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  • AutoZone Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

AutoZone Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How To Contact AutoZone Corporate Office Headquarters

123 South Front Street
Memphis, TN 38103 USA
Phone Numbers:
Corporate Phone Number: 1-901-495-6500
Fax Number: 1-901-495-8300
Customer Service Number: 1-800-288-6966

  • I went to the Garner store on Hwy. 70. It was raining out and my wiper blade had started to shred, making it difficult to see. Upon arrival, the store was empty and there were 3 employees working inside. When I went to purchase my blades, I asked the cashier if there was someone that could help me install them. The cashier told me that he didn't want to but to ask the gentleman that was over working with another employee on stock. The cashier then asked the female employee if she could help and she said she didn't want to. When that other gentleman came towards the registers, the cashier asked him if he could help change out my wipers. He said he didn't want to and said "next" to the customer that had just gotten in line. Then the cashier just shook his head, handed me my receipt and walked into the backroom and never came back out. There was ZERO customer service in this store. I cannot believe how these employees acted. I will not be going back.

  • Twice i have taken a battery to aocal Auto zone a d each time it was left over night or 2 days and when I have webt back to pick it up it was not charged. They said they forgot. I will be going to a competitor to do my business.

  • Gentlemen;
    Despite your Corporate tout of offering high quality products, the second "Failsafe" brand thermostat for my Toyota Sienna van failed, leaving me with an overheated engine on the side of the road to cool. Since I had installed the second thermostat myself, I took the van to a mechanic who determined the defective thermostat, charging me $440.56 for the repair. Outraged, I went back to get a second refund for the defective part and requested the name of the District Manager. In the meantime, while awaiting a response, I also contacted Corporate Offices in a good faith attempt to secure restitution. Still waiting, and no response. Upon returning the second defective "Failsafe" thermostat, the Store Manager and assistant asserted that "Failsafe" thermostats were "crap"! When I asked why AutoZone sells poor quality parts known for premature failure, the employee shrugged his shoulders and said nothing. Caveat Emptor!

  • Please educate your clerks about the life time warranty for certain parts. The clerk for #499 argued me down that there is no such thing. I have been a customer for 10 years or more and have always had the life time warranty for my brakes. Please educate your customer service clerks/ and provide them with "Customer Service Training" as well. They are there to help a customer whom spends money in your store. I dont feel the need to spend my money where I feel I am not wanted or the Cust. Rep (Tyler K) did not want to assist. I get that its hard to find good help – but a little bit of training and not just for parts goes a long way.

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