isn’t even open. I would never take my car to be fixed at a Midas for more reasons than one but I would never want to support such a bloodsucking corporation that cares nothing for its workers. I would never encourage anyone to take their vehicle to Midas. They treat their employees worst than dogs, like they don't have wives and children. I would say I hope they go out of business soon, but then I think of all the people who work there because times are hard. I really think desperation is the only reason anyone would work at a place like this. It's so sad. But vengeance is mine says God.

  • I have a 2007 Versa S moden. Took it to the Midas in Orlando (corner of Colonial & Alafaya) to have spark plugs changed. $450 for that and the set of things the manager recommend. When I left, the service engine soon light came on. Went back next day and was told they forgot to reset. The did. 30m later back on again. When back a couple of weeks later when I got back and was told it was a solenoid that had been cracked by the tech who did the sparkplug job–they would fix and replace no cost. Two and a half weeks later, they're still waiting for the part from the Nissan dealer (about 12 miles down the road). I got fed up and went to Pep Boys–the manager took the top sheath off and showed me what they did–they didn't crack it, they broke it and then GLUED is back on. This was on Monday–on Tuesday he called and said the dealership had sent over the part (same dealer these two Midan braintrusts had been stalling me on for two and a half weeks. I went in the next day and thirty minutes and $143 dollars later the car is fine. I have the old part (glue and all) and photos. These two guys are inveterate liars and thieves.

  • Furthermore to Zhu Bin Kang aka Mike if he for whatever reason remotely even thinks you will give him a bad survey score, he or is other employees have been trained to go into the computer system and change your email address, name, and phone number just to ensure that you will not receive a survey, this is why he appears to be good in the eyes of Midas, when really if people actually received the surveys, Word would get out on his creep pretty quickly.

  • my wife went to Midas in orange park fl to change an evaporated canister they told het it would cost 217 dollars and that the throttle position sensor needs to be changeand all would cost over 500 dollar. I went down and bought one for 75 dollars and change it out in 10 mins. I then went and call Midas and ask him how much it would cost to do what I just did and they told me it would be 150 dollar and I ask them why they try to charge my wife over 500 and then want to charge me 150. they take advantage of people. I WILL NEVER GO TO MIDAS AGAIN

  • Took my CRV for an inspection at my nearest Honda dealership. Learned I needed the outer tie rod ends done, among a couple of other things. So I shopped around for cheaper prices and came across Midas in Hoover, AL. Took my 2000 CRV to have the radiator and outer tie rod ends replaced/repaired and an alignment done on January 29, 2015. A week ago or so I noticed something was off with the ride of my vehicle. It would pull and had a slipping feel when turning and braking and just driving in general. It worsened and I felt I shouldn’t be driving it. I started thinking I needed to take it back to Midas because something wasn’t right with the steering and suspension (which they’d “repaired”). On February 23, 2015, I cranked the car up to leave work and the steering wheel loosened and turned far right on its own. Called AAA to have my baby towed. The AAA guy instantly diagnosed it and said the tie rod wasn’t done right. The pin wasn’t inserted in the tie rod end. We found the bolt that came off in the parking lot.

    All three AAA guys diagnosed the problem and confirmed about Midas improperly installing the outer tie rod ends. One even said that could be a lawsuit and Midas would eat the cost. Had I drove home, that could have been my life on the road. My baby was towed home on a flatbed and then towed straight to Midas the next morning on February 24, 2015. I was not confident in Midas working on my CRV again. Especially since they didn’t do the job right the first time and it had to be done again. And on top of that, the same technician from the first time ended up working on my car this time around. They apologized and claimed the part was defective. I seriously doubt that. This was completely their fault. Point blank.

    And to top it all off, that same technician (initials TT, according to my invoice, I believe) that worked on my car both times and drove it out afterwards, stole $20 from my ashtray compartment. He reached down and picked something up off the floor and got out of my car while putting something in his pocket. We caught it before leaving and went back to confront the guy, a short white male that looked to be in his 30s maybe; thick southern drawl. They compensated my stolen possession…with the exact money he stole from my vehicle — minutes before. We made a little scene about it. It’s the principle of the matter. I usually take my stuff out of my car when having it worked on or having it in the care of someone else. But I failed to completely take all my significant possessions out…like my frikin’ gas money left in the ashtray. Another technician informed us that that wasn’t the first time something like that happened around there and that ‘we didn’t hear that from him’.

    So not only does Midas not properly repair parts on a car, they also search it and steal possessions. I’m not confident in the repairing of their wrongdoing. I’m wondering if something else might go wrong. Their credibility is shot with me. I actually feel I should be refunded the cost for labor, if not the whole amount. And since it was a "defective part," they should refund me the cost for parts since the problem had to be fixed (and hopefully it actually is this time and nothing else goes wrong from them working on it). I will be going to the home office about this. I will reach out to corporate about this. I will review the hell out of this Midas location. A situation like mine was potentially life-threatening and a definite lawsuit waiting to happen. They will not be getting my business.

  • I went in to the Midas in Sherewood Park Wye rd, Alberta, Canada and had a muffler put in and they installed the wrong one MANAGEMENT issue not tech as i asked and ordered specific muffler' Then after at the same location I had spark plugs put in and they cross threaded one (then never told me )then re threaded the block (never told me) put it in now my check engine light flashes no compression on the same cylinder (they claim they did no wrong) as well as had my intake manifold repaired and their "exp lube tech" drove it into the arm of the lift and blew my tire and all they did was offer to replace my tires for a bit cheaper nearly 800$ when I have an AWD SUV I needed four I had to put my spare on and then go else where for tires just to get on the road.

    i would not ever recomend them as long as that lube tech and management are there.

    The Mechanics that work there are amamzing as they informed me that they had a LUBE TECH doing my spark plugs……

  • Wednesday one day before Thanksgiving I arrive to Midas on pembroke road and flamingo I asked the manager that I needed to put air in my tires he says no problem it will be $1 I said ok he asked one of the workers to come out and put air in my tire I realized I'm going to have a dollar so ask him can I pay with a credit card he went to ask the manager he came out and told me that they don't take the credit card to do this kind of thing I have to be cash that I can go to any gas station. Air but I told him I don't have any singles I only have a credit card he said oh well sorry we can't help you that is a bad customer service ere supposed to be free and I'm handicapped I cannot do it myself never again I will go to midas Corporation my company that I work for use them a lot that's a shame I went down the street Tire Kingdom and they were glad to go ahead and put the air in a tire

  • I am being screwed by the Midas shop here in Manhattan Kansas. I have been there over 3 times for the same problem and they keep saying it is fixed and charging me for it when the problem is still there. I have looked over other bills from the past and they charged me 55 dollars for spark plug wires and 100 dollars for labor. How do you get 100 dollars for labor on a 20 minute job? Then I looked at my wires and they were the same ones that were on the car to begin with. Something needs to be done abouth these crooked shop owners!

  • Midas in Billerica, MA is the same. The owners are idiots, they fight with each other scream, cussing in front of customers. Ridiculous. Now, lets get to the service end… they make sure that you need breaks because "I'm here to run a business." Their car lift is malfunctioning, so expect to see that on the front page of the local news soon after killing someone. They laugh at OSHA. This place should at least be checked out. The mechanics work really hard, but are under the thumb of the manager of the shop and what he says, goes. They make no money on their oil changes, so you are in and out and if a mechanic sees a mechanical problem or safety CONCERN, enough to argue about with the manager, they are sent home (I assume to learn their place). The employees are terrified to complain, especially in this economic environment because the manager has no problem firing you if you disagree with this methods. To the owners; WOW, how are you still in business. Obviously OSHA is not paying attention, Midas Corporate is not paying attention and frankly, your customers are not paying attention. I didn't need breaks, you just wanted my money. SO BEWARE, IS THE $20 OIL CHANGE REALLY WORTH IT???????????

    • I use to work there what he said is correct , every word conditions are bad and I was fire for the reasons listed above

  • Ok… so this will be day four of my car being in the midas shop on high point road in greensboro NC. Went in a month ago for new brake pads and am still waiting for them to "diagnose" why my brakes are not performing properly after their first service on my car. I can tell them exactly what is wrong, they put the wrong damn brake pads on my 08 civic. Obviously the owner and manager who have been lying to me for over a month have never served a day in their life in the military if they can screw over vets like myself.

    Dear Midas,
    Give me my money back so I can get my car fixed by a real mechanic!!
    Yet another customer you have pissed off 🙂

  • Dear President-CEO,

    I am writing this letter to let you know your service at 2065 Forest Ave, Staten Island, NY 10303 suck. The reason why because my problem was never fix.
    I saw your beautiful commercial about "Trust the Midas Touch" and I was hook. I was there on 2/11 for a service light on. They said they would diagnose
    and call me back(never did). I would have to call every day till 2/15 to find out. On 2/15 I paid $831.13 on service and promise this will fix the problem but
    it never did. I went back the same day but I was told to come back on Monday. I went back on Monday at 9:30am and never receive a call back to let me
    know whats up. I called back the next day and they claim the car was fix(not). So my car was there a total of 6 days and still NOT fix. I had to take the
    bus every day back and fort to work which take a longer time to get to. I will never waste nor go back to MIDAS or recommend anyone to.

    "TRUST THE MIDAS TOUCH" never will..

  • Another day of being the victim of the Midas touch if you knew what i know don't walk but run away from your nearest Midas this is no joke

  • Another day of being the victim of the Midas touch ,if you knew what I know don't walk but run away from your nearest Midas this is no joke

  • Hey Mr corporate Midas another morning of the catching the bus Thanks to you to.I'm sure you got to work just fine .You got should win the PIMP OF The YEAR AWARD get paid big money to tear up cars.

  • Dear Corporate office how does it feel to you to know that you to company has credit of damaging a car .Do it even matter .While ride in your limo stop to consider every one is not as able to live the luxury life to know that your company has not held up to there end of the bargain .if it any thing in your heart stop and try to consider that might be that only transportation

  • You want to get even with your spouse ,you don't have to throw a rock through the window or cut the tire take there car to Midas they will legally

    • I spent so much money true to get my car fixed that I'm embarrassed to say. But I will never go to Midas again. The one on Northwest Hwy in Dallas is down right liers. Now I'm gonna have to start the process of getting my car fixed all over again. It's going to be a slow process since I'm on social security.

  • Life will never be the same they can afford to ride they don't no how it don't effect the person car that they ruin. I trusted them to fix my car they did not stick to there end of the bargain .It don't matter to them there rich.As long as my life is fine the hell with the rest of them .

  • I have to ride the bus thank to Midas one week I'm riding I took my car to Midas now I'm walking I can't get to work Thank you Midas you have suceeded in ruining my life good car gone bad thank to Midas that is there what they do I would not take my skateboard to Midas .

  • They have no value ,Midas is rated worst car company every.over price they will ruin your car, if you want your car to never run again take it to Midas .the Midas touch every thing it touches turn to waste .My life is all down hill that is there claim to fame .The would go into demolition you told be rated number one Go Midas Touch

  • Midas in Little Rock is a rip off I don t see how the company even exist ,no one has anything good to say about it nation wide please don't be a victim of the company Midas touch it is deadly,no good ,poison,harmful,contagious ,

  • midas is a rip off do not go to the store on 24659 mission bvld hayward ca 94544 they will rip you off I took my truck for a mastercylinder and they are still working on my truck a week later they disconnect my abs and brake lights and said my truck was fix and you could still hear the warning bells going off the manager name is adrian michel do not go there please… my name is samuel ratcliff and my number is 1 510 302-5715 I am still trying to get my truck fix…

  • Midas in Woonsocket RI did a muffler job on my husband Infiniti G35X and charged us $1,393.??. I've taken the car to two other Midas locations who stated at the most the job would should have been $800. I've called the consumer line with no luck. No I'm calling the corporate office. I will call the news station and an attorney…

  • Never again will I take my car to any Midas Shops. I went to have my car checked out for over heating problems and was told a cooling fan was needed. I paid 514.00; cooling fan and Labor, and my car still over heats. I took car back and now two other major things are wrong which should have been told before I drove off thinking my car was ok to drive. They got a free 500 dollars that day with the car still the same way I brought it in. I guess Midas is having a good time cheating people out there money! If you can not afford a dealer to repair your car, don't purchase a car.

  • I payed $300 dollars for full brake service to end up on the side of the road a day later with my wheel in full locked position. and 2 weeks later I come to find out that I now have a hole coming from the inside of the wheel to the tire. The brake caliper bolt nudged itself to lock me out and is now punctured thru the rim. They are finally getting me a new rim, but refuse to help with any of the inconvenience such as me down a vehicle and $300.

    Its the Lacey, WA, Midas, his name is Dave.

  • That really is terrible, they also will not release my sons final pay check because of missing 4pants and 1 shirt which he turned in, they said he didn't, they are a bunch of thiefs and liars.

    The reps name is Gary, he works the Erlanger Kenton County ky.

    • They did something similar to me. Carlos santiago, the owner of midas 1236 in mesa,az pays his employees with checks he know will bounce along with treating them like crap. NEVER GIVE MONEY TO THESE SCUMBAGS!!!

  • I had my car serviced andwas not given my military discount. corey Burk from the main office contacted me a week later and said I should receive a check in the mail from their Toledo office by 4/19. Not only do I still not have my check, now they're telling me it will be at least 2 weeks!!!!!!!!!!! Nice job screwing over your veterans

  • I was charged $99.40 for an oil change in West Caldwell, NJ. This is unethical and I am trying to find a guide for Midas. Are there set prices / guidance? This is not easy to find / navigate. I have had many oil changes and was never charged $99.40. Thank you.

  • the owner of the boulder colorado midas screws customers and employees out of money. he treats his employees like trash and customers like trash. he has no right working with anyone at any time in that office. talk to any of the employees at that location and they will tell you the owner is not a good owner. his shop has broken doors he refuses to fix. he calls his employees cuss words. some one needs to put him in check.

    • I work for Midas at a Texas location and it's the Same here only have two working fans in the Shop the store manager Shaves our hours and screws over customers. I've Seen customers get charged for services that wasn't performed on their vehicle

    • We know first hand how Midas tries to cheat its customers.We received an estimate from Midas to fix our exhaust that was starting to get a little loud. We were given an estimate of $3,600.00 to fix the exhaust. The car only cost us $1,600.00 LOL. We went somewhere else and had the repair made for $350.00 We later found out that Midas lied to us about needing a $ 1,000.00 catalytic convertor.and $265.00 to install it. They also lied about needing another pipe we did not need, and another $240.00 to install it. We will never go to Midas again now that we know they can not be trusted to tell the truth!

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