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Midas Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Midas Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

TBC – Parent Company of Midas
4260 Design Center Drive
Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, 33410 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 561-383-3100
Fax Number: 1-630-438-3015
Email: Online Only
Customer Service Number: 1-800-621-8545
Website: Midas


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  1. I have a 2011 Titan with 77,000 miles. My driver's door quit working and Nissan couldn't get me in for a month. So I was going from Tulsa to Oklahoma city for repairs and wanted oil change before trip. This would have been 4/20/21 I told them my situation and they said they could fix my door lock and save me the trip.
    When I got there, I told them to NOT shut the door because of the problem. First gentleman walked out and shut the door. Had to call pop- a- lock to open truck. Then Midas did the work. Cost me $564.36 service and door. But there were times if I got out with Truck running, I could not get back in that door. Then they told me it was the handle and that would be another $159.00. I said OK. They did that with no success. Ended up they had to get door actuator from Nissan which solved problem. Did not charge me for handle. Seemed justified. My truck has skid plates so for 2 weeks after their servicing I did not see oil leak. Ended up O ring failed between filter mount and block but oil still full. To much oil caused failure? Will never know. So paid for that repair and new oil $440.08 5/26/21.
    At that visit, I asked if I bought tires off the internet could they mount on my custom wheels. "NO PROBLEM". Well .. PROBLEM. The Wheels dish faced in instead of ou. Otherwise they would be completely ruined. The wheel machine they used punched holes they call "SNAKEBITES" in my black powder coating. I did not notice until I had to get under my truck and clean the old adhesive they left on my wheels from the old weights. I always clean the inside of my wheels RUINED. STEVE,the regional manager in my area couldn't care less. Paid $220.07 for mount, balance, alignment on 7/5/21. My wheels alone cost $900.00. Steve said he would give me back $107.96 But WOULD NOT REPLACE MY WHEELS OR REFUND ALL MONIES SPENT ALONG WITH ZEROING OUT MY NEW MIDAS CARD. I chose MIDAS because I could drop off and walk home and walk back. Seemed convenient and they seemed sincere. Have NEVER even seen $107.96 REFUND like Steve from New Jersey told me would happen. Maybe a man's word means nothing at MIDAS. USALLY OKLAHOMANS STAND BY THEIR WORDS AND MAKE A CUSTOMER WHOLE WHEN THEY MAKE A MISTAKE. MAYBE MIDAS SHOULD GET OUT OF OKLAHOMA. GODSPEED!

  2. My daughter brought her car into the Midas location in Hyannis, MA. She had been in recently for an oil change and learned from a mechanic who did her registration that her oil was leaking. My husband called John who said to bring it in, and they'd take a look at it. As it turned out, the mechanic who did her oil change forgot to put the cap back on, and it all leaked out (he was about to be fired we learned). John not only replaced the engine for her but also repaired at no expense, a couple of issues that were needed to pass inspection. John is a real stand-up guy! He automatically took care of this of this for her, and for once, we did not have to argue our case with anyone-how often does that happen when a business makes an error? We are so thankful for John and his team and totally appreciate all that they do!

  3. He told my father that he would personally inspect the car himself and diagnose the problem. My father was told by Thomas (the speedway Midas manager) that the DM did not look at the car because he was busy all morning on calls but they had replaced the thermostat. About 4 days later my car starts overheating again. I bring it back to the Midas on Speedway that did my thermostat. My dad gets a call on Monday from Thomas and they tell him that the head gasket is blown. I pay for it to get towed to my house and try figuring out a solution with the district manager but he was only willing to do the labor for free and has since then has been nonresponsive. I end up paying for another tow to a different mechanic for another opinion. He confirms my head gasket is blown. So, I came in for an oil change and now have a car that I can't even drive and a $900 financing bill that I owe for the bad repairs. I have endured 3 tows not to mention my time lost disputing the work. The subpar work that was performed by Midas is a direct cause of my car overheating which resulted in the blown head gasket. Midas has not admitted to their liability but offered to do the labor for free if I purchased the parts. This is a direct cause of their poor workmanship which resulted in my car being ruined. After taking my car back to Midas 5 times, I would never have them do internal engine repairs when they could not perform the proper diagnosis and replacement of a water pump.

  4. 10/31/20 I took my vehicle to the Midas Muffler & Brake located at 7220 East 22nd Street for an oil change and I left the car to be serviced. I was called later by the shop Manager (Matt) and was told that I needed some additional work as they had performed a free safety inspection. It was noted on the inspection sheet that the thermostat housing was seeping and possibly the water pump could be leaking along with some suspension parts that needed replacement. The technician recommended a pressure system check to verify the leak. I did not have the finances for this extra cost at this time. Matt explained to me about the financing program (Easy Pay) which I took an application with me and completed it at home the same day. I was approved for $900 so I called Matt the same day and let him know that I wanted to do the work as I was approved for financing. I returned on Monday, Nov, 3rd to have the services performed. The vehicle was suppose to be completed the same day but I was told that a fuse was blown and that the part would not be in until the next day. I picked up the vehicle on 11/4/20 around Noon. Early the next morning I noticed green fluid underneath my car. I called my Dad to ask him what it could be. I also told him about the services I had done the day before. He told me to call the shop and explain to them what I had encountered. Matt told me to bring the car in as soon as possible. I took the car in that morning and was told later that afternoon that I needed a thermostat and possibly the housing unit because of leaks. I called my dad again who spoke to Matt. Since my father has managed a major corporate automotive shop for 15 years, he asked Matt why they didn’t replace the thermostat when they did the water pump as a preventative maintenance item. Matt told him that I could go to Autozone and purchase the thermostat and they would install it for free. I returned to Midas with the thermostat only to learn that it didn’t come with a gasket. I called my father again who spoke with Matt and told him specifically to install their own thermostat and the housing if needed based on their diagnosis. He wanted the car fixed. I picked up the vehicle right before they closed and drove home the same day. About 2 weeks later my car starts overheating while I’m driving with my boyfriend. I immediately pull into a QT gas station and call my father who told me and my boyfriend what to do. The next day I bring it back in and after 5 hours I call the manager Matt and he told me that they had been running the car all morning and it had barely started overheating but he believes its the thermostat. I'm not trusting them with my car anymore at this point since my father told Matt specifically to replace the thermostat and housing if needed. I called my dad again who at this point was not happy that they never replaced the thermostat or the housing as he was advised by Matt. They only replaced the water outlet housing gasket and thermostat gasket. He asked Matt for the district manager’s contact information and to his surprise was told that that information cannot be given to customers. He would have to contact the district manager and give him the message. The district manager arranges for me to take the car to another Midas on Speedway.

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