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  • Smokey Bones Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Smokey Bones Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How To Contact Smokey Bones Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

8529 S. Park Circle, Ste. 410
Orlando, FL 32810
Corporate Phone Number: 1-407-355-5800
Website: Smokey Bones
Gift Card Balance: 1-877-610-3705

  • Some time ago, during 2017 I believe, I purchased two Smokey Bones gift cards ($25 each) from one of the two restaurants they had in Memphis, TN. The following month the company closed both stores and I've been unable to use the cards ever since. Last week while vacationing in Virginia Beach I finished my meal with my family and tried to pay he bill with the gift cards. The waitress returned and informed me that their computer system was down and they were unable to accept payment with the gift cards. I asked for the manager on duty and the waitress told me "I'm sorry, sir, there's nothing we can do." When I returned home I attempted to contact their headquarters in Orlando, FL to see if the gift cards could be used at other restaurants. Thus far I've been unable to get a person on their end of the line. I've been a long-time customer of Smokey Bones but my patience is running thin.

  • I live in clermont, Fl. & it's a long drive to the nearest bones, is there a change of having a new bones added to this area. Clermont is an up & raising cities that would love to have a bones in its community.

  • My husband and I went to Smokey Bones on Hurstbourne Lane Sunday, July 8, 2018 for dinner. As the server was taking our order, he sneezed (he said excuse me like he had hiccupped) and the mucus from his nostrils flew into my eye. I was disgusted to say the least. I had to cleanse my eye on the spot. I can understand that sneezes sometimes sneak up on you, but the servers who are working with your food need to be extremely careful. If they have a cold, they need to stay home! Needless to say, we canceled our order and left to go to another restaurant. I called the manager after I left, because my intent was not to get anyone fired, but just to inform management to teach their employees to be more careful. And at least act like you're sorry for the incident, which the server did not. I won't be going back to Smokey Bones anytime soon. And, generally speaking, I like their food!

  • Visited the Smokey Bones in Columbus Ga this past weekend. The ladies bathroom was awful. Around the sinks and toilets looked as though they had not been cleaned in months. My shoes stuck to the floor, that's how bad the floor was. I took pictures but I couldn't upload them to this review. I can't imagine what the kitchen and prep areas looked like.

  • I visit your restaurant a couple times a year. Our last 2 experiences were terrible and will not be returning after last evening. We got our table quickly which was nice but our server had a gothic look, nose ring and tatto's all over her. It was not appealing at all! We ordered a nacho plate with guacamole. The nachos were stale and burnt, and for $2 got a teaspoon of guacamole. This was completely unacceptable and way too pricey. We also ordered the soup and salad. The salad was the size of my palm and the cup of soup, was only a half a cup for $8!!! Are you kidding me? The last time we visited your restaurant, we ordered pulled pork sandwiches which were just ok, but way over priced and the mixed drinks where very watered down. We always give restaurants a second chance, but this is it for Smokey Bones in Reynoldsburg, OH

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