FYE Corporate Office Headquarters

FYE Corporate Office Headquarters
1425 Central Avenue
Albany, NY  12205
Corporate Phone Number: 1-518-437-0727

  • Me and my husband and our daughter went to fye in dayton mall in ohio and he has brea thing problems so he wasnt wearing a mask the sales girl was very rude to him she asked him if he had a mask and he told her that hehad health problems and she told him that was not her problem that he was going to have to leave the store what kind of store r u running if u let your employees treat your customers like that. That is very unexcused and we will not be in your store again

  • I went to your store #1884 in Florence, Kentucky shopping mall on 11/03/2018 transaction time 11:48 am ticket #89223 store contact #859-283-9722 to purchase a headphone. At the cashier to purchase the salesperson KELLI 220204 rang up my order first asking for my name, address and phone number (kind of odd asking but Radio Shack used to do this also for all purchases so I never thought much into it at the moment) and stated I can give you a dollar off your purchase and proceeded with sale and never initially explained why. As I was paying with my debit card I then questioned the $1.00 off transaction as she stated if you want you can cancel at anytime within 30-days and I was puzzled and asked her to explain further what she meant. As she explained I stated 'so you were going to charge me $16.00 a month on my debit card without even telling me???' So I asked salesperson KELLI 220204 to cancel the entire transaction and start over and charge only the headphones. Then I signed my receipt and left the store. Later, the next day I happen to be looking at my receipt and there it is the $0.00 charge to my debit card as 2 purchased items for this Philo CPM Program and this time as a ZERO charge as it appears the salesperson KELLI 220204 did in fact enter me into this monthly program WITHOUT my CONSENT and AUTHORIZATION and I am guessing because she gets a bonus for each one she sells. This practice that the salesperson KELLI 220204 is practicing is called THEFT from my checking account from my debit card and if a charge does post to my checking account from this theft I will be filing charges against her and the store for this fraudulent practice and report it to the State level. Please verify this does not get charged to my debit card as it is the responsibility of FYE and its employees to not practice theft on any level and review your sales people practices as if this has happened to me it has happened to many. How does FYE want to attract loyalty to its customers when all I wanted was to purchase a headphone and now have to deal with possible extra monthly charges on my checking account that I DID NOT and explicity DID NOT authorize!

  • I would like to be inform that they hold me up the phone call they tried to transfer to their supervisor due I am hearing impaired and using relay call to their supervisor and unequal system. I warned my son don't go that store anymore they haven't respect me why should I respect their business dirty riot they are in. I had to wait until supervisor to answer the call which was cancelled and no respect so that it will show this. Rating is zero for them… Equal should work out for anyone to call in no matter on their disabled. I was born that way is not my blame.

  • I have personally spoken to Troy pope the district manager over fye in huntsville Alabama and made numerous complaints against the store manager in Huntsville an dhave seem no results. I don't he has even made a record of it because he and Joey Morton have been friends for a long time. NOT OKAY! I can not even find a way to accurately file a complaint to the right people because they are refusing to give me the information I need. You will be hearing from my lawyers because I AM taking legal action against this company.

  • Joey Morton at fye in Huntsville Alabama lies to his employees constantly and harasses them and his former employees by telling lies and creating conflict in people's lives. He is not fit to run that store and the biggest reason that store has problems is because he starts conflict and causes people to quit the company. I hate fye in general because of him and Troy, the district manager. One of his employees he makes fun of because she has problems with depression and one day said to her "maybe I'll get trapped in the mall with you and then I'll be the one slitting my wrists." And laughed about it. This man is sick and does not know how to not cause conflict. Not only that but he also advises employees to lie and break the law to get sales and one day the company will be sued because of this. I tell everyone I meet about my experiences with this company and advise against going to any location. I don't believe anything will be done about him but I hope someone reads this and cares. What he does is wrong and I will not be going back to any fye because your company allows this type of behavior.

  • The located in Muncy, PA has become a joke. The few people who cared about the customers are gone. The male "manager" this is there doesn't customer service, talk down to the associates, and bad mouths former workers.
    He spent a good amount of time, instead of asking if we were finding everthing, standing on his phone. He then spent a good chunk bad mouthing former employees. This wasn't the first time this has happened. Twice in the past 2 weeks this has happened whenever we went in. Same guy each time. I've never walked into a store just to walk back out before.

  • I'm tired of money being taken out of my checking account and no information on why. Every month $11.99 is taken out of my account and it needs to stop

  • I received this message via Facebook for a store manager in Daytona beac.."So I ignored and blocked your messages from my store, and my personal page because I really have no care in the world to speak to you. However, once again, an associate of mine filled me in on yet another incidence of you running your mouth about me while she was trying to run in and out real quick at Family Dollar and how she should "Watch out for me". First off, you lost your job because you were not able to consistently perform at the level of expectation. Secondly, your high school mentality of talking smack about me behind my back will not be tolerated, which is why I told you to stay out of the store. Former employees and current employees who did not even know each other came to me on multiple occasions expressing their concern about you talking so nasty about me. You lost your job because of YOU. Not me. YOU. So maybe the next time you want to talk about me again you will be sure to include that YOU lost your job because YOU could not perform to the expectations of the company. I'm sure your current boss would not like to hear about your professionalism while on the clock, nor would the corporate offices. There is no reason for you to be so begrudging to you losing your job and me because of YOU. Let it go and move the hell on. Do not contact me, do not speak of me. MOVE ON!" I would love to shop at the store but with her there I will not and I will make sure no one that I know wil.. She is rude and doesn't know how to talk to former employees . I worked my butt off for her when I was there last year but she took other peoples word over mine.

    • The fye in Huntsville Alabama is the same way. I am currently working on filing a lawsuit against the company because of the action she of Troy pope and joey Morton.

  • Fye Backstage Pass Vip.
    Back in Jan I was shopping in my local store for my kids who like all the super hero
    merchandise.When I was checking out the Sales/Associate asked me if I liked to save on
    this purchase and savings offers throughout the year at this store and many others by
    getting a BSP Vip card.She said it costs nothing to join. I like to save money so I said
    yes. She never said that if I didn't cancel this membership after 30 days I would be
    charged a monthly fee.Well, fast forward 5 months and I notice a transaction for $11.99
    posting to my Credit card for FYE.I wasn't shopping or did not buy anything from FYE on
    6/23.So I called my credit card to report a transaction I didn't make.That is when my
    Credit card rep told me that FYE had been reoccurring a monthly fee for $11.99 since Feb
    I called FYE and they refused to refund my money.They said you should have read the
    little booklet they gave you explaining your membership.No they should tell you up front
    that there is a stipulation.I am very angry as I lost almost $60.If you don't refund my
    money I will never purchase another thing from FYE.The merchandise you sell is available
    through other merchants who do not use deception to make money off their customers. I
    think all of us who have been ripped off should file a class action suit.This should be

  • I had a bad expierence with the south Portland store. I got told by the woman who worked that my special needs client and I could not go into the store more than once a day because she was on thin ice and about to be fired because there purchases weren't matching the number of people going I'm and out of the store. I am irate. She was even talking rudely about my client and i. He has autism and they love their routines so whenever we go to the mall er have to go into fye first and last.

  • I just sold some dvds at the Coventry Mall Store in Pottstown Pa. The manager/cashier was very rude and condescending, not professional at all. I should have just canceled the whole transaction and walked out. I have been a customer at this store for a long time, never treated like this before. This young manager needs a wake up call, I will not be back at this store again. I will still deal with fye at Berkshire Mall where I'm treated professionally.

  • I went today and I always shop for movies ,music, ect there. I was very disappointed that the company has people who work for t h e treat there customers like crap. I asked the girl about my fye vip card, and she so I already did your order too bad, I asked if there was a manager she said I am. Too bad for you. I said really I will make sure everyone will know that at the treasure coast mall in fl don't go there because Lymari the cashier aka mg. Is very disrespectful to customers. I am highly upset with this and I will take this farther. Sure hate to go somewhere else but goodbye. .Mary

  • I went today and I always shop for movies ,music, ect there. I was very disappointed that the company has people who work for t h e treat there customers like crap. I asked the girl about my fye vip card, and she so I already did your order too bad, I asked if there was a manager she said I am. Too bad for you. I said really I will make sure everyone will know that at the treasure coast mall in fl don't go there because Lymari the cashier aka mg. Is very disrespectful to customers. I am highly upset with this and I will take this farther. Sure hate to go somewhere else but goodbye. .Mary

  • The fye in huntsville al at parkway place mall is pitiful. The manager is extremely rude. I believe her name is sylvia. She does not know how to communicate well with others and it is obvious that fye does not screen Thier management.

  • THEY DON'T CARE, that is the total message that both the corporate and, for the most part, the individual stores appear to exemplify. I'm calling the local television station here in Philly, Fox29, that handles these issues and exposes this extreme incompetence. Hopefully, if they air a story, things will change. Try it in your community. It couldn't hurt!

  • Dear FYE Corporate:
    IT is a mistake to close the FYE store on Calle Real in Goleta, California.
    The store serves a huge clientele–Goleta, Santa Barbara, UCSB.
    Even if right now times seem rough, companies that ride out these hard times will benefit. People like to handle their music, movies, and other entertainment. They like to get opinions from FYE employees.
    I am appalled that the employees of FYE in Goleta, CA ,will lose their jobs–these people are great–sad that a family town is losing a business that appeals to all ages, shocked that entertainment is becoming unavailable here. In my opinion this store is irreplaceable. So are its employees.
    Robyn Bell

  • FYE Corporate Office Headquarters
    1425 Central Avenue
    Albany, NY 12205
    Corporate Phone Number: 1-518-437-0727
    To Whom It May Concern:
    After being a loyal customer of FYE located at 11944 FAIR OAKS MALL for years I am extremely disappointed at the level of unprofessionalism and discrimination I received when visiting FYE 1856 located in at 7000 ARUNDEL MILLS CIR STE 263 HANOVER MD. On Saturday, January 9th 2016 I left a formal event in a tuxedo and visited the ARUNDEL MILLS store and was stopped at the door by Mike and Brianna. They insisted I come back because the store was closed. I noticed many of the other retails stores in the mall were still open but I walked away without purchasing the items I intended on buying. Shortly after (approximately 2 minutes) I noticed an older Caucasian man who walked to the door and was escorted in and directed to the movie he wanted to purchase. When I then attempted to enter the store questioning Mike on why I was asked to leave but the customer who came after me was let in the store he told me “the customer told Brianna what he wanted so we decided to let him in”. I was disgusted, embarrassed, insulted, and humiliated. This has truly scarred my perception of FYE as an Entertainment retail chain and I am strongly considering taken further action to ensure this never happens again. Hopefully FYE Corporate Office Headquarters will investigate why this happen and review the footage of this incident as it was quit disturbing. I am open for the opportunity to remedy the situation and I can be reached at short.easy@yahoo.com

  • I made a purchase from fye back in March and was told that I would receive 10% off my purchase if I signed up for the vip card. That was it. I recently found out from my bank that I was charged 11.99 for months for the account. I contacted customer service and was eventually told that I would be refunded 4 months worth of my money. When I asked the supervisor (Mr. Vernon Davis) if there would be a complaint put in with the store, he hung up on me. This tells me that these tactics are encouraged. I will now wait to see if I really do receive my refund

  • dear f.y.e,
    i am a frequent customer i have a vip card. i have five kids that love to watch movies i shop at the local fye frequently . i live in decatur alabama. i can not stand the store manager he is just a pathetic lazy peice of crap. everytime iom in there all he is doing is standing around on his personal phone talking to his wife/girlfriend. the rare occasion i ever asked him for assistance he acted like he was to good to help me. on a better note i do have a favorite employee/assistant manager. she has always been very helpful. gone out of the way to assist me when im in there with the kids.she was fired yesterday. over what i have heard were some very untrue reasons. i refuse to go back into an fye and spend money unless she gets her job back. i do 80% of my Christmas shopping for my children at f.y.e , well not anymore i will not go into a place where i am unwanted or treated like a burden for spending money helping keep your establishment open. this assistant manager was the only reason that store stayed as busy and clean and organized as it did i feel sorry for you!! i can only hope that her attorneys will be contacting you soon!!

  • I went to the FYE store in Arundel Mills mall in Hanover Maryland, store #01856 on August 4th 2015 and bought a Superman shirt for my son, the stupid cashier Shawna proceeded to sell me the Backstage pass deal. Which I really didn't want, but she said that it was a free trial, so I reluctantly agreed to get it, but then she proceeded to tell me as a gift to me that I would be receiving three magazines of my choice to check out for three months. After she rung me up I immediately looked at my receipt and noticed that the magazines were not free, but an automatic enrollment for a year after the initial three month trial. I immediately made her cancel the transaction so that my credit card wouldn't be charged. She supposedly did that and I left. After I got home, I felt like I had been duped into joining this Backstage pass garbage that she convinced me to try for free, so I called them up and immediately cancelled that too. I thought I had every thing straightened out, but when I returned home today which is August 21, I received a People magazine in my mailbox. I called down to the store and complained to her where she told me to call the subscription service to cancel it myself. I told her, I shouldn't of had to do that since she cancelled it for me and gave me a receipt showing that. I called the subscription company and had them cancel it, because I explained to them what happened and told them if they charge my credit card, then I would take them to court. They took care of it right away, at leat I am hoping, but that is where it stands now. I got the corporate phone number and called them but, of course nobody was there to take my call, so I left a message and complained about the store and their sneaky practices! I will never shop there ever again, and I will make sure I tell others not to shop there. I run a blog that had over 1000 members and I also have a community page, which I will make sure that they are told about this, so, hopefully more people will get wind of this and stop shopping there and ultimately put them out of business!

  • I ordered the Hobbit An Unexpected Journey 5 disc extended edition DVD and they sent me the regular (non-extended edition) 2 disc set instead. When I complained to customer service, they sent me a return label and told me they were sold out! I sent the link to their website to show them they weren't sold out (they LIED to me!) and I was told, "oh, well, we have one in stock, but we were sold out when I told you that (yeah, right!). So, I was told to just order it again. I told them I wasn't going to pay full price, as I'd used a coupon to purchase it the first time. They gave me a coupon code and told me to order it again. So I did. This time, I got the extended edition, but the 2 disc version instead of the 5 disc version! Send me the wrong DVD once, ok, some incompetent made a mistake. Send me the wrong one TWICE?!!?!?! I was told they didn't actually have any of the 5 disc version. So I asked for a new version to swap it out for. I was told they can't swap new for used. After asking with EVERY email to speak to a manager or supervisor, I WAS IGNORED regarding that request. It wasn't until I asked in my last email to speak to a manager or supervisor that I was finally told my emails had been forwarded to the management team. Which, since I haven't heard from anyone since, that probably means it's an email that is lost in a sea of emails that no one has bothered reading. No wonder a bunch of FYE stores are closing! With crappy customer service, high prices that can only be brought lower by the occasional coupon, and the ignoring of requests to speak to someone in a higher position, it's a wonder FYE is even still in business! I've complained to the BBB, but through some weird loophole, FYE didn't even receive my complaint, and it was forwarded to some other company who replied, "it's not our problem!" Screw FYE and all their crappy customer service people, their incompetent webmasters and shippers, and especially their managers and supervisors in customer service, who don't give a flying monkey about customer satisfaction, only how much money they can screw out of consumers! I'm boycotting FYE from this point forward, and I encourage everyone who I know, and who reads this post, to do the same! After an almost 2 month process, I'm still very unsatisfied with how I've been treated, and how SLOW everything has been, and how I've been IGNORED by people who should've jumped on this case to make it right the minute I started to complain! I sincerely hope FYE FAILS and goes out of business PERMANENTLY!

  • dear fye corporate,
    i am an customer of yours at your Bloomingdale I am getting so sick and tired of getting asked about the fye backstage pass or too be asked or talked into buying one or more dvds too get this company comission for emplyoees. One of your managers at your Bloomingdale store, the manager john forces the issues too people who don't buy the backstage pass or who don't want too buy more than one dvds at an time. This is very unproffessional.

  • I was in the Salisbury, Maryland store on 03/23/2015. The instant I walked into the store not even having enough time to say hello, the Assistant Manager instantly got very loud and verbally abusive towards me. I walked in with 60 used movies to sell he didn't like that. I would have thought he would have been happy to make profit off of them I guess not. As I was standing there waiting because he had a customer at the register with him I overhear him nagging on me talking to his coustomer and I also hear the other guy left before his shift was over. I get it he is by himself. But that's not an excuse to treat your customers like that especially from an Assistant Manager. Now when I do meet him at the register after all of this he would not check out all 60 of my movies only checking about 25 of them, sounds like lazziness to me. This entire situation at this store really needs to be reviewed and checked into at this store.

  • Buyer beware. My son purchased a sony playstation card for $20.00 on friday nov 28 2014. Unfortunately when he got home the card was not activated. After two phone calls from sony was told there was nothing they could do and had to take the card back to fye. After waiting in a line 16 people deep was told there was nothing they could do because the pin number did not match the receipt,. Either the card got mixed up at the register or and employee is keeping the activated card and putting an inactive card at the register. The kicker is there is no way to check of the card matches your receipt. Anyone can walk out and have no proof of purchase.

  • I tried to file a complaint about the store in Decatur Mall, Decatur. Alabama. They want $25.00 to file it!!!!! The manager left and I do not know who the new one is but ALL THEY PLAY IS RAP MUSIC!!!! Believe me they have got the last dollar from me!!!! I shopped there a LOT for Christmas as well as for myself!!

  • whatever you do do NOT ever sign up for the free promotions in the FYE store because I did and they have been charging me every week since for only three magazines I received. DO NOT file a complaint it is a scam.

  • Dear f.y.e. Managers and Employees

    I am taking the time to inform you of one of your associates. On March 30th, my wife and I visited an f.y.e location at the Madison Square Mall in Huntsville, AL. My wife was looking for some particular music and when she couldn’t find it, she sought the help of young man named Matt! (with an ! ). Matt! wasted no time assisting us. Even though the music my wife was looking for was not carried in your store, Matt! showed us this device that allowed my wife to create her own cd. He assisted her in creating what she might call her “master piece”. Matt! was brilliant! His helpfulness, enthusiasm, and attention to detail are unparalleled. As we waited for the “master piece” to be created, I observed Matt! with other customers. To my astonishment, Matt! treated every customer as if they were the most important people in the world, as it should be. As I witnessed this extraordinary display of customer service, I felt that Matt! should be recognized. It is my honest belief that f.y.e should know about and recognized employees such as Matt!. I hope that f.y.e is as dedicated to Matt! as he is to its customers! I assure you that my wife feels the same about Matt!…she named the “master piece” after him!


    Greg Kenney

  • The manager in Houma Louisiana should not be working with the public . I was never treated so badly in my life and I would never of answered her back because I didn t want to go on facebook and been called a very nasty name . She is known to go online and insult anyone that walks in the store . I m a 44 year old woman and have spent several thousands of dollars in that store being I have 2 teenagers . Well after today I will no longer be shopping in that store today !! I will be buying everything from another company from now on. I AM DONE WITH RUDE PEOPLE at FYE in Southland Mall in Houma Louisiana !!! Staff and manager should be seriously evaluated !!!

  • ^ All of these problems could have been avoided if fye would not only hire people who cared about their customers but also proceeded to pay them at a decent rate and give them any necessary customer service training (especially before you promote someone to Store Manager!). This company needs to treat it's employees better (check out your glassdoor.com reviews in case you "don't know what I'm referring to") so the employees treat the customers better. Stop giving pay increases and promotions to people for tenure & start doling them out based on performance!! I know people (MULTIPLE!) who have worked in several (a couple of which have been closed due to poor hiring/management/customer service & other problems that have ultimately resulted in many closings nationwide according to the above reviews) of your local stores (in the South Florida area) who have had nothing but terrible things to say about the way store managers, regional/district managers & even corporate liasons that have come to visit. The way you speak down to your "subordinates" (which you should never make someone feel like) is ghastly! Associates, Assistant Managers and other employees are all people too!! If you want your sales to go up, start treating the people who have direct contact with your customers better & maybe they'll actually be happy to go to work and help people find great new entertainment products… as it stands, you barely pay above minimum wage, put people on salary without letting them know so you don't have to pay them overtime, lose employee paperwork like it's your damn job, talk down to your employees, refuse to listen to your employees, have the least-logical store planners in the world, have some of the dumbest policies (see above), encourage people to sign up for VIP cards (which are essentially a scam, but I know it's where you make all your money, so THAT won't stop), have prices that are too high in the first place, etc. If you don't want the entire company to continue to go down the drain FAST, start with the associates and make sure they're happy! If you don't turn it around SOON, it'll be too late. It only gets more difficult to fight gravity the closer you get to that drain & your company is already gaining momentum in its downward spiral as it is… & I'd rather watch a movie on Netflix with no human interaction than go into a store who knowingly belittles, ignores, and mistreats their employees to the point that they are abrasive with customers!!

  • I have been a customer at fye when it only sold music and then bought out sun coast I believe it was and started selling movies. I shop at the Meadowbrook Mall FYE in Bridgeport, WV. I spend at least $7,000 a year their. And since this guy Josh has become manager he has been telling me my information is not in the computer so that I don't get my discount and short changing me whenever he can. I feel better after reading I'm not the only one and have decided to stop shopping at FYE. Amazon here I come….. With another 7 grand FYE could of had.

  • I called the Moorestown nj store for information ans spoke to the manager Steve.I cannot tell you how rude he was on the phone.I asked for his regional managers name and he said we don't have one.I called another store and they said every FYE store has a RM.The actions of this manager Steve is tge reason why thrse FYE stores are going down the drain.Tge Audubon Nj Store closed due to this same type of poor customer service as all if them will if tge employees and stire managers don't respect the customers.

  • On September 29, 2013, I went to fye store no. 01671 at Fair Oaks Mall. While there I purchased an item that was on sale for $4.99, which totaled $5.29. I asked the clerk to take $3.00 from my credit card & I would pay the $2.29 in cash. After she completed the transaction she took a pen and rubbed it across my card and imprinted it at the very top of the store receipt. When I asked what the purpose was, she stated because she keyed in my card number instead of swiping it and she wasn't sure if I had more credit on it or not so they needed a copy of the card. So I told her to cancel that transaction and I'll just pay in all cash. So a guy walked up and asked what's the problem? She stated the situation and then he told me that's company policy, to get the full number of the card in case of fraud. So I said, well I'm worried about fraud too, and I don't want my full card number out there like that. He said they have to have it on file. So I stated, if that was the case, the register would not have XXX-out all the other numbers. So he said well she had to key in your card, so I stated well it went through and was approved so you don't need an imprint of my card. After he insisted that was company policy, I told him to cancel the transaction. Then, I pay the $3.00 in cash and asked him to tare the imprint of my card from the receipt and give it to me. Once leaving the mall, I looked on the receipt and realized the voided transaction was not reflected on the receipt. I went back to the store and requested a copy of the voided transaction. The clerk said she could not pull it from the register, she went to the back office to get the manager to do so and returned to show me the receipt that was voided and refused to give me a copy. The manager did not even have the decency to come out and address the issue. Poor customer service and very insulting. I noticed a copier/printer sitting on the counter, so I requested that the clerk copy the receipt for my records and she said no. So I requested the store number and guy's name. She stated he was the manager. That makes it even worse.

  • My husband and i shop there frequently. Recently we went through his bank statements and it showed that they were charging him for the vip card. We never signed up for it. But i cant get through to corporate

  • I have been a custamer of the fye town center located in charleston wv for many years . I have spent thounds of dollars there.I get coupons on my cell phone. And the manger there will not let me use them. I'm so sick and tired of the bs. I'm going to cancel my vip card. And take my money somewere else.fye can kiss my ass. I'm dome with them.