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Golden Corral Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Golden Corral Corporate Office Headquarters

5151 Glenwood Ave., Ste. 300
Raleigh, NC 27612 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-919-781-9310
Fax Number: 1-919-881-4686
Customer Service Number: 1-919-781-9310


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  1. Thursday, March 30, 2023
    In the month of February, I went to Golden Corral restaurant in Bellevue, Nebraska
    Golden Corral #670 1511 Gregg Road West Bellevue, NE 68123 402-293-5696
    to have breakfast before attending church. When I walked into the dining area, I spoke to a man
    sloppy looking clothing, maybe 50’s in age’ who appeared to be by himself. I spoke and we had very casual conversation. I commented on something on the television but he replied, “Do you have any family?” For safety reasons I promptly replied, “I don’t think I need to answer that.” He apologized, said his goodbyes to everyone else after he finished eating and I thought he left. However, after I finished eating, about 10-20 more minutes after he left, I left. But as I was leaving I noticed he was still there observing my vehicle as he was driving away; this prompted my interest to observe what vehicle he was driving…a large, old van, perfect for kidnapping someone and restraining them with drugs and ropes or something, since seeing through the vehicle was not possible. His response to my comments on the news and the fact he was still outside the restaurant long after leaving the dining room encouraged me to be aware more often. I let the situation rest since there was no real evidence to prove he was a nefarious person.

    Well, today, 30 Mar 2023, I ran some errands in that same location,
    Golden Corral #670 1511 Gregg Road West Bellevue, NE 68123
    and decided to have something to eat, around the hour between 3-4 PM, before heading home. I quickly had one plate of food, left a good-sized tip, (I love those ladies; they are hard workers and very sweet), and proceeded to the car.
    As I was leaving I noticed a man sitting in a car to the left of mine, looking at my car and talking on the phone; I stared at him and he appeared nervous. As I left I looked to get a license number but it was only a tag, showing possibly a newly purchased vehicle. The traffic was heavy so someone north of my car waved me through to make a left turn going north since most traffic was going south. Well, guess what? There he was, that tall man, facing north waiting to make a left turn to the west into the restaurant parking lot. Whew! I’m glad I left as quickly as I did; I think it was a trap. All that man had to do while I was getting in the car was block my car with his van which would have also blocked the vision for the restaurant to see me. With the man parked to the left of my car, he would have been free to help get me in the van after being disabled by some drug.
    For the past year, before ever speaking to the man, I only went to the restaurant on Sunday mornings before church, between 8-9:30. I noticed, on these mornings, he always sits to the right of the salad bar, back toward the southwest end of the restaurant, second table, facing the television. It appears he has casual conversation with a few couples that come there to dine.
    Now, anyone reading this can easily assume I’m taking the situation too seriously. However, with all the people-trafficking going on I think this situation bares some looking into, or at least some kind of observation.
    Thank you for taking the time to read this.

  2. Visited store #689 on Lee Hwy in Bristol Va on March 25, 2023. This store needs a complete remodel for the building and training for the staff. When entering the building the carpets are old and nasty. They are beyond being cleaned to any acceptable level. The foods on the buffet were not being tended and several were scorched and had to be removed. The "streamed" broccoli was put in a pan of water and scorched. The product was dark brown and did not resemble broccoli any longer. The grill person appeared to have little to no training. He did not know the different levels of steak cooking so the would just cut a piece and ask 'is this good for you/". The employees showed very little concern for the customers and went out of the way not to interact with them. We were not even approached by a server until we stood up to leave. This was not my 1st visit to this location but it was the 1st for dinner. The manager did give a full refund but I hope they address the problems with this location.

  3. Yesterday I went to the Newport News restaurant with my get a free birthday buffet. Buy one get one free. The gal said she had to find a manager before she could give it to me because it had to be a dinner not lunch. I read what it said and it did NOT say dinner but she took off to find a manager and came back and said yes it has to be a dinner. I asked to see the manager and she again went off and came back with him. He said it has to be a dinner. I invited him to show me where it says it on the coupon. He read it out loud and I said there is no where it says dinner. He reread and looked it over and over and finally agreed that it could be lunch. It probably took over 15 minutes and I was frustrated. Will think before we go back there again. SO sad.
    Also always sign my husband up for a birthday meal but he never gets one. Is there a reason?

  4. We live in Clarksville Tennessee and up until 3 weeks ago went at least once a week. Now we and several friends have decided not to return. The food has become TERRIBLE. First start with the salad bar–Vegetables should be cut bite size, not huge pieces of lettuce and some that was even spoiling. Had to ask twice for attendant to fill the dressings. Skip to the hot food–the ham was over baked and very dry. Vegetables that should have been hot (or at least warm) were cold and raw (broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage) Now dessert–hardly ever sugar free desserts. soft serve machine hadn't been freezing properly for several weeks. Also Management should learn not to talk loud and reprimand servers on the floor in front of customers.

  5. I have eaten at many of the Golder Coral locations with California and Arizona. My location is in Santa Maria, CA. At the start, there were numerous choices of food both at lunch and at dinner. But over time, the food availability has diminished and all normally provided menu not available. It is a shame when you go to the carving station and there is nothing to carve. As a senior, very disappointed for the lack of selection. Golden Corral you need to provide your customers with a variety of items that were on the menu previously.

  6. Hi Everybody,
    We live in Lake Placid, Florida and really enjoyed the Golden Corral in this location. From what I could tell, it was better than the other locations. We looked forward to dining out at this GC. But not any longer. Your TV ads say everything is back to normal when they aren't. Your TV ad or ads show the much desired buffet concept in the background, but it's not true. It's now a "Chop House". So, it's no longer a place to go. Just another restaurant. We can do better, price wise, at the other locations too.

  7. My wife and I ate at the Orem, Ut. Golden Corral about 3pm to, Oct 22, 2021. The food was OK but not as good as usual. Our waitress though was horrible. We were never greeted, she cleared plates once, and never did offer refills of our drinks. The spoons at the desert counter were empty. I mentioned it to a worker who didn't do anything about it. I talked to a manager but five minutes later the spoons were still missing and the bowls for the ice cream were also missing. Also the banana pudding looked like crap. I watched the same worker that ignored my request for spoons scrape a mostly empty pan of pudding onto the top of a new tray of pudding covering the cream with the old pudding. It will be a long time before we return to this location.

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