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  • GameStop Corporate Office Headquarters

GameStop Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact GameStop Corporate Office Headquarters

625 Westport Parkway
Grapevine, TX 76051 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-817-424-2000
Fax Number: 1-817-424-2062
Customer Service Number: 1-800 883-8895


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  1. This is Robert I renewed my subscription last year in 2023 and I have not received any of the live books yet. Any ideas, can you help me get them since I paid for them?

  2. Went into two separate locations today and went to purchase 3 pre-owned games for your b2g1 sale only to be told at checkout both times that they didn't even have the games on the first place yet had several cases displaying pre-owned products that they didn't even carry. That is false advertising and after many horrible experiences at GameStop establishments and online, this is the straw that broke the camel's back. I will not purchase anymore products from gamestop or the site. The gift card I was given recently will be traded for a certificate at an establishment that actually knows how to treat their customers.

  3. Sounds like many GameStop employees at many different locations are awful. My husband went to return a preowned PS4 today that we just bought less than 24 hours ago, and the (I believe) manager at the Parkesburg location was extremely rude and made my husband feel as if returning anything was a huge inconvenience to him! He also tried giving back LESS than what we paid, which was right on the receipt!
    God forbid they actually honor their “return within 7 days without question” policy!!!!
    They will not be getting our business anymore!

  4. Your Gamestop in Summerville South Carolina has the worst associates in the planet! Everytime I go in to make a trade they roll their eyes and I have been accused of stealing items that were unopened that I brought in myself! (not stolen). I also have been accused of not scratching the playstation cards right and the manager there always looks stoned. Get your crap together Gamestop and stop treating people like crap and ripping the public off! I am getting my stuff online now because what you are doing should be illegal. By the way YOU SUCK! and your employees don't know crap about games, just a bunch of sissy stoners that hire only their friends.

  5. I dont know how many times that this has happened/a lot.. but I think you need someone that can go out of the way

  6. Gamestop overall sucks now smh I use to love gamestop but now you trade a game that's $65.00 and only get a trade value of 10.00 back, that's so wrong, and then you guys will sell it use for about 59.99 but only give us 10.00 back I highly disagree with that!!! something has to change or I will definitely stop shopping at gamestop!!
    I traded in my new GTA Bought it for 65 and only got 10.00 cash back that's horrible man and this isn't the first time this has happen

    the gamestop in east orange new jersey sucks!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I am from new york city where there are record breakig weather conditions right now and i was told by an union square sales associate to arrive the night of the release for the dragonball xenoverse game only to get there and it be closed as well as no way to communicate with any type of customer service. I travelled in unhealthy weather conditions to recieve a game i was told was going to be there, I am calling not only human resources in the morning but i am also speaking to their general manager and district manager. i am disgusted.

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