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Flanigan’s Corporate Office Headquarters

How to Contact Flanigan’s Corporate Office Headquarters

Flanigan’s Enterprises, Inc.
Official Address: 5059 N.E. 18th Avenue
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33334 USA
Email: n/a
Corporate Phone Number: 1-954-377-1961
Fax Number: n/a
Customer Service Number: 1-954-377-1961

Flanigan's Corporate Office


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  2. I am very appalled and upset at the service Received at the flanagans at 12790 Southwest 88th street Miami FL 33186 the hostess named sasha was very rude and the manager was standing right next to her when she was completely insulting me in front of everybody else. After waiting almost 2 hours to get a party of 16 in a table they decided to tell me It was gonna be another 30 to 40 minutes when I told sasha to get their stuff together she fired back saying I don't need to get anything together with a very bad attitude and all while the manager was right nextto her.the manager didn't say a word that is very bad customer-service and they do not need to treat customers that way because I 1st of all was not even rude. It's very sad that a restaurant like flanigans has people like sasha working there, It's also very sad that they have managers like the manager that was there that night I will probably never go back ever again just because of the poor service that they give and yes I will be writing this review everywhere that I can Yelp Google you name it will be there.

    1. Jennifer, I totally understand what you went through, here we are a few years later and last night my family and I went through the same situation at this location. Not sure if was the same manager and hostess but coincidence that the hostess name also started with an S, I could not get her name because she covered her name tag, afraid that I was going to write a review about her poor customer service ways.
      Extremely disappointed to walk into a Flannigan's location and see this happening, Flannigan's is a family style restaurant/bar with a nice ambiance not what this location is showing.
      The hostess at a restaurant should be kind, well spoken and trained, the hostess is the first face you see when you walk into a restaurant. Why would Flannigan's hire this rude little girl with no manners to represent the restaurant. This girl at the Pinecrest location, short hair burnet, name starting with S, hand-talking, has no business being the face of your restaurant. She handles herself like she is in the middle of a high school fight and the manager letting this happen was what really upset us all.
      A hostess should always be alert keeping an eye on available tables, more so when customers have been waiting for a while. A hostess should keep track of how long customers have been waiting on her list and touch basis with the customers to make sure they are not upset about the wait. Not all standing by the counter talking and joking among each others ignoring customers and when we approach them is like we are bothering them.
      Flannigan's, please do not ignore our complaints, revisit this location with your corporate trainings, it is sad that such a nice location as Pinecrest is giving such a bad treatment to customers.
      Thank you!

  3. Pls contact me about ur restaurant in east Boca 5616745037 I always enjoy ur food for last 20 yrs this time food was under cooked and I threw up all over parking lot and manager Grady was of no help he laughed the other manager Carlos came over and brought me a soda and made sure I was ok definitely expect a call back 561674 5037 thank you

  4. I have been trying to contact the General manager at surfside, miami to see if i can reserve a table for 20-25 ppl for my 24th birthday dinner. I live and breath Flanagan … I love it and i would even get married there that's how much i love it but now i have not had any luck in getting any details into possibly giving me the best bday gift ever. I am very sadden that i would have to come in 4 or 3 hours ahead of time to save enough tables for my family and friends on my special day

  5. The last 3 times I've been to your store at Hallandale and US 1 they've charged us for drinks at full price and not given the discount for brining the cups in. Is this a Management decision to try and charge your Customers more. If not you need to have training with your Managers and Employees at your locations. Same thing happened last Friday at your Pompano Beach location.

  6. I bought a gift card on line for The Whale's Rib. My daughter-in-law didn't receive it so I checked my credit card on line and found the amount has not been deducted. I called The Whale's Rib and was referred to a number which was Flannigan's. I called three times and they have not called back yet. The web site was difficult to enter my order but I think I did it right.

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Corporate Office Headquarters