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Staybridge Suites Corporate Office Headquarters

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  1. My husband and I have stayed at a stay bridge suite/ royale parc suites in Kissimmee Fl several times and we have noticed security/safety concerns.
    The two side doors have like rod iron fence on the side of the door where people can gain entry by putting their hand in to open the door which we have watched several people gain access that were not supposed to be there.
    Also, we noticed that there are no cameras around anywhere and not much lighting on the outside as well.
    I am sure people would feel safer if these problems were taken care of.

  2. StayBridge Suite in Wichita, Ks has convinced me to begin shopping for a hotel that doesn’t treat their customers with utter disrespect. And contempt. I am not sure where the breakdown with this once, awesome chain of hotels, but if their corporate level employees don’t care about the condition of their hotel, I suppose it becomes a trickle down effect.
    After many years using SBS for my home away from home, I can no longer

  3. So, i have been staying at the Holiday inn express /Staybridge and i'm on the Staybridge side here in MA. The hotel is allowing guests to stalk/threaten other guests. It really sounds like a Trafficking issue. The guests in the room next door to me are up all night yelling and saying disturbing things. I have complained to the front desk and one of the guys i complained about that threatened me is buddy buddy with the hotel employees so they won't do anything about it.

  4. Chandler AZ – do not stay here unless you are on the top floor. We were on floor 3 and the people upstairs sounded like a herd of elephants. The windows rattled, the floor bounced and the walls it was horrible. This went on until 4 am. Not a good night sleep

  5. Stayed for the first time at your Independence Mo. location and enjoyed it so much decided to stay in Colombia location after our family reunion. Big mistake. I didn't get any sleep after finding a bug. Started to worry all night about more bugs and bed bugs. I killed it on the floor mat tile but later discovered it moved and had to really kill it for sure. I took pictures. Then while checking out of the room a lady slipped and fell because floor was wet and no sign. Glad it wasn't me but sorry for her. This is a lousy way to notify you. My email is pert227@yahoo.com. I don't use the one it is coming to.

  6. We had my mother's celebration of life services this weekend. Family from 10 state attended. The weekend couldn't have been better.

    Last month I contacted the Sioux Falls, SD Staybridge Suite and was give a great rate and the held a block of room. I worked with Deb Anderson and was impressed with her professionalism, kindness, and flexibility was outstanding. I can not say enough good things about good things about the Sioux Falls, SD Staybridge Suites. I have stay at this location 4 times and very impressed with the consistence of wonderful services. Looking forward to our next visit. A few of our older family member didn't want to leave. Thank you for making our trip a success.

  7. I have had the WORST experience with the hotel in Parker Colorado. They reservation staff/front desk, are RUDE, INCONSIDERATE, and have no clue about customer service. I've called now 6 times for a reservation that has a special group rate. No one could tell me what the rate was. I was referred to a new manager and she could't tell me what the rate was, and then asked to call me back. She left me a voice mail that said she was working on it, couldn't tell me anything and then said she would call back tomorrow. Never called back. Called the hotel AGAIN the next day….of course Irene, the manager was out. Was put on hold for over 10 minutes and then Herman picked up. Was clueless and put me back on hold. So i called back again and the VERY RUDE lady would not give me her name and said she had several people in line to take care and put me back on hold. WOW….seems like this is a common attitude with Staybridge Suites. I plan on making a statement on FB to let everyone know.

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