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  • FYE Corporate Office Headquarters

FYE Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact FYE Corporate Office Headquarters

FYE Official Address:
1425 Central Avenue
Albany, NY  12205 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-518-437-0727
Customer Support and Help: 1-877-351-2131

FYE Corporate Office


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  1. Been dealing with an employee that is not helpful and will not give me info to talk to a manager.
    Dealing with issues is not easy thru email…..especially when the person on the other side (Rachel) is not doing anything to help the customer. I ordered back on Nov 30th for a Xmas Gift. The item was shipped out on Dec. 5th and somehow it was damaged in transit and never delivered because FedEx got rid of it…I talked to FedEx and they said that they contacted FYE about the issue on the 11th or 12th of Dec. I emailed FYE on the 16th asking for a Reship and Nick stated to wait a few more days as it was still coming. I waited until the 21 and asked again for a reship…..needed it for Xmas gift…Rachel wouldn’t and didn’t reship until the 28th….so at this point I still don’t have it Xmas was ruined and all I want is a Refund of $29.00 and you won’t even do that! Bad Business!

  2. I went to your store #1884 in Florence, Kentucky shopping mall on 11/03/2018 transaction time 11:48 am ticket #89223 store contact #859-283-9722 to purchase a headphone. At the cashier to purchase the salesperson KELLI 220204 rang up my order first asking for my name, address and phone number (kind of odd asking but Radio Shack used to do this also for all purchases so I never thought much into it at the moment) and stated I can give you a dollar off your purchase and proceeded with sale and never initially explained why. As I was paying with my debit card I then questioned the $1.00 off transaction as she stated if you want you can cancel at anytime within 30-days and I was puzzled and asked her to explain further what she meant. As she explained I stated 'so you were going to charge me $16.00 a month on my debit card without even telling me???' So I asked salesperson KELLI 220204 to cancel the entire transaction and start over and charge only the headphones. Then I signed my receipt and left the store. Later, the next day I happen to be looking at my receipt and there it is the $0.00 charge to my debit card as 2 purchased items for this Philo CPM Program and this time as a ZERO charge as it appears the salesperson KELLI 220204 did in fact enter me into this monthly program WITHOUT my CONSENT and AUTHORIZATION and I am guessing because she gets a bonus for each one she sells. This practice that the salesperson KELLI 220204 is practicing is called THEFT from my checking account from my debit card and if a charge does post to my checking account from this theft I will be filing charges against her and the store for this fraudulent practice and report it to the State level. Please verify this does not get charged to my debit card as it is the responsibility of FYE and its employees to not practice theft on any level and review your sales people practices as if this has happened to me it has happened to many. How does FYE want to attract loyalty to its customers when all I wanted was to purchase a headphone and now have to deal with possible extra monthly charges on my checking account that I DID NOT and explicity DID NOT authorize!

  3. I would like to be inform that they hold me up the phone call they tried to transfer to their supervisor due I am hearing impaired and using relay call to their supervisor and unequal system. I warned my son don't go that store anymore they haven't respect me why should I respect their business dirty riot they are in. I had to wait until supervisor to answer the call which was cancelled and no respect so that it will show this. Rating is zero for them… Equal should work out for anyone to call in no matter on their disabled. I was born that way is not my blame.

  4. I have personally spoken to Troy pope the district manager over fye in huntsville Alabama and made numerous complaints against the store manager in Huntsville an dhave seem no results. I don't he has even made a record of it because he and Joey Morton have been friends for a long time. NOT OKAY! I can not even find a way to accurately file a complaint to the right people because they are refusing to give me the information I need. You will be hearing from my lawyers because I AM taking legal action against this company.

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