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Duffy’s Corporate Office Headquarters

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Duffy’s Corporate Office Headquarters
Duffy’s Sports Grill Restaurant
1926 10th Avenue N., Suite 300
Lake Worth, FL 33461 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-561-585-6685 ext. 41
Fax: 1-561-585-6670
MVP Card: 1-561-585-6685 Ext. 2

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We are customers to Duffy's for many months since this new location in Boca Raton Mansion Mall located on R441 and Glade road …
Today we encounter an absolute disaster in food quality !! I order Jumbo Shrimps was served with French Fries and Coleslaw!! The shrimps was cooking in batter and looking over cook unappetizing color !! the French fries was a complete disaster was over couple times cooked reheat and in little pieces nothing to looking as a French fries!! we was obliged to call the Manager on duty to showing our complaint!
Action: Well I will inform the Chef??? This was unacceptable response!! sorry!!
we finish at this point paid the full amount and left (never comeback to Duffy's )
I work in Hospitality industry for 60 years!! as Food Beverage Director and Executive Chef in very well know location around this world and executive States during my career. I will not expend my credentials regarding this unfortunate situation! But the minimum food preparation must be tally the food printing in your menu with appropriate and good standard following the culinary recipes, appropriated cooking and presentations?? Here was NOT OF THE ABOVE
This it's unmissable from a Corporate have so much good references
Chef Bernard Goupy (M.C.F)

October 4, 2019 @ 12:27:23 PM
Let me start by stating, I like many people work hard for my money, so I don’t appreciate anyone stealing from me by rounding a bill!
Even when inquiring about the change not being correct I was informed by the server he had rounded in our favor. Really?! NO he did not! He also went as far as to belittle me by following me to the door of the restaurant arguing loudly that he gave me more than what I should have received.
I was humiliated by the incident & will never return to this Duffy’s again and perhaps not to any Duffy’s.
Duffy’s West – Jupiter, Fl 33458

My wife and I go to Duffy's in Plantation. The food and service are most always TERRIFIC. It's an excellent place to dine, and friendly too. This room is certainly full of complainers! Not us.

Okay. Went to the Duffys at Jog and Forest Hill in WPB this evening. I ordered the Tex Mex salad with buffalo chicken bites which they serve on their buffalo chicken Salad. The menu states, “ black beans, corn, tomatoes, guacamole and sour cream with jack and cheddar cheese. I got NO tomatoes, NO corn, 5 black beans and a teaspoon of guacamole. I got cut up chicken. NO buffalo chicken bites which was ordered. I asked her if she checked the order before it was brought out and she said no, “ they don’t do it that way”. I asked if the person bringing out the food has an order to look at to confirm correct meal and she “ didn’t know”. There were at least 15 tables not seated so I know they were not so busy that she couldn’t confirm the correct food for the order. My son also ordered the same without sour cream and yes, Got the sour cream he did not want! Really? Train your servers people!!!!

My family and I went to dinner at the Royal Palm Beach Location. The service was extremely terrible. We had to ask for plates, silverware, napkins and drinks. Our waiter, who wasn't wearing a name tag was very inconsiderate and always walked away when we were trying to talk to him. The food was mediocre at best. But the worst part was when it came time to pay. We had $20.00 on our duffy's card and the bill was $99.00. So the new bill was $78.00 (their math not mine) we had a $50 gift card which they took and swiped. Then they came back and said we still owed $78.00. So they used our gift card and and our debit card and charged us twice. The manager's name was Joe and he was rude and was not helpful at all. He claimed that it was a misunderstanding and he couldn't do anything about it. We told him about the terrible service and how our appetizers didn't come before the entrées and the waiter said he didn't know appetizers were supposed to come first. As we were walking out the manager cockily said "come back tomorrow night and I will buy you dinner" almost as if he meant yeah f you don't come back. We are very disappointed and will never return to another Duffy's restaurant.

My wife and I eat at your Boynton Beach establishment twice a week, We love the food and adore the service. Sadly however, I'm not going back.
How dare you exhibit a few photos of Lance Armstrong alongside of some of the greatest sports icons in the world. Perhaps you think it's OK because the caption beneath reads "Cancer Survivor". I don;t care if he survived the plague. It's sickening to see children looking up to his photo in admiration
I'm not only going to stop eating there but I'm going to make my disgust known on social media and encourage others to follow my lead.
Who's running your organization, a moron?

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